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Animaniacs News Archived

All the news from Animaniacs and the animated world, are archived here. You may also check our BLOG page for additional information.  You never know what Carol or Slappy will think of next!

Updated on August 3, 2009

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Animaniacs News

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News Archived 2009:

Another test, but this time MS Office 2007 and new…. Refurbished E-Machines PC… Goodbye “slow mo” DELL PC!

(06-21-09) Yes, Slappy may be glad that I made it thru the DTV transition!  In fact I transitioned with a new… Refurbished E-Machines PC I got from E-retailer Tiger Direct, best known as Comp USA and the new Circuit City Online.  Just got this PC a couple of weeks ago and I’m upgrading everything and got rid of the way slow DELL PC I got in 2003.  That PC is no longer suitable for You Tube videos and could not even add another program, since it kept updating itself with the 10GB hard drive and leave me with a mere 500 MB of space to work the issues.  I mean, that PC was able to survive 3 hurricanes and 2 Greyhound trips between Orlando and Seattle in 2007 and 2008.  But now, is time to move on and add extra space with 160 GB hard drive, instead of 10 GB!  On top of that, the old DELL PC has a Celeron processor running at 462 MHZ, which could make “Sonic The Hedgehog,”  “Road Runner” and “Speedy Gonzalez” to even laugh at me!  SLOW MO!!!!

Now, regarding the Save Animaniacs updates, I will be doing those from time to time, but don’t expect me to wake up Slappy every day to find out what’s going on!  All I can tell is that Slappy cursed The Orlando Magic during the NBA Finals…

SLAPPY: “Lakers!  I love the Lakers!  I just want an autograph of the Gasoline guy!”  (No offense to Pau Gasol, but he got enough gasoline to defeat the Magic!)

Speaking of which, Dwight Howard, of The Orlando Magic is replacing Mickey Mouse as the ambassador for the City Beautiful!

“This is The Alvin Show, The Alvin Show on DVD!” (Just sing it!)

(06-21-09) Back in 1961, TV’s across the nation would be turned on to see that trio of singing Chipmunks with the often misadventures of “Alvin,” “Simon” and “Theodore” having a good time.  But, even after all these years, you wondered, what ever happened to the original “The Alvin Show?”  I often recall seen this series around the 1980’s, when NBC started doing the “Alvin & The Chipmunks” series, but the original “The Alvin Show” was like fading to black.  The series was never released to VHS video or DVD and quite often, a You Tube video of “The Alvin Show” may pop up, but deleted under copyright infringement.  However, there is some hope for you fans of “The Alvin Show,” according to Viacom’s Paramount Studios, there are plans to release the first episodes of “The Alvin Show” on DVD during the month of September.  This appears to be a sign that the show may be fully released later in 2010.  The September 8, 2009 release, is a compilation of the first episode of “The Alvin Show” and comes with 2 “Alvin & The Chipmunks” TV specials (I assume those are the DIC or MWS episodes from mid 80’s, since Warner Brothers only has the Ruby-Spears made episodes.).  But, I may assume that future releases of “The Alvin Show” may come with some extras on it.  Now, I don’t expect a “Clyde Crashup” episode on this release, but if you like to see those, then ask Viacom to release the full series on DVD.

Testing on Open Office and new computer coming soon?

(04-23-09) This update is done in Open Office, not on the Netscape's Web Browser editor, as I have been doing for a while. However, there is the possibility of upgrading the old DELL PC that has survived 5 Hurricanes, a trip to Seattle and back to Orlando and yes, is an old Windows 98/XP based PC with a slow Intel Celeron, 256 RAM and 466 MHZ, when all the new PC's are 2 GB RAM and 2.5 GHZ and I'm not that geek to figure out! But, yes, this computer has pass the test of time, but unfortunately, the memory is getting shorter by the minute. In fact, I had to delete some older files and make some extra space on the old 10 GB hard drive (Don't laugh at me, but that is what I bought in 2003! Now the 1 TB hard drive is king!), just to install Open Office, in order to help one of my brothers to do the college materials in it. But, since I thought that having Open Office was a good idea, I decided to give it a test drive and see how it works for editing the Save Animaniacs Campaign page. I also apologize for the lack of updates, but lately there has not been that many news to handle. I may update for the June 12's Analog to DTV switchover later. But, I will most likely get a new computer soon.

Spongebob can't stand BK spoof!

(04-23-09) Spongebob could not stand an ad for BK.... Why not do an ad for “The Krusty Crabs?” The Burger King ad has been heavily criticized by Parent's organizations, due to the explicit content being shown. The ad is mostly run on network TV during the prime time hours. It has been seen on sporting events, from Major League Baseball to the NBA Playoffs (Gooo Magic!) and some reality shows. But not seen on Cartoon Network or Nickelodeon to be exact. The reason, of course, it shows some models with the “Burger King” guy, doing a rap song. But, the nasty part, is causing some bad reactions. Just to place squared things inside your pants, sounds too crazy to show to a kid 7 to 12 years old. Burger King Corporation explained that the ad was aimed to adult audience and would only be shown on Prime Time Network TV. I got it, but why show it at the time, kids are watching the NBA Playoffs or American Idol to be exact? Anyway, the ad was to promote the Spongebob Squarepants Toys in the Burger King's Kids Menu. Does that makes you hungry?

Is Disney returning to the old days of Walt? Is “EARTH” at his best!

(04-23-09) Maybe is me, but it looks like Disney may be returning to the days of late Walt Disney era, where the family flicks where the best looking performers. But, I'm not talking of the computer generated PIXAR content. But, remember or, your parents even remember the old Disney classics, being narrated by Walt Disney himself?

Take a look to a new Disney movie that came in on Earth Day! Is called “Earth” and it gave me the impression that I was watching 1960's Disney styled movie, made in a natural and real environment with no scripts attached, no computer generated movie and no crazy punch lines that could hurt the most sensible watcher. So, for those of you that recall watching “The March of The Penguins”, you are right, Disney is targeting that audience, but this one has more than a simple march.

However, it was Walt Disney himself, after the 1940's release of “Bambi,” that took the idea of filming real wildlife at his best and portrayed into the movie screens, whenever it was a short, before an animated classic, or as part of the “Wonderful World of Disney” TV series, back in the 60's or 70's. Then of course, a familiar voice is narrating the movie. No other than James Earl Jones (“This is CNN!”) of “The Lion King” fame, is giving audiences a glimpse of what earth's creatures endures every day to survive our world. Kinda like an animal version of “The Amazing Race” and “Survivor” would offer!

Of course, “Earth” is not your typical “Happy Ending” movie, like “Hanna Montana!” Since this is an unscripted movie or simply put as reality movie, where every creature must endure survival, in order to live (Remember “The Lion King”, when Mufasa got killed in an stampede?), so you may expect some violent moment and that may hit the sensible ones. Even the movie got a G rating, because it is not that violent, but there is a moment where an animal will attack another one to survive. But, you may like to get your kids to see a family tradition that even Walt Disney created and wanted to endure for generations to come.

Coming soon... The Nick JR Network?  Oh Dora!

(03-17-09)  Here comes, more network switch over...  This time, is the new Nick JR Network, who will take over The Noggin Network.  Just recently, Disney converted the Toon Disney Network and rebranded as Disney XD Network.  Now is Nickelodeon's turn, to give Dora The Explorer and The Backyardigans, their own 24/7 Network.  Now, wait a second... Did Noggin was already doing the Nick JR shows already?  Just like Dora's cousin Diego (Go Diego, Go!) says: "What did you know?"  I just wonder, when Nickelodeon, will become a 24/7 Network and dump the Nick At Night Block?  Of course, Nick at Night is mostly the TV Land Network, so you get the idea!

Disney dumps The Power Rangers..... ?????!!!!

(03-17-09) Oh my!  What had Disney done in a bad economy?  Just found out, that Disney has decided to get rid of one of the most powerful properties ever done.  The once powerful Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Ever wonder why Animaniacs did a Power Ranger spoof?), has ceased to exist, according to reports posted in entertainment media. 

Now, this is not new-news to me, but already it was to come, as the series, being filmed in New Zealand, based on the Japanese property "Tokusatsu Super Sentai" has become a low rating series, since Disney took the show, as part of the Saban's ABC Family property acquisition in 2001 and on top of that, FOX Networks announced the end of the FOX KIDS block, in 2002.

The series was first produced in 1993 and after 17 seasons with 670+ episodes and 2 movies, is one of the longest running TV series, behind popular series, like The Simpsons and Pokemon, to name a few.  But, guess what?  The Power Rangers has been around, but not all of us was watching it!

Besides, Disney took the show, to the ABC KIDS's Saturday Morning block.  However, lots of ABC affiliates did choose not to show the Power Rangers, instead opting for local news or paid programing!  Yes FOX, you have company!  The Power Rangers has also been shown on Toon Disney (Disney XD) and Jetix.  Sadly, the days of "Go Go Power Rangers" are coming to an end, courtesy of the Mouse himself!  By the way, I still assuming that the person that brought the Power Rangers to FOX in 1993, is now trying to understand the Spanish Language, since he owns the Univision Network! 

YAKKO: "Yes Hain Saban, 'Se habla español!'"


Sesame Workshops gets pink slips too?  Elmo's World!

(03-17-09) The bad economy, continues to strike...  We need Hay Pennies!  Comes world from Elmo, that Sesame Workshops, the creators of Sesame Street, has pink slipped some employees in their corporate offices.  While, the TV show will not be affected by the outcome of the pink slip syndrome, the bad economy continues to take a toll on the popular children's property itself.  Not to mention that Mickey Mouse is sending more pink slips already too!

Spielberg, you are going to Disney!  But not the Sibs?

(02-08-09)  Just like in the Animaniacs short "This Pun For Hire!"  Steven Spielberg is going to Disney...

YAKKO:  "There's a Mouse in my drink!"

As expected, Disney has agreed to take the Dreamworks Studio, lead by the Animaniacs creator.  In exchange, Disney will receive a 9% Percent profit from any Dreamworks Studio film that Disney releases, under the Touchstone Pictures label.  However, Spielberg will still be doing business with Universal, since he still has the Dreamworks Studio office in Los Angeles and also, will continue as part of the Universal Theme Park's Advisor board.  The deal would bring Disney, to a major deal, since the takeover of the PIXAR Studios and would put the Mouse House in a competitive field regarding major motion pictures release during the Summer season.

But, no Sibs will be allowed at Cinderella's Castle?  I would love if there was a deal with Warner Brothers.  Would have reunited Spielberg with the Animaniacs!  But, Mickey Mouse cheated on Yakko!  "Sorry Bob!"

DOT:  "Mouse!  Go fig!"

Universal makes PINK SLIP to Dreamworks!

DOT: "Who are those guys?"
YAKKO: "The stuff Dreamworks are made off!"
(Quote from: "This Pun For Hire")

(02-08-09) The signs of bad economy times, had yet to take another toll, this time on Steven Spielberg's own Dreamworks Studio, who was in partnership with Universal Studios.  However, the entertainment giant, citing financial issues, decided to PINK SLIP the Dreamworks Studios and shows them, out the door!

What this means?  If you thought of a Transformers 2 movie, I think it is more likely dead....  Did you read the blog about Microsoft derailing the Flight/Train Simulator game?  The same derailment here, with Universal and Dreamworks!

Thought there are some rumors than needs to be verified, citing that Dreamworks was apparently working on a Disney deal, but no word from the Mouse House has been verified.  Amid the fact that Dreamworks was co-created by Spielberg, with David Geffen and former Disney executive Jeffrey Katzenberg, which departed Disney after a bad relationship with now former chairman Michael Einsner.

However, this could mean that Dreamworks would seek a partnership with a major studio....  Could that be Warner Brothers?  "I heard there is a mouse on my drink!"  I'll kept you posted!

DTV delayed and confusing!

(02-08-09) Well, the Save Animaniacs Campaign has been partnered with the National Campaign for the Digital TV transition for over a year and we have promoted the Analog to DTV switch for quite some time, since my days in Seattle WA and my return to Orlando FL.  The date that was originally set for February 17, 2009, has been delayed by the Congress and President Barack Obama.  Now the new date is set for June 12, 2009. 

However, the new date set has created more confusion than what is going on right now.  While over 90% of the US population is aware of the DTV transition, the Nielsen Rating system tells a different story.  There are more than 6 million households that are not ready to switch the Analog TV to DTV.  In fact, there are more than 3 million request for DTV converter boxes, or better known as the $40 dollars coupon to discount the cost of the DTV converter, which retails for $50+ dollars.  The problem is, there is more demand than coupons available, so if you try to get a DTV coupon, chances are, that you may have to pay out of pocket for the converter box. 

Other options are to buy a new TV set that receives Digital signals, which cost somewhere in the $129.00 level or less, or subscribe to Cable TV to receive the local channels, which cost somewhere in the $15 to $25 dollars a month for basic or limited cable TV (You get with basic limited cable, the local channels, but no Nickelodeon or Food Network).  Still the law, will give you until June 12, to get ready for the Digital TV switch.  But, there is a catch!

Since the new law, does not commit any full power or local TV station to stay on Analog, after February 17, 2009, any TV station can request the Federal Communications Commission or FCC, to let them switch to Digital broadcast, on February 17, or earlier than June 12, 2009.  In fact, dozens of TV stations in key markets have requested the FCC to let them switch to DTV by next week, on the 17th.  Most of the Network owned channels will stay on Analog until June 12.

So again, make sure that your TV is DTV ready.  If you have Cable TV like me, you don't need to worry about this.  This only applies to the older TV sets that gets a TV signal with the cursed "Wabbit Ears" like Bugs Bunny!
"What's up Doc?  DTV ready?"

Disney dumps Narnia?  Fox rescues the Lion's tale!

(02-08-09) Like the signs of bad economy are nowhere to fade out, just last December, in a quiet mode, Disney decided to stop financing the Walden Media's well known "Chronicles of Narnia" movie franchise.  While the movie was having some financial set backs at the box office, after the "Prince of Caspian" release, there where some questioning, if the 3rd installment in the C.S. Lewis novel based movie, would see the light, after executives with Disney thought that the cost of making the movie was not in their best interest.  (Get the stimulus checks?)

Thought Walden Media is currently in the planning phase of the next installment, based on "The Voyage of Dawn Treader's" book, the fact is that 20th Century Fox may give "Narnia" a try.  As long as Aslan the Lion does not get the "Bart Simpson's" look on the next movie.... "Doh!"

BREAKING NEWS:  Cookie Jar breaks deal with American Greetings!  No merger with Arthur and Strawberry Shortcake?

(01-07-09) What?  American Greetings is no longer a partner with Cookie Jar Entertainment?  What did Arthur (PBS KIDS) had to say about breaking out with Strawberry Shortcake and The Care Bears?

ARTHUR: "Aaaaaaaawwwwww!"
DW: "Geez Arthur!  I told you those bears are not friendly!"

Now, just to refresh you all on this mess, last June, Cookie Jar Entertainment, agreed to purchase the DIC animated library.  However, the library also included the animated series Strawberry Shortcake, Care Bears and Sushi Pack.  As a result of this, card maker American Greetings, challenged in Ohio State Courts, the merger of the above properties with Canadian based Cookie Jar, without a negotiation from AG.  Then in July, American Greetings and Cookie Jar Entertainment, agreed on the characters being sell off to Cookie Jar.  The deal, that was supposed to be approved last fall, has been kept on hold.  Now, comes word that the 2 sides decided to call off the merger.

What this means, is that The Care Bears and Strawberry Shortcake, will not go to the Canadians, as first thought.  Still I wonder if Disney or Warner Brothers, will try to make a deal for the characters, or will still remain under the American Greetings brand?  More to come!  But, Arthur is not happy!

VIACOM scuffle with Time Warner and Bright House is over, but who pays the broken glass?

(01-01-09)  The new year 2009, came and saw a big surprise!  It was adverted the removal of the 19 Viacom owned channels MTV/Comedy Central/Nickelodeon, from Cable TV giant Time Warner Cable and Advance Newhouse's Bright House Networks (Which I rename it The Asterisk Networks, since they keep showing those Asterisk commercials in the Orlando and Tampa markets!).  The networks where not removed by midnight of January 1st, so MTV was still showing the Time Square's big ball drop, while Spongebob Squarepants and Jon Steward where still making fun of themselves at Nickelodeon and Comedy Central.

So, how did it happened?  Word is that a deal regarding fee increase to Cable subscribers was placed on the table and both Time Warner and Bright House where not satisfied with it.   Then VIACOM started a guerilla campaign tactic, by showing a crying Dora The Explorer, embracing his pal Boots The Monkey.  A headline with a question that reads "Why is Dora crying?" and then reads Time Warner or Bright House Networks will drop off 19 Viacom channels, including Nickelodeon.  The ad was inserted on The New York Times, The LA Times and even Tampa Tribune and Orlando Sentinel in Florida.  The ads where followed by 800 toll free numbers to either Time Warner or Bright House customer service numbers.

It appears the pressure mounted by VIACOM, has made the Cable providers to negotiate a fee increase in the next month or 2, but details of the deal where not revealed.  However, I ask myself, "Who is paying the broken glass?"  The cable TV subscriber is the one that pays and therefore, must decide, which channels the subscriber wants, instead of the cable TV companies having to negotiate and even take down channels, while the customer has little or no choice at all.  So, I guess for now, greedy VIACOM is singing like Dora The Explorer...


News Archived 2008:


(12-31-08)  There are like 20+ million customers in the USA that are crying with Dora The Explorer and Spongebob Squarepants, at the same time, in New York City, the greedy trio of VIACOM (Owner of Nickelodeon, MTV and Comedy Central), Cable Operators Time Warner and "The *Asterisk Network*" (!!!!) known as Bright House Networks (Advance Newhouse, owners of Discovery Networks and parent company to Bright House), are in a last minute negotiation, that if unsuccessful, will force the removal of all the VIACOM channels from both, Time Warner and Bright House Network's Cable Services, after Midnight (12:00 AM) of January 1st, 2009.

Yay Colberg!  You nailed!  Comedy Central's "The Colberg Report" will bring New Years day to the greedy ones, but the ones in the Time Warner and Bright House 20+ million customers, who wants to see cute Spongebob and Go Diego, Go fading away in a black screen...  What is going on here?  Slappy is not happy....  Thank goodness that Animaniacs is not on Nick Toons anymore, or Slappy would have sent the bomb squad to the greedy Viacom's office!  So, VIACOM, TIME WARNER AND ****** ASTERISK HOUSE, you all have the last word! 

"See how bright, life can be?"  Don't even tell me to pay for dark channels I can't see Bright House Networks!

The Blog will return in 2009!

(12-17-08)  Where you missing the Save Animaniacs Blog?  I have good news!  The Save Animaniacs Blog will resume in January 2009.  I did not updated the blog in a long time and my intention was to delete the whole blog and start it all over again.  Besides, is taking more space and most of the news I posted in the blog where older news, from my days in Orlando and my days in Seattle WA.  You probably found out that the Seattle Sonics are now playing in Oklahoma!  I posted that like 7 months back, before I returned to Florida.  But, I will start feeding the blog by January 1st, 2009.

We remember Madeleine "Meowth" Blaustein

(12-17-08)  Sadly, the world of both Animation and Voice Acting has lost a talented woman, who gave voice to our beloved Pokemon "Meowth" and "Corphish" (This was before the Cartoon Network's new voice cast for Pokemon took over).

According to the 4KIDS Entertainment's Web Site, Voice Actress Madeleine Blaustein, who took part of the voice cast of both "Pokemon" and "Yu-Gi-Oh," along with other animated 4KIDS series, passed away recently, due to an illness she was suffering.  Blaustein was 48.  Our thoughts and prayers goes out to her family and friends.

Cable TV snafu in Orlando?  Where is Charlie Brown?

(12-10-08)  There where reports of a major cable TV meltdown around Orlando FL last Monday, December 8, 2008.  There was supposed to be the night that Charlie Brown Christmas TV special would broadcast on ABC TV, along with the final episode of the "PriceLine" Negotiator.....  Wrong ad!  The last episode of Boston Legal, which do have William "PriceLine" Shatner on it!

But, the snafu from Cable TV provider Bright House Networks came as a major hurricane and took over the thousands of Cable TV customers that wanted to see what Christmas is all about with Charlie Brown!  Yes, the Mickey Mouse Network was screaming foul over the digital cable converter that was unable to read their signal, because according to Bright House Networks, there was a corrupt program that could not feed correctly the digital smart boxes like DVRs and HD converters.  So, those of you in Orlando, that found out that Charlie Brown Christmas could not be seen, because of a cable TV meltdown, you are not alone!

LINUS: "That's what Christmas is all about, Charlie Brown!  Fear not, the major cable meltdown!"

"See how bright life can be?"  Yeah right!  At least my internet from Bright House was working fine!

Pink slips for Dora The Explorer's animators?

(12-10-08)  If the US Congress can bail out Wall Street and the Automotive Industry in Detroit, why they can't bail out the Animation Industry?  Yes, the bad economy is taking more than the auto and banking fields.  Now is taking toll on the Entertainment Industry!  It has come to the attention, that VIACOM the Entertainment giant will start laying off over 800 employees and they will shut down the Nickelodeon's Animation Studio in New York City.  The studio is currently animating "Dora The Explorer" and "Go Diego, Go!"  However, VIACOM says that the production of the shows will continue....  I guess in Asia?  Canada?  Russia?  Mexico?  But not in USA!  Wow!

FOX TV says "No More Cartoons!"  Info-Mercials!

(11-24-08)  An update to our breaking news story, regarding FOX TV ending the Saturday Morning block, being populated by 4KIDS TV animated series.  FOX TV has stated and according to The New York Times, that after January, all the Saturday Morning block from 8:00 AM to Noon, will consist of NO CARTOONS, but, INFO-MERCIALS!  Oh great!  Here comes the "Cricut" machine to take over Sonic X!  No pun intended for Provo Carft's info-mercial about the "Cricut" cutter...  But why is FOX TV selling the children's block being left out by 4KIDS anyway?

According to FOX TV, they stated that the Saturday Morning Children's block was no longer viable, due to the high competition made by the Cable TV outlets, in reference to Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon and Disney Channel.  Did they ever mentioned that it was because of The CW taking over the 4KIDS animated shows like "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" and "Winx Club" out of the network?  FOX TV also stated that at least 2 hours of the weekend morning block may be given to local FOX or My Network affiliates to find out, if they will find FCC's E/I content or will switch between local news or will utilize the 4KIDS empty content with more info-mercials?

SLAPPY: "Where ruined!"
YAKKO: "Is the end of civilization as we know it!"

Believe me!  Is not over, till is over and the fat toon sings!  Who wants to buy the "Cricut"?

BREAKING NEWS:  4KIDS cancels FOX, sending "Chaotic" and other shows to The CW 4KIDS

(11-11-08) We're following breaking news....  This is CNN?  It has come to our attention, that FOX TV Network has decided to cancel the Weekend Morning block that is currently owned by 4KIDS Entertainment, known as "FOX/4KIDS TV The Game Station."  This means that if you where watching "Chaotic," "Winx Club" and "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle's Fast Forward," those shows may end up in the CW 4KIDS Block....  Please, please, don't take out those Russian guys, known as "GoGoRiki" (SmeShaRiki)!

The fact is that FOX TV has agreed to end the "FOX/4KIDS TV The Game Station" weekend morning block earlier than expected.  4KIDS Entertainment will reimburse FOX TV for the rights of broadcast of the "Game Station" shows, that where supposed to be broadcast until September 2009.  Now, the FOX/4KIDS TV block will end on December 27, 2008.  So, after January 2009, FOX TV will have to either find another children TV provider to fulfill the FCC mandated "E/I" programing, or simply give the rights to the local FOX affiliates and most likely, they will start with more "Paid Programing" or local news on weekend morning.

So, my question is:  Where is Chaotic and the rest of the "Game Station" shows that 4KIDS was showing on FOX TV?  Of course, I will tell, that it will go to The CW 4KIDS block.  But, only Chaotic may be accommodate in the CW block.  That will leave the other shows like "Winx Club" and "TMNT Back to The Sewer" in the "Off Season" waiting list.  In case, The CW runs out of "Spider Man," "Viva Piñata" or "GoGoRiki", there will be some shows waiting, courtesy of the former "FOX/4KIDS TV The Game Station's" cancellation.

President Obama, are you going to Disney?

(11-6-08)  OK folks!  Enough of the Election coverage.  There is no need for re-counts in Florida.  Slappy Squirrel may re-count all her jokes that where recycled during the Election coverage on all the major networks.  Who needs Florida?  Where are the hanging chads?  Where is Mickey Mouse?  Did he got any votes on the "write in" column?  Wait!  I hear Donald Duck got more votes in the process!

Seriously!  America has democratically chosen the next President to lead the USA.  Americans went to the polls and choose Democratic candidate and State of Illinois, Senator Barack Obama to be the 44th President of the United States.  So, congratulations to President Elected Barack Obama and good luck on your new position of "Commander in Chief" and hope to see you in Mickey Mouse land!  Yes!  Obama will be at Disney.....  As part of the Magic Kingdom's "Hall of Presidents" attraction, of course!  Seriously, will the real Obama may appear at Disney?

Actually, Disney is refurbishing the "Hall of Presidents" attraction and will not be open until the 4th of July Holiday, so you may have to wait to see the "Animatronic" Barack Obama on it.  Yes!  Mickey Mouse can!

Saving "King of The Hill" by, "Ugly Betty" TV!

(11-6-08)  Just as FOX TV is getting rid of the hit TV animated comedy "King of The Hill," rumor has it, that the "Ugly Betty" Network, known as ABC TV, is considering taking the animated staple and pair it with another animated series set to debut in 2009 and produced by the creator of "King of The Hill" himself, Mike Judge.

The 13 year old animated series was not renewed by FOX TV and although the animated sitcom will still be running in 2009, is more likely the show may go to ABC TV and the current FOX TV series will go to "Adult Swim" on Cartoon Network.  This according to several sources, including AWN and Variety.

Now, where you think is "Hank" and "Bobby" going to be on?  You be the judge...  Not Mike Judge!

Get ready for Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade!

(11-6-08)  An annual tradition, comes to celebrate the 82nd year with dozens of stars and the traditional character balloons and floats traveling along Broadway Street in New York City.  Of course, I'm talking about the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.  Taking place on November 27, 2008 and seen on NBC and Spanish Telemundo TV Networks, the parade is coming with dozens of surprises for all the family and of course the welcoming of the Holiday tradition with no other than Santa Claus himself.

The parade this year, will feature new Balloons from some well know characters.  Debuting in 2008, will be the Smurf Balloon to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the blue guy by Peyo (See the Archive section for the 50th Anniversary of the Smurfs).  Other balloons entering the parade, will be "Horton" the Elephant from Dr Seuss's Children classic "Horton Hears a Who" and Disney's "Buzz Light Year" from "Toy Story."  They will join "Dora The Explorer," "Abby Cadabby," "Snoopy" and "Pikachu" among other balloons on parade.

Also, the floats and musical stars are part of the big celebration.  2008 American Idol, David Archuleta and "Hanna Montana's" Miley Cirrus and The Cheetah Girls, will join along with new Floats from "Disney's Bolt," "Ocean Spray's Woodland Family," "Oneida Nation," "The Smurf-tastic World of Smurfs" and "Princess Academy Castle of Dreams."  They will join returning floats from "123 Sesame Street," "Build A Bear," "Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends," "Snoopy's Doghouse" and I heard that Westminster's Dog Champion, "Uno The Beagle" may be taking over Snoopy's house!  Of course, after the Macy's parade is over, NBC will showcase Uno and dozens of pure breed dogs at the annual Westminster Dog Show, so go figure why Snoopy is jealous!

Birthday Bear for Columbus Day?  Paddington Bear!

(10-13-08)  Today is supposed to be the Columbus Day or Discovery Day whichever you know it is, but instead, we discovered that a well known bear celebrates his 50 golden years of entertaining children around the world.  The lovable Paddington Bear created by Michael Bond, debuted in a children's book on October 13, 1958.  The book tells the story of an immigrant bear who came to London from the "Darkest" Peru with some marmalade sandwiches and a note from his aunt Lucy telling "Please take care of this bear" on it.  Well, the children's literature has been one of the most lovable books ever conceived and of course after half a century of millions of children reading the story of the mischievous bear, here at Save Animaniacs Campaign, we salute our favorite child icon, the great Paddington Bear.


From Russia with love?  The GoGoRiki/SmeShaRiki invasion to CW4KIDS (Was it KIDSWB?)

(10-13-08)  I got hooked on a cartoon made in Russia!  Yes, you read!  Not a cartoon from Japan like Pokemon would made me that happy.  But I got hooked on the first ever Russian animated TV series in USA Television.  The new series called "GoGoRiki" or "SmeShaRiki" in the native Russia, was premiered on The CW4KIDS block that used to be the old KIDS WB from the now defunct THE WB Network.  Now that 4KIDS Entertainment owns the Saturday morning block on The CW, they simply moved some of the shows they had on the FOX TV Network under the "4KIDS Game Station TV" banner, like "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" and "Viva Piñata."  But here comes a new breed of animated comedy straight from Moscow, to be added to the Saturday Morning block, replacing good old "Tom & Jerry Tales" and "Johnny Test" which more likely will be repeated on Cartoon Network. 

What's more strange is that these guys (Smeshariki) are more famous than "Spongebob Squarepants" and "Dora The Explorer" already!  They have millions of fans across the Russian and European countries and they are even compared to Pokemon with merchandise distribution and even live shows are done across Europe and Russia.  Even there are plans of a theme park like Disney World in the works.  Yes, a SmeShariki theme park in Moscow (According to Wikipedia) could happen in the next year or two.  But for now, let's see how the "GoGoRiki" or SmeShaRiki characters works their Russian magic in the USA.  To tell you the truth... I LOVE IT!!!!

Not a lots of updates....  Bill Melendez tribute

(09-14-08)  There is not much news, but I did make the update, because Hurricane Ike has left lots of devastation in Houston, Texas.  I have provided with links to the Red Cross web site, if you like to donate some help to the people in need right now, just go up to the top and click on the banner.  You can also use the mobile phone to make a donation to the Red Cross.  Please help the good people in the Gulf region.  By the way, since the Gulf Coast is in trouble, you know what that means....  High Gas Prices!  How much?  $5 dollars a gallon!  I thought this was Seattle all over and I am still in Orlando FL...

Also, since I was away from the computer, found out that legendary Disney animator Bill "J.C" Melendez passed away early in September, so our thoughts and prayers for his family and friends.  This man was the pen and pencil of "The Peanuts Gang" on the Holiday Classic "A Charlie Brown Christmas" and all the animated TV specials and TV series "Charlie Brown & Snoopy Show."  His career at Disney, gave life to Dumbo and as a Warner Brothers animator, he worked on Bugs Bunny and Porky Pig.  He also collaborate on the QUBO TV series "Babar" (Originally made for HBO?) and the animated "Garfield" TV series that had the late voice actor Lorenzo Music as the lazy cat himself.  Also, did you know that it was Melendez who voiced "Snoopy" the Beagle on all the animated works?  "Blah blah blah!"  Sure he will be missed!

Nancy Cartwright talks to Pinky and Honda's "Mr Opportunity" Rob Paulsen

(08-25-08) "I'm Mr. Opportunity and still knocking!" Well, it looks a free plug for the car maker Honda, but the fact is that "Mr. Opportunity" is actually voiced by Pinky and Yakko!  Animation Word Magazine (AWN) features an interview made by voice actress Nancy "Bart/Mindy" Cartwright to Emmy winner voice actor Rob Paulsen and tells the story on how a pitch made by the Japanese car maker Honda, gave light to the animated sales man.

"Are you pondering what I'm pondering?"
"I think so Brain, I got knocked again by the car seller on TV!"
SLAPPY: "Now that's comedy!"

Dora The Explorer is getting makeover and voice change ala Pokemon!

(08-25-08)  They say "Cheap is better" or so to say... 

Turns out that Nickelodeon is revealing a makeover for the ever popular property known as "Dora The Explorer."  The "Latina" hero is being revamped for a new look...  (Hello "Rugrats All Grown Up"?) and on top of that, a new voice cast is in the works.... Pika?  According to the Nickelodeon's Senior Vice President of Production and Development for Nickelodeon's Pre-school TV, Teri Weiss, states "Our Cast has just gotten too old for their parts.."  No joke!  This was from the Nickelodeon's corporate headquarters. 

Is Nickelodeon going the cheap way, like the Nintendo's own "Pokemon USA" who took the voice cast out of 4KIDS Entertainment and replace it with their own cast, making the Pokemon episodes on Cartoon Network, simply unbearable to hear?  Is "Dora The Explorer" becoming the victim of voice cast swiping?

"Swiper, no swiping!  Oh Man!"

Disney may or may not own Mickey Mouse, according to the LA Times

(08-25-08)  Disney is not happy about the LA Times point of views, regarding his property, but according to an article, there is the probability that Mickey Mouse done in the 1920's, may not be owned by Disney at all.

Where talking about the first Mickey Mouse, as seen on the 1928 animated classic "Steamboat Willie."  Disney claims they own the rights to the cartoon, but there is some loop-hole that needs to be seen and since the copyright dilemma still lingers on, is not yet known if at any moment, the rights to the first Mickey Mouse character, may have been lost by the Disney Company, meaning that the Mickey Mouse from the past, may be a public domain, which Disney still denies until this day.

Update from Orlando FL

(07-28-08)  This is the first update made from Orlando FL.  It took a while to re-start all over in Central Florida, but now, is time to continue the show!  Thanks for waiting!

Back to American Greetings for a moment...

(07-28-08)  The last month's update was that American Greetings said no, to the proposed merger from Cookie Jar Entertainment and DIC Entertainment, regarding the Strawberry Shortcake and The Care Bears going to be part of the makers of PBS Kids series "Arthur" and "Calliou".  However, Cookie Jar Entertainment made an offer to buy the rights to both Strawberry Shortcake and The Care Bears, from American Greetings, valued at $195 Million Dollars and American Greetings gave the green light for both DIC and Cookie Jar to merge in one company.  So this means that in the future, "The Care Bears" will visit "Arthur" for a friendly chat....  Yeah!  Dream about it PBS KIDS!

Pay attention Save Animaniacs Fans: 
Florida Trip is becoming reality!

(06-26-08)  Yes!  Where going back to Orlando FL.  This will be my last update from Seattle/Bellevue Washington State.  Good Bye Space Needle and Puget Sound!  It was a nice experience...  Minus the Super Sonic going to Oklahoma with Kevin Durant...  I have good memories from the land of Microsoft and Starbucks, but my hearth still pounding to see Mickey Mouse and the gang at Disney, so the time has come for me to say Good Bye Seattle and thanks for the best memories I ever had.  Next Stop is Orlando FL and until I get Bright House Cable TV on the new place, the Internet may not be accessed by myself and may not update the Save Animaniacs site for a while.  Hope to "Sib" you soon!

SLAPPY: "I'll go, on Stink-Bomb Bus!  Where getting you stinky!  Now that's comedy"
Apologies to Greyhound.... I wonder why I posted the "Smell Ya Later" episode?

DIC to join Cookie Jar?  American Greetings says NO!
The makers of "Arthur" got a blow, by the card making company, after agreeing to purchase DIC Entertainment

(06-21-08)  Well, it looks like the Canadians are greeting with "bad karma" the legal blow out by the card maker American Greetings Corporation.  The reason is, that Cookie Jar Entertainment made an offer to the DIC Entertainment group to merge with the Canadian makers of "Arthur" (The PBS cartoon) and to continue marketing on some of the DIC properties like Strawberry Shortcake and Inspector Gadget to name a few.

However, American Greetings challenged the merger plans on Ohio State's Court, under the allegation that DIC did not consulted AG over plans to sell the company.   The deal would have cost some  $31.5 million dollars and would allow both DIC and Cookie Jar to share the revenues created by the DIC library of characters.

Since both, AG and DIC had agreed, on the rights to the Strawberry Shortcake character, to be used under DIC and as pre-condition, DIC cannot sell themselves to another company without consulting AG first.  Now AG claims that DIC violated the stipulated contract and AG was told about the merger, after it was completed.  So what does this means?  Will Strawberry Shortcake join Arthur or will American Greetings take away the greetings out of DIC?  I wonder if the Canadians will start boycotting the American Greetings brand?  Is Berry Berry Bad Karma!

Speaking of Strawberry Shortcake, I read that the franchise will be re-launch in 2009, but the question is, if DIC will continue doing it, or will use another company, as result of this bad PR stunt made by Cookie Jar?  You be the judge!  Did I ever mentioned that DIC was being eyed by AG last year for a buy out?  Go figure!

What's happening with CW and 4KIDS?
The now defunct KIDS WB is getting a mirror of the FOX 4KIDS Saturday Morning block!  Is CW 4KIDS!

(06-16-08)  Maybe is me, but is that really possible to make a mirror out of the once home to Animaniacs, known as KIDS WB?  Well, this is what it's going on at the now CW 4KIDS Saturday Morning Block that took over KIDS WB early in May.  But, now, comes word that 4KIDS Entertainment will start sending some of the FOX 4KIDS shows back to CW 4KIDS during the Summer time.  One of them, is Yu-Gi-Oh!  Yes, Yu-Gi-Oh was the most talk about show in the old KIDS WB format, preceded by a former 4KIDS staple, known as Pokemon.  Sadly, Nintendo took the 4KIDS out of Pokemon, so the little that 4KIDS could have now, is "Viva Piñata" and "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" to name a few.  However, those are the ones that eventually will migrate to the CW Network.... 

That is of course, if The CW does not shut down, as rumors indicate the network is going to disband itself, due to low ratings.  In fact, Tyra Banks will buy out some of the Sunday night schedules at the network, for extra showings of her "America's Next Top Model".... Wanna be on top?  You bet!

But, 4KIDS Entertainment will bring back for the CW4KIDS block, new episodes of TMNT and Yu-Gi-Oh in the fall 2008.  Sadly, you will not see "Tom & Jerry Tales" as the show will migrate to Cartoon Network and share the space with the former KIDS WB/4KIDS king known as Pokemon!  Too bad that the old voice cast is no longer voicing the Pokemon series, but will still voicing Yu-Gi-Oh!  Seto Kaiba sounds like Bulbasaur?  Ask Eric Stuart!  Lol!

Remind me of updating the site....
(06-11-08)  Yes, I know!  I keep forgetting that I have and must have to update Save Animaniacs Campaign every often, but I will not tell you when an update will come, unless Slappy Squirrel says to do so, so at the request of America's favorite Squirrel.... "For crying out loud!"  Here goes!

Smurfing a movie with The Smurfs
Sony will do a movie featuring the blue things from the 80's....  Wait!  Are the Smurfs 50's?

(06-11-08)  If you recall an early update, yes the Smurfs are not really 80's icon as most Americans thing they are, when the characters where originally created in the mid 50's.  But, the blue like characters will have something to cheer about and is a new movie deal with giant entertainment Sony Pictures.  Beat that Warner Brothers, who got the rights to the Hanna-Barbera animated "The Smurfs" series.

Actually, Sony cut off a deal with the Belgium based Lafig Belgium S.A for the rights to make a movie featuring a computer animated version of The Smurfs and quite possible, some real actors along their sides, similar to the "Alvin & The Chipmunks" movie made by 20th Century Fox, which combined the computer animated "Alvin, Simon & Theodore" with actor Jason Lee as "David Seville", thought the voice of Alvin was always made by Ross  Bagdasarian Jr, the son of late creator of The Chipmunk's Ross "Dave Seville" Bagdasarian Sr.

But, I wonder if a real actor will do the "Gargamel" villain of the series or will they make a live version of the Johan and Pewit characters that made The Smurfs that famous?  Time will tell, so will give details of the movie soon.

Wall-E or Short Circuit?  You be the judge!
Is there a problem with The Lion King and Kimba The White Lion that we never knew?

(06-11-08)  By now, you should have seen those strange Disney ads where a "Short Circuit" like robot has been seen wandering your TV Screen...  Did I ever mentioned, is that "Number 5" or "Johnny 5"?

Or how about.... Is that ET in a Disney fashion?  Whatever you believe it is, you will have to wait until June 27 to find out if the Disney/Pixar's new feature called "Wall-E" will make you remember those 80's movie like ET or Short Circuit all together?  Yet, the ads are kind of cute, but makes you wonder.... By now I was thinking of The Lion King and the Japanese "Kimba The White Lion" all over again!

Remake of Pokemon?  Seriously!
New Pokemon Episode came to honor an older episode in Japan?

(04-17-08)  Believe it or not, came a new episode of the ever popular "Pokemon" series, now in it's 11th year running on Cartoon Network (Minus the original voices!) and it all appears to be, that most of the series will be based on the first generation of Pokemon.  What are we talking about?  Well, we know Pikachu and Ash the trainer of the series for over 10 years.  You may remember, when the series came out with a controversy regarding the use of visual effects, that sent dozens of kids to hospitals, after an episode of the Japanese Anime was shown.

Just to mention, that the new series is based, on the "Diamond And Pearl" Pokemon Series.  But, it may have some episodes that will flash back to the late 90's when the series came out and started the phenomenon.  As a matter of fact, came an episode that pays a tribute to a 1997 episode known as "Electric Shock Showdown/Kuchiba Gym" from Season 1 (Episode 14) or Indigo League.  The show has been seen on both KIDS WB and Cartoon Network's Boomerang.  What is the episode about?  The "Pikachu" vs "Raichu" fight.

Why the remake?  I really don't know!  I just found interesting that the Japanese makers of Pokemon are trying to flash back some of the new Pokemon followers.  Well, the new version of the episode which is the 542 in the series and has the title "Pikachu and Raichu, the Evolution" was seen recently in Japan, but has not yet been featured in the Cartoon Network's series yet, since it is pending of translation.  I saw the episode on the You Tube web site, but I'm not posting it, since it was removed over copyright, so good luck in finding it.  But who knows, maybe the banned episode of the "Porygon Soldier" (Episode 38) that caused epilepsy, could be remade too!  Pika!

PSA to have "Veggie Tales" and Qubo characters?
New PSA to feature "Veggie Tales" and some Olympic Stars to help prevent child obesity

(04-17-08)  A new set of TV ads or PSA's created by The Ad Council, will showcase the "Qubo" characters from Classic Media, which includes "Veggie Tales" and "3-2-1 Penguins" as well as Scholastic's "Jane and The Dragon."  The intention of the ads is to remind kids and parents about the child obesity and how to get into a healthy lifestyle.  Other ads from The Ad Council had featured Disney Characters and Shrek Characters with the same message.  The ads are going to be showcased on NBC, ION and Telemundo in the future.

(Where is Telemundo?  I have not see the channel since I left Orlando.  All I have is Univision!  This is Seattle?)

Earth Day with Captain Planet on Boomerang
90's TV series returns for an "Earth friendly" message and word is that a new movie will come soon

(04-17-08)  "By your powers combined, I'm Captain Planet!"  Ever remember that catchy phrase during the early 90's, as the TV series created by media mogul Ted Turner, about the 5 kids summoned by The Spirit of the Earth known as "Gaiia" with a mission of saving the Earth from contamination, using 5 rings that combined will bring to life the Earth's hero?  Huh?  Probably you know "Pikachu" of Pokemon!

The series is being brought back on Boomerang to showcase the dangers of Earth and how to save our beloved planet we live.  Even you where young to remember what was the idea of playing with a ring to create a water attack or a windy storm to defend someone else, it is quite obvious that Captain Planet was one of the best shows regarding the conservation and environmental dangers that where and still around us.

The weekend of April 19 will bring Captain Planet's 12 hour marathon of best earth friendly episodes of the series.  27 shows will be featured, although the series has a total of 113 episodes along the 6+ years that the series was created so far.  Most of the episodes where animated by DIC or Hanna Barbera so far, but the series is considered one of the best educative shows regarding the conservation of our Planet Earth.  "Goooo Planet!"

What about the movie?  I forgot.....  Yes, there are plans of a Captain Planet movie.  When it will come?  The goal is a 2010 release, but I can't tell you who is going to perform Captain Planet.  If you know, maybe "Slappy" told you...

SLAPPY: "Oh for crying out loud!  Maybe is David Hasselhoff or Drew Carey doing Captain Planet!  Now that's comedy!"

Almost banned by Chavez?  The Simpsons!
FOX is not happy about the animated comedy being politically corrected in Venezuela...

(04-17-08)  The Venezuelan people may have a say about it, but it looks like the anti-democratic Hugo Chavez is not a fan of Bart and Homer Simpson.  Recently the Venezuelan Government, told the TV network Televen to stop showing the animated comedy "The Simpsons" during the midday hours that the Government considers as "Safe For Kids" hours.  The show was replaced with repeats of "Baywatch Hawaii" (Not the David Hasselholf's "Baywatch"), but the general public sent some messages telling that the Chavez decision was way out of hands and if they knew that the show was not an approved for the family, they could simply turn off the TV.  However the Venezuelan Government (Or Regime!) keeps telling that the TV shows that are not approved for the kids, should not be shown in the daylight hours.  In fact, the TV Station would be taken off the air for showing The Simpsons.  Did anyone remember last year when Chavez took off the air Radio Caracas Television or RCTV?  Now you known!  "Doh!"

Disney making Stitch to say "Arigato" (Thanks)
Plans for the entertainment giant to explore "Anime" series like Pokemon?  Pika Pika!

(03-06-08)  "Domo Arigato Mister Roboto".....  Nah!  That 80's song from classic rock band "Styx" may have inspired Disney to explore the "Anime" market in the land of the raising sun.  Mickey Mouse will speak Japanese... Sort of?  Only that this time, is Stitch, the cute character from Disney's "Lilo & Stitch."

According to Reuters, Disney is getting involved in the land of Pokemon, to produce an Anime style series to the animated film and also there are plans to work a TV series with powerhouse TOEI Animation, the ones behind "Dragon Balls Z" and "Voltron"  (Did I mentioned "Candy-Candy"?) to name a few!  Of course, Disney has already worked some of the well known animated series, like "Winnie The Pooh" and "Duck Tales" out of the Japanese hands, but they where never made into Anime style series.  So, now I wonder if the same formula that made Pikachu and Goku that famous, will be seen on Lilo & Stitch and if all goes well, I would imagine The Lion King sharing the stage with Kimba The White Lion..... Nah!  "Arigato and Pi-Pikachu!" (?)

The CW lays off (Fired!) staff from KIDS WB!
Another sign that indicates the soon to be known as 4KIDS TV on The CW is yet to come!

(03-06-08) The CW Network is quit busy, laying off or firing out some of their personal, in light that the fledging network is in deep waters.  I mean, they are being stump by Univision, the Spanish Language Network and on top of that, the rating maker "WWE Smackdown" who use to be on the defunct UPN Network, is now turning to "My Network" (Former UPN affiliates led by FOX!).  Could it be, because of Tyra the "America's Next Top Model's" fault?  Or perhaps there is something going on on the fledging Saturday Morning staple that will soon loose the brand KIDS WB in favor of 4KIDS TV?

But, The CW simply says, that is because of the 3+ month old WGA writers on strike, their network has suffered of low ratings and decided to put on hold (Canceled?) some Comedy sitcoms the Studio was producing, among them, "Girlfriends"(Final episode already aired?).  Also, word came that some staff members at the network where let go, including KIDS WB staff members, who where told that because the KIDS WB brand will be turned over to 4KIDS Entertainment comes this fall, the network would not need the in house production team to work on the weekend staple that use to be the home to Animaniacs!  How times flies!

"Go Lion" on DVD.....Was it Voltron?
Finally, fans of the 80's cartoon series, will be glad to learn of the big mistake that made the series successful!

(02-28-08)  It's been like 25+ years ago, that a well known Anime in Japan, would have become part of the American culture, but at the big mistake of one company, the Anime that we known as "Voltron Defender of The Universe," became a success with millions of kids worldwide (Remember, this is the Pre-Pokemon era!).  Why, at the big mistake?  Since the US based World Events Production took the rights of the Japanese Anime "King Beast, Go Lion," they saw the possibility of a media market that was ruled by the Saturday Morning era cartoons like "The Smurfs" and popular TV series like "Knight Rider" and "The A Team" to name a few. 

Still the fact that the US market was already saturated with lesser known TV shows on syndication and among them, where the cartoons that use to exit the Networks and joined the smaller TV outlets.   Among the entries, came a lesser know TV show called "Voltron: Defender of The Universe."  I thought it was a lesser known show and the episodes they where using where not those of the Lion made robots.  The fact was, that World Events Productions,  where using a different Anime from Japan (Dairruger 15) as the base of the series.  Then during the middle of the show, they entered the animated Lion robots and I thought they changed the whole story. 

Was it all related?  I thought so, but to WEP, that would be a pretty white lie!  They where not related.  It was like 2 or 3 Anime's that where combined all together, like it was one particular show.  So, millions of fans of the Voltron series where asking World Events if they would be willing to release the classic TV series the way it was developed, in the Japanese Anime and unedited (When I say unedited, I mean with all the violence that you would not allow younger kids to watch!).  It appears that World Events would do it, but they wanted to release the Americanized version of Voltron Defender of The Universe first, before doing the original unedited version.  For the last year, WEP was releasing the Voltron series in 5 DVD sets, each one represents the colored lion that stars in the series.  Now that the American version was released, it's now time to release the original Japanese version.

So, I'm glad to inform that the Japanese Anime "King Beast, Go Lion" (Voltron Lion Force) will be released by Media Blasters, under agreement with World Events Productions and the release date is set for May 27, 2008.

Foo Fighters to Marvel:  Singing Lawsuits being serve?
Grammy award rockers are mad about a song used on an animated trailer for "Wolverine and The X-Men"

(02-23-08)  Would someone give Dave Grohl and his Foo Fighters, the best, the best, the best of Slappy?  For crying out loud!  The popular Grammy Award winning rock band is filing a lawsuit over copyright infringement, against Marvel Comics.  The reason, was that a recent trailer for the new animated series "Wolverine and The X-Men" would contain a sample of the Foo Fighters smash hit "The Best Of You" on it.  This TV series is in development, but as far I know, The BBC in the UK has agreed to show it.  Currently there are no broadcast plans for the US (Maybe Cartoon Network, or Nickelodeon, or CW under 4KIDS?).   However, Foo Fighter's management and record label has issue a cease and desist to Marvel Comics and the producers of the cartoon series and they are asking to pay back for royalties for the illegal use of their song.   Really!  I demand a Foo-Re-Count! 

What happened with the trip to Orlando?
I promised an update to the trip back to Central Florida in early 2008

(02-16-08)  Well, I first announced in late 2007 that I was returning to Orlando FL in 2008 (I'm sorry if you read 2009, but it was my mistake!).  Yes, we have already planned to return to the land of Mickey Mouse by early 2008 and even I would bring an update regarding the move, but I was still pending on some details that needed to be addressed by the family members.  I was expecting something good to happen, but in the last few weeks, things where not going in our favor.  Because of that, the family has decided to put on hold the move to Orlando FL and the fact is that I still holding the Greyhound ticket to be used at a later time.  What it is unclear at this point is when the return to FL will happen.  Is it sooner or later?  I have no idea of what is going on, but one thing is clear.....  Save the Seattle Sonics.....  Huh?  I thought they where sent to Oklahoma!  Not really, but the real deal is that the trip to Florida is being put on hold and is a wait and see thing, so will let you know.  Sorry Mickey!

Digital TV is coming!  Countdown to Analog's end!
The FCC is mandating the Digital TV era and will end the Analog's reign in 2009

(02-16-08)  You probably heard the news that the Analog TV will be replaced by Digital TV in 2009.  What will it means to you and I, who sits 24/7 (if you don't sleep!) watching the same TV shows (Thank goodness the writers on strike is over!) for entertainment?  Well, here is the deal.  The USA Government made in 2005 a law that would mandate the Digital TV broadcasting in 2009 and end the Analog TV broadcast that has become the standard since the TV was first introduced in the 1940's.  Now, most of us has a TV for watching the big networks and of course the  majority of the TV viewers are aware of the Digital TV change in 2009.  However, since there are a few of us that are not aware of the new mandated law and they are not sure, if their TV set will survive the new change, Save Animaniacs Campaign will link to the Digital TV campaign by the FCC and will let you know what is going on related to this historic TV change.  So, with less than 1 year for the mandated Digital TV law coming, we ask "Are You Ready?"

The WGA Strike is over.....  Or, so it is?
The writers on strike are back to work and we ask, when will be a new SNL?  Take a guess!

(02-16-08)  It took 3 months and the same SNL episode with singer Jon Bon Jovi to find out that TV sucks?  Or did anyone noted why Stewie and Bryan of FOX's "Family Guy" where not being voiced by Seth McFarlane?  Of course, you all knew how bad TV was becoming since late October 2007, when the Writers Guild of America or WGA decided to go to strike, after failing to cut a deal with the TV Networks and Studio Producers over the DVD royalty fees they where due since the 1988 strike that lasted some 6+ months. 

The issue at large was that the WGA members where asking to be compensated for every TV show on DVD and also newer platforms like You Tube, Joost TV and I-Tunes, to name a few.  On top of that, they wanted to be able to have control of the Animation industry, which is the "Golden Egg" for the TV Studios and if that was not enough, how about control of reality shows like American Idol (Yes Simon!  They want to control your rudeness!) and Survivor!  So, after a bad presentation of the Golden Globe Awards with no red carpet and a "Press Conference" style show (Steven Spielberg was going to be honored, but it was canceled!), plus the possibility of a sucky Academy Awards (Oscars) show, gave way for the major studios to deal a new contract. 

Will you guess who was behind the whole deal to make it happen?  Have a laugh Roy Disney!  It was Michael Eisner, the former Disney CEO who made some "Pixie" dust and send it to the bargain table at the WGA headquarters, to make the deal come true!  What Mickey Mouse was thinking?  Still while the strike is over, it will take some time to get the TV shows back to normal.  In the meantime, the not so affected shows like "American Idol" on FOX are projecting bigger ratings in the week of the Top 24 contestants that will start fighting for the jewel of who will become the next American Idol.  I still waiting for the new SNL on NBC, but please, no more of the Bon Jovi episode.....  "Hey hey... I lost it!" (Guitarist Richie Sambora, during the Bon Jovi's monologue)  Thanks WGA!

Happy Birthday Smurfs!  50 years of happiness!
The characters are celebrating worldwide and still very popular!

(01-14-08)  Here is something that you  never knew about The Smurfs!  If you grew up with The Smurfs back in the 80's, you should know that the characters are even older than the animated series made by Hanna-Barbera.  The Smurfs are celebrating 50 years in 2008.  What made the blue characters so popular in The USA back in the 80's?

I know there are lots of questions regarding the origin of The Smurfs, so let's share the Papa Smurf's real secret to the cartoon's development.  Some magic flute?  Perhaps!  Actually, The Smurfs was a creation of a cartoonist from Brussels, Belgium, named Pierre "Peyo" Culliford (1928-1992), who at first, never thought of the blue characters, when he started drawing some comic strips for a living.  Around 1947, Peyo was doing some comic strips for a  children magazine and he started doing some small project called "Johan" which introduced to the "Johan & Peewit"characters and at that time, Peyo never though of adding The Smurfs to his creation until 1958.

While making a story for the "Johan & Peewit" comic strip, Peyo though of some strange blue creatures which would help the 2 characters from the series, to fight evil forces.  The story was later made into an animated movie in 1976 called "Smurf & The Magic Flute."  The movie then called the attention of American Entrepreneur Stuart R. Ross, who after watching the cute blue characters in that movie, he and Peyo negotiated the US licensing of The Smurfs for retail purposes.   Similar to what is now known as the "Beanie" toy craze, The Smurfs started retailing on markets across The US.  Soon, in the late 70's, then NBC Television Executive Fred Silverman (The one responsible for Scooby Doo and David Letterman!), fell in love with The Smurfs and he bought one for his daughter.  What Silverman thought at the time was the idea of making a TV show for NBC's Saturday Morning Block and in 1979, with the help of Hanna Barbera, the animated series "The Smurfs" came to life.

Of course, you knew The Smurfs where very popular in the mid 80's and you are wondering, why The Smurfs are still popular at least in Europe to this day?  Of course, children has grown up with the blue characters like Papa Smurf and Smurfette to name a few.  Even the series has become a "Cult" to millions of fans that still fall in love with the little blue guys.  By the way, a DVD of The Smurfs Season 1 will be released by Warner Brothers in early 2008 and more will come, so there will be a Smurfing year for all Smurfs fans!

FOR SALE:  Beanie & Cecil and The Simpsons cradle?
Real State web site reveals that the big animation building owned by Bob Clampett is on the block.  Hear ye Trump!

(01-07-08) BEANIE BOY: "Help Cecil!  Our cradle is for sale!"
Is not a joke!  The big animation studio that was known as the Bob Clampett's Animation Studio is for sale, this according to Cartoon Brew's Web Site which posted the online description of the place at 729 Seward Street in Hollywood CA.  The building was the house to several works made by Clampett while working for Warner Brothers and also on the famous duo of Beanie & Cecil back in the late 50's and early 60's.  But the same building also housed the Klasky-Csupo studios, which eventually gave life to The Simpsons on FOX and Rugrats on Nickelodeon.  Yet the same building houses an entire collection of Warner Brother's work made by the late Clampett himself.  The building is owned by Clampett's daughter Ruth who is in charge of the Clampett's Studio Collection. 
Who wants to buy the building?  I hear some apprentice!  "Doh!"

News Archived 2007:

Orlando in 2009?
The cold Seattle weather is taking a toll on Slappy, chances are that Save Animaniacs will migrate to FL soon!

(11-15-07) For real!  I am going to start packing the bags for a return trip on a Greyhound bus back to Orlando from Seattle WA.  3 days again on the road?  You bet!  Get ready for that to happen.  I will let you know in the next couple of days, probably during the Holidays.  Stay tuned!  Yes Mickey Mouse, (Singing Daughtry's) "So, I'm going home, to the place where I belong..."  Bye Sanjaya and Blake, nice to know your Puget Sound and the soon to be OKC Supersonics!

UPDATE: (12-28-07) Target date for the trip to Orlando FL is around Late February or early March 2008 (This may change, so stay tuned!).  The countdown to Florida has begun!  Sorry that I have to give up the Orlando Citrus Parade this year for the trip to happen later!  Stay tuned for more info!  Disney, here I come!

Could the animated industry be affected by WGA Strike?  Sponge Bob says so...
The WGA Strike is entering in their second month with no resolution in sight!

(12-10-07)  No end in sight, for the still ongoing WGA Strike regarding a few more cents or bucks to their TV on DVD staples.  The Strike has gone over a month and while the big studios are trying to bring the matters to a solution, it appears the big networks are embracing their pockets in order to not give a penny more to the WGA writers.  But, here is what I still thinking, will take more pocket change in the future negotiations between WGA writers and Studio bosses.  The use of the Cartoon World!  Animated staples may be playing a big major role in the current negotiations.  Ask Minerva Mink's (Animaniacs) creator and Tiny Toons Producer Paul Dini.  He considers that he may start asking the animation industry writers to join their causes and that could affect the animation industry in the long term.  Even the WGA wants to make money on the Reality Show business.  Would American Idol be another casualty waiting to happen?  I stick my noses on CNN, FOX News and Univision!  I'm not interested in watching the same SNL repeat with Bon Jovi as host!  Go figure!

Grammy for a Rat?  Sorry, but is not Kanye West!
The Grammy Awards nominations came and only a Rat was nominated for the prestige award!

(12-10-07)  I read that a rat was nominated for a Grammy along with big rapper and musician Kanye West.  Of course the only rat that I could find easy to nominate has to be from Disney!  I'm talking about "Ratatouille" the Disney's animated feature that found a way to be nominated for Best Score Soundtrack Album (Field 22, Category 83 as designated by The Recording Industry Arts Academy or RIAA on the Grammy Web Site) and it is nominated along another animated feature, this time is a penguin known as "Happy Feet".  Other nominees in that same category, where "Babel," Blood Diamond," "The Departed" and  "Pan's Labyrinth."  The Grammy Awards ceremony is scheduled for February 10, 2008 on CBS Television and subject to the current WGA Strike developments.  May the best rat and penguin prevails over Kanye and WGA...

Hit Entertainment, looses founder Peter Horton and
Cartoon Network, looses Senior Vice President Jennifer Davidson
He was the creator of the entertainment giant that launched Bob The Builder and Barney and Friends.

She was the person that launched the "Boomerang" Network off the classic Hanna Barbera shows.

(12-10-07)  Sadly, the Children Entertainment world, loss 2 key persons.  One, defined the concept of "Edu-Tainment" or Educational Entertainment as it is known as E/I.  The other was the heart of the "Boomerang" Network. 

Both, the creator of Hit Entertainment, Peter Horton and Cartoon Network's Senior Vice President of Programming and Scheduling, Jennifer Davidson, died recently, due to different illness they where facing.  Horton was 64 and Davidson was 38.

Peter Horton started his career on the popular PBS Kids series "Sesame Street."  However, he decided to pursue and develop popular characters like "Bob The Builder" and "Thomas The Tank Engine" and then his company, Hit Entertainment, overtook other titles like "Barney and Friends" and "Angelina Ballerina" to make them a powerhouse in children entertainment.

Jennifer Davidson was the woman that took over the new created network known as "Boomerang" and made it a well known powerhouse with the classic Hanna Barbera library of Scooby Doo, Tom & Jerry and The Flintstones to name a few.  She also helped in the launch of the "Adult Swim" Block of overnight cartoons like "Space Ghost Coast to Coast" and the controversial animated show "Aqua Teen Hunger Force."

Save Animaniacs remembers the legacy of both Orton and Davidson.  May both rest in peace.

The Macy's Thanksgiving Parade marches on!
The annual event may or may not be weather!  The WGA Strike will not interfere the festivities!

(11-15-07)  An annual tradition along with the Turkey dinner, has to be the Annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and this year is no exception.  The parade that will kick off the Holiday celebration, will include dozens of marching bands and floats along with the traditional Broadway shows performing for an audience of millions around the world.   Still the question, is the parade going to be affected?  Unless mother nature has other plans in place, I don't think there will be any problems. 

The only issue here is the fact that the Broadway's stagehands where on strike for few days, however that may not affect the Broadway cast that will perform on the parade.  The other thing was the ongoing WGA strike that is now almost 1 month since the strike started and has affected most of the TV shows, including Late Shows and SNL that are still on repeats this far.  However the producers of the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade at NBC are making it clear that their writers are not part of the WGA union and that they already had scripted the parade for broadcast day, so there will be no problem with that.

The parade broadcast is in the 81st year and will have new balloons from Sesame Street's Abby Cadabby, Hello Kitty and Shrek, plus performance from Disney's High School Musical and American Idol's Jordin Spark (no Sanjaya's Mowhawk in sight?) and will be telecast on NBC and Telemundo for Spanish audiences.

Seth McFarlane will not voice "Stewie!"  FOX will?
The creator of Family Guy will not cross the WGA strike to voice the foul mouth baby, but FOX will replace him!

(11-15-07)  The WGA Strike still continues to ruin the TV shows and now it's taking another toll on it.  Just a few days back, FOX TV announced they where placing on Hiatus the TV series "24" and most likely, will put on hold the "House" TV series.  But, one thing that FOX is not willing to loose, besides reality based American Idol, is their animated powerhouses like "The Simpsons", "King Of The Hill" and of course, America's most beloved "Family Guy!"

But, creator and voice cast member Seth "Stewie" McFarlane has made clear that he will continue supporting the WGA union members that are still striking against the big Hollywood Studios for an increase on their "TV-on-DVD" residuals and that he will not return to voice the foul mouth baby "Stewie" and his dog companion "Brian" on the FOX TV series.  However, FOX TV will still be doing Family Guy and since FOX is allowed to work with or without McFarlane at all, does that mean that FOX TV, in a desperate move to save his ratings, is recurring to the cast of "Pokemon" to voice "Stewie" and his friends on the sitcom?  Well, not really the cast of Pokemon.  But to tell you the fact that FOX is using voice replacements, is giving us the impression on how desperate the WGA strike is coming this far.  You be the judge!

WGA on strike.... This is November weeps!
The Writers are asking more bucks for their TV on DVD releases.  That means "Warners!"

(11-06-07)  What you have heard about the WGA (Writers Guild of America) intentions of cashing few more bucks on the TV on DVD industry and the reason to go to strike, which has canceled the late night shows like Leno,  Letterman and Saturday Night Live and is bound for the hold of the TV's major asset like Soap Operas or "Daytime Drama" (Except for Univision which imports all Mexican TV dramas!) and will also take down on Ophra,  The View and The Price is Right with Drew Carey (Bring back Bob Barker repeats if you please!) to name a few.  Then, will hit on Grey's Anatomy and Ugly Betty!  Yikes!  The not so affected by the WGA strike will be American Idol and since FOX has more interest on the upcoming season, they may not worry about it.

However, be advise that if the WGA decides to go farther with the strike, to surpass the one they did back in 1988, which by the way, that was the time when DVD was experimental and the VHS format was dominant.  Also there was no Internet at all, cause AOL did not even began to shown up until mid 90's.  So 19 years later, you see the writers asking to be paid few more dollars on the TV shows on DVD, which is being considered a cash cow to the entertainment giants, but they don't give a cent to the writers that did the scripts to those shows.

So, what has to do with Animaniacs?  Let me explain it:  Tom Ruegger and Paul Dini where the main writers of Animaniacs and other WB shows like Pinky & The Brain and Tiny Toons Adventures.  Now that these shows are being released on DVD, guess how much money they both gets from it?  Zero!  Nada!  Nothing!  You are right!  Warner Brothers get the money from the DVD releases and no money goes to the writers of the script!  The question is:  Does it seem fair enough that the writers of the scripts to Animaniacs should be paid for every time their work is being exposed to new platforms that range from DVD to cell phones to I-Tunes or future platforms like Joost TV or the Hula (The You Tube killer?) player from News Corporation and NBC Universal? 

The entertainment industry thinks that the writers are already being paid for the work, but the WGA says that they are not well paid for their work and the deserve more.  So, there goes the big stand off that is hijacking millions of TV viewers to watch re-runs of Grey's Anatomy or simply turn off their TV set like they did back in 1988.  You get the facts!  More to come!

Universal Orlando goes "Green with The Grinch!"
Theme Park will use echo friendly technology to run their attractions.

(11-06-07) You probably heard the Holiday tune "You are a mean one, Mister Grinch" from Dr Seuss "How The Grinch Stole Christmas."  However, the Holiday tune will not really apply to an Echo Friendly Mister Grinch!

Universal Orlando has declared as the "Green One!" The NBC Universal owned theme park will rely on more echo friendly technology to run their attractions and also promised they will start recycling campaigns throughout their theme parks and resort properties.  So, the next time you go to Orlando for vacation, you will find a greener Hard Rock Hotel or a biodiesel run roller coaster.  How the new The Simpsons attraction will run?  Ask Homer!  Doh!

KIDS WB dumped for 4KIDS TV!
The last staple of the now defunct THE WB Network, is being replaced in 2008-09 Season!

(10-03-07)  Sad but true, the last staple and powerhouse of what use to be known as THE WB Network and now replaced with THE CW Network, known as KIDS WB, is being replaced too.  Came off the wires, that comes the 2008-09 season, 4KIDS Entertainment will move out of FOX Network, along with their popular TV shows like "Sonic X", "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" and "Viva Piñata" to replace the KIDS WB line up.  So, say good bye to Scooby Doo, Batman (Who joined Disney's Jetix) and Tom & Jerry.  Most likely, they will be seen on Cartoon Network.  However, the current KIDS WB line up that was mostly made of foreign animated shows like "Dewitt & Will" from Canada and "Eon/Iron Kid" from Spain, are off the dial.  I wonder what Spain's animated house BRB has to say about this?  In the meantime, 4KIDS Entertainment has signed a 5 years agreement to provide THE CW with their current and future properties.  So, fans of the "Sonic X" and "Viva Piñata"series, will be glad to see their favorites going out of the dial, since FOX only provided the 4KIDS block to the affiliates they ask for, but other affiliates ended up replacing the 4KIDS shows with paid programming or local news.  Funny to say that 4KIDS Entertainment used to have better days with proven powerhouse properties like "Pokemon" and "Yu-Gi-Oh" on KIDS WB.  After loosing "Pokemon" to Nintendo, the kids entertainment powerhouse, became into deep waters, since most of the TV shows where not seen as "Pokemon" would have been seen.  So, when the move is completed, we may see "Sonic" and "Turtles" getting along in the house that once use to be the home to "Animaniacs!"

JETIX gets Pinky & The Brain?  Where are the Animaniacs?
Disney gets deal to have some WB animated content on Jetix and Pinky & The Brain are added!

(9-26-07) What is Disney doing to Pinky & The Brain?  NARF!  The Animaniacs based "lab mice" are getting JETIX!  The Disney's Digital Cable outlet is doing some WB animated content in their line up starting October 1st.  Still we ask this question:  Where are the Animaniacs?  No word from Mickey Mouse, whenever the channel will have The Warner Brothers and their Sister in the JETIX line up in the near future.  As far as right now, Pinky & The Brain, Batman, Superman and Chaotic are scheduled for the JETIX run for the fall.  As a matter of fact, both Superman and Batman animated series where the first to start on JETIX earlier in September.  Now the mice pair and the 4KIDS based TV series are also joining the cable channel, but one thing remains unanswered:  Are The Animaniacs going to get JETIX too?  Well, what are you waiting for!  Tell Mickey Mouse that I miss him.....NO!  Tell Mickey Mouse that you want Animaniacs on JETIX!  (Really, I miss Orlando!)

Disney still wants Pooh and Court too!
The never ending saga on the Pooh case against the family that created the "silly ol bear!"

(9-26-07)  Money matters to Pooh and Disney, who after 16 years of legal battles to keep the "Silly Ol Bear" from being taken away from the creator's family, still being litigated in Court!  What Pooh has to do with it?  The issue is about who gets to keep Pooh and the royalties that the bear from the "100 Acre Woods" has generated over the years.  Over the years, The creator's family descendants has filed several lawsuits against Disney and The Slesinger Family, for the rights to the A.A Milnes creation.  But, not only the Milnes are trying to get Pooh out of the Magic Kingdom.  So are The Slessinger Family who claimed in several lawsuits that Disney has told them they will get money from Pooh Royalties and The Slessinger Family claims that Disney lied to them regarding the royalties issue.  So, lawsuit, after lawsuit, after lawsuit.... Guess who is the winner?  You are right!  Disney is the one that keeps laughing at both families for the rights to the characters.  Either Disney spends more money in the lawsuits and still claims they do more money with Winnie The Pooh than listening to the courts attorneys regarding who gets to keep the "Silly ol Bear".  For now, the saga continues at the "100 Acre Woods Forest!"

Speedy Gonzales can sing!  Yeeeepaaaa!
The fastest mouse of Mexico joins brother of latin icon Selena in a new musical venture

(8-17-07)  Speedy Gonzales, the iconic cartoon called "The Fastest Mouse of Mexico" and subject of cultural controversies, can now be considered a singing legend!  No joke, but according to Animated World News, the Warner Brothers cartoon has been signed as part of the Kumbia All Starz (Formerly Kumbia Kings), led by AB Quintanilla III, who is the brother of the late Latino singer Selena Quintanilla (In case you wonder, if you saw the movie "Selena" with Jennifer "JLO" Lopez, you should know what I'm talking about!).  The new venture will led the famously known cartoon character to appear in a tie in promotion, that includes a music video already seen on popular Cable TV's Hispanic video channels like MUN2 and MTV3 to name a few.  Speedy Gonzales has also been featured on TV ads for a well known European car maker and the last appearance at the movie screen was at the live action Warner Brothers movie "Looney Tunes Back in Action" several years back.

Disney goes Hollywood (Minus MGM?) Studios!
Mickey Mouse wants Orlando attraction more Disney theme than old Movie era

(8-13-07)  While I'm in the cold Northwest watching The Space Needle and some NBA team exiting the I-5 corridor.... (By now, you should figure out that Seattle is loosing the NBA team!)  In sunny Central Florida around the I-4 corridor, there is good old pal Mickey Mouse (I miss him!) making some theme park adjustments (Go figure, Disney is more expensive to visit!) which include a new name for one of 4 Disney Theme Parks!

It just came out that Disney is re-branding the Disney MGM Studios and they are going to Hollywood!  Sorry, is not the American Idol on FOX call!  Is actually that Disney is no longer in need of the MGM brand that has been hanging around the movie theme park since its 1989 opening.  In case you wonder, Disney is renaming the MGM Studios into Disney Hollywood Studios after January 1, 2008.  Play the Big Bowl game in Downtown Orlando and then, go to Hollywood!  In Florida?

The Walt Disney World Resorts is renaming the Disney MGM Studios into Disney Hollywood Studios, according to reports from insiders in the theme park industry.  Altought there where rumors of renaming the MGM Studios, probably because the MGM brand is no longer in the Disney's style of entertainment.  Now, it has nothing to do with SONY.  Sony, still owns the MGM brand, however Disney was legally the owner of the name Disney MGM Studios to identify the Central Florida attraction.  But Disney wants to make the formerly known MGM Studios into a Disney Channel theme park.... Or is it PIXAR?  The Movie Theme Park is scheduled to offer several new attractions and will also revamp the Playhouse Disney Live on Stage and will replace it with a Mickey Mouse Club House version based on the popular Disney Channel show.  We got ears!  Say Cheers!

A Voltron Movie?  A Johnny Quest Movie?  A He-Man Movie?  A Thundercats Movie?
Call me, when there is enough interest on an Animaniacs movie!  "For crying out loud!"

(8-13-07)  I have enough of the movie and Pop Corn!  I just came from watching The Simpsons Movie and spend some $25 dollars on tickets, pop corn and soda.  On top of that, I lost my AT&T mobile device!  No, is not an I-Phone and thank God that I pre-pay the minutes, but the fact that I lost my cell phone and spend that much on the Movie Theater, made me re-think my future plans for watching another movie.  On top of that, Hollywood is announcing new movie projects based on the 1980's well known properties like Voltron: Defender of The Universe and He-Man (Not the 1987 "Master of The Universe" which stunk the box office!).  Also, Thundercats and Johnny Quest are in the mix!  Just when you thought that this movie was so scripted, think again!  I want to ride my "Blue Lion SUV" back to Orlando FL!  Heck!  Call me when there is enough interest in an Animaniacs movie!  Just ask Slappy!  Is anyone at World Events Productions and TOEI reading this notice?

Inconvenience Stores?  Ask Homer!  Doh!
7-Eleven converts dozen store into Kwik-E-Marts, Seattle and Orlando included!

(7-2-07) Doh?  Inconvenience taking over Downtown Disney?  Space Needle getting a doughnut and "Buzz Cola Squishees"?  How about, some "Krusty O's" for breakfast?  No joke!  The Simpsons is making some inconvenience too easy!  7-Eleven partnered with Fox, in a marketing campaign to promote the upcoming "The Simpsons's Movie" coming on July 27, 2007.  A dozen 7-Eleven Convenience Stores across the nation, gave up their store signs and where replaced with the logo for the fictional "Kwik-E-Marts" Inconvenience Stores, made famous by Sanjaya's cousin.....  LOL!  Made famous by fictional and Indian descendant born "Apu Nahasapeemapetilon Jr.", a regular character in the FOX TV's animated series and voiced by Hank Azaria who also voices "Moe" and "Officer Wiggum" on the series.

American Greetings refuses DIC's Get Along Gang?
Dic Entertainment already gave Smores Entertainment the green light for the classic 80's cartoon

(5-31-07)  Dic Entertainment's version of the classic 80's animated series The Get Along Gang was about to see a DVD release, when the company gave a green light to Smores Entertainment to release the series along with The Littles on DVD.  Turns out that American Greetings the card makers and creators of The Get Along Gang, under the "Those Characters From Cleveland" banner, where not aware of the upcoming release.  Now, according to TV Shows on DVD Web Site, American Greetings is denying both DIC and Smores to release the classic 80's cartoon series.  Are you surprise about this?  DIC did not consulted with AG about it?  Or was the possibility that there was no interest from either AG or Nelvana Entertainment, who did the Get Along Gang's Pilot episode, aside DIC and claims the rights to the DVD release?  Whatever you think it is, it leaves the fans of the classic 80's TV series so upset and wondering why DIC and Smores where already advertising the release of the series without a final say from AG.  Smores Entertainment posted an apology about the matter and they are still going to launch The Littles and another property they will announce latter on DVD.  Hopefully the folks at the American Greetings  have some interest on The Get Along Gang and release it in the future.

Joost TV, may not work in my PC, but promises WB content.....Animaniacs on Joost?
I'm sorry to say that I can't give invites, because my DELL can't run the client!

(5-31-07)  If you where able to read the Save Animaniacs Blog, recently I posted a comment that my DELL PC was not able to run the Joost TV software and because of that, I could not handle personal invitations that the software makers where providing to anyone that wanted to beta test the new video technology available.

Well, to this day, my DELL PC is not willing to try the software (I keep changing the versions!) and most likely will not be compatible, because there is a conflict with the Video Card this machine is using (I sent the DX DIAG to Joost TV, in hopes they can find out the problem!).  I understand the DELL PC with WINDOWS XP I own, is more than 7 years old (Joost TV recommends a newer computer to work the software!) and has some minor fixes and one hard drive replaced, while in Orlando FL.  But since I move to Seattle WA, I have not provided service to the PC and since I have a limited income, may not be able to buy a new PC, besides, my brother bought a new DELL PC with WINDOWS VISTA for his use, I will not use it to test the Joost TV service.

Now, why I'm bringing this up?  I just found out that Joost TV has signed Warner Brothers for their music videos to be streamed on the video server.  Yet, it did not specify if Warner Brothers would soon, supply Joost TV with their TV catalog, including the animated TV series.  But, could this be happening?  Animaniacs and Pinky & The Brain with other WB animated series running on Joost TV?  Now, this is why I'm trying to find out if my DELL PC will still be able to run the video server, but again, all I see it the start up error, regarding the video card's incompatibility with the software.  In the meantime, I'll stick to troubling You Tube!

Sander Schwartz leaves WB Animation.
I would love if, Schwartz would bring back Animaniacs!

(5-25-07)  You probably recognize his name on the Scooby Doo newer cartoons and movies.  Or you may see his name on cartoons like "Kripto The Superdog" or "Tom & Jerry Tales" to name a few.  Warner Brothers Animation Studio was run by the creative mind of Sander Schwartz, for the past 6 years, when most of the KIDS WB cartoons where imported from other studios, along with "Pokemon" and "Jackie Chan's Adventures."  However, KIDS WB was successful by bringing some animated shows from The WB Studio, like "What's New Scooby Doo" and "The Batman".  He even produce the "Looney Tunes" spin off "Baby Looney Tunes" and also brought back the iconic Tom & Jerry from several movies to the current TV series "Tom & Jerry Tales."

Now that Schwartz leaves The WB Animation Studios, the question remains, if the next successor could still be able to bring back Animaniacs?  Will have to wait and see!

PBS KIDS SPROUT character's name offensive?
If Postcards From Buster was that offensive, not by name but something else?

(5-25-07)  A popular PBS KIDS SPROUT character was called offensive by a Hispanic woman who claimed that the Penguin known as "Pingu" was refer to something that I can't say in this site!  But at all it is offensive!
According to CBS News, a South Florida Hispanic resident was complaining that her daughter, who is a fan of the popular cartoon character, was singing the theme song that famous actor David Hasselhoff (Baywatch and Knight Rider) did for the PBS KIDS SPROUT channel from Comcast.  However, I won't link the video from CBS News, because it uses a offensive slang.

Disney testing hand drawing?  Are you Goofy?
Disney is hand drawing Goofy.  Could this signal the return to classic Disney animation?

(5-8-07)  Disney is reportedly hand drawing Goofy for an upcoming short.  The media giant stop the classic 2D or handrawing technique and replaced with the 3D animation technology that was used on Disney's "Meet The Robinsons" and "Chicken Little".   In fact remember the old Disney MGM Animation Studio in Orlando FL?  That studio is no longer there.  It was closed as Disney decided to go from traditional hand drawing to the computer made films.

Now comes reports that Disney is testing the old feature that the late Walt Disney started some 60+ years back.  Remember those classic Disney shorts that came before the movie was to begin?  The old Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy shorts where a staple in classic Disney style.  But that technique was stop some time in the late 60's.  Since most of the shorts where no longer made, but instead Disney would concentrate in making family features length movies, like "Cinderella", "Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs", "Peter Pan" and "Winnie The Pooh" to name a few.

Some may recall the old "Goofy's How To" movie shorts from the mid 50's and early 60's.  One of this shorts was featured on the ABC KIDS/Disney Channel/Toon Disney TV series "House Of Mouse" in 2001-02.   But for some reason, Disney is testing the idea with the help of some PIXAR friends that are thinking of reviving the old traditional hand drawing.  So, could be possible that Disney returns to the old hand drawing that we tough it would not come back?  Stay tuned to this story.

Classic Anime in the USA!
(Made by Japanese crew of Animaniacs?)
What classic Anime could have had the crew that worked on Animaniacs?  No, is not Sonic X!

(5-8-07)  Now, for some time, I ever wondered about Japan's big animation studio TMS Entertainment LTD's (Owned by game entertainment giant SEGA/SAMMY Holdings) ability of doing great work on both "Animaniacs" and "Pinky & The Brain", but I was wondering what kept the Tokyo based studio, shy of showing one of the best Anime series ever developed?  No, is not "Sonic X", "Monster Rancher" or "Hamtaro!".

But, have you ever heard about "Remi" or "Cats Eye"?  How about "Treasure Island" (Takarajima)?

If you know them, great!  However, the only ones who don't know are the USA friends!  What?  Let me explain!

I grew up with some of the best Anime series ever developed.  It was late 70's or early 80's.  Anime was well known in my homeland of Puerto Rico.  No doubt that most of the children's animated series would have come from Japan.  Best Animes I could recall where "Mazinger Z", "Candy-Candy" and "Nobody's Boy: Remi".  Some USA friends would recall "Battle Of The Planets" which was also an Anime.  But the others I mentioned are like "Do I know them?"  Have I seen them?  But of course, this was the PRE-POKEMON era!

Now that Anime is still a growing phenomenon in the USA, I'm glad to tell you that one of my favorite Anime TV series, is coming to the USA and is from the Japan crew that worked on Animaniacs!  TMS Entertainment LTD has entered in an agreement with US based TitleMatch Entertainment, which owns the Asian-Imagine Entertainment Network.  They will release in the USA some classic Animes which includes "Nobody's Boy: Remi" (IE NAKI KO REMI) and "Cats Eye" to name a few.   The classics will have TV showing on Asian-Imagine and will also be available as DVD on demand from TitleMatch Entertainment.

Of course, TMS has done more Anime work in the past and you probably know them for the "Monster Ranch", "Sonic X" and "Hamtaro" series.  But you also know them, as working for some Disney animated series like "Chip & Dale Rescue Rangers", "The New Adventures of Winnie The Pooh" and "Duck Tales".  Of course with Warner Brothers on "Animaniacs", "Pinky & The Brain" and "Tiny Toons Adventures" to name a few.  But Im glad that the TMS folks will start sending their original works for the American people to see.  Could I see "Treasure Island" (Takarajima) or "Onegai Samia Don" (Samed the Magic Gnome/Five Children and It)  in the future?  Will see!

Bring The Simpsons to Universal Orlando!
(But, Harry Potter?)
Universal Orlando and Hollywood confirms a ride for The Simpsons.  But what about Harry Potter?

(4-24-07)  Amid that I still in the cold Northwest, in my former home place known as Orlando FL, the news comes that Universal Orlando will have Bart and Homer yelling "Woo hooo!"  According to The Orlando Sentinel, the theme park giant has revealed a new attraction based on the FOX's popular TV sitcom.  This comes as earlier in 2007 it was announced that Universal was shutting down the "Back To The Future" ride that has been one of the theme park's major and earlier rides, since the park opened in 1991.  However, some noted that while Universal is revealing The Simpson attraction, it also brings the question of "What about Harry Potter?"

The Orlando Sentinel is also noting that Universal may be in talks with J.K. Rowling, the creator of the Harry Potter books.  It may has been rumored that Universal may also bring Harry Potter to the theme park.  However Universal declines to comment this matter, since they are already announcing the new The Simpsons attraction.  Will give details as it happens.

Howie to Bobby:  "Deal or No Deal"?
Taffy Entertainment Corporation has found a DEAL for Bobby's World, after a decade out of TV!

(4-16-07)  Is a DEAL!  Howie Mandel can rest assure that his creation known as "Bobby's World" that was seen on FOX KIDS (Before the 4KIDS move in!) around 1990 to 1998, now has a new partner for worldwide distribution.  It turns out that Taffy Entertainment Corporation, who launched some of their properties on Comcast Digital On Demand known as "Kabillion."  Now, back to the "Bobby's World" series, Taffy Entertainment Corporation will start distributing the series at a later date, most likely a DVD release will be scheduled any time soon.  So stay tuned and as Howie says "IS A DEAL FOR BOBBY!"

Want Care Bears?  Look for them on CBS this fall!
CBS bring back the lovable Care Bears after a decade of their last broadcast!  Anyone forgot "Care Bears Stare"?

(4-14-07)  80's cartoons never die young, so to say!  So, CBS is bringing back the 80's lovable Care Bears.  Now, this is a new series, which is not the one that Nelvana did.  This one is by DIC Entertainment and American Greetings.  However, some 80's fans may recall seen a Care Bears cartoon made by DIC around 1984 or 1985 (See below).  That was a Japanese Anime that DIC co-produce.  The new version will hit the airwaves during the fall among with new episodes of Strawberry Shortcake and a new project called Sushi Pack.  No word if the controversial "Sabrina The Teenage Witch" will be back (Still being repeated anyway!).

4KIDS loosing "One Piece"?  Ha Ha!
Just like they loose "Pokemon", now 4KIDS looses "One Piece" to Funimation.  On top of that: VOICES TOO!

(4-13-07)  Once again, kiddie entertainment giant known as 4KIDS Entertainment (The once house to Pokemon!), has lost another property they where holding for a few years.  It is reported that Funimation, the Anime House behind mega hits "Dragon Ball" and "Dragon Ball Z" has acquired the Toei Animation's Japanese Anime "One Piece".  On top of that, Funimation will no be using the voices that has been behind the Anime (The same cast from Pokemon?) and instead will hire a new cast.  Similar effort was made by POKEMON USA, a Nintendo made company to deal with the Pokemon franchise worldwide.  They took it away from 4KIDS Entertainment back in 2005 and they changed their voice cast.   So once again, for those that keeps complaining about the bad dubbing that 4KIDS was doing to "One Piece", I can tell you that your dreams came true as of today.  However, more bad news for Eric Stuart and Veronica Taylor who worked on both series (Pokemon/One Piece), as they are told their voices will be replaced.  So what a major blow for 4KIDS.

Remember, I'm in Seattle!  Or is it Bellevue?
Don't tell me that I live next door to Sanyaya the American Idol contestant with the Mohawk!

(4-1-07)  Yes, for sure you all know that I move from Orlando FL to Seattle or Bellevue WA.  So, now that my move is complete and done and installed Comcast for Internet provider, I am happy to say.......What?  I still miss Orlando, so what is the happiness all about?  No Disney!  No Universal!  No Sea World!!!!  All I have is the Needle and the Duck that Postcards From Buster (PBS) was yapping about!  No!  Is not Donald Duck!  Is the Seattle Duck (See the "Sleepy In Seattle" episode!).  Sure I'm going to miss all my friends in Orlando and Central FL!  But, I never say that I will not comeback!  I will and I do plan to comeback!  Wait for me Disney World!  By the way, now that I live in the Pacific Northwest, now, everything is TAPE DELAYED!!!  3 hours of difference, makes all the TV shows as Tape delayed for the west coast.  So, why bother to see "American Idol" and SNL, when they are not live anymore?
So, give me Sanyaya's Mohawk thing!

What is KIDS WB doing?  Buying from Spain?
Well, KIDS WB on The CW is taking more on overseas projects.  Check the new fall shows!

(4-1-07)  Just came off the oven, KIDS WB on The CW is now taking part on the new overseas partners.  Since 2006, the new network that once housed The WB and UPN is now considering buying the kids shows out of the US markets.  Now, we know that KIDS WB was making a lot of buyouts on US based properties, but recently, KIDS WB started buying from Canadian properties like Cookie Jar Entertainment ("Johnny Test"), who is already a partner of PBS KIDS with their shows "Arthur" and "Caillou" to name a few.  However, KWB started a partnership with Spain's animated house BRB InternacionalTheir project is called EON KID (For those in Europe, is "Iron Kid"), a computer animated show that could resemble some similarity with 4KIDS Entertainment's "Cubix: Robots for Everyone."  It also could resemble the new animated movie "TMNT" (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) that Warner Brothers did for theaters.  Just to mention that KWB got a hold of several shows for their Saturday Morning slot, for the Fall Season 2007-08.  Among them, a new animated Spider Man series is in the works.  There will be a season 2 for "Tom & Jerry Tales" and "Scooby and Shaggy Get a Clue" too.  However, we will see how far this new buy out from Spain will work.  By the way, you mostly forgot the 80's, but Nickelodeon use to have this Spain cartoon called "The World of David The Gnome."  Well, the makers are the same as the ones that KWB has partnered.  Go figure!

Thank you Orlando for 11 years of Save Animaniacs Campaign!  Next stop, Seattle WA........MU?
(Sorry for the bank plug....) Save Animaniacs says good-bye to Central Florida, at least for now!

(2-25-07)  We all know how sad is to say good-bye to our second home place that housed us for the last 11 years.  Save Animaniacs Campaign will no longer be an Orlando resident.  Where moving the entire show on the road and our next stop will be the Space Needle!  Where re-locating to Seattle Washington in the northwest.  The home to the NFL Seahawks (Bye loosing Jaguars!), The NBA Supersonics (Sorry, but I keep the Orlando Tragic....I mean Magic!) and the home to Bill Gates and Microsoft!

Now, here is the deal.  For a couple of days (Perhaps 2 to 3 weeks), my Internet will be disconnected.  The last few days I have in Orlando, will be spent at the Public Library.  If I have to update, you can see the updates at the BLOG page.  Until I have fully established the Internet service with Comcast, since Bright House Networks is not in Seattle, but Orlando, I will not be able to update the page, so this will be considered the last update to the Campaign from Orlando FL.  Bear with Wakko and Slappy folks!  Is a hard process that I never thought it would happen.  So where looking forward to continue our Campaign and fun with Animaniacs, once I made the travel to the Northwest.  Thank you Orlando for the 11 years of fun and inspiration to continue.  We look forward for the day that I would return to Beautiful Central Florida!

Pokemon changes characters, but voices?
New characters taking over Pokemon in March.  Voice actors still unchanged!

(2-25-07)  Sorry, but it's almost a year since the voice cast of Pokemon was replaced from 4KIDS Entertainment to the Nintendo's own Pokemon USA and besides the thousands of fans that kept telling that it was a bad idea, still they stood for it.  However here is some Pokemon information to share.  It is the end of the Pokemon Advance/Battle Frontier series.  Cartoon Network will have some time to explain what is going to happen to the Pokemon characters.  Some are leaving, some are coming.  Don't worry. Team Rocket will still making their voices that worse....  They are not leaving.  The ones leaving are May and Max from Pokemon Advance fame!  It appears that the next episode would be mostly about Ash's decision to try out a new battle ground and will leave all the Pokemon, but Pikachu and Aipom and head to the 'Shinou' region (From Kanto, Johto and Hoen?), where Ash will  meet a new trainer and will also meet a rival (Just like Gary from Seasons 1 to 5) that it trying to get the best Pokemon (Like American Idol, the worse, goes home!).  More to come.  The voices stay, for sure!

More of You Tube and Copyright battles!
Even Animaniacs cannot be on You Tube, thanks to Viacom!

(2-25-07)  Remember that few weeks back, we reported the sudden removal of Viacom's owned properties from You Tube? (See below)  Now we found out that Animaniacs cannot be on You Tube, due to the copyright issue that Viacom already raised.  While users are discourage by You Tube to upload copyright material, there are some that goes against the rules and upload everything they have from their TV sets.  Whenever is Pokemon (Another banned on You Tube cartoon!) and Dora The Explorer (See if you can find her, after Viacom's decision!), we also find some Animaniacs clips.  But, even so, You Tube will most likely remove the content, due to the fact that the Animaniacs already came from Nicktooons Networks, which parent company is Viacom!  Some Animaniacs episodes that bears the logo for Nicktoons where easily removed by You Tube, just to comply with the Viacom request.  However, other Animaniacs episodes also remained in the video hosting server, but the Nicktoons logo was not inserted, so either came from another source like TV broadcast or the DVD episodes.  Still Warner Brothers does not want those DVD episodes to be seen on the video service.  So I would suggest that you go and buy the Animaniacs on DVD, the legal way.  But, if You Tube still has some Animaniacs episodes, you can still check them out, but don't forget that they can cease to exits due to the You Tube's legal battle over copyright.

You Tube ERASES Spongebob, Dora, Backyardigans and Viacom!
Over 100,000 clips must be deleted, says media giant!  No more MTV videos?  What's wrong?

(2-3-07) Where is Spongebob Squarepants, Dora The Explorer and The Backyardigans?  They are still on Nickelodeon, but not on Video hosting's You Tube!  In what it is considered as another episode in the legality battle over the copyright infringements whereabouts, the media giant Viacom, demanded from You Tube and parent company Google, to stop hosting their content, which includes all their media networks like Nickelodeon, MTV, VH1, CMT, Comedy Central, BET and Paramount Entertainment. 

As of this day, thousands of video clips from MTV and VH1 Classics where taken down from You Tube.  No more classic Led Zepelling or Journey folks!  Don't bother to see the Fergalicions song or the OK GO video on the treadmill!  But what is worst, no more "Dora The Explorer" or the Backyard Friends, "The Backyardigans!"

In the meantime, some You Tube users are complaining to You Tube, that their videos where also deleted, at the request of Viacom.  But, here is the shocking one!  If I do a video clip, using a Spongebob Squarepants doll and not using the TV series clip, does that violate the copyright issues that You Tube is trying to define? 

Take for example, the recent incident of the Cartoon Network's "Aqua Teen Hunger Force" and Homeland Security in Boston.  There are videos of You Tube users that makes some fun of the characters and all of the sudden, You Tube removes it, due to a request from Viacom.  Wait!  Viacom, does not own Cartoon Network!  Or, so does it?  What are we talking about?

In the meantime, there is a report that Viacom is trying to start their own version of You Tube.  Perhaps, that is where you may encounter Spongebob, Dora, The Backyardigans and EMPTY-V!  However, Viacom, owns IFILM and is quite possible that you may find clips on their server, but most likely, they will charge for their content, while You Tube was posting the clips for FREE.

Also on a related matter, CBS Corporation will still use You Tube to promote their content, since they are no longer part of Viacom.

The CN Bomb continues......
There is more to the Cartoon Network's publicity bomb!  Even Nick's Spongebob was part of it!

(2-1-07)  The Cartoon Network's publicity bomb-stunt that caused a major nightmare in the Boston area on January 31, 2007, came to major hault and even another network toon was included in the hoax!  It turns out that CNN did a report when the news came breaking earlier that day and somehow, there where reports of the Nickelodeon's "Spongebob Squarepants" character being placed in the so called bomb device.  No, folks!  The yellow sponge will not be participant of this insane stunt!  However, 2 employees for the marketing company that Cartoon Network's parent company, Turner Broadcasting hired, are facing criminal charges for the publicity stint!

Meanwhile, Turner Broadcasting has requested the immediate removal of all the "Lite Brite" boards that despite the "Mooninite" character from Adult Swim's "Aqua Teen Hunger Force" series.  But no word if Spongebob Squarepants will replace the Cartoon Network's character (At least that would never happen, unless CNN gives the information!).

It appears that "Pee Wee Herman" and "Frylock" are behind some Boston bomb squad!

(1-31-07)  The Department of Homeland Security's threat level has been increased to "AQUA TEEN HUNGER FORCE!"  What?  No kidding!  There was a weird bomb scare in the Boston, MA area that was caused by Cartoon Network's Adult Swim show.  It caused The Department of Homeland Security to almost raise their threat level. 

What started as a promo for the popular cartoon show from the overnight block, created some sort of a real scare and some intervention by the Federal Government.  Cartoon Network placed several of the so called magnetic displays in some Boston locations and other US cities for the last 2 weeks, but a call to the local police by a non Cartoon Network viewer, started puzzling the authorities and even the Pentagon's Northern Command Center!  The Governor of Massachusetts and the Mayor of Boston, where so upset with the CN's hoax and demanded an apology from the Network and a full investigation was to be launch by the FBI.  Guess who was behind the hoax!  Yes you know!  He's trying to.....TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!!!!

Disney wants Grammys and Oscars!
"Cars" and "Pirates Of The Caribbean" will contend for the awards in February!

(1-25-07) Disney will try to snatch both, the Grammy and the Oscar awards during the February sweeps!  Well, of course, Disney is the only contender so far, for the 49th Annual Grammy Awards, to be telecast on February 11, 2007.  So, who cares if Mary J. Blige and Carrie Underwood of American Idol gets to steal that award?  Look at the sole contender for the movies "Cars" and "Pirates of The Caribbean!"  Disney itself is nominated in several categories.  The "Cars" Soundtrack has a pair of nominations.  The "Pirates Of The Caribbean" got one nomination and so it was Imogene Heap, for singing the song from "Chronicles Of Narnia!"  Not to even include that soundtrack to the ABC's TV drama "Grey's Anatomy," with the music from Snow Patrol (Chasing Cars) and The Fray (How To Save A Life).

Then, after the Grammys, here comes The Oscars!  Disney is being nominated for the Cars movie.  But Disney won't be alone.  Happy Feet and Monster House are among the contenders.  The Oscars are to be revealed on February 25, 2007.  So, good luck to Mickey Mouse, in getting some awards to the House of Mouse!  Or as the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse of Disney Channel says: "We Got Ears, Say CHEERS!"  That's literally speaking...

Super Bowl ads may reveal the new Transformers Movie?
Super Bowl ads may give details of the new Spielberg version of the 80's toy line based movie

(1-19-07) The Super Bowls ads may be well known for their controversial use of language or other content not allowed on national TV.  Besides the beer ads and some Internet domain host trying to send ads to approval by CBS and The NFL, chances are that movie trailers will be well tolerated during the 1st and 2nd quarters of the big game.

What could be possible is that advertisements for several new movies that will be release sometime during 2007, will be seen at the game time.  No information regarding what movies will be allowed to screen on Super Bowl night, has been released, since the ad agencies are negotiating the cost of the ad insertion, which is estimated in the $2.6 million dollars vicinity.  But chances are that several movies that are hyping their fans, could be willing to spend the amount required by CBS.

Big studios like Disney, Warner Brothers, Universal and others, would try to send out some promo trailers for new movies coming out this year.  Could it be possible a trailer for the new "Transformers" movie by Steven Spielberg, based on the popular toy line and animated series from the 1980's?  Wait till February 4, when the Super Bowl will be played in Miami and seen on CBS.

Happy New Year 2007!
Save Animaniacs wishes you a happiest 2007 as we will start a new era in a different city!

(1-1-07) What could be more possible, is that Save Animaniacs Campaign, after 9 years in the Orlando FL area, will decide to re-locate outside of The Sunshine State.  Where moving out of Orlando FL.  Don't ask me how the whole thing started.  I was having second toughs about it.  As a result of Family decisions, they resolved to move out of Florida in early 2007.  The new location may be Seattle Washington.  Yes, the coldest place in the Norwest, may be the new base for SAC.  Move over, Bill Gates, here comes Slappy Squirrel to settle down with the Warners!

Expect something about it, very soon!

New for 2007: Kim Possible returns!
The fans have been asking Mickey Mouse to bring Kim and the gang back to Disney Channel!

(1-1-07) It finally happened!  Earlier in 2005, Disney Channel did not renewed the Kim Possible TV series, after reaching the limit of episodes to 65.  After millions of fans crying out to Mickey Mouse for more episodes (I wish they do that for Animaniacs!), Kim Possible gets another chance with a new order of 22 episodes to start sometime in February 2007.  As you know, Kim Possible has former Animaniacs voice actress Nancy Cartwright (Voice of Mindy), who also is heard as "Bart Simpson" in the FOX TV Series "The Simpson".  She is the voice of "Rufus The Naked Mole" on Kim Possible.

New for 2007: He-Man and She-Ra on DVD
They still have the power to invade your DVD player!

(1-1-07) Just when you tough that the 80's flashbacks where a thing of the past, you hit the nail this time!
Now, you may wonder, did He-Man already was available?  Or since when She-Ra was available on DVD?
My understanding is that He-Man was a 2 different version series.  The original 1983 series was released in 2005.  So what where talking here is the 1990's version of He-Man.  Not the 80's version!  Confuse?

Hold on!  Let me clarify!  For the He-Man fans, you can check the origins of the classic Mattel Toy that was animated by the now defunct FILMATION Studios.  Today, the FILMATION library belongs to Entertainment Rights, who already purchased the Classic Media properties (See article "Another Owner for Veggie Tales").  Entertainment Rights is releasing the 1990's version of "The New Adventures Of He-Man"(Was this the animated version from DiC and Paravision International?).

Also the classic 1985 series "She-Ra: Princess Of Power" was released on DVD (Did I learn about it while at work?), this past Holiday Season.  So if you have not yet noted, the classic TV series is available on DVD.  Funny, but did "She-ra" use to have some cute furry guy with a moral message to the show.  His name was "Loo-Kee" and he usually gets to hide somewhere in the She-Ra series and is up to the viewers to try to find the little guy, which was voiced by Lou Scheimer, the founder of the FILMATION Studio.  Now, there's some flashbacks along the way!

News Archived 2006:

Joe Barbera, will miss you!
Creator of Yogi Bear and Huckelberry Hound, passed away, ending a legacy in animation history.

(12-18-06)  Joseph Barbera, the creator of hundreds of beloved cartoons and half partner of William Hanna and co-founder of the Hanna-Barbera Studios for the popular cartoons like Tom & Jerry and Scooby Doo, passed away at the age of 95.  Our toughs and prayers for the family of one of the greatest animators in history.  Will sure miss Joseph Barbera.

That Postcard came from Buster?
The infamous bunny toon is making a comeback, but not to visit some sugar moms.

(12-18-06)  The controversial Buster Baxter of PBS animated series "Arthur" has decided to make a sweet comeback.  Back in 2005, we where all disturbed to find out that the US Department of Education was reprimanding, the then PBS president Pat Mitchell, due that a cartoon and live TV series was approaching the issue of sugar making with a group of kids living with 2 moms.  After the aftermath, we tough that Buster will no longer be allowed to have his own TV show, aside of "Arthur."  However, earlier this year we found out that Buster was given a second chance, because of a partnership made by some private organizations that told PBS that the series must continue on, regardless the particular episode that was banned from US telecasting.  Now, PBS is offering season 2 of "Postcards From Buster" with a slated premiere of 10 episodes.  5 of them where already released and the remainder 5 will be seen during the month of February 2007.  Even a 3rd season could be in planning stages right now.  But of course, the test of time will decide the fate of the cute 'alien' bunny from "Arthur".

Another owner for Veggie Tales?
Classic Media sold to the UK's Entertainment Rights!  Now as He-Man says "I HAVE THE POWER!"

(12-15-06) No kidding!  He-Man will be happy to know that he will join Veggie Tales and other popular toons.  It was announced the merging of the Classic Media group into the UK based Entertainment Rights.  Just earlier in 2004, Classic Media bought the property of Veggie Tales and the faith group Big Idea Productions.  At the same time, Entertainment Rights was buying the properties of the use to be know as FILMATION Studios with characters like He-Man and She-Ra with Fat Albert and Ghostbusters (The one with the gorilla!). 

Now the new owners of Veggie Tales and other characters like Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer and Rocky & Bullwinkle, will enjoy the big profits that this characters are providing and one of them is in the form of the QUBO block for NBC-Universal (NBC, Telemundo, I Networks) and the current DVD releases for the Filmation library and other media content. 

At this point where not aware about the future regarding the Employees of the Classic Media, but as being merged into an UK company, chances are for lay-off  to occur and not to mention if the merged media will still working with NBC-Universal on the QUBO projects.  More will come in 2007.

"The Last Unicorn" movie; still alive in 2007!
For those that have early flashbacks to the 80's, here is a good one!

(12-15-06)  Here is a classic from the early 80's that is making a comeback!  Does anyone remember a younger Mia Farrow, even before meeting the controversial movie director Woody Allen?  Or how about the younger Christopher Lee of "The Lord Of The Rings" and "Charlie and The Chocolate Factory" (Not Willy Wonka!)?  Or how about legendary Actress Angela Lansbury of the "Murder She Wrote" series on CBS around the 1970's? (If you don't know her, how about the singing teapot "Mrs. Potts" from Disney's Beauty And The Beast?)  So, if you are familiar with the original voice cast and remember this classic movie, make your flashbacks count folks!

Now, to start a little bit of history of "The Last Unicorn" movie:  It was first released in 1982 and based on the work by Peter S. Beagle.  The movie was done with a partnership from ITC International (They did the 1970's "The Muppet Show") along with Rankin/Bass (Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer, The Little Drummer Boy and Thundercats), but it was using a Japanese animation studio that later evolved into Studio Ghilbi (Spirited Away, Kiki's Delivery).  Some of you that have seen this movie, may noted the Anime style, even tough it is an American made movie.  This movie was also released on The UK and Germany as well.

Also as a matter of a TRIVIA fact, the character of "The Red Bull" has nothing to do with the energy drink with the name RED BULL.  The music for the movie was done by rock group AMERICA (Horse With No Name, Ventura Highway) and the title soundtrack for "The Last Unicorn" was on top of the German charts.  While it was done by Rankin/Bass, this movie was not part of the library owned by either Classic Media (Now part of Entertainment Rights) or Warner Brothers.  The movie was under the Carlton Television Group that is now known as ITV.  The movie has a bigger fan base in Germany and the movie has been released on DVD.  A DVD was previously released in the USA, but the bad quality of the original was used, since it was somewhat acquired by another source.  The new release is using the original print and remastered the same way the German version was.  The new DVD is being released by Lionsgate Entertainment.  The author of the work, Peter S. Beagle was never paid any royalties for the movie and he keeps a legal fight against ITV's Grenada Media, who owns the movie.  It was reported that there are talks to compensate Beagle for The Last Unicorn movie royalties.

The Last Unicorn movie will be released in February 2006.

The Wiggles loosing Greg Page to illness!
Illness is not life-treatning, but will disable the founding member for life!

(12-03-06)  Not even in the Holiday season, you can have better news!  To make things worse, the star of the hit Disney series "The Wiggles" and founding member Greg Page, reported that his illness will not allow him to perform as he use to.  So he has taken the painful decision of leaving the quartet permanently and decided to give his role to his replacement Sam Moran.  Now, what could it be worse than having the Telettubies leaving PBS?  Wishing well to Mr Page and hopefully, he decided to make a comeback!

Penguin became Idol?  It's a Happy Feet thing!
James Bond can ask a singing penguin, how to steal the box office, or better ask Simon Cowell!

(11-19-06)  Did happen again!  James Bond got snubbed by penguins!  American Idol Penguin edition, or should I say its "Happy Feet" who melted the new James Bond movie.  The movie critics where stumbled to find out that a movie for kids which features the voices of Robin Williams and Elija Woods, would make it even bigger than "Casino Royale" the new 007 movie with new 'Bond' actor Daniel Craig.  What is really weird was that the 2 movies where so close by at least $2 million dollars!  Happy Feet opened with over $42 million dollars at the box office, while "Casino Royale" ended in the $40 million mark!

We are looking for Hello Kitty and Blues Clues!
Japanese makers of Hello Kitty will also be handling the Nick JR brand and will pair the characters too!

(10-19-06)  If Steven Burns is reading this, would be singing, "We are looking for Hello Kitty and Blues Clues, cause is a really big game!"  Or how about Donovan "Joe" Paton singing, "We found out!  We figure it out!  What Hello Kitty was all about!  WOW!  You know what?  Where really smart!"

LOL!  We found out what nobody would ever think of.  Hello Kitty, a powerful namesake in Japan, is making a bow for American sensation Blues Clues.  Sort of!  But it turns out that Sanrio, a well know toy maker and creator of the Hello Kitty brand in Asia, has legally acquired the Blues Clues brand from Viacom USA.  Of course, who could be more than happy than Blue's creator Tracy Paige Johnson, who claim that Blue was inspired by Hello Kitty, who first appeared in 1974 in a toy store in Tokyo and then flying all the way to the USA.  So now, Blue made the way back to her root place.  But wait!  This does not mean that Blue will try to bark in Japanese, cause she doesn't speak.....Did I forgot the "Blue's Room" thing?  Also Hello Kitty can't speak in Japanese, cause she has no mouth!

If you ask me, in the future the Japanese should pair Dora The Explorer with Goku of Dragon Ball fame....
Or how about Pikachu of Pokemon with Sponge Bob Square Pants?  Wait and see!

Snoopy, Pikachu and Foster going on parade!
Is the Turkey tradition that is making it happen!  80 years of Macy's Thanksgiving Parade coming soon!

(10-19-06)  Yes, is back!  The traditional Thanksgiving Day Parade and of course is Macy's that is making it bigger than ever, in their 80th birthday celebration.  Bigger and better balloons (Don't expect another crash like the last year's M&M balloon!) are being develop and just a few has been revealed.  One is the new version of Snoopy of Peanuts and a stand up Pikachu of Pokemon fame.  Then there is a float for Cartoon Network's Foster Home For Imaginary Friends and also a History Channel theme float that where revealed.  But it seems like Macy is going to surprise us and their are like lips sealed right now.  So expect more information in the next few days.

The Veggie Tales cannot say "God" on NBC!
What is causing some religious activist to complaint the Peacock Network about some kids oriented veggies?

(10-01-06) What are the big networks thinking about religious observance in cartoons?  Recently, there was the "Sabrina" on CBS issue (Read below) and now, is the "Veggie Tales" on NBC issue!  But the issue is not about the E/I rated content, it is because NBC is discouraging the use of "God" or Bible theme references in the animated shows "Veggie Tales" and "1-2-3 Penguins."  Those shows became part of the new NBC Saturday Morning block under the banner "Qubo" (Means Cube in Spanish!), which is also shared by their siblings Telemundo and I Networks.....Was that Pax TV?

The whole issue is started by NBC when editing the Veggie Tales TV series for broadcast in the network.  The series is actually 30 minutes long, without the commercials.  So NBC has to cut out some material.  Some material may have included the final segments where the Veggies share stories based on The Bible.  Then comes the religious groups and finds out that the word of our creator is erased from the NBC's airwaves and here begins the religious war!  "Larry The Cucumber" is mostly annoyed to hear that God can't even be mentioned on TV!  But yet is OK to mention "Sabrina The Teenage Witch!"  Was next?  To see "Animaniacs" references to God and Jesus being removed from the series too?

Old School "Sonic The Hedgehog" from Sat-Am 93?
This classic Hedgehog was deeply darker than the 4KIDS version of Sonic X!  It's heading to DVD soon!

(10-01-06)  Well, we all remember Saturday Morning cartoons in the early 90's.  Specifically, the 1993-94 season, when ABC TV did have some good cartoons, besides the Disney take over was about to happen (This was even before the annoying ABC KIDS block from Disney Channel took over!).  At that particular time, the Saturday Morning cartoons where mostly the so called "Video Game" type of shows, like "Captain N: The Game Master," "The Super Mario's Super Show" and of course the deeply darker version of "Sonic The Hedgehog!"

Now, it is not the current 4KIDS version of "Sonic X" that you see on the FOX's 4KIDS TV block.  It was that DIC Entertainment and ABC TV where doing a Saturday Morning version of the popular game from SEGA Enterprises.  The animated show was based on the game, but it also provided an unusual darker theme character, besides another animated "Sonic The Hedgehog" TV series that was also made by DIC, but for the Bohbot Entertainment D.B.A. BKN International (Mostly known as the "Adventures of Sonic The Hedgehog"). 

The ABC version got lots of fans, but even with the lower ratings, the show was able to survive up to 26 episodes or 2 seasons, until 1995.  Another Sonic The Hedgehog cartoon was made, called "Sonic Underground" for the now defunct UPN Network (Part of THE CW Network).  In that particular version of "Sonic The Hedgehog" from ABC TV,  the voices of Jaleel White (Best known for "Steve Urkel" of  Family Matters), Kath Soucie (Rugratts/Clifford The Big Red Dog/Life & Times Of Juniper Lee), Jim Cummings (Winnie The Pooh) and Rob Paulsen (Animaniacs/Pinky & The Brain) where credited on the show as well.

Now DIC has informed that they will release the darker version of "Sonic The Hedgehog" on DVD sometime in 2007.  So for the hard core fan of the "Fastest Thing Alive" (The theme song of course!) known as "Sonic The Hedgehog" (Sat-Am 1993), the wait is almost over!

More complaints for Sabrina The Animated Series!
FCC rules may have to be reviewed, after religious group inquiry of TV licensing violations...HELLO CBS!

(9-16-06) CBS may have more eyes than their logo, but to get into the religious battle arena, all because of the cartoon known as Sabrina The Animated Series, based on the DC Comics strip.  The DIC animated series is now available for broadcast in the new KOL Slumber Party block that use to be the Nick on CBS block, until Viacom split out of the Eye outlet last year.

However, here is some shocking news for those that need some advise from the Federal Goverment itself!  I should know that the FCC rules regarding the kids programing, better known as E/I rules, needs to be reviewed and better impose.  Here is why:  This past week, some Church group requested to the FCC about their case against 4 TV outlets in the Washington DC and Boston MA area.  The FCC is reviewing the TV licensing of the 4 TV station, which includes a FOX, PAX (I-NET) and Hispanic outlet UNIVISION (Hear that Power Rangers!), being cited as broadcasting TV shows that did not met the FCC guidelines for E/I shows.

The group known as The United Church Of Christ, claimed that the FCC had 4 complaints against 4 TV stations in 2004 and 2005 and to this day, those complaints where not answered and they wrote a letter to the FCC Chairman Kevin Martin, about the status of the complaint.  The claims mention that the PAX TV outlet violated the FCC rules, when broadcasting the TV series "Miracle Pets", while the FOX TV station was doing the "Sabrina The Animated Series" and "Stargate Infinity" series.  The report also mentioned that Hispanic TV outlet UNIVISION was broadcasting an adult oriented drama called "Complices Al Rescate".

(Well, first of all, UNIVISION was not broadcasting an adult oriented drama, as the group claims!  The above mentioned series was mostly a drama but was edited to includes the kids acting in the series and besides, the main character was portrayed by child stars Belinda Peregrin and Daniela Lujan.)

So, as to say the least, I don't know if the FCC has been able to solve the drama regarding the E/I rules for Kids shows, but there goes the fine line!  In the meantime, lets see how CBS does handle the episode with the Sabrina The Animated series.  As for UNIVISION, I did saw the "Complices Al Rescate" series and I fully disagree with the groups idea of the adult oriented drama.  By the way, here is the "Complices Al Rescate" clip from You Tube, just to remind you that the drama is not what it was tell above.

Steve Irwin The Crocodile Hunter 1962-2006
From The Australian Zoo to The Discovery Channel and all around the world, where sad to see him go  :(

(9-4-06) A tragic end came on Labor Day for famous TV naturalist Steve Irwin, better know world wide as The Crocodile Hunter.  Irwin was making a TV special for broadcast most likely on The Discovery Channel, but then without a warning, a close encounter with a stingray fish, was the cause of this irreparable loss.  We know how hard is to see this news coming all of the sudden and hitting hard the millions of fans that enjoy the craziness that this man has brought to our attention.  You may not know this, but because of Steve Irwin, The Discovery Channel created the Animal Planet Network to not only be the official network for The Crocodile Hunter, but those who care enough of the animals that live and share our world.  Our toughs and prayers to all friends and families of the great Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin.  We'll miss you 'Crockey Mate!

FOX will make Bart and Homer sing at Clear Channel!
Is The Simpsons going to take over Rush Limbaugh and The Monsters?  Doh!

(8-28-06)  This looks so laughable to me, but The New York Times came with this zany article, on how FOX agree to run 2 seconds bumpers on all the Clear Channel radio stations in the USA.

Put it this way.... Hear this song on the radio and all of the sudden comes Homer yelling "Wooo Hooo!"  Or even worse, hear Orlando's The Monsters in The Morning on XM radio and hear Bart yelling "Ay Caramba!"  Or worse case scenario....Rush Limbaugh talks about the Middle East crisis and then comes Apu to tell Rush "Thank You and come again!"

No folks!  This is not my imagination!  FOX did bought bumpers for Clear Channel and they will use those on September 10, 2006.  I guess the promo fantasy from FOX, came from one of those Clear Channel promos that are inserted between songs, the ones that says "Be the 1000 caller nationwide and win this prize!"  So, now when you hear All American Rejects singing the "Move Along" song, expect the "Don't have a cow" phrase from Bart himself!

The smoking gun of Tom & Jerry?
Popular cartoon faces censorship in the UK.  Could affect the USA?

(8-24-06)  The smoking gun is here!  No, is not an ad for tobacco giant Phillip Morris USA!  It is the popular cartoon Tom & Jerry that has the smoking gun!  Believe it or not, an English lad found out that the cat and mouse duo where involve in offensive behavior.  The 1940's cartoon "Texas Tom," was being played on UK TV and showed Tom the cat, using some tobacco and a piece of paper to form a cigarette and then, Tom smokes it in front of the female cat.  Then, Tom blows the smoke from his mouth and form the word "HOWDY!"

Well, this scene has been seen worldwide for 50+ years and all of the sudden, is the HEADLINE maker! 
(Forget, Tom Cruise been fired of Viacom!)
Now, the word is that Warner Brothers and Turner Entertainment are reviewing the cartoons made by Hanna-Barbera (Then, part of MGM Studios) in the 1940's and 50's to remove any reference that involves the use of tobacco and smoking.  So, you may be thinking.....WHAT THE %$*@%& IS WARNER BROTHERS THINKING????

So, you could be thinking the 'unthinkable'......CENSORSHIP!!!!!!!
(Kids, you should learn that smoking is not good for your health!  But to censor a cartoon?  That's UNHEALTHY!)

CBS reveals the KOL Slumber Party
But the DIC produced block still draws controversy, thanks to Sabrina!

(8-3-06) CBS has revealed the KOL Slumber Party that is produced by the DIC Entertainment and will replace the current NICK on CBS slot that will end in late August.  However the DIC block is already drawing controversy, since the block will have the animated TV series "Sabrina The Teenage Witch".  Just recently, a group was slamming over DIC Entertainment's Andy Heyward, for having a non E/I TV series in markets that already complies with the E/I requirements from the FCC.  In fact, some TV outlets are been reviewed by the FCC, on the grounds that they where violating the Children acts that where mandated several years back.  Some of the violations, are related to the broadcast of the "Sabrina" cartoon.  Others are smaller infractions that involves the number of ads that stations can play during the kids block.  I really don't mind of the "Sabrina" cartoon, but I would place the "Liberty Kids" instead!  The CBS block will have, besides "Sabrina", the cartoons "Madeline" (Use to be on Disney Channel!) and "Trolls" along with live action TV shows "CAKE" and "Dance Revolution".

Animaniacs are now on DVD and AOL!
Animaniacs gets their major DVD release and now they are part of AOL's IN2TV

(7-21-06) Animaniacs are going out on DVD and selected episodes are now available for you to view in the AOL's IN2TV service and quite surprising it is available in both English and Español for the hispanic audience!

New cast for Pokemon series revealed!
Still sad that the cast of the former producer (4KIDS) is not been given a chance to make up their case!

(7-21-06)  Just recently, the new voice cast of the cartoon series "Pokemon" was revealed at the San Diego Comic-Con.  This may be the fact that the original voice cast of the once produced by 4KIDS Entertainment show, was never considered to continue working on the show.  It is quite sad to see good talent like Veronica Taylor and Eric Stuart been replaced by cheap VA's from the TAJ company that work before in the Pokemon series, but it was that 4KIDS decided to do it on their own.  They (4KIDS) did never considered using cheap voice cast and recruited the cast that was working at TAJ around 2004.  So now, why both Pokemon USA and TAJ are refusing to have the original cast in place?  Is it money matters issue?  Pokemon USA says they can't have the original cast because of legal issues with 4KIDS Entertainment. 

Veronica Taylor who was until recently, the voice of "Ash" (Trainer of Pikachu), has said that the cast was never asked to join the new dubbing and as far as I know, they are only contracted to work in the 4KIDS TV series, but as far as I know, they have non exclusive status with the company, but Pokemon USA says they do have it.  I don't like these issues myself, but perhaps it is giving the impression that "Pokemon" will most likely become another cheap anime like those that you see on the Anime Network (No offense to those who watch the "Azumanga Daioh" series!).  In the meantime, the new cast started dubbing some of the "Pokemon Battle Frontier" series that will start showing on Cartoon Network in the fall 2006.  In fact, they showed several of the new episodes at the San Diego Comic-Con show recently, while having a Q&A with the new voice cast. 

Also at the same time, here in Orlando there is the annual Anime Convention at the Windham Resort on I-Drive and Sand Lake Rd in Orlando (This for you folks who has come to the Orlando area, is the corner where the world largest McDonalds is located).  One of the guest to the convention is no other than Veronica Taylor, who may have to answer the question of why she is no longer voicing "Ash" and "May" in the TV series.  If you are planning to attend the convention, tell "Ash" that you are against the cheap voice cast (Please no flaming her talent!).  I would love to go, but the work schedule is tight (Even you may ask why I don't update the site too often!), but just say hi on our behalf!

Oh, by the way, the only Pokemon VA that is not leaving and will never leave, it has to be Ikue Otani, the real voice of "Pikachu" and of course "Dot Warner".... That is for you Japan fans of the show!  Dot Warner was voiced by Tress McNeill ("The Simpson")

Eerie!  Pee-Wee!  Cartoon Network gets him?
Old school 80's joins the "Adult Swim" block.

(6-22-06) Easy on the 80's!  And is not another VH1 Classics in concert!  It came to my knowledge, that Cartoon Network's Adult Swim block, got a hold of the late 80's "Pee-Wee's Playhouse" TV series!  It is slated for July 10, 2006.

Now, some of you still have fond memories of the character created by Paul Reubens.  A former Florida native, who became well know for his unusual gray vest with a red bow and a weird laugh!  Similar to "The Simpsons" "Krusty The Clown".

To be more specific, around 1985, the first movie for Reubens was "Pee-Wee's Big Adventure", that followed the kiddy look character in a race to find his priceless bicycle.  Since then, a TV show was created for CBS.  It was as big as "Garfield and Friends" and was the most kiddy friendly shows ever made.  Until a 1991 incident caused the end of this character!

How it happened?  I won't go into detail, but Paul Reuben's arrest in Sarasota Florida back in 1991, caused a negative effect in the role of "Pee-Wee Herman", to the point that the character has been left out in the dark.  Until recently, Cartoon Network revealed that they where having "Pee-Wee's Playhouse" inside the "Adult Swim" block that include the 80's sitcom "Saved By The Bell" and some Anime like "Inuyasha" and FOX's "Family Guy".  So, if you still wanted to know what ever became about "Pee-Wee Herman"?  Now you should know!

Pokemon gets season 9 on Cartoon Network
New season won't have original voice cast.

(6-22-06)  Just to update on the fact that Pikachu and company, will still have a home, after the dismissal of the KIDS WB block, once The CW Network takes over.  Cartoon Network has ordered 52 episodes of the new "Pokemon Battle Frontier" that will start sometime in the fall 2006.  Pokemon USA has revealed that the new home for Pokemon in the USA will have all the episodes from Pokemon that where broadcast on KIDS WB and where produced by 4KIDS Entertainment.  The new season 9 for Pokemon Battle Frontier will be produced by Pokemon USA, but will use another dubbing facility and a new voice cast that will replace the original voices of the cartoon series.  Also, for your knowledge, the "Pokemon Chronicles" series that was also made by 4KIDS Entertainment, started to run on Cartoon Network, a few weeks back and had been well received.  But I still wonder if I will ever hear Veronica "Ash and May" Taylor and the others having their voice in the popular cartoon?

Univision goes GOOOOOOAAAAAAL for sale!
Bidders may include former "Power Rangers" producer Haim Saban and Mexican TV giant TELEVISA!

(6-22-06) GOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAL!  That is the cry out catchy phrase that you will likely hear at the UNIVISION hispanic language network, while covering the big WORLD CUP from Germany!  How about another cry out phrase?  Something like "GO GO POWER RANGERS"?  Hold it!  What "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers" has to do with UNIVISION and The WORLD CUP anyway?

While the prestige WORLD CUP runs in Germany, soccer fans in the USA tunes in to UNIVISION (I guess they prefer them, over ABC/ESPN broadcast!), most likely to cheer up their favorite teams!  However, down on Wall Street, there is another cry out phrase, making its way:  "BID BID POWER RANGERS!" ( LOL!)

It turns out that former 'Mighty Morphin Power Rangers" Executive Producer, Haim Saban, is considering a buy out for the UNIVISION Hispanic TV outlet!  For your knowledge, remember way in the 80's and 90's, that Haim Saban along with Shuki Levy, formed the kids entertainment giant "Saban Enterprises" that later, became part of the FOX KIDS block (The first home to Animaniacs, in case you forgot!).  Saban eventually sold their assets to FOX, then FOX sold it to Mickey Mouse, AKA, Disney Enterprises!

So, the one responsible for the "Power Rangers" mania many years back, is now getting his GOOOOOAAAAL at the Hispanic Network Univision!  I'll bet that you may see The Power Rangers doing some "Novela" in that channel!  Of course, there is a bid war going on between "The Power Rangers" mogul Saban and Mexican TV giant TELEVISA, who is the main producer of the Univision's TV Novelas and some comedy shows (Yes, they are the ones that made famous the "Chespirito" character of "El Chavo!").  So stay tuned to this bidding war!

PBS KIDS goes "Fetch!" Female host to join later!
Female host chosen to host the PBS KIDS block during the fall 2006.

(5-31-06)  It turns out that PBS KIDS is using a new animated character named "Ruff Ruffman" to host a reality TV series, where kids are told to do some strange experiments with frozen rats (For real!).  The series is called "Fetch!"  Is a cartoon dog and real kids exploring different issues, while having fun at the same time.

In the meantime, PBS KIDS has announced that starting next fall, there will be a new hostess to join the PBS KIDS lineup.  Introducing Ms. Lori Horton Nash, a Chicago based teacher and performer that was selected during a nationwide search for the PBS KIDS Host of the 2 hour block that will feature the new animated series "Curious George," along with current favorites "Clifford The Big Red Dog", "Dragon Tales" and "It's a Big, Big World".  Also PBS KIDS will be introducing an animated co-host for Nash eventually, according to sources.  More to come.

New Season 10 "Arthur" gives a look inside hospital
The PBS KIDS TV series returns with a salute to the Red Sox and makes fun of TV series "Law and Order"

(5-24-06) In case you noted, PBS KIDS TV series "Arthur" came back for their 10 anniversary showdown, offering 10 new episodes that portrays the cute Aardvark and his sidekick pal "Buster" the controversial bunny from their spin off series "Postcards From Buster".  But what controversy did they tough of it?  Bring the Red Sox key players for an episode!  Along that, they where making fun of NBC's drama "Law And Order" and "Lemony Snicket's Series Of Unfortunate Events."

However, there is one particular episode that goes inside real life!
The episode "DW's Emergency!" Explores the inside of an operating room, as "DW", "Arthur's" little sister is going to be intervened .  In the meantime, The kids from Elwood City are joining forces with the Boston's Children Hospital to create a web site that teaches kids how to cope with the visit to the hospital before and after surgery.  So, if you want to catch the new 10th season of "Arthur", check PBS KIDS for the details!

Flying Pikachu?  Hello Macy's!
Thanksgiving Day Parade Balloon favorite is let off for a test drive!

(5-24-06) What could be so strange, to walk around Broadway and 5th Ave in NYC, on a Monday in late May, to see a traditional Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade balloon going for a test drive?  No!  You where not daydreaming!  Actually there was a Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade Balloon going out for a test drive.  Maybe Macy's did heard about the "Pokemon" dub controversy....

Actually, Macy's did a flyby of the Pikachu Balloon that is part of the traditional Thanksgiving Day Parade, but the balloon came too early for display.  However, Macy's is continuing the investigation that started at the last November's parade, when a balloon for M&M RED & BLUE came crashing down over the parade audience, sending a child and parent to the hospital.   Luckily there where no serious injuries on that accident.  However, Macy's was trying to figure out safe ways to display the giant balloons during the Holiday tradition and they asked, Pokemon USA, the owners of the big Pikachu Balloon, to have the big yellow rat to play a game of wind blown with some investigative team working for Macy's in the incident investigation.  What would be the results?  Maybe that would mean a smaller scale version of the character balloons that dances every Thanksgiving Day.

KIDS WB won't have Pokemon!
The re-dub controversy has made the new THE CW to tell POKEMON USA, "Forget about Pokemon!"

(4-24-06)  Even with the new controversy involving Pikachu and friends with the new POKEMON USA, regarding the re-dub of the series, now came word that the new THE CW Network that will replace THE WB and UPN next fall, has decided not to acquire the new Pokemon series and instead will fill the KIDS WB block with Warner Brothers animated shows.  By the way, I would love to see Animaniacs with new episodes on the new block!

However that won't happen!  The new KIDS WB line up, when merged to CBS's THE CW, will have the current KIDS WB shows from Warner Brothers Television Animation, like "Loonatics Unleashed," "The Batman" and "Xiaolim Showdown."  Added to the line up is a spin off of the "Scooby Doo" cartoons, a new version of "Tom & Jerry" and a new DC Comics re-make of the "Legion of Super Heroes" cartoon.....Wait!  Is that "Super Friends" making a comeback?  Also the sucky "Pillow Head" hour will stay, just to comply with the FCC E/I rules!

Just to make things clear, POKEMON under the 4KIDS Banner is already ending next month in May (Not the May/Max related character!).  Also YU-GI-OH is no longer on the network, after all is ending too! 
But what about Pikachu and friends?  They are still making episodes in Japan and currently, the show is being dubbed......YUCK!....with the new POKEMON USA cast that replaced the voices of Veronica Taylor and Eric Stuart.  Still a mystery, of where the cartoon will be seen.  I would bet it will go to Cartoon Network.  However chances are that the POKEMON USA may offer the cartoon to another broadcast network....Could it fit the new FOX's MY NETWORK TV?  Would it be seen on ABC KIDS?  Wait!  Don't place it on ABC KIDS, cause the Orlando station WFTV will fill the space with local news or Jack Hanna's Animal Adventures!  Or perhaps, would it be part of NBC TV, since they got rid of DISCOVERY KIDS?  More to come!  Piiikaaa!

4KIDS to have 4SIGHT!
New branch would deal with some properties from Microsoft's XBOX

(4-24-06) Recently, 4KIDS Entertainment who gave up the rights over POKEMON, has announced a new branch to handle some properties from Microsoft's XBOX games.  4SIGHT Licensing Solutions will handle the properties related to the Microsofts Games Division, this according to 4KIDS Entertainment's CEO Alfred Kahn.  It may be also possible that the new branch would handle other properties as their parent company 4KIDS already does.

Update on POKEMON voice cast replacement
Where adding a campaign section on the Save Animaniacs Campaign!

(4-7-06)  Save Animaniacs Campaign is lending some space to the fight to save the Pokemon English dub that has been the subject of the controversy, surrounding that the new owners of the TV series at POKEMON USA has decided to re-cast the voices of POKEMON and replace them with sound alike voice actors that would request less payment for the dubbing without caring for the quality of the series.

To add more to the issue, here is the fact that on April 29, 2006, there will be a POKEMON TV Special to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the property invasion in the gaming world (Remember the infamous episode that caused epilepsy?).  The fact is that this TV special is using the new voice cast of the POKEMON TV series and that is why the current request to save the POKEMON English dub!  The voices of Veronica Taylor and Eric Stuart, along with other cast members of POKEMON will not be heard in this 10th Anniversary episode (Broadcast on KIDS WB).  Instead, the sound alike actors will voice "Ash" and friends, but most likely, no one will ever hear the difference.  We have already heard the outcry of fans of the TV series and I have even get in touch with Veronica Taylor (Ash/May), one of the POKEMON voice cast that has been replaced by another voice to portray the "Pikachu's" partner.

Veronica Taylor (Ash) has let me know on her e-mail, the following:

The whole situation is a bit perplexing to say the least. Pokemon USA is making decisions on this and not giving anyone a chance to have a say in the matter. I think they are even using a studio around the corner from where we currently dub Pokemon. Anyway, I am hoping that if enough people write/email Pokemon USA and voice their displeasure, maybe they will realize their mistake before it is too late. It's worth a try!

Voltron: Defender of the DVD Universe.....
World Events pitches the DVD release of all the Voltron TV series.  Yes, the Lion and the Vehicle Voltron!

(3-31-06)  More news coming to all Voltron fans!  World Events Production is announcing the long awaited DVD release of the original VOLTRON: Defender Of The Universe TV series.  The original anime that caught our attention in the mid 80's, is making a comeback!  According to sources, the new collection of DVD's will hit the street this fall.  Around mid September to be exact!  The series is being handed by Media Blasters.

But, remember some time, I did mentioned that World Events Productions was mad because Media Blasters did in fact acquired the DVD rights, not to VOLTRON: Defender of The Universe!  But to the original TV series, "Beast King: GO LION?"  It appears that World Events was almost, filing some lawsuit against Media Blasters, since World Events still claiming the copyrights to the original series.  Now a mutual agreement has been seed between WEP and MB for the current rights of the series. 

It is true, that World Events Production still has the rights to VOLTRON.  But TOEI Animation in Japan, thinks that actually VOLTRON is an American name that was given to 2 Animes they did on the early 80's.  Actually, "Beast King: GO LION" and "Armored Squadron Dairugger XV", where merged by World Events as part of the "Voltron" saga!  No wonder why 5 robot lions would met 15 vehicles out of nowhere! 

Can someone please explain if "Pidge" and "Chip" are really brothers?  The 2 are never met in the series, but thanks to World Events Productions, when the series was merged, they have to link one "Go Lion" episode, to "Dairruger XV", causing the rare combination!  In "Dairugger XV" there was some episode about "Chip's" past and all of the sudden, World Events make us believe that "Chip" have a brother!  WAIT!  He has no brother!

Confuse?  Yes, you may!  However, the good news out of the confusion, is that Media Blaster will still be able to release the original TOEI animated versions of both "Go Lion" and "Dairugger XV".  Finally, the little white lie that World Event did, is going to be revealed!  LOL!!!

DIC on CBS?  Here's what to expect!
At least 3 new series will join DIC originals at the eye network!

(3-31-06) The new line up for DIC on CBS (Replacing the NICK on CBS), has been announced.  Some of the shows will be new features and some will be classic animated shows,  Recently, DIC Entertainment, did reacquired, some of the TV series that where sold to Disney around the mid 90's.  So expect to watch "Madeline" and "Cyber-Chase", but you may find rare ones like "Care Bears" (Not the Nelvana version?) or "Get Along Gang"....

The new DIC ON CBS line up will have 3 new animated shows:
"Horseland", "Littlest Pet Shop" and "Kooky Kitchen".  It also calls for production of live action shows.  One of them is known so far as "Dance, Dance Dance" and the other one as "Cake".  As for the classic series, the block will have "Trollz", "Madeline" and former ABC's "Sabrina: The Animated Series".

Campaign launched to let POKEMON USA known that replacing the voices of POKEMON is UNFAIR!

(3-22-06) What seems to me like an expected twist of events, I did not wanted to make a mention, but now I am going forward with it! 

Guess what?  After 4KIDS ENTERTAINMENT gave up the worldwide rights to POKEMON, outside the Asian Continent, the new partners known as POKEMON USA (Related to NINTENDO of course!) are going ahead with the dubbing of the series, however, the voices that you may hear, are not the same as those that 4KIDS did provided.  In other words, Eric Stuart (James/Brock) and Veronica "Ash" Taylor, cannot lend their voices into their characters from now on.

Since 4KIDS Entertainment is no longer dubbing the Pokemon series (The last dubbed 4KIDS episode of "Pokemon Advance Battle" will come on Saturday March 25, 2006 on the soon-to-be defunct KIDS WB), now comes word that POKEMON USA will hire voice actors that should sound like the ones that made Eric Stuart (James/Brock), Veronica Taylor (Ash/May),  Rachel Lilis (Jesse/Misty) and Addie Blaustein (Meowth, that's right!) so bonded with their "Pokemon" characters.

I simply call this an UNFAIR practice.  I don't know if it is related to cost cutting, or that some people think that 4KIDS was unfair in the english dubbing, often replacing theme songs from the Japanese Anime and make it more like American made tunes.  What will become of the real voices of Pokemon?  I know they will continue dubbing for other 4KIDS shows, currently on the FOX Network's 4KIDS TV.  But how come, that after 8 years using the same voices of POKEMON, the new partner decides to change the formula for success?  Let's not forget what happened to "The Simpsons", not in America, but south of the border, in Mexico!  The Spanish language cast that has been working on The Simpsons for 10 years, where fired, to make room for low cost voice actors.  You wonder, maybe a 7 or 10 year old kid won't notice the change of voice actors.  But lots of people that are fans of the show, should know that those folks that make the real voices of the Pokemon series in America, deserves to be allowed to continue their labor of love for the animated show. 

In Japan, the original voices of Pokemon, are still doing their job and what if, all of the sudden, TV Tokyo comes and fires all the voice cast, including the one that does PIKACHU in the Pokemon series?  A Thunder-Bolt would not solve the problem, I know!  But for goodness sakes!  Please let those guys working in the Pokemon dubbing in America to continue their hard work.  So, if you agree with my input, here is what to do:

SEREBII.NET is running a petition to let POKEMON USA know that we still want to hear from the cast of the actual series.  I don't believe that the actors are an exclusive property of the 4KIDS Entertainment.  I know so far that they are considered as independent contractor (At least one of the cast members told me that, but I will not tell who did, to avoid a problem!).  So if that matter is cost related, then they should be ashamed for letting good talent to be replaced by bad quality talent.  What would I expect?  To hear the voices of "Arthur" and "Buster" of PBS KIDS yelling "PIKACHU!  I CHOOSE YOU!"  GET OUT OF HERE!!!!!

NBC says: 'NO DEAL' with Discovery Kids!
The Saturday Morning block could be filled with re-runs of DEAL OR NO DEAL! ?????

(3-20-06) What?  I can't even imagine DEAL OR NO DEAL (Which reminds me of "Bobby's World"), playing on Saturday mornings, comes fall 2006!  For those of you who are not aware...Remember the cartoon "Bobby's World" that was aired on FOX with ANIMANIACS?  That cartoon, was made by comedian and TV host Howie Mandel.  He was the voice of "Bobby" an imaginary friend or alter ego of him, along with Frank Welker of "Scooby Doo" and ANIMANIACS "Ralph The Guard" and "Runt".  Now Howie Mandel (Without hair?) is making a DEAL at NBC with that game!

Now back to DEAL OR NO DEAL, comes word that NBC canceled the agreement with Discovery Kids and although no word yet of what cartoons will be played on Saturday morning, yet it looks to me that NBC will only deal with that new game show that Howie Mandel placed on the Prime Time schedules!  Would it means that a cartoon version of DEAL OR NO DEAL may be in place?  I prefer the repeats of "Bobby's World" myself!  NO DEAL!!!!!

What FOX is thinking?  New network could have NICK JR?
Since CBS bailed out of "Blues Clues" chances are that the new MY NETWORK TV would play the clues too!

(3-20-06) Here is something that is not yet been figured out by the network executives, but some undercover agents from Save Animaniacs Campaign, has figured out something is brewing at FOX's News Corp!  Remember that earlier this year, the big announcement came that by fall 2006, The WB and UPN Networks would be replaced by THE CW NETWORK, the future home to "Pokemon" and "The Batman", along with UPN TV series like "America's Next Top Model" and "WWC's Smackdown"? 

Well, little did you know that FOX's TV outlets that serves  as UPN affiliates, decided to retaliate themselves, by eliminating the UPN Logo from their outlets like WWOR in New York, KCOP in Los Angeles, "Power 50" in Chicago and WRBW 65 in Orlando.  Then last month, coming from FOX head Rupert Murdock, came a new Network with the tentative name of MY NETWORK TV.  Now the new network is coming to as much as 100 TV stations and more are to come by fall.  They are trying to upset the new CW Network into signing as many UPN affiliates that where left alone from the new CBS/Warner Brothers deal!

But what I believe is that in the fall 2006, MY NETWORK TV may be interested in having a Saturday Morning block and of course they have to make sure they are FCC KIDS compliant or E/I friendly!  Then what would it be?  Nick JR is no longer on CBS, so would that means that "Dora The Explorer" or "Blues Clues" would jump into the new network outlet?  Stay tuned!

BREAKING NEWS:  Disney gets 'Oswald The Lucky Rabbit' from NBC Universal!
What Walt Disney tough was impossible, was possible for Bob Iger!

(2-10-06) This is BREAKING NEWS!  The Walt Disney Company is gaining back 'Oswald The Lucky Rabbit' from NBC Universal.  A task that once, Walt Disney tough it would not achieve in his life, is now being done by Disney's Bob Iger. 

The Walt Disney Company announced that they where getting the pre Mickey Mouse character that Walt did back in 1927 and since then, it has been questioned as who was the real owner of the cartoon.  Keep in mind, that when Walt Disney created "Oswald", the character rights where surrendered to Universal Studios.  Then, "Oswald" has been done by Walter Lantz (The creator of Woody Woodpecker) and other Universal Studios animators.  It is not known at this point, if all the "Oswald The Lucky Rabbit" shorts that Universal Studios did with Walter Lantz are included in the deal.  All I know is that the original Disney made shorts are being acquired and the rights to the character are going back to Disney. 

Universal Studios and parent company NBC Universal agree to give back "Oswald" in return of having back ABC/ESPN's Sports anchor Al Michaels (Monday Night Football), which he wanted to leave the ABC Networks, in light that the NFL games will no longer run on ABC TV, but on Disney's owned ESPN.  Other deals with NBC Universal includes coverage of the Olympic Games on ESPN (Possibly the Beijing 2008 games) and other sporting events. 

So there you have it!  Walt Disney must be jumping for joy in the other world, his first creative artwork is coming home!

Disney's remake of "Antarctica" into "Eight Below"
Back in the 80's, people fell in love with the story of survival of the Husky sled dogs!
Now Disney remakes it, hoping for survival!

(2-9-06)  Did anyone pay attention to the new Disney Movie "Eight Below?"  I tough it was a new sequel to "Snow Dogs" that Disney did a few years back with the Husky dogs.  However, the promo that you saw on The Disney Channel, was a remake of a hard to remember or hard to forget movie from Japan, made around 1982 and 1983.  The movie was known as "Nankyoku Monogatari" which was translated as "Antarctica" in the USA or simply called "The Story of the South Pole: Taro and Jiro."

Since this movie is very hard to find, is kind of obvious that you may have never seen it, unless you where available around the mid 80's or early 90's.  I did remember seen this movie in Puerto Rico.  It was a sad story that did happened around the mid 1950's.  A group of Japanese expeditioners and their Husky sled dogs went to the deep Antarctica, but a hard freeze blizzard, ended their mission and most of the workers where removed by planes, leaving behind the sled dogs on their own.  Most of the dogs did not make it alive and their owners did not rescued them, because of the freezing conditions back then.  However the expedition returned to the same place over a year later, in 1957 and for their surprise, they found 2 of the sled dogs alive.  The dogs named Taro and Jiro, received the "Heroes" treatment in Japan!  Even statues of the 2 K-9s are displayed in Tokyo, to this day.  Even a musical soundtrack was released by Greek composer Evangelos Papathanassiou Vangelis, who is best known for the soundtrack to "Chariots of Fire" in 1981.

Now in 2006, Disney is remaking the movie too!  The new film "Eight Below" is similar to "Antarctica" and the fact that one of the original Screen Writers for "Antarctica" did collaborated on the new Disney movie that is scheduled for opening on February 17, 2006.  The new movie features actor Paul Walker  ("Running Scare" and "2 Fast 2 Furious") in the role of "Gerry Shepperd," who is in charge of an expedition into the "Antarctica," along with the pack of Husky sled dogs.  So, basically is the same dog collar, but with some "Mickey Mouse" magic on it!

Here we go again!  PBS in danger of funding cuts!
It's another round of political fireworks, from President Bush to Buster Baxter!  How come?

(2-7-06)  Here we go again!  Political fires coming from the President himself!  The target?  The alien Bunny from "Arthur!"  It appears that President Bush is aiming at more cuts to the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and PBS for the fiscal year 2006-2007.  The budget cut would be somewhere around $157 million and would affect children programing like "Sesame Street" and other PBS KIDS shows. 

Let's not forget that it was one year ago, this month, that PBS KIDS suffered a serious attack, when the animated/live TV series "Postcards From Buster" got reprimanded by the US Department of Education, in relation to an episode where the animated "Buster Baxter" of "Arthur" gets to visit some friends in Vermont, which they where considered as non family friendly!  Well, you know the story so far!

Now, President Bush is aiming to "Big Bird" and "Kermit The Frog" (Not hybrid yet!).  The new cuts would also affect plans for PBS affiliates transitioning to Digital media from Analog.  The cuts would end the current funding known as "Ready To Learn" and "No Child Left Behind" grants.  Some members of the Congress believes that President Bush is not interested in the actual format at PBS, which is considered as "Liberal".  Even Democratic Congressman Ed Markey of Massachusetts, claims that "Oscar The Grouch has been friendlier to the Sesame Street Characters than President Bush, who has chosen to make huge cuts to children's television programing.  The Public Broadcasting System represents the last stronghold of quality child oriented programming.  We owe this to America's children."  Unquote.

In his recent State of the Union address, President Bush asked Congress to cut or eliminate 141 programs and most of the programs are educational funded.  (I guess President Bush was referring to the funding of The CPB itself.)  The cut of funds are a way to compensate for the current deficit that goes over $423 Billion Dollars, as a result of the current Iraqi war on terror and Hurricane relief efforts.  Then again, will see how the funding will be compensated for poor "Big Bird" and "Buster Baxter!"

Am I right?  Is Pokemon been censored?
Quite possible that some episodes will not be seen in the USA.  That explains one thing!  CENSORSHIP!

(2-2-06) This is FRESH from whatever Network is left after the merge!  Of course I'm talking about KIDS WB!  The Pokemon cartoon series may be suffering something that is always common to see or not to see in America.  Despite that the Japanese animated property has been broadcast worldwide, there has been some episodes that quite where missed or perhaps, CENSORED, due to content not relevant to American audiences.  Is this familiar? 

Remember the "Postcards From Buster" on PBS KIDS and the "SUGARTIME" episode that caused some complaints and it was CENSORED by PBS itself?  Well, here is the proof!  I was told about the upcoming episodes for "Pokemon Advance Battle" series that KIDS WB broadcast on weekends.  The episode order was altered, from the original episode line up.  Don't ask why!  But I will give you a few reasons.

Based on the KIDS WB schedules for the month of February, there are several "Pokemon Advance Battle" episodes missing.  Then, turns out that on the Spoiler Pokemon Page at , the order of the episodes are revealed and the missing episodes from the KIDS WB are listed as well.  Those missing episodes are going to shown in Canada and The UK.  But in The USA, they will not be shown!  Let's review them!

KIDS WB scheduled episodes for Saturday February 4, 2006
A) 820 "Showdown at Linoone"
B) 821 "Who, What and Where Whynaut"

KIDS WB scheduled episodes for Saturday February 11, 2006
A) 825 "Berry Berry Interesting"
B) 826 "Less Is Morrison"

Did you noted something missing here?
A) 822 "Date Expectations" (Canada and The UK)
B) 823 "Mean With Envy" (Canada and The UK)
C) 824 "Pacifidlog Jam" (Canada and The UK)

The only reason that these 3 episodes are missing, is because they have a cameo appearance by a controversial Pokemon.  The Jynx that was seen on "Holiday Hi-Jynx" back in 1999 and caused a controversy related to stereotypes, makes an appearance, while "May" is competing on a Pokemon Contest.  Since the late 90's, the even older cartoons that portrays a stereotype or racist takeout where eliminated to accommodate new FCC rulings.  That will explain why the decision by KIDS WB and 4KIDS of not showing these episodes in the USA.  Still they are listed as been broadcast in both Canada and The UK.  As always there is CENSORSHIP in America!  Go figure!

(UPDATE: 3-31-06) KIDS WB is doing the missed Pokemon episodes!  The airdates where slated for April 1st and April 7, 2006.

Disney buys PIXAR, then cancels 'Toy Story' sequel!
Disney decided not to make sequel on their own, but will leave it to PIXAR to do the rest!

(1-27-06) Even the day when the new CW Network was announced (Read below), Disney convinced Steve Jobs to have a seat at the Disney's Board of Members, while Mickey Mouse will share the pie with Woody, Nemo and The Incredibles!  Disney bought the PIXAR animation company, long after the Disney dispute with the animation makers of "Toy Story" and "Finding Nemo" last year.  I guess that after the Michael Eisner's departure of the 'happiest place on earth', Steve Jobs wanted to make peace at the House of Mouse!  The deal worth over 7 billion dollars, will give Disney the exclusive rights to all the PIXAR library.

At the same time, Disney decided to stop the production on their own of a PIXAR movie.  Last year, Disney decided to go alone, in making a sequel to "Toy Story" (Remember when they shut down the animation division in favor of  making computer animated movies like "Chicken Little"?).  Now Disney will let PIXAR Animation to work on all their sequels.  So what ever Disney was doing with the projected "Toy Story 3" is going to waste!  Did they did that with an animated movie project called "A Few Good Ghost"? (The movie was never terminated, because Disney shut down the animation studio at DISNEY MGM Theme park in Orlando FL!)  Now it is up to PIXAR and DISNEY to see what kind of mega projects will start making in the future!  Hopefully this would end their long dispute and hopefully, will led Disney in the right direction of going to the traditional hand-drawing....If they care about it!

More of the new THE CW and CW-KIDS?
The newest TV kids in town is making too many headlines!  How would you call the kids block?

(1-27-06) Is a mess!  The newest TV kid in town!  Is The CW Network!  The soon to be gone THE WB and UPN Networks is making all the TV outlets to cry wolf!  Then one question remains:  Is it KIDS WB going to be called CW-KIDS?  How about KIDS CW?

Gosh!  That is hard to explain to "Pinky & The Brain!"  Or how about letting know "Pikachu" that his new home is where WWE's Smackdown is playing?  Would that make it a fight between "Team Rocket" and Carly Colon (Caribbean Cool guy)?   "That ain't cool!"  Or yet worse!  Explain that to "Coconut Fred".  He was chosen to be the "America's Next Top Model!"  Will have to wait to figure out what will it be for KIDS WB!  Or is it CW KIDS?

One broadcaster that is not really happy about the new TV kid in town, is FOX owners News Corporation.  The media giant, still owns a dozen of UPN affiliates in key markets like New York/New Jersey, Los Angeles, Chicago and Orlando FL!  They are not so happy about it that they started to drop the UPN logo from all their TV outlets!  So don't be surprise if WPWR 50 in Chicago or WRBW 65 in Orlando FL, displays something different on their UPN logos!  They did that with KCOP 13 in Los Angeles and
WWOR 9 in Secaucus, New Jersey and New York City No UPN for these guys!  What a mess!

The WB and UPN will merge!  THE CW next fall!
The new home for "Pikachu" and "Coconut Fred" has been revealed!  CBS will partner to Warner Brothers!

(1-24-06) Still coming!  Merges and more merges!  Just hot the presses!  The WB Television Network and UPN will merge as one TV network, under the new CBS Corporation, who partnered to Warner Brothers and Tribune Entertainment in the creation of the new network: THE CW!  Well, here is the new house for KIDS WB (Should I say KIDS CW?) along with the current animated shows, like "Pokemon" (That if and after 4KIDS gave up "Pokemon", would that show return in 2006-07?), "Coconut Fred's Fruit Salad Island", "Loonatics", "The Batman" and other cartoons at the network.

Confused?  I'm more "Psy-Duck" than a "Pokemon" itself!

So here is what I know so far!  CBS Corporation, who divorced VIACOM, still has ownership of UPN.  While Warner Brothers and Tribune Entertainment (Who owns WGN Superstation) have ownership of the former FROG Network.  What this means is that until September 2006, both UPN and THE WB will continue broadcasting as they are doing right now.  However, the ones that would not be so happy about it, are the broadcasters of both networks.

Because most of the UPN and The WB affiliates are owned by other media giants, quite possible a majority of the affiliates will become independent stations, once the new network takes place.  What?  More paid advertisements for Appliance stores?  More paid advertisements for the "Magic Bullet" mixer?  Re-runs of "The A-Team" or "The Facts of Life"?  Where I'm going to see "7th Heaven"....Wait!  That show was canceled, so no need to worry!

But of course, in light of the situation, I shall tell everyone to start making plans for the Summer 2006, where more details will be revealed about the new THE CW Network, home of "Pikachu" (If "Pokemon" decides to comeback, after 4KIDS giving up the rights!), "Coconut Fred" and "Loonatics."  Stay tuned!

CBS cuts on NICK JR in favor of DIC KIDS!
Next fall, instead of "Dora The Explorer" or "The Backyardigans", it will be "Sabrina The Teenage Witch!"

(1-20-06) Not a joke!  Is CBS really going DIC?  Let me explain!  CBS Corporation is cutting back the NICK JR children programming in favor of the DIC KIDS block that is running on WB, UPN and FOX affiliates currently!  The deal for NICK JR is ending this year, so instead of extending the deal, CBS decided to make the similar thing that FOX did with 4KIDS Entertainment a few years back in what is now the successful 4KIDS TV!

CBS and DIC will enter a partnership for a new Saturday Morning Kids Block, during the fall 2006.  The block is described as a way to fulfill the required 3 hours of FCC mandated kids educational informative format, often known as E/I.  The block would bring back the current DIC KIDS shows that are syndicated on WB/FOX/UPN affiliates, like "Liberty Kids," "Sabrina The Teenage Witch," "Archies Weird Mysteries," "The Littles," "Madeline," "Inspector Gadget" and other titles.  Now the question remains, where are "The Backyardigans" going?  Of course, you can see them on NICKELODEON, but there are millions of others that cannot afford the CABLE TV or SATELLITE!

Filmation's "She-Ra" and "Zorro" on DVD?
New deal has been made with holders of Filmation's animated library, for US and Canadian release

(1-17-06) It has come to our attention that the long sought FILMATION animated library of 80's hits "She-ra: Princess Of Power" and "Zorro", among with other titles, would be making their comebacks on DVD later this year.  This, as the result of a deal from the now holders of the Filmation's animated library, UK's based Entertainment's Rights and BCI / Navarre Corporation, who already has the rights for several animated titles, like FUNimation's "Dragon Ball Z" series.  Just last year, BCI did acquired the DVD rights to Filmation's "He-Man and The Masters Of The Universe".  The new deal, would allow BCI to release in the USA and Canada, about 230 hours of Filmation's animated series, like "She-Ra", "Bravestarr" and the animated version of the TV classic "Ghostbusters" (Not related to the movie with Bill Murray!) with Larry Storch and "Tracey The Gorilla".  Now, I wonder if the deal would bring back the "Archie's TV Funnies" or "Fat Albert" or the old "Batman & Robin" with their "Bat-Mite!"  Will let you know!

Bon voyage!  WB gets rid of 7TH HEAVEN!
Family theme drama, being canceled after 10 years in the air, due to over cost!

(1-17-06) Fans of the WB's family theme series "7th Heaven" are sad to see their TV show gone for good!  It was announced, during the Holidays that the WB drama that started with the network, some 10 year back (Remember the "7th Heaven" and "Dawson's Creek" years?), is been canceled, due to a high increase in cost.  Since the series has lost much of their fans, during the years, most likely, due to their cast growing up, the series is not making a big investment and the cost of producing it, would be a financial burden to the former FROG network!  Tough fans of the series has been aware of the decision and most of them started petitioning campaigns.....Like Save save the TV series, however, The WB is not going ahead with a new season in 2006.  The WB still likely, would spin off the series, similar to what they did with "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" and "Angel" some years back.  But as you can see, even the best TV series, suffers the cutting effects of the big corporate!

Here comes "Teddy Ruxpin" on DVD!
Launch of new toy version will coincide with the release!

(1-12-06)  He's back!  The lovable 80's talking bear, "Teddy Ruxpin" is making a comeback!  Recently, was announced a new toy version of the 80's children TV series, made by DIC Entertainment along with Worlds of Wonders toys, who first conceived the character in 1985.  However, in the late 90's the "Teddy Ruxpin" series and other DIC titles where acquired by Disney, then, bought back by other companies, making it one of the hardest to see on TV.  However, a company called First National Pictures (Not related to Warner Brothers) took the rights back from DLT Entertainment LTD ("Three's Company" and "The Benny Hill Show") and is now providing the DVD rights to the animated series.

At the same time, a new version of the toy made in 1985 is currently in production and sales of "Teddy Ruxpin" would start in the spring of 2006.  The new toy line will be made by BACKPACK TOYS and will use Digital Media, like the ones used by game giant NINTENDO.  In the 80's "Teddy Ruxpin" played cassette tapes, but this version will use a Game Cartridge or Digital Media Card (Like Digital Cameras) format, instead of the analog tape!

Hopefully, will see the animated and toy series making a comeback, which would be the 3rd time that the toy is re-launched, but then it flops.  I guess the "Teddy Ruxpin" toys are not reliable, in terms of performance, but is because of old technology.  You want a talking "Teddy" and still not yet moving the mouth? Will let you know!

Flashback to 1974:  "The Big Blue Marble?"
Approved by "Elmo" of "Sesame Street"!

(1-9-06) Flashback to 1974!  For those of you reading, I recommend that you do a little research here!  There has been a lot of questions about a TV show made back in 1974 that was broadcast on PBS or syndicated to independent TV outlets and it was from the brain of a "Sesame Street" writer, Lynn Rogoff and the creator of the "Star Trek Deep Space 9" TV series, Robert Wiemer. 

That TV show was known as "The Big Blue Marble".  Similar to what in today's TV standards, would be the controversial "Postcards From Buster."  The show was about kids in different parts of the world, sharing their experiences.  That TV show had as the main host, TV actress Tisha Campbell of TV's "My Wife And Kids" (Along with Damon Wyans, often known as the "Wayne-Head" cartoon that KIDS WB use to do in 1996!).  Back in 1974, Campbell was about 7 to 9 years old when started the hosting of the series.

So, have you ever wondered where that series has been shown or is the possibility of DVD's been released?

Well, I have not heard about that possibility, but a little insights could help that show to be revived!  Specially since I found out that there is a web site that has the rights to the series and has been offered for future broadcast.  Would that help to make it into the DVD format?  Will see!  If you still recall the intro to "Big Blue Marble", check this site too! 

Oh, I forgot!   Kevin Clash, the voice of "Elmo" of "Sesame Street", did appeared in one episode of that show too!

FYI: "The Big Blue Marble" was produced by ITT Corporation (International Telephone & Telegraph) tough they went by the name of "Blue Marble Company" when producing the series.  However, during the ending credits, you could see the ITT logo been shown on the screen with a message telling that it was financially supported by the corporation itself.  In case you wonder, ITT Industries split and is now part of The Hartford Insurance Company and some assets where sold to MCI Worldcom, now part of VERIZON.  Also a share of the Sheraton Resorts are owned by Starwoods Resorts, which where part of ITT too.  The "Big Blue Marble" TV series is considered as Public Domain and still been broadcast worldwide.

HAPPY 2006!  Is a BIG BIG WORLD out there!
A remake of "Bear in The Big Blue House" is what's out there!

(1-4-06) Is the start of 2006 and PBS KIDS is starting it with a BANG!   The new TV series "Big Big World", which resembles to "Bear in The Big Blue House" from The Disney Channel and the main star is a Sloth (Related to "Bear?") named "Snook." 

Turns out, that it is created by the same guy that gave us "Bear in The Big Blue House!"  Mitchell Kriegman still uses the "Shadow-mation" technique that was introduced in the Disney's "Bear" series.  Have you ever noted how interactive, "Snook" look like?  He talks to you and even puts his paw for you to touch!  Well, you touch the TV anyway!

While the new TV series has nothing to do with the "Bear In The Big Blue House" series, it gives some insights about discovering the world of science and nature, through the interactive characters like "Snook" the Sloth and some companions like: "Bob" The Anteater, "Madge" The Turtle, "Smooch and Winslow" The Marmoset, "Ick" The Braggart Fish and other characters.  Check your PBS local listings for the times.  You will enjoy it!

News Archived 2005:

The company that brought Pikachu and pals into the hands of millions of kids worldwide, is no longer interested!

In what appears to be the last update for 2005, "Pikachu" and pals are receiving some kind of gift from Saint Nick! 


WHAT?  Or as "Max" yells: "NO WAY!!!"

In a twist of events, 4KIDS Entertainment, who handles the licensing of the Pokemon franchise outside of Asia (NINTENDO of Japan is the main license holder and producer of Pokemon related stuff, while 4KIDS Entertainment is the license holder outside of ASIA), has agree not to continue the licensing for 2006 and beyond.  What that means is, that all licensing of Pokemon related stuff will be handled by POKEMON USA (A NINTENDO related company).  The report still says that current broadcast of TV series "Pokemon Advance Battle" will continue on KIDS WB.  However the report does not mention if the TV series will be ended, when "Advance Battle" ends.  Meaning that KIDS WB will end the "Pokemon" series sometime in 2006.  The TV series still currently in production in Japan, so as of right now, chances are the TV series would end in the USA sooner than expected.  (I don't say it is canceled, because the TV series is still been produced, but in the USA, a move like that would leave Pokemon fans in a SHOCK!)

The report did not even mentioned if there will be a change in the TV series dubbing aspects.  Keep in mind that for the US TV series, the voices are supplied mostly by the voice talents of Veronica Taylor ("Ash"/"May"), Eric Stewart ("Brock"/"James"), Rachael Lillis ("Misty"/"Jesse"), Amy Birnbaum ("Max"/"Torchiq"), Madeleine Blaustein ("Meowth"/"Torkoal") and of course from Japan, Ikue Ootani as "Pikachu".  But, could that mean that other voices would take over?  How about Nancy Cartwright of "The Simpsons" and the voice of "Mindy" in "Animaniacs," doing "Ash" or another "Pokemon" voice?

BART SIMPSON: "Me?  A Pikachu?  NO WAY!!!!"

Of course, nothing has been said this far!  I don't want to see the "Pokemon" characters and TV series to leave that early!  But is about the money!  More information will be posted sometime, next year!  Of course is next week, when 2006 begins!  In the meantime you can see the frightening report here!

Dreaming of a BOZO Christmas?  WGN has it!
Here is your opportunity to remember the children's classic for the Holidays!

How many of you remember the classic "BOZO The Clown" TV show that WGN TV was making for over 40 years?

Remember this phrase?  "Who's your favorite clown?  That's me!"  Yes, Bozo, the famous cartoon clown conceived by Larry Harmon and the host to the TV show made by the late Bob Bell and Frazier Thomas with the cast of thousands (Like in the old intro!), is making a comeback!  According to the WGN TV Web Site, the TV Holiday Special "Bozo, Gar and Ray: WGN TV Classics", will premiere on Christmas Eve, Saturday December 24 at 7:00 PM Central Time (8:00 PM Eastern) and repeated on Christmas Day, Sunday December 25 at 2:00 PM CT (3:00 PM Eastern).  The show will be broadcast on WGN TV Superstation, so it will be seen by millions, who wanted to remember a little of the Chicago's very own clown!

The TV special will also remember other kids TV shows like "Garfield Goose and Friends" and "Ray Rayner and his Friends".  It will also remember those favorite Holiday cartoons like "Suzy Snowflakes", "Hardrock, Coco and Joe" and the classic UPA cartoon "Frosty The Snowman" (Not the Rankin/Bass version!).  Plus other classic stories that will give some holiday cheer!

When New Year comes, KIDS WB will be short!
Instead of "Pokemon", here comes the late John Ritter's "8 Simple Rules", as KIDS WB will be shorter!

MEOWTH: "That's right!  KIDS DABA-U-BEE is getting shoiter!"
WUBBAFET: "Waaabaaa!"

What?  Have not told this?  Ok, I'll tell it!  Since late summer, the WB did some programing changes that would include, comedies in the afternoons and get rid of the "Pokemon" cartoons!  So, it turns out that "8 Simple Rules" and "Reba" would take over, although "Friends" and Seinfield" could also join the new afternoon block, starting January 2, 2006.  On January 7, 2006, KIDS WB will have an extra hour of their programs all pack up. 

So instead of starting at the 8:00 AM hour, would start at 7:00 AM in the morning (Need to check listings).  But no longer will be available as weekday block.  Most of the "Pokemon" cartoons will land on Cartoon Network.  Quite possible, the "Pokemon Advance" series will start on Cartoon Network in January.  KIDS WB will still do the current "Pokemon Advance Battle" series. 

By the way, as I update this, there is no new "Pokemon Advance Battle" episodes, until January 7.  I was expecting a Holiday episode with a new Pokemon ("Snow runt") that "Ash" catches and also helps little "Max" in a special mission.  But that would hold until later January 2006.  Sure, I'm predicting new "Pokemon" episodes and still has not yet premiered in the USA!  They show it in Japan already!  LOL!!!  (That was Serebii's fault!  The Pokemon Spoiler Page!)

The big, big mess that 'Howie-Turn' is leaving behind!
How "Dora The Explorer" and "The Backyardigans" would be affected by the big split from VIACOM, thanks to shock radio's departure to satellite!

As you read this update, there are some big shake ups, going on in the Radio and Television Industry!  Give the thanks to "The Morning Malaise!"  Or would it be the "Morning Shake Up?"  As you may be aware, radio host Howard Stern is leaving the radio industry.  For those familiar with Animaniacs, the episode "The Morning Malaise" was inspired by the antics of radio personality Howard Stern, which was known in the Animaniacs version as "Howie-Turn."  Since the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) would not like the radio personality to use his big, big mouth to yell offensive words, one solution came!  "Howie-Turn" decided to fly out of the radio and land in the Satellite service.  But, not before leaving a big, big mess behind the corporation known as VIACOM!

What this means for "Dora The Explorer", "The Backyardigans" and all the Nickelodeon characters?  Actually the big deal is that VIACOM will become a split or divided corporation.  Here is what I mean.  Instead of one corporation like VIACOM, it will be 2 corporations, one is VIACOM with PARAMOUNT PICTURES and all the Cable Networks under the MTV umbrella!  Nickelodeon is owned by MTV, but MTV is owned by VIACOM!

The other corporation will be CBS Networks and CBS Radio, which will basically, is broadcaster INFINITY RADIO.  The now former home of "Howie-Turn", will be merged with CBS Networks and basically, CBS Radio will be made of all the radio stations that INFINITY owns, including the "JACK-FM" formats.

BACKGROUND AUDIO: "This is, JACK-FM!  Playing what we want!"

(Well, here in Orlando, there is no JACK-FM radio, but 3 radio stations are owned by INFINITY.....Should I say CBS RADIO?  WOMX 105.1/WOCL 105.9/WJHM 101.9)

In case you wonder, the CBS Radio is the new home to former Van Halen rocker David Lee Roth!

(In Orlando there is no David Lee Roth!  The station  105.9 is replacing it with former Clear Channel's XM Satellite talker Drew Garabo!)

SLAPPY: "For crying out loud!  Give me a satellite radio to hear Martha Stewart!  Now that's comedy!"

TY meets their friends, "The Backyardigans"
Beanie Babies maker found something in his back yard to explore!

Remember the Beanie Babies craze, back in the 90's?  Just when you thought that Beanie Babies creator Ty Warner was running out of ideas to make their profitable toy line out of harms way (Thanks to Build A Bear Workshop?), well you are right!  Since last year, TY started promoting some sort of characters line, besides their original Beanie Babies collectibles, It started with the "Garfield" Movie Characters line up. 

The character was so successful that Ty went to explore other partnerships in the market.  During the summer of 2005, the "Sponge Bob Square Pants" Beanie Babies where launched and that line up went so successful, that more "Sponge Bob Square Pants" Beanie Babies characters where introduced.  So out of the shelves, where "Sponge Bob," "Patrick," "Squidwards" and other characters.

But, that is not enough!  It seems like Ty Warner has become a fan of the Nickelodeon's "The Backyardigans" TV series....

BACKGROUND MUSIC: "Your back yard friends, The Backyardigans!  We got the whole wide world, in our yard to explore, now is TY for us..."

TY for us?  I tough is "Time for us"

BACKGROUND MUSIC: "...Time for us, to have a snack..."

SLAPPY: "For crying out loud!  Stop the repeated singing part!"

So there you have it!  A new way to explore "The Backyardigans," on TY's Beanie Babies.  What's next?  "Dora The Explorer"?  Interesting!

Don't Feed Disney To The Lions!
Why is Disney trying to milk some faith based books and make it "The Lion King"?  Ask Aslan!  Sorry Simba!

Comes December the 9th, you may have enough information and would tell Disney to stop feeding the lions!  What I'm talking about?  Simple!  Remember those "Lord Of The Ring" movies?  Several years back, Disney was approached with the idea of making it to a motion picture.  What did Michael Eisner told them?:

"Don't Feed Disney To The Lions!"

In other words, that won't work financially!  Of course, the big mistake that Eisner did, was proven several years later.  "The Lord Of The Ring" was the most financially made project and the movie was a wealthy payback!

Of course, we are also contemplating the big success of the "Harry Potter" movies!  Disney would love to get the magician into their vaults.  However, Warner Brother came with the financial hat and the big success of the books by author J.K. Rowling.  Now the movie, is paying big time!  Since the release of "Potter," some 2 weeks back, the movie has grossed more than $400 million dollars at the Box Office worldwide!

Once again,  Disney yells: "Don't Feed Disney To The Lions!"

Well, now I come to the "Lions" part, and since this is not about "The Lion King"(Sorry to "Simba" or "Kimba!"), but perhaps, you may have encountered the promotions for the upcoming "The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe".  Is a series of faith based books by author C.S. Lewis, that tells about a mysterious world, where the king is a lion named "Aslan" (What is "Simba" thinking?) and believe it or not, this lion has some religious consent here!  The characters may have been representing the Bible book.  Since Lewis was a religious follower, mostly his books where directed to faith believers worldwide.  Also, for your information, few years back, Disney was isolated by religious groups, over their policy involving Theme Park visitors like same sex couples.

After Disney decided to take on production of "Narnia," the faith based groups, where A-OK with Eisner and the gang!  So now, that the movie is making their big screen debut, during the holidays, will find out if there will be another yelling of "Don't Feed Disney To The Lions!"  Sorry "Simba" and "Kinba!"

Remembering Stan "Papa Bear" Berenstain
The creator of the children's classic left a legacy that still lives on.

Save Animaniacs Campaign remembers the life and work of one of children most beloved and celebrated books today.  The Berenstain Bears, the classic book that still can be seen on the popular cartoon show on PBS KIDS, was the creation of Stan and his wife Jan and believe it or not, a little help from Dr. Seuss himself.

The Berenstain Bears is known as the simple family that would teach kids about life lessons and honesty.  The bear family, has never been given names.  You only recognized them as "Papa Bear," "Mother Bear," "Brother Bear" and "Sister Bear."  Berenstain was 82.  Our toughs and prayers goes to his family.  We will remember the honesty that this author gave to millions of kids and that work will continue for generations to come!

Teen Titans.....NO GO?
The Cartoon Network show may have seen the last of his days, unless a petition can help revive it!

The careers of singing pop duo from Japan, "Puffy Amy Yumi," should be credited to their rendition of the "Teen Titans" song!

BACKGROUND MUSIC: "When there's trouble, you know who to call....Teen Titans!  From their towers, they can see it all...Teen Titans!  When there's evil on the attack, you can rest, knowing they got you back!  Cuz when the world, needs heroes on patrol....Teen Titans GO!

HOLD THE MUSIC!!!!!!  Cartoon Network has axed the cartoon!  Don't ask why!  According to a report, Cartoon Network's production team, has reported that there may not be a 6th season of the popular animated series and it appears that the series may have been axed!  Sounds familiar?  This was the Animaniacs fate some years back!

The Web Site Teen Titans Tower has started a petition online in efforts to made Cartoon Network to reconsider their decision of ending the series.  They even have a letter that you can print and send snail mail to Cartoon Network's headquarters.  So, if you love the "Teen Titans", this is your chance to demonstrate that you can revive the show.  Hey!  We still waiting to hear if Animaniacs can be revived too!

SLAPPY: "For crying out loud!  We need to revive ourselves!  Leave the Japanese girls on the Macy's Parade!  Now, that's comedy!"

Macy's Thanksgiving Parade review!
Here is the Thanksgiving Day review of the annual parade!  Plus an update on the balloon accident.

Those of you who saw the 79th Annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, will give a review of the event held today (11-24-05) and an update of the Balloon accident that happened on the Parade.

The 79th Annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, came to a good start, despite that there was the possibility of higher winds in the NYC area.  There was a mentioning of holding the balloons, due to the concerns created by a 1997 accident where a Macy's Balloon was the cause of a lamppost falling into the crowd, sending some to the hospital.  However, the parade organizers came to the conclusion that the weather events where not a concern, in order to fly the balloons.  Still there was some accident, created by an "M&M Red & Yellow" theme balloon that came crashing down, after one of the supporting cables, tangled on a lamppost, similar to the 1997 event, where a "Cat In The Hat" Balloon send several to local hospitals.

What was the most attractive balloon?  I'll say "Scooby Doo", unless "Dora The Explorer" was more attractive!  In fact new Balloons from "Scooby Doo", "Mr. Healthy Potato Head", "Dora The Explorer" and "JoJo's Circus" where walking on Broadway Street, along with the returning "Garfield", "SpongeBob SquarePants", "Pikachu", "Chicken Little" and a ripped version of "Barney's Strike The Band" balloon!  SHAME NBC!!!!

The new floats from "Cartoon Network's Hi Hi Puffy Amy Yumi," "New York Daily New's Big Apple" (Dedicated to the New Orleans people, instead of the new Freedom Tower?), "Pillsbury's Loving Oven", "Disney's Showboat" and "Animal Planet's" Jeff Corwin and a rendition of the "Dr. Doolitle's If I Can Talk To The Animals", where preceded by marching bands and returning favorites.  Of course, the most awaited of all!  SANTA CLAUS!  Came on board of his sled and word is, that next week, will be linking Save Animaniacs Campaign to the NORAD SANTA Web Site, so you can track the jolly guy from the North Pole!

Postcards From Buster is clear!  New episodes to come!
PBS KIDS series will continue with the help of private funding, instead of the Department of Education.

The controversial PBS KIDS TV series "Postcards From Buster", will still be able to show more episodes, thanks in part to private funding.  The cartoon bunny from TV series "Arthur" was the center of media attention early in 2005, because the series, using funding from the US Department of Education, produced an episode called "Sugartime-Vermont", where "Buster" is met by 2 mothers.  The reaction that the Secretary of Education, Margaret Spellings caused, led PBS to ban the episode and so far, only a few PBS affiliates has shown the episode (Not seen in Orlando!), but until recently, the banned PBS episode made it onto the Video stores, as part of the "Postcards From Buster" DVD series.

Now comes word, that the cartoon will only be sponsored by private funding, since the US Department of Education will no longer pay the bills for the series.  Given the fact that PBS KIDS, recently announced an initiative that will place the public broadcaster as targeting the toddler or pre-schoolers audiences, while the PBS GO series may be moving to a different platform, similar to the PBS SPROUT, chances are that your local PBS affiliate will only carry "Sesame Street" and "Dragon Tales".  What about "Arthur" and his nemesis "Buster"?  Time will only tell!

But, according to Broadcasting and Cable Magazine, here are the private funders of "Postcards From Buster"; The Arthur Vining Davis Foundations,  The Gill Foundation, The Annenberg Foundation, The Small Change Foundation, The Community Technology Foundation of California, The California Endowment, The Gordon and Llura Gund Foundation, The David Bohnett Foundation and PBS (Your contributions of course!  Thank You!).  Now, the big question here is, will PBS let their affiliates to broadcast the "Sugartime-Vermont" episode?  Will let you know!

More Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade info...
Dora The Explorer, Hi Hi Puffy Amy Yumi and a rendition of The Freedom Tower on parade!

What could be an exiting Thanksgiving Day Holiday, less than 2 weeks away and big retailer Macy's is already giving the details of the traditional parade to be broadcast worldwide on NBC and Spanish broadcaster Telemundo.  The details may be released later before the parade, but this is as far as I know.  The parade will have the following Balloons on Broadway:  Dora The Explorer, Scooby Doo, Jojo Circus, Healthy Mr Potato Head and Humpty Dumpty.

As for the Floats, the latest addition will have: "Cartoon Network's Hi Hi Puffy Amy Yumi," "Animal Planet," "Pillsbury's Dough Boy," "Warner Brother's The Polar Express Movie Float" and a rendition of the soon to be built Freedom Tower (The replacement of the World Trade Center), courtesy of the New York Daily News.

The musical guest are still to be mentioned later, but stay tuned!

Bill Clinton plays the health guy with Sponge Bob and Dora The Explorer
"Swiper", don't swipe it in front of the big guy!  Oh man!

If the Presidential Elections where today, the big winners would be 'Dora The Explorer', 'Sponge Bob Square Pants' and former US President Bill Clinton.  Thanks to an iniciative from Nickelodeon, the former President will have some time to teach the kids to have some healthy habits and with the help of both, 'Dora' and 'Sponge Bob'.   The Network will broadcast some Public Service Advertisements that will feature the animated characters and will animate the kids to get out of the couch and start eating healthy and exercising the right way.  Also, Clinton will head a forum to be broadcasted on Nickelodeon on November 13, 2005.  But what I don't want to hear is another complaint from "Swiper The Fox" or "Patrick The Star" about why Clinton, did not choose them to participate!  Oh man!

Disney characters to walk on Macy's Thanksgiving Parade
The world's happiest place is making a big debut at the Holiday parade

With only one month to go, Macy Stores and Disney has revealed that for the upcoming Thanksgiving Day Parade on November 24, 2005, Disney will bring the characters from the theme parks along with singer LeAnn Rimes in a magical celebration to conmemorate the 50th anniversary of Disneyland.  Disney already revealed the "JoJo Circus" giant ballon and quite possibly will bring for the 2nd year the "Chicken Little" giant ballon to promote the movie that starts on November 4, 2005.  More parade information will be available.  Did I heard the 'Dough Boy' of Pillsbury is also on the Parade?  LOL!!!

The Smurfs are....... How you want it?
Unicef gets away with bombs!  The Smurfs will retaliate!

The war on terror has new victims!  The Smurfs!  The blue characters where destroyed by UNICEF!

HOLD ON TO YOUR HATS!!!!  Papa Smurf is so irate!  He is declaring war to those who dare to destroy the good guys!  Simply put it this way;  WAR!!!

Yes, you read!  WAR has come to the world of THE SMURF!  Sorry to say this, but The Smurfs where bombarded on an UNICEF ad campaign.  Luckily, The Smurfs are OK!  Nobody died in the commercial. 

Since it is just pretending, The Smurfs are seen that they where destroyed in an animated ad for UNICEF's WAR FUND for the injured and orphaned children of the Republic of Burundi.  So to say, this was an act of TERROR!  Papa Smurf could not agree with the outcome, Smurfette was so embarrassed to be lying down with broken arms (Fake?) or Brainy Smurf's hand outpouring the rubble.  Yet it was embarrassing to place Baby Smurf in an embarrassing scene and crying out loud, for the world to understand that the War on Terror is for real!

Or else, what would be the outcome of The Smurfs, if there was a real war?  Go figure!

Aardman Animation Films destroyed by fire!  Was the curse of the "Wallace and Groomit"?
Studio film that made "Chicken Run" severely destroyed!

The main building of the animation house Aardman Films, outside of London's city of Bristol (West England, U.K.), was severely destroyed, during a fire early this morning (October 10, 2005).  No injuries where reported, but the sad part was, that all the props and sets used on all the Aardman's movie features where destroyed.  Ironically, the Aardman/DreamWorks featured film, "Wallace And Groomit: The Curse of The Were-Rabbit", was the number #1 box office release, beating the Jody Foster's "Flight Plan" movie!  Arthur Sheriff, spokesman of Aardman Animation, told CNN: "Today was supposed to be a day of celebration with the news that 'Wallace and Groomit' had gone in at #1 at the U.S. Box Office, but instead our whole history has been wiped out.  It's turned out to be a terrible day."  Unquote.

So sad, to hear this!  I wonder if there will be another "Chicken Run" movie or perhaps, a commercial for Petroleum maker Chevron, which the ads with the talking vehicles where made by Aardman!

PBS KIDS Digital Channel disappears?  SPROUT ONLY ON COMCAST!

The majority of Cable subscribers are upset on this move by The Corporation for Public Broadcasting!

Where is ORD?  Where is CLIFFORD?  Where is BIG BIRD?  Ok!  I will explain!  But, chances are that recently your Cable TV provider told, that after September 30, 2005 (Just a few days ago!), PBS KIDS DIGITAL CHANNEL that was available as a 24/7 PBS KIDS provider, has ceased operations.  Thanks in part, to a deal that The Corporation for Public Broadcasting made with Cable TV provider COMCAST Cable and also the makers of "Bob The Builder" and "Barney".  I'm talking about HIT ENTERTAINMENT!

The deal was to create the new PBS SPROUT channel.  Is a 24/7 pre-school oriented network.  What it will carry?  Mostly, the PBS KIDS shows like "Sesame Street", "Dragon Tales", "Sagwa, the Chinese Siamese Cat", "Teletubbies", "Boobah", "Angelina Ballerina", "Barney and Friends" and so on!  But the only difference here, is that millions of Cable TV and Satellite subscribers are unable to get the channel.  Why?  Because the contract gives the rights to COMCAST CABLE.  So if you are not served by COMCAST, then FORGET ABOUT IT!!!  Yes, I'm talking about BRIGHT HOUSE NETWORKS!

So, I mention this, tough your Cable TV provider and your local PBS station has already told that the PBS KIDS programs are always available, through your local PBS station.  But, here is the other half of the matter!  How many hours, does your local PBS station provides with the PBS KIDS programs?  Since every market is different, I will give you a lowdown of what I mean.

For example, here in Central Florida (Orlando), the only channel that will provide the PBS KIDS line-up, will be WMFE 24.  How many hours?  At least 12 hours a day are devoted to PBS KIDS.  The remaining 6 or 7 hours of Prime time, will be devoted to the regulars like "Nova" or "Antique Road Show" to name a few.  However, in other markets, not always will you get the whole 12 hours of PBS KIDS.  Most of the markets may do between 3 to 6 hours of the PBS KIDS shows every day.  How about weekends?  Most of the PBS stations may or may not provide the PBS KIDS programs, since most of them may offer the "Craft" types of shows like "The Joy Of Painting" with the late Bob Ross, or most likely, the cooking type of shows like the late Julia Childs TV series.  Still, you won't find "Dragon Tales" or "Arthur" running around on Saturdays.  Sundays, perhaps, but not always.

Of course, the big losers are the viewers who send their money to their PBS outlets, with the promise that they will be offered with quality TV shows, specially for the kids.  But who's to blame?  The main Corporation for Public Broadcasting, for not letting all the Cable TV outlets to take part in the new PBS SPROUT.  As ORD of "Dragon Tales" says:

ORD: "OH NO!  How Am I going to see all of my friends?"

So, your only alternatives are "Nickelodeon" and "Cartoon Network!"

Would you give up PBS KIDS for the Katrina Rebuild?
The cost of Hurricane Katrina could translate in less or no PBS programing!

Buster: "How Come?"

Sooner or later, you may end up with one of 2 choices:

    A) Pay taxes to fund the Katrina rebuild efforts in the Gulf Coast.
    B) Dissolve both The Corporation for Public Broadcasting and PBS, with savings of $300 billion dollars!

Start scratching your heads!  The US Congress is considering some tax cuts to pay the rebuilding efforts in the Gulf Coast.  Since Hurricane Katrina hit, with a little help of sister Rita (Is not the cat from Animaniacs!), the cost to rebuild the Gulf region has triplicate!  So, The Congress is re-thinking the way you and I will pay the high cost of rebuilding.  Is either that we pay more taxes or loose some of the things that we have.  Would you loose "Clifford The Big Red Dog" or "Sesame Street", or how about "Antique Road Show," "Nova" and "Ask This Old House", in order to pay the rebuilding?

Now comes the worst of it!  Since the Congress is more inclined to cut spending rather than asking for more taxes, here is what they propose:

A) Cut the funding to Medicare and Medicaid, that means, less benefits when you need to see a doctor        or buy prescriptions.
B) Eliminate the idea of the return to the moon, that was promoted 2 weeks ago!
C) Cut and eliminate Federal Transportation initiatives.  That means that AMTRAK would run less and Public Transportation funding would be affected, means less bus services....What?  LYNX going to SUNDAY service every day?  Half the service eliminated?  Buy me a BIKE!
D) End the full support to the Corporation for Public Broadcasting!  Some suggest to eliminate the CPB.  Also there is talks of ending the "READY TO LEARN/NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND" funds.  The same funds that "Postcards from Buster" almost killed this year!

ARTHUR: "Noooooooooooooooo!!!!!!"

Now, I see the "BIG FUNKY CLOUD" from "Dragon Tales" making a comeback!  In case you wonder, that was an episode called "The Big Funky Cloud", where "Ord" the Blue Dragon, was washed by a dark cloud on his head...

ORD: "Oh no!  I see that funky cloud making a comeback!  It makes me sad.... (Starts crying, the cloud rains on him!)...Buuuuuuuuuuu juuuuuuuuu!"

SLAPPY: "For crying out loud!  We still have a Florricane Season left, so we don't need more!"

For real!  The Congress will try to cut funding, so more money will be paying the rebuilding cost, but then, ask yourself, how much is the war on terror costing us?  GO FIGURE!!!!!  How to act?  Call the Congress!

In Memory of Don Adams of "Inspector Gadget"
Yes, the same guy that gave us "Get Smart" is no longer with us.

Many of you may have found out that former 60's TV actor  Don Adams of the classic TV series "Get Smart" and also the voice of "Inspector Gadget" on the DIC animated series, has passed away at age 82.  He use to be the satiric version of "James Bond 007" with the nickname "Super Agent 86" or "Maxwell Smart".  Mostly known for yelling "Would You Believe?" And "Sorry About that Chief!"  Adams was also best known for voicing cartoon characters "Tennessee Tuxedo" of "The Underdog Show" and the 80's animated hero "Inspector Gadget".  His real name was Donald James Yarmy.  Our toughs and prayers for his relatives and may God bless his soul.  He will be sadly missed.

Chicken Little in 3-D!  Give back the 2-D!
What is Disney thinking and re-thinking?

The long delayed Disney film "Chicken Little," is now the big talk in Hollywood!  Last year, after Disney announced the elimination of the 2-D animated studios (Hand drawing should I say!), Disney gave way for the production of several animated features using CGI or computer drawing.  Tough the big issue is the fact that Disney may still need some support to keep the project afloat.  Then, is time for George Lucas and the "Star Wars" team to intervene! 

It was, that Disney decided to breath life to the new animated feature and ask George Lucas, to help make the movie a 3-D feature, similar to the ones that Disney has done for the "Muppets 3-D" attraction at Disney's MGM Studios Theme Park in Orlando.  In fact, Disney is asking dozens of movie theaters to upgrade their current projectors to digital.  But, that would mean that patrons wanting to see a movie, may have to spend extra money.  Especially, if the movie comes from the Mouse House!

Or perhaps, that would indicate that Disney is ready to explore a new way to enjoy a movie.  If that could help bring back the animated or should I say 2-D or hand drawing movies back.  Here is an article from The New York Times (It may require a free subscription online!).

Sesame Street gives Cookie Monster to Build A Bear
What could be a monster success for the Maxine Clark's bear store?

Look out bear market!  The pet project from Maxine Clark, since the Payless Shoes Stores came to be, also known as BUILD A BEAR WORKSHOP, is now introducing "Cookie Monster" of "Sesame Street" fame, as part of the agreement between the toy retailer and SESAME WORKSHOPS.  Recently, this past year, "Sesame Street's" "Elmo" was introduced as part of the "Furry Friends Collectibears" that BUILD A BEAR WORSHOP offers.  The new "Cookie Monster" will be available during the second week in October.

Here goes the LOONATICS!

New version of Looney Tunes invades KIDS WB!  Are they carbon copy?  "Go Diego Go" must say bye-bye, to "Dora"!

Did anyone saw on KIDS WB the new animated series "Loonatics Unleashed"?  Sorry, but I tough that was a carbon copy of "Duck Dodgers" of Cartoon Network.  In fact KIDS WB seems like they are trying to copy the NICKELODEON formula for success!  Proof was placed on 2 animated series at the no longer FROG network!  The first one was "Coconut Fred: Salad Island".  Unfortunately, because I overslept, I missed the pilot episode, but reviews tells that "Sponge Bob Square Pants" is filing class action lawsuit for carbon copy!  Sort of!  But, 2 bananas that looks like the Nick character?  A pineapple island (Not under the sea!) and a "Patrick" or "Squidward" kind of accent, sounds to me like carbon copy!  The other cartoon was "Johnny Test", which I tough was a carbon copy of Hanna Barbera's "Johnny Quest".  Instead, sounded like "Fairy Odd-Parents" meets "Dexter's Lab" of Cartoon Network to me!

Then, there was fierce competition, at NICK on CBS with "Go Diego, Go!"

Forget "Dora The Explorer"!  This is going downhill!  Here we have Dora's cousin Diego and his TALKING BABY JAGUAR!  You read!  The little jaguar can talk like Dora's monkey known as "Boots".  But, what you say about the "Bobo Brothers"?  "Oh Man!"  Actually, instead of "Swiper" is 2 monkeys playing around (None of them, are "Boot's" relatives!).  Once "Diego" yells "FREEZE BOBOS", the monkeys response is "Opps!  Sorry!"  Also, if you know that "Dora The Explorer" carries her "Backpack" and "Map" , then "Diego" carries "CLICK" a digital camera that sings!  "SAY CLICK!  Take a pic!"  Plus Diego and sister "Alicia" carries a "RESCUE PACK" (The Backpack that raps!) that can become anything Diego wants!  I believe that "Dora The Explorer" is history and cousin "Diego" and "Alicia" will take care of business!

SWIPER: "Oh man!"

Kimba is making a comeback!
Yes, Michael Eisner!  The white LION KING is making a comeback!

Oh!  The Shame!  Back in the early 90's there was word that Disney was developing a movie based on the artworks of the 1950's Japanese manga and anime series "Jungle Taitei" (Jungle Emperor), also known in the 1960's as "Kimba The White Lion".  When the movie was released in 1993, a surprise shocker came, to hear that Disney was denying any relation with the anime classic and from Eisner, himself came word, that he did never saw "Kimba The White Lion".  Those comments draw some outrage from Japan fans of the anime created by Dr. Osamu Tezuka.  The only one that knew about the relation with "Kimba" and "Simba" was Roy Disney himself.

Now, back to our present, tough Disney, still has not apologize...and will never do...about the comments on "The Lion King" and "Kimba The White Lion", well, fans of the white cub would be glad to hear that there is a new remastered collection of the original series. 

For those who never saw "Kimba The White Lion" (Since you saw "The Lion King", tough you may know!), the series was first originated in Japan around 1950 as a manga or comic serial.  TV was under development at that time, so an anime based on the manga did not appeared until 1965.  In 1966, NBC did provided their affiliates with the English dubbed version of the anime.   The English cast did have the late Billy Lou Watts as "Kimba".  During the "Lion King" controversy, Watts, was ask about it and he replied; "There is no doubt in my mind that 'The Lion King' is a copy of 'Kimba'", unquote from the

Back to the new release, it is confirm that during the Holidays (Around Thanksgiving Day), a new DVD remastered collection will be released from
Right Stuff Entertainment.  The collection will have all the 52 original episodes that where broadcast on NBC back in the late 60's.  The DVD's are remastered and will include never before seen footage or deleted content.   Also as a bonus, the pilot or 1st episode, that NBC did heavily edited, causing the series to be in the not so right order (Did "Voltron" and "Battle Of The Planets/G-Force" where severely edited and there is not a pilot of both?).  The suggested price for the entire collection is US $129.00.  Highly recommended, for the fans of "The Lion King" and true fans of "Kimba".

I move, but the Internet did not!
It took almost 2 weeks, to get the Cable and Internet back on!

I thought that moving to another apartment in the same property was not going to be a problem, but, when it comes to Internet and Cable TV, that ad from BRIGHT HOUSE NETWORKS, that claims that it is EASY to move the service, is as worse as not having the service at all! 

If you read the BLOG page, there was an entry that reads "Until Next Week...".  The story goes that when I requested to have the Cable TV and Internet service installed on the new apartment, they gave me the Labor Day Weekend for the installation of the service.  OK, with me, of course.  However there was a fine print with it.

First, I was to be present at the new apartment, however, I was not ready for the move out.  Since the move out was on Monday (September 5), they came on Sunday (September 4).  I was not present at the apartment, so another appointment was to be set up, but, the date they have available was September 14th.  They where leaving me without Cable TV and Internet for the next 11 days, from the last day of moving. 

However, it seems ironic, but Bright House Networks did send the Cable TV crew to disconnect the service from the older apartment, on September the 6th.  However they where not supposed to come to my new apartment in the same property, as well.  I guess they serve on 1st come, 1st serve basis!  So basically, I was without Cable TV and without Internet for almost 2 weeks.  GO FIGURE!  Now, let's go to the "SITUATION ROOM" with Wolf Blitzer!  LOL!!!

"Voltron" being disputed?
Could it be possible that WORLD EVENTS gave up the rights on the 80's anime?

Where is "Voltron: Defender Of The Universe"?  Recently, I declared that there was a movie in the works, based on the 1984 classic animated series about 5 lion-robots.  But turns out that the Anime series rights are currently being disputed.  What?  The TOEI TV series where acquired by WORLD EVENTS PRODUCTIONS, but it was not 1 TV series.  It was 4 TV series they acquired.  This is why, the confusion some of you noted.  There's a VOLTRON made with Lions.  But who ever told that there was a VOLTRON made with space crafts?  The VOLTRON team, was 5 guys or 15 guys or 3 guys?  Confused?  LOL!!!!

Based on information, it seems like the Anime that in Japan is known as "GO-LION"  and their successors are quite in dispute.  For your information, WORLD EVENTS PRODUCTION does have the rights to the  "GO-LION" Anime (VOLTRON: The Lion Force).  But how about the successor known as  VOLTRON: Vehicle Force?  Is that Anime being disputed by ADV FILMS?  The same company that brought us, the ANIME NETWORK'S "AZUMANGA DAHIO: THE ANIMATION" series?  ADV FILMS says "NO WAY!" 

Add to the mix, 4KIDS PRODUCTIONS of "POKEMON" and "ONE PIECE" fame!  They love "Pikachu"!  But are not interested in housing some house-broken lions!  But some information came from TV SHOWS ON DVD, which has been trying to figure out who is behind the VOLTRON TV series.  In the meantime, let's see if the big movie they promised a while ago, becomes reality....

BACKGROUND SOUND: "From days, of long ago.  From uncharted regions of the universe, comes a legend..."

SLAPPY: "That's me!  Slappy, defender of the Animaniacs world!"

YAKKO: "Can we defend the Tiger King"?

BACKGROUND SONG: "The surprises in life......"

SLAPPY: "I tough Mickey Mouse killed the Lion King!  Now that's comedy!"

June Foray meets "Granny" and Larry!
"The Situation Room" needs Looney Tunes too!

What are you thinking, Wolf Blitzer?  Meet "Granny" of "Looney Tunes" in person!  June Foray, the classic voice in the animated world, will be guest on CNN's "Larry King Live" on September 22, 2005.  Foray will be giving an interview about her life as the "Granny" that generations has seen and love.  The famous companion to "Tweety Bird" and "Sylvester" will talk about her upcoming projects.  Foray is currently voicing "Granny" on the Cartoon Network's "Baby Looney Tunes".  She also is best know as "Rocky" of the classic cartoon "Rocky and Bullwinkle".  So don't miss out!

GRANNY: "Ohhh!  Larry King will interview me!  I should bring Sylvester to meet him!"
SYLVESTER: "Hold it!  Who said that I will meet the BIG BAD WOLF?"

WOLF BLITZER: "Breaking news on THE SITUATION ROOM!  Sylvester the cat, has declared that I'm the BIG BAD WOLF!  You are watching CNN, the Florricane Network!"

(This, with all due respect to victims of Hurricane Katrina.)

Double the Pokemon!

KIDS WB to provide double Pokemon Advance Battle in September

Kids WB will give Pokemon fans a double doses of Pikachu and Team Rocket!  Sorry Ash!  The latest installment of "Pokemon Advance Battle" will provide at least 2 episode or 1 hour block during the month of September, while the season opener was originally planned for September 17th, some episodes where accommodated to make the 1 hour block.  So they will start on September 3, 2005 with the return of the loving Pikachu and a surprise turn of the twist!

ASH: "HUH!?!?!?!?!?"

"Postcards From Buster" goes DVD!

Controversial episode banned from PBS KIDS, will be available on DVD!

Fresh, from the........ Where's THE FROG???

Actually, this comes from Paramount (VIACOM) Entertainment!  They are releasing the controversial PBS KIDS TV series, "Postcards From Buster".  The series, was under fire by the US Secretary of Education, Margaret Spellings, who claimed that the "Arthur" spin off series, was to introduce two families with 2 same sex couples, or 2 mothers.  The episode known as "SUGARTIME-VERMONT" is the story of "Buster" Bunny" traveling to Vermont and visiting a sugar farm, while meeting Karen and partner Gillian's little kids.  One of the kids refers to Gillian as her stepmother, but the Secretary of Education thinks that this topic is not accepted by all American families.

Keep in mind, that because of the nature of this topic, I am restraining of using the L word, myself.

In the meantime, the TV series will have a release date for October 4, 2005.  This according to TV SHOWS ON DVD.

Movie remakes part deux?  Voltron Defender of the Big Screen!
New Line Cinema will make movie out of 80's big animated hit!

"From days, of long ago.  From uncharted regions of the universe, comes a MOVIE?"

New Line Cinema has indicated, they acquired the rights from Word Events Productions to remake the 1980's TV series "Voltron: Defender Of The Universe" into a big budget film.  No word yet, when the shooting will begin and who will be the lead actors and actress in the movie.  Well assuming, that Jessica Simpson will be available, after the remake of "The Dukes Of Hazzard", who knows!  By the way, this is the second time that I heard about a TV series being remade into a movie.  Few weeks back, I wrote about a remake of "The Transformers," from DreamWorks SKG, under the guidance of Steven Spielberg.  More details will be available.

The Frog is DEAD!
The WB will no longer need "Michigan J"

Fresh from THE FROG?  I don't think so!  Warner Brothers beloved frog from "Looney Tunes," will no longer take stake of THE WB Television Network.  The network, is revamping the logo and will not have "Michigan J."  The 1955 Chuck Jones critter, was adopted for the new network, comprised of several independent outlets, like New York City's WPIX, Orlando's WKCF, Los Angeles KTLA and SuperStation WGN (Only in Chicago), to name a few.  Since 1995, most of THE WB promo's where sang by the frog and from time to time, there was a sponsor, who could be taken by "Michigan's" musical taste.  I mean, The Frog singing an ad for beer?

But most likely, the big problem with the "Dubba Dubba" network, was the main target!  Most of the people watching The WB where teenagers, who grew up with the "Dawson's Creek" and "Buffy: The Vampire Slayer" tv series.  Of course, the main attraction at The WB would be KIDS WB.  The now home to mega hits "Yu-Gi-Oh" and "Pokemon Advance", use to be home to "Animaniacs" and "Pinky & The Brain" in 1995, after being taken from FOX KIDS TV (Today is 4KIDS TV).

However, in Prime Time, the target was mostly the underage group (14+).  Most of the TV series, where mostly teen oriented.  Just to mention that in the past few years, The WB has been improving with the sudden line up that includes off network's re-runs of comedy series like "Seinfield" and "That 70's Show".  However, in Prime Time, the big attraction was "Smallville" and "Reba".  Now THE WB wants to target a more mature audience (25+) and they believe that without "Michigan J", things could improve at the NO LONGER THE FROG Network!

Sadly however, KIDS WB will be loosing the weekday schedule, after January 2006.  KIDS WB will still have "Michigan J. Frog" to promote the kids oriented block.  But it will only be available on weekends.  During the week, THE WB will introduce reruns of "8 Simple Rules" with the late John Ritters (Best known as the voice of "Clifford The Big Red Dog" on PBS KIDS.) and re-runs of "Reba".  So, you will not see THE FROG and you will not hear "Hello My Baby, Hello My Baby".  It still FRESH FROM THE ________ (Fill in the blank!)

Where are "The Smurf" now?
Making a movie too!  Thanks to Nickelodeon!

"La, la, lara, la, la....."  Why not sing it?

SLAPPY: "If you dare to sing it, I will drive you NUTS!"

Ahem!  "The Smurfs" are making a comeback too!  Just when you tough, "The Transformers" and "The Dukes of Hazzard" would have 15 minutes of fame (Thanks to Ben "Cooter" Jones!), now comes the world's most loved or hated thing!  It is not "The Care Bears!"

I just found out that Nickelodeon's parent company Paramount Pictures (Viacom) will be making a movie based on the Pierre "Peyo" Culliford's blue characters!  The movie would have a release date of 2008.  According to Paramount, this would be the 1st of a movie trilogy (Same as "Star Wars?").   This movie would be done as a Computer (CGI) or 3D animated feature, just like Dreamworks did with both "Shrek" and "Madagascar".  Same thing is doing Disney, with the upcoming "Chicken Little" movie.

But, let's stop here because, some may be right or wrong about the history of "The Smurfs."  So, Here is a little history of "The Smurfs" 101!

Basically, "The Smurfs" came to life, after "Peyo", a  Bulgarian native, came with a children book that narrated the story of some magicians from the King's court, looking for a mysterious path.  Now, here come "Gargamel!"

Actually, it was not "Gargamel" who Peyo was referring to!  It was "Johan" and his buddy "Pirlouit" ("Pee-Wit"), who where described in the book, when they first met "Papa Smurf" and their strange blue creatures.  That book was made about 50 years ago.   After the book was first published, Peyo decided to publish several periodicals, or comic books for the Belgian newspaper.  Eventually the tale of "The Smurfs" was being published across Europe.  But in the USA, nobody was aware of the phenomenon.  Until Hanna-Barbera Studios, was approached with the idea from an NBC executive, to create a cartoon based on "The Smurfs" comic books and a movie that was premiered in Europe; "The Smurf and The Magic Flute".  

The "Gargamel" character was not made by Peyo, but it was an idea from the Hanna-Barbera Studios and "Peyo" agreed on that.  Other characters not made by Peyo, where "Grandpa Smurf" and the "Smurfy Kids" with their "Smurf Puppy".  Those where mostly ideas introduced for the toy makers to made some money, based on the "Smurfs" success.  Sadly, after NBC stop the production of "The Smurfs" in 1990, Peyo died in his home country of Belgium.  However, "The Smurfs" still finding success today, after 50 years in the making.

Did you know, that the NBC executive bought an "Smurf" doll for his daughter?  That was the main reason, why NBC was so "Smurfy" in those days (1980?).  By the way, if my memory is, as clear as the cell phone with more bars (CINGULAR!), in 1983, there was a rumor that was started by a religious group or a TV station, when "The Smurfs" ("Los Pitufos" in spanish!), started broadcasting on TELEMUNDO in my native Puerto Rico.  Some people claimed seen the blue characters running around and making some evil tricks.  I really did not known what was the main reason, but it led to believe that "The Smurfs" where an act of evil!  In other words, as evil as "So Darn Insane" (Former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein), or "Howie Turn" (Radio Shocker, Howard Stern) of "Animaniacs".

But if you want to know about "The Smurfs" I would suggest that you visit the WIKIPEDIA page, for "The Smurfs".

"Go Diego", to replace "Dora The Explorer!"
New show will still have "Dora", but with less participation!

"Dora The Explorer", your time to shine is gone!  Give it out to your cousin "Diego" and his "Baby Jaguar!"

Oh Man!  As "Swiper The Fox" always yell, his participation, along with "Dora The Explorer" can say good-bye and good riddance!  Nickelodeon is unveiling plans for the new TV series "Go Diego, Go!"  Slated to start on September 6, 2005 (With "On Demand" plays in August!).  According to the Viacom press release, "Diego" and "Baby Jaguar" will star in their own TV show and will explore the jungles of South America and will teach the children to better care of the earth and the living nature.  We will see "Swiper The Fox"?  I still not sure!  But based on the description, there will be some surprises!  I guess "Dora The Explorer" will swipe an episode or 2.  More to come!

Save Disney site to shut down!
"With regrets, of course" claims Roy Disney

The Save Disney Web Site is shutting down as of August 7, 2005.  This according to Roy Disney, who sends an e-mail to the thousands of Disney fans who where claiming a change at the Magic Kingdom, led by Michael Eisner, back in 2004.  Recently, Disney re-hired both Roy Disney and his partner Stanley Gold, as a mutual agreement was reached by both parties, to end their disputes regarding Disney's legal matters.

Back in 2004, Michael Eisner decided to step down from The Walt Disney Company and started a process to find a replacement.  The replacement came in the form of Robert Iger, a close friend of Eisner.  Both Roy Disney and Stanley Gold where questioning the possibility that the selection was unfair and they wanted to bring the matter to the court rooms.  Disney still claimed they did selected Iger, accordingly and they found that the legal lawsuit brought by Disney and Gold, was not in the best interest of the company. 

The Walt Disney Company decided to re-hired Disney and Gold, under an agreement, where the legal lawsuits will be put to rest and any campaign that involved the use of Walt Disney Company as the "bad guys", would be ended.  "Accordingly, on August 7th, we will permanently close down this web site... With regrets, of course..." claimed Roy Disney, on the Save Disney Web Site, adding; "There is so much that cannot be addressed here, but there are plenty of encouraging signs towards the future vision of The Walt Disney Company, visions that we share and have shared through these difficult times."  Unquote.

Transformer fans, REJOICE!
Steven Spielberg will help "Optimus Prime" on the Big Screen!

What?  Steven Spielberg is going to help Optimus Prime?

BACKGROUND MUSIC: "Transformers, more than meets the eye!  Autobots wage their battle to destroy the evil forces of the Decepticons..."

What a flashback!  Thanks to DreamWorks and Steven Spielberg (The "Animaniacs" creator!), "Optimus Prime" and his enemy, (??) "Megatron" and the cast of the 1980's "The Transformers" will be transformed to the BIG SCREEN!  Are they kidding?  If you tough that the "SHREK" makers, where having problems and they could not perform in the stock markets that well, guess again!

Now comes word that DreamWorks Animation will partner with HASBRO the toy maker behind "The Transformers" and producer Steven Spielberg to develop the movie with a target release date of July 4th, 2007.  If I can recall and my brother confirmed to me, that there was a "Transformers" movie way back in the 1980's.  He even had a copy of the movie, but I guess I never had the chance to see it.  But, here is a nice picture from that movie.  In case you ask, will the new movie will have a possible killing of "Optimus Prime"?  Cannot answer, wait till 07!

KIDS WB adds "Foster's Home" to weekend line up
I Choose "Pikachu" over "Bloo"!

BLOO: "Who is Pikachu?  Another Mickey Mouse's imaginary friend?"
Recently,  Cartoon Network was letting "Bloo" and "Mac" of the animated series "Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends", to land on KIDS WB for a summer trial, tought it lasted some 3 weeks.  By the way, is that loony bird "Coco" a Pokemon?

COCO: "Coco?  Coco co co co?"
BLOO: "I think she is mad with Pikachu!"

Disney's cell phone?
"RING RING Mouseketeers!  It's me, Mickey!"

What a surprise!  It was announced that US Cell Phone carrier SPRINT PCS will join forces with Disney to create a family friendly PCS provider under the name of DISNEY MOBILE.  The service will be made available in 2006.  So next year, Mickey and Donald will ring your cell phone with style!

A surprise is coming soon! (UPDATE)
Wait till the 4th of July is done! (UPDATE)

I won't give too much details right now!  Just come back after the 4th of July weekend!  In case you wonder, it is COLLEGE FOOTBALL SEASON!  Enough said!

UPDATE:  The surprise, is still in the works!  Actually is related to the annual ORLANDO CITRUS PARADE and will have a new Web Site!  Stay tuned!

Another Disney legend is gone.
Who could forget the old Disney record's narrator?

Do you remember those Disney records and books that you use to read along?  The narrator indicated at the beginning:

"I am the Disneyland's narrator and will begin to read "Cinderella".  You will read along with me, remember to turn the page, when "Tinker bell" rings the little bells like this.... (Ring Sound!)"

Sadly, another Disney voice cast passed away this past week.  Grammy nominated and recording artist Robie Lester, who was also known as the singing voice for Eva Gabor on Disney's "The Rescuers" and the voice of "Jessica"/"Ms Claus" on the Holiday animated movie from Rankin/Bass "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town", died in California after battling with Cancer.  This according to Animation World News (AWN) web site.  This is the 3rd Disney voice cast to pass away, along with the voices of Tigger (Paul Winchell) and Piglet (John Fiedler) this past week.  Our toughs and prayers to their families.

"Sesame Street's" Muppet to host LIVE 8?
"Big Bird" would love to host!  But, it is not!

Who would ever tough that the mega concert known as LIVE 8 would have a "Sesame Street" Muppet as one of many hosts for the July 2 concert?  Well, it turns out that the LIVE 8 organizers (Bob Geldof and U2's Bono!) has allowed "Sesame Workshop" to send in from Africa, their Muppet to represent the children who suffer from the HIV/AIDS syndrome.  "Kami" the HIV positive Muppet from "Sesame Street" Africa, will join the hosts of LIVE 8 in Philadelphia.  Among the hosts of the event, will be actress Salma Hayek (Disney's "Spy Kids"), comedian Chris Tucker, Jennifer Connelly, Natalie Portman and others.  The July 2 concert is one of 10 mega concerts to promote the fight against poverty in African nations, ahead of the G-8 Summit in Scotland on July 6, 2005.  The event will be broadcast live, via the use of AMERICA ONLINE (AOL) software, plus US Networks MTV, VH1 and ABC TV will broadcast segments of the event through the day.  Other countries should check local listings for the broadcast hours.

Disney losses voice actors from "Winnie The Pooh"
Voices for "Tigger" and "Piglet" passed away during the weekend.  : (

The voices for Disney's popular property, "Winnie The Pooh" passed away this past weekend, according to Local 6 (WKMG TV) in Orlando.  Paul Winchell, who provided the voice of "Tigger" and John Fiedler, who provided the voice of "Piglet" died of natural causes at the ages of 82 (Winchell) and 80 (Fiedler).  Paul Winchell also provided the voice to Hanna Barbera's classic cartoons "Dick Dastardley" for the cartoon series "Dastardley and Mutley" and as "Gargamel" of "The Smurf".  John Fiedler was an actor with stage support to legendary John Wayne and Bob Newhart.  Our toughs and prayers for their families.

"The Backyardigan's" soundtrack with latino music.
Nickelodeon is swiping "Dora" once again!

What are "The Backyardigans"?  If you ask me, I will give you this BACKGROUND SONG:
"We got a whole wide world, in our yard to explore...."
Is that song becoming a nuisance?

"The Backyardigans" is the brain child of Janice Burgess and features 5 creatures singing and searching for adventures (Except for the singing part, I would tough of "Barney!").  The series debuted last year on both Nick Jr (Nickelodeon) and "NICK ON CBS" on weekends.  Now Nickelodeon (Viacom) is making this series as much merchandise as possible.  So they are planning a musical soundtrack with music from the TV series, including latin sounds.  Most of the music featured in "The Backyardigans" are comprised of Country, Classical, Big Band and Rock.  So now, they are adding some Latin music to the mix.

Yes, make sure that Nickelodeon is really forgetting "Dora The Explorer!"  LOL!!!

Disney's "JoJo Circus" to Macy's Thanksgiving Parade
Disney character will float across parade

Recently, the Macy's Thanksgiving parade organizers revealed that "Scooby Doo" will be their official mascot for the parade.  Now, Disney has told the organizers, they will debut the "JoJo Circus" helium balloon on Thanksgiving Day.  This according to The Disney Channel and Toonzone.  Details here.

Toy Story 3 must go on, without PIXAR, claims DISNEY
Just when you tough that PIXAR would become friend with Mouse House....

What would it be if, DISNEY and PIXAR decides to bring this masterpiece together, instead of competing to each other?  Just when you need it, Walt Disney is announcing they will go ahead without PIXAR in the making of "TOY STORY 3".  Don't ask me why, but, the movie will be released in 2008.  Still waiting for the "Chicken Little" movie?  You bet, but Disney claims that they will continue talks with PIXAR, however, if the negotiations fail, DISNEY will go ahead alone with the movie making! 

For those of you asking, why Disney and Pixar decided to call it quits?  Last year, Disney wanted to deal more money with PIXAR, however, PIXAR claimed that Disney was stealing money that should belong to the makers of "Toy Story" and "The Incredibles".  Besides, did you know Disney takes 61% percent of the profits, from every PIXAR movie?  PIXAR wants Disney to take half of the distribution profits, but Disney does not pay for the distribution of the movies.  Instead, is PIXAR who pays for it.  No wonder why Disney lost the Weisman Brothers of MIRAMAX FILMS!  So, here goes Eisner or Iger, trying to convince Steve Jobs and their colleagues at PIXAR!

Disney to remake "UNDERDOG"?
There's no need to fear!

If you ever tough that Disney would not like the idea of remaking "UNDERDOG".....Think again!  We have seen the famous dog doing good against evil, since 1964.   "Underdog"  has been enjoyed by kids and grown ups around the world.  From merchandise, to campaigns and even VISA CHECK CARD's ad, shows this lovable pooch making his way with the famous quote: "There's no need to fear!  Underdog is here!"

Now, the good guys at Disney are re-thinking the idea of making a live action/animated movie, starring the super hero himself!  This according to a VARIETY MAGAZINE report.  But this movie, according to the report, is different to what you and I use to see on TV.  Do not expect either "The Go-Go Goophers" or "Klondike Cat" making cameos here!  This movie will use mostly live dogs
combined with computer animation (Sort of like "Cats and Dogs" with Tobey Maguire?).  The movie may start shooting between November 2005 but, no later than January 2006 and the filming will be done in Canada.  So to speak, this movie may make it into theaters at least in 2007 or 2008.  Let's wait!

(Background VISA CHECK CARD commercial!)
UNDERDOG: "There's no need to fear, Underdog is....."
VISA woman: "Nevermind!"

The Simpsons will get their movie

Nancy Cartwright was so proud of the project!

After a long wait, it looks like "The Simpsons" will be on the big screen!  FOX has confirmed the fact that the cast of the animated series has been overlooking at the script.  Specially for "Bart" herself, Nancy Cartwright (Used to be "Mindy" in "Animaniacs"), has been overjoyed by the draft script.  This will also lay down the long time rumor that the animated series would have to end, in order to make the movie.  But that won't happen!  According to Mat Groening, the series creator, the movie will not affect the current production of the FOX TV series.

Mexican dubbers must use low paying cast for "Simpsons" and "Yu-Gi-Oh"!

Spanish actors from Mexico still striking the decision from the dubbing company

You probably found this article in the ARCHIVED news or the BLOG page, but I'm going to re-update this feature, about the Mexican voice cast of "The Simpsons" and "Yu-Gi-Oh".

Starting next month, the new voices of the cartoons "Los Simpsons" and "Yu-Gi-Oh" will be heard on most latin networks.  The fact that the union actors in Mexico where on strike, after the dubber for Disney Classics and the current series, decided to stop paying higher salary to the cast and offer hourly wages to anyone that can make the voice of the cartoons.

Humberto Velez has been providing the voice to "Homero" for the last 15 year, the same way is done by Dan Castellaneta.  Same as for Marina Huerta who has been making the spanish voices on "Rugrats".  So there are like hundreds of voice talents in Mexico, but most of them are being replaced by unknown persons that will accept a humble pay of less than $2.50 per hour, just for lending their voices to "Spongebob Squarepants" or "Seto Kaiba" of "Yu-Gi-Oh".

So you ask, how much is Nancy Cartwright being pay for voicing "Bart"?
$500,000 (Half a million dollars!) so to say!  By the way, in Mexico, the Union that groups the voice cast, went to court asking a judge to consider that the Union has been replaced by untalented people, in breach of a contract they have since the early 1950's.  The Mexican court did not wanted to see the case, because any corporation that changes hands, has the right to do a new agreement, or simply cancel the current one.  That's what happened with the dubbers in Mexico.  They changed hands and breached the contract with the union and Mexican authorities tells "That's OK!"  Go Figure!

In the meantime, FOX will not comment on the voice drama in Mexico and will allow the dubbing of "Los Simpsons" (The Simpsons) and "Reyes de Colina" (King Of The Hill) with the new voice cast!

"Pink Panther" movie delayed?

Sony won't release classic remake, until 2006

This is what happens when SONY buys MGM!

The remake of the classic movie "Pink Panther" starring actor Steve Martin, that was about to be released in August, has now been delayed until 2006.

Sony claims that the studio needs more time to promote the "Pink Panther" movie, according to a press release:

"With the recent acquisition of MGM, we wanted to give our marketing department the time and opportunity to launch this very important franchise..."  Unquote

Some analyst are telling that SONY was under pressure of a failure by releasing the movie, against the movie remake of the classic TV series "The Dukes Of Hazard" with Johnny Knoxville.  Also a spin off of the cult classic movie "Office Space" by "King of The Hill's" creator Mike Judge, is on the view.  So SONY decided to play it safe!

Now on a related note, if you like the "Pink Panther" cartoons and wondered, where is the pink one?  Cartoon Network's Boomerang  is returning the series to their line up on June 27 at 7:30 PM EDT.  The series will include the original theatrical shorts, as well as TV produced series.  I wonder if the classic "Pink Panther and Sons" that was seen on NBC TV in 1984 will be added?

Congress will stop funding PBS KIDS?

BUSTER: "Oh no!  I just found aliens at the Capitol!"

Aliens?  I think those are "PBS KIDS filibusters"

With the news that the US Congress will stop the funding for the Corporation For Public Broadcasting (PBS), there has been too many eyebrows been raised, with some concerns about what's going on within the Government and Public TV.

Its all related to the controversy being caused with the infamous "Buster Baxter"  from the "Arthur" and "Postcards From Buster" series!

As you may recall, in early 2005, the US Secretary Of Education, Margaret Spellings, wrote to the CPB a very angry letter, asking PBS to return money from the Federal Grant known as "READY TO LEARN/NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND", after a review of the episode from "Postcards From Buster" entitled "Sugartime-Vermont".  This episode was retired from the PBS KIDS line up, but it was offered to any PBS affiliate to review and broadcast it on their own.  The reason?  "Buster" meets several kids and their 2 moms.  Now, since this topic may be offensive to some, I will restrain of using the L word! 

I found this matter to be so annoying and quite stupid, because if you saw the series, why there is an episode where religion is observed?  In case you wonder, "Buster" goes to Utah and meets the "Mormon" family and they even pray at dinner.  So is that a separation of both Church and Government as expressed in the US Constitution?

In the meantime, the Congress will start making budget cuts to PBS and will stop funding "Sesame Street", "Teletubbies", "Arthur", "Buster", "Dragon Tales", "Clifford" and more to come!

Read the article from MSNBC
Also check the SAVE ANIMANIACS BLOG for details!

"Cookie Monster" cannot eat COOKIES?

Give thanks to the Health Department with those "SMALL STEPS" PSA's

ELMO: "Luis, you know what time is it now?"

LUIS: "What time is it?"

ELMO: "NAP TIME!!!!!" (Elmo lays head over Luis)

Remember this ad?  It is part of the national campaign known as "SMALL STEPS" from the Department of Health and Human Services.  Why I am bringing it now?

Did you saw the new episode of Sesame Street?  I hope not!  You where watching a shocker!  Our beloved "Cookie Monster" being told not to eat "Sometimes Food", but to eat "Always Food".  If confused, here's the idea:



So what if you saw "Sesame Street" and found this weird looking owl teaching "Cookie Monster" to eat "Always Food"?  CALM  DOWN!  Give thanks to the Secretary of Education!  Also give thanks to the Health Department, for bringing that out during the "Small Step" campaign!

Sounds weird, but the producers of PBS KIDS "Sesame Street" are moderating "Cookie Monster's" bad habit of yelling "ME WANT COOKIES!"  

"Veggie Tales" would love to have "Barney!"


BARNEY: "I love you, you love me, where a classic family, with a great big hug and a Veggie Tale from me..."

BOB TOMATO: "Hold it big purple devil!  That is not the way we hear that song!"

Classic Media, who owns the rights to the "Veggie Tales", "Rocky And Bullwinkle" and "Lassie" has made an unsolicited bid to HIT ENTERTAINMENT, the owners of "Barney" and "Bob The Builder".  However HIT already has a merger offer from European group APAX PARTNERS (If you are familiar with "Virgin Radio" in The UK, the APAX PARTNERS owns shares of it.).   Also other contenders include THE LIONS GATE GROUP, who owns the video release rights to Mattel's "Barbie" and SCHOOLASTIC's/PBS KIDS "Clifford The Big Red Dog".  HIT ENTERTAINMENT is not yet considering any offers, but recently recommended to their shareholders to consider a bid from APAX for $917 million dollars.  Now the question would be?  Who wants "Barney"?

"Scooby Doo" meets the Braves!

Atlanta Braves to invite "Scooby Doo" for family fun

"Take me out to the ball game, take me out to see 'Scooby Doo'...."

Well, The Atlanta Braves is about to grant your wish "Scooby" fan!  The Atlanta Braves will premiere the new "Aloha, Scooby Doo" film during the weekend of April 10th.  This came from The Atlanta Braves press office.

"The Braves are thrilled to partner with Cartoon Network and Warner Home Video to have this premiere for our fans and to offer it on the world's largest high-definition screen," said Derek Schiller, senior vice president of sales/marketing for the Braves. "This event is a perfect example of how the Braves look to add value to the experience for fans at Turner Field for the coming season."

"Aloha, Scooby-Doo will be the very first film to be presented on this magnificent high-definition screen at Turner Field," said Dennis Adamovich, senior vice president of marketing for Cartoon Network. "One of our key marketing objectives is to utilize key character franchises such as Scooby-Doo to create one-of-a-kind Cartoon Network brand experiences for fans to enjoy away from their televisions. This post-game screening offers lots of laughs and thrills for the entire family, and builds anticipation for the all-new 'Tooner Field' we're developing on site with The Braves, to be unveiled this summer."

What is the "Tooner Field"?  Kind of like Scooby Doo and Bugs Bunny's Major League Baseball franchise.  In fact Tweety will sing:

TWEETY: "Take me out to the ball game, take me out to the park!  Buy me some bird seeds and 'Cracker Jack'...  I taw I taw a putty that,  I see, I see a 'putty that' in that right field....."

SILVESTER: "Take me out to the bird cage, take me out to the bird..."

"Pokemon Chronicles" to DVD

Ever wonder what happened to those lost "Pokemon" episodes?

Ask "Pikachu", but if you ever wondered why certain episodes of the cartoon "Pokemon" and "Pokemon Advance Generation" seen on KIDS WB, has not been showed?  Perhaps the only episodes they have not show was the one that caused epilepsy in Japanese children ("Porygon") and another episode that uses fire arms (I believe is the "Dratini" episode).

But how about episodes that started showing after the US DVD released "Mewtwo Returns"?  These where episode not related to the series main plot.  In other words, whereas an episode was about "Ash" and "Pikachu" with the "twerps" (Either "Brock" & "Misty", or "May" and "Max"), then on certain occasions, an episode was about "Team Rocket" or about "Ritchie and Moltres" (Not seen in the USA!).  Those episodes where referred as "Pokemon Chronicles".  

Currently there are 26 episodes and is believe that more are in production, however the chances to see this mini "Pokemon" features are mostly dim.  Since 4KIDS Entertainment, holds the episodes for the Pokemon Series, they have not decided how and when to release those episodes.  Neither KIDS WB has decided if they plan to show those during their weekend schedules or will simply go ahead with the regular episodes.

But, after looking at the "Pokemon Spoiler" page at Serebii, chances are that those episode will see the light on DVD after all.  It is also confirmed that Cartoon Network UK, will broadcast those episodes during the month of May....

MAX: "Why May has a month?  Can I have one?"

...I said May 2005!  Where in the calendar says Max?

MAX: "No way!!!"

Colombians love The Pope in a cartoon?

Tribute to Pope John Paul II welcomed, by Colombians

Talk about a cartoon with the late Pope John Paul II.  This is how a Colombian non Catholic is paying his respects to the late pontiff.  Creating a comic strip where John Paul II is reborn and becomes a faith fighter against spiritual evil.  Is like "Batman" meets Jesus (No offense, but that is how they are describing it!).

"The Incredible Pope Man" is the name given to the cartoon and comic strip that turns the late Pope in a super hero. "The pope was a real-life superhero, of flesh and blood," said Colombian artist Rodolfo Leon, a non-practicing Catholic who has been working on the comic book for about a year.  Leon said he was saddened by the death of John Paul II, whom he admired. The artist worried some people might be offended by such a revered figure becoming a comic book hero, but said the reception so far has been good.  So when the comic book will be available?  Perhaps it is not yet known when will be available, but sources tells that the book may be sold in Colombia, Canada, Mexico, Poland (The birth place of The Pope) and quite possibly The United States.  No offense, but at least they should show some respect for The Pope.

4KIDS gets rights to "The Wumblers"

If "Dora The Explorer" could meet "Raymundo" and "Bertrum"!

A few days ago, I found a new concept being adopted by 4KIDS ENTERTAINMENT, the holders of popular cartoons like "Pokemon", "Yu-gi-oh" and "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles".  Meet "The Wumblers", a collection of cartoons made out of "Watermelon".  Yummy?

Actually the concept was introduced by Laura Wellington, who founded "The Silly Goose Company LLC" to represent the new project.  26 episodes (these are 52 episodes of 11 minutes each) are being produced in London by "Cosgrove Hall Films" (Remember the cartoon "Count Duckula" on the old Nickelodeon?), thru Peak Entertainment.  The series is aimed at pre-school age and is about a kid named "Bertrum" and his pal "Raymundo" the Spanish snail.

Yes is true!  "The Wumblers" are made of watermelon!  This according to The Silly Goose Company LLC: 

"The Wumblers are multi-colored, bulbous-shaped characters whose food falls from the sky, whose babies come from watermelon, and whose stories embody social values based upon the common thread of humanity. Such values include mutual respect, fairness, and acceptance."

Sounds sweet!  When to expect this new animated show?  It is not yet known when and where to see it, but I'll say, probably by fall.  Since 4KIDS hold the license to the series, I may say that they would give it to the FOX's 4KIDS TV weekend block, or to Cartoon Network, since some of their series are being moved there.  But this could change any time.

"Arthur" and PBS talks food allergies (Sorry Buster!)

What is wrong with some postcards anyway?

Despite the big controversy over "Buster Baxter", his best pal "Arthur" is showing some insights in food allergy.  According to a press release from "The Cookie Jar" company (Formerly known as CINAR), the PBS KIDS series "Arthur" will address the issue of food allergies, when the episode "Binky Goes Peanuts" debuts on April the 8th.  In the episode, "Binky" the sometimes bully kid of the series, has to give up on chinese food, and PB&J, after learning that peanuts can cause allergic reaction.  (Too bad, I have allergies, but to shrimp!)

"Over the years, I've received many requests from kids and adults asking us to tackle the subject of peanut allergies in an ARTHUR episode," said ARTHUR creator and series executive creative producer Marc Brown. "Given that so many of our young fans and their parents deal with food allergies every day, we have a unique opportunity to make a real difference."

ARTHUR: "Buster, are you allergic to aliens?"

BUSTER: "Nope, but I'm allergic to the Secretary of Education!"

Ok, I admit that some comments are out of script!  Hope Margaret Spellings is not reading this!  Just check the local PBS listings for the episode broadcast.

Nickelodeon makes request for "Go Diego"

Nickelodeon has requested the new animated 'Spin Off' to "Dora The Explorer"

"Go Diego," a new series centered on "Dora's" cousing that has been seen in later "Dora The Explorer" TV series is making the debut on Nick on Fall 2005.  Along with his 11 year old sister "Alicia," "Diego" and friends will explore the world and by using reasoning skills (Same as "Dora"!), will try to stop "Swiper" and bad guys from damaging the environment.  Also Nickelodeon is requesting several series and returning favorites, like "Spongebob Squarepants", "Jimmy Newtron", "Fairy Odd Parents" and others.

More "Buster Baxter" issues!

Cartoon Bunny grabs international attention from civil groups

"Arthur's" best friend "Buster Baxter", the asthmatic bunny that started his own TV series on PBS KIDS "Postcards From Buster" has received numerous praises and complaints from civil liberties groups and religious based organizations, after a controversial episode "Sugartime-Vermont" was censored by PBS.  This after US Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings, sended a letter to PBS President Pat Mitchell, requesting to refund money used to produce the episode.  Recently, the Web Site 'Family Pride' made the episode available online with a campaign to write a protest letter to Secretary Spellings.  Also in case you have not see it, there is a small clip from the episode and is available at the BLOG PAGE.  Another note, is that both "Arthur" and "Postcards From Buster" are nominated for this year's "Daytime Emmys."

FOX will green light "Dr Seuss: Horton Hears a Who" movie
"Ice Age" and "Robots" producers planning children's classic

The Classic DR Seuss storybook "Horton Hears a Who," will be made a movie by Twentieth Century Fox  in partnership with 'Blue Sky Studios'.  The creators of the animated CGI movies "Robots" and "Ice Age" will start planning a 2007 or 2008 release of the movie.  Twentieth Century Fox already made the DR Seuss classic, into an animated feature (2D) back in 1971 by the late Chuck Jones.  Also FOX has confirmed they got another DR Seuss classic for a future developmet.  The Whimsical "Horton Hatches an egg".  Will they ever get "Green Hams and Eggs?" (Also known as "The Warners and The Beanstalk")


Pokemon Movie and Theme Park?  What Disney could think about it?

Anyone interested in going to Tokio?

How about Pikachu and pals riding over 40 attractions?  Sorry Disney!  But here goes your competition!  The Pokemon Park is about to inaugurate in a week or so.  The Tokio base park will have Pikachu and the main Pokemon characters bringing fun and exitement to the public, but will the colorful Pokemon will be able to attract enough people from Tokio Disney?  Will see that!  I wish to see one Pokemon Theme Park running in Orlando!  "MEOWTH!  That's right!"

Also speaking of "Pokemon" there are some details being released for the upcoming movie in Japan with the return of the legendary "Mew" from the "Pokemon First Movie"  A set of 4 Pokemon characters are being introduced to the movie.  But the details are still pending.  By the way, the movie will be released on July, 2005 in Japan.  But for US and other countries, may have to wait till 2006 to see it.

Change in FOXBOX?

Here's a hint, the next time we tell you about "FOXBOX" on FOX TV, you may not read "FOXBOX" at all.  Instead, when I mention "FOXBOX", I will simply mention "4KIDS TV" on FOX TV.  Got it?  Thanks Albert Kahn!

The weekend block of FOXBOX has been renamed to 4KIDS TV, this according to TOONZONE but, don't ask me why the sudden name change of block.  Unless it is related that the DIC KIDS TV block is getting more advantage over FOX BOX!  For those of you wondering what is FOX BOX and DIC KIDS, FOX BOX is a partnership of FOX TV and 4KIDS Entertainment, the US distributor of "Pokemon" and "Yu-Gi-Oh".  The FOX BOX/4KIDS TV block is currently broadcasting:

"The Cramp Twins"
"One Piece"
"Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles"
"Winx Club"
"Sonic X"
"Shaman King"

This is the current DIC KIDS block:

"The Littles"
"The Smurf" (Comming Soon)
"Liberty Kids (Former PBS KIDS series)
"Sabrina The Teenage Witch"
"The Berenstein Bears"*
"Sonic The Hedgehog Underground"**
"Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century"

* This was a DIC series made for CBS Television Network, back in the early 90's and is not related to the current PBS KIDS/Nelvana Entertainment series.

**This is an older version of the "Sonic" Series from Bohbot Entertainment, circa 1994.  It is not related to the 4KIDS anime version.

For more information, visit the 4KIDS TV Web Site


Dispute for Hispanic "Los Simpsons" cast: "¡DOH!"

Turns out that "Homero" is changing the voice.....

*Strangles "Bart" by the neck*
BART: "Lo siento Homero, mi voz no es la misma" (Sorry Homer, my voice's not the same)

If your TV has FOX with SAP or second audio (Mostly spanish), you may hear "The Simpsons" in the spanish language format.  Turns out that the voice cast of "Los Simpson" has been fired, not by Donald Trump, but by the Mexican run "Estudio De Grabaciones Y Doblajes Internacionales" (The same people that translated those Disney classics like "Sleeping Beauty"/"Bella Durmiente" and of course "Animaniacs"!)

Why, you ask?  Turns out that in the country of Mexico, there are laws that makes the actors and voice over actors to be treated like union members, something like the SCREEN ACTORS GUILD in the USA.  However, if the company chooses to pay hourly wages to anyone that can, at least, sound like the original "Homer" or "Bart" and is not an UNION or GUILD actor, then the company would prefer to do that, just to save some pennies.  That was the main reason, why the original voice over cast of "The Simpsons" in spanish, got replaced by ordinary people that would take any amount of money just to support their household.

Of course, the Mexican and Latin community are outraged by the decision of replacing the voice cast.  I could figure out that the voices in spanish may be different.

"Kripto The Dog" and other series goes to Cartoon Network

Who won "The Will"?  Will never know!  Thank you Simon!

As far I found out, CBS Television is not willing to continue broadcasting the latest reality TV series, "The Will".  What this means is that less than 4 million viewers will be wondering, "Who won the big ranch anyway?"  Give thanks that "American Idol" still on!  Yes, CBS TV canceled the reality bomb!

Help the Red Cross, Save Animaniacs did!

Save Animaniacs was able to contribute with the American Red Cross and their effort to help the people in south Asia being affected by the earthquake.  It took only $5.00, but at least it will help with the relief effort.  If you donate, keep in mind that your contribution is TAX DEDUCTIBLE.

New for 2005: KIDS WB will broadcast the next Pokemon movie, thanks to Disney?

Have KIDS WB gone that far, by announcing that they will premiere a Pokemon Movie that has not been released in the USA?  Sounds weird, but on January 22, 2005 KIDS WB will premiere "Pokemon: Destiny Deoxys"  This is the 7th Pokemon Movie being released this far.  Believe it or not, the movie has not been released on DVD or Video and it appears that Disney is trying to see how well this experiment works.  Disney's Buena Vista Home Video is in charge of the movie release scheduled for February 2005.  The movie is produced by Nintendo and 4Kids Entertainment and is made by Japan's TV Tokio.  The information came from SEREBII.NET.

New for 2005:  Japan wants the FCC to stop the copycat!

Seems like the Japanese guys could not tolerate the copycats in America!  OK, I'm not talking about Food Network, re-inventing Japan's "The Iron Chefs" by the way (In case you wonder, Food Network is doing "American Iron Chef").  Turns out that the Japanese company Fujiko Pro and Shogakukan Production who owns the character "Doraemon" are complaining to Michael Powell and The Federal Communications Comision, over a character on the FCC's Kids Web Site that is identified as "BROADBAND" and could be a copycat of the Japanese character.

New for 2005:  HOMER SIMPSON IS DEAD????????  DOOOOOHHHH!!!!!

Doh!  Another Simpson update!  According to some press release, Matt Groening, creator of "The Simpsons" is talking about killing "Homer Simpson" during the ratings sweep.  But "Homer" will live to tell!  Actually is a moment where "Homer" will talk to God, according to Groening.  At least you will find out if that will happen for real!

News Archived 2004:

The Citrus Parade is over, check the pictures folder!

Track Santa on NORAD

No "WAKKO'S WISH" on hispanic network?  Not even Cartoon Network?

Japanese duo "Hi Hi Puffy Ami Yumi" celebrates New Year, along with Regis and from the hospital, Dick Clark!

Cartoon Network's newly imported attraction from Tokio, will celebrate the New Years Day and quite possibly will join Regis who is replacing Dick Clark at the hospital, due to heart stroke.  I'm talking about "Hi Hi Puffy Amy Yumi".  The singing duo has a cartoon during the FRIDAY's block at Cartoon Network and would be performing either live or tape delayed from Tokio, Japan.

I am testing the NETSCAPE and STAR OFFICE Software!

Bear with me folks!  As I stated before, I loss all the files from Windows 98, including the OFFICE BUNDLE.  How I am updating this?  I found a quite good solution with the NETSCAPE Browser.  It came to my mind, cause I used before.  I still evaluating several options.  Among them, to review the SUN STAR OFFICE which I also used to use on the prior PC.  Again, you will still see updates on the main site and also on the BLOG page.  The BLOG page is easy to do with an interface.  In Netscape you can also work the same as FRONT PAGE.  Tough it will have a different look. but still won't change a thing.  Again, I need to find out which one works best.  Will keep you updated.

I am working with the evaluation version of SUN STAR OFFICE 7 and depending of the results, I may download the paid software, since is much cheaper than MICROSOFT's OFFICE bundle...

COST FOR SUN STAR OFFICE 7: Less than $40 dollars (This is only the download, retail value is around $80 bucks!)

COST FOR MICORSOFT's OFFICE BUNDLE: Between $150 and $300 Dollars!

Keep in mind that I am also giving consideration to NETSCAPE's COMPOSER, which is FREE!!!!! This is as part of the NAVIGATOR Browser and you don't have to pay for their INTERNET service, in order to download it. It is 100 times much better than using the NOTEPAD to edit HTML tags! I don't like that part! It is too way for me!

The Parade is 2 weeks away

In less than 2 weeks, the annual CITRUS PARADE will run the City of Orlando FL.  As part of the annual "Capital One Bowl" game on New Years Day, January 1st, 2005.  Check the BLOG page for more details.  I could have a nice surprise that will be revealed at any time during the holidays!  By the way, NO JURY DUTY!  Got Excused!

Right now, the volunteer opportunities are closed, so sorry, if you did not got the chance. I got it! 3 straight days of volunteering! It will be lots of fun. I am planning for more surprises during the holidays. THEME PARKS? It could happen!

Did I say I got Disney Tickets last year? There are somewhere in my pockets!

And remember! IN 3.2 MP! Thanks to FUJIFILM AND WEBSHOTS!

By the way, FCSPORTS has revealed the floats that will lead this year's parade. So you will see those floats being prepared for the parade.

Who's that first Pokemon?  It's "Mew" in a movie!

I have some BREAKING NEWS for all you Pokemon Fans out there!  Remember the "Pokemon: The First Movie" with "Mew" and "Mewtwo"?  Of course, you have seen the movie in theaters, back in 1999 or 2000.  Or have seen it in re-runs on Cartoon Network.  Well, guess what?  A new Pokemon Movie was revealed in Tokyo, Japan.  What is most revealing is who stars in the new movie!  MEW!  The long lost Pokemon that battled against "Mewtwo" on the animated movie from Warner Brothers, is making a come back!  What is going on?  I have no idea.  It came from SEREBII, but still needs to be confirmed.  The new Pokemon Movie will be premiered on July 2005 in Japan.  At this point, there is no USA date release date, but will keep you posted.  But I guess is a return to Pokemon basics, like in the beginning.  In fact, this is a movie that would reveal a new set of Pokemon that may be the pre-evolution of the original "Indigo" series.  So far, a new Pokemon has been revealed and is "Munchlax"("Gombe"), a pre-evolved "Snorlax".  Again more details will be released, so get ready to see another Pokemon adventure!


Attention SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS fans!  The Burger King Corporation, is offering rewards to whoever gives out information on who is the GRINCH that is stealing the inflated "Spongebob" that seats atop of the Burger King Restaurants...  

...I wish the GRINCH would take out those "Burger King" commercials, I mean that one where a guy is in bed with "Burger King"...

...But WAIT!  The rewards is not MONEY!  Is in the form of "Whopper Bucks" or "Burger Money".  The recent "Spongebob's" kidnapping was the main reason the burger giant is offering the rewards, but discourage others to go atop their restaurants to grab the 9 foot inflatable.  In fact, one of the Orlando Restaurants did have to remove the inflatable from the roof and is displaying it, inside their restaurant.  If you happen to know the whereabouts of America's soaping sensation, just click here to find out more! 

In 3.2 MP:  The Citrus Parade!

Once again, Save Animaniacs is proud to bring you the annual Orlando Citrus Parade.  This is the same parade that pre-starts the annual "Capital One" Bowl game in Orlando on January 1st, 2005.  So for those Football fans out there, who may or may not make it to Orlando and see the Parade, you will get a chance during the whole 2005, to see it!  The best part is that for this parade, instead of FILM camera (Used in the 2001 and 2003 Parades) and the INTEL PLAY/ DIGITAL BLUE camera (That camera was used for the LYNX new terminal display), I have added a FUJIFILM Fine Pix Digital Camera in 3.2 Mega Pixels (Was the most cheap I could find at $149 bucks before taxes...$160!).  So, now that I have the DIGITAL CAMERA that I always wanted (No offense to the Intel Play), I will let you know what I will do with the camera.  Right now, on the Parades Folder, is a Christmas Parade that was held in Orlando recently and while that was my first attempt in using the camera (I know "American Idol's" Latoya London was a little fuzzy, but it was my first attempt to shoot!), most of the pictures came so clear!  So expect to see more of this when the Citrus Parade comes.  By the way, I got invited once again to do "Citrus Parade Floats", so expect that also even, before the parade starts!

More Parade News, a new Picture Folder, my hospital visit and JURY DUTY!

in the hospital last week, complaining of stomach aches, related to gastritis or GERD syndrome.  In other words, I have the Ashley Simpson's thing that killed the "Saturday Night Live's" (SNL)  performance a few weeks back....."On a Sunday, I am waiting, for the moment....."  The "Pieces of Me" vocal track, to be exact!  I am OK, so hopefully I don't get too greedy with food.... Since Thanksgiving is around!  ANTACID PLEASE!!!!

Speaking of Thanksgiving, I just found out more information on the Orlando Citrus Parade and also the 78th Annual Macy's Thanksgiving Parade.  For those who plan to attend the Orlando Citrus Parade on December 30th, 2004,  The Florida Citrus Sports Committee that oversees the parade and the "Capital One" Citrus Bowl Game, is releasing information on how the parade will be held, as well it has an schedule for volunteers looking forward to fill Citrus Floats, like I did last year.  I hope to do the same this year.  If you are so lucky like I did, you may get tickets to Disney or Universal Studios.   Also the fact that you may walk the parade route as part of the volunteers marchers and have a spot on national television, since the parade goes on over 100 TV stations and major Sports TV Networks like Florida's "Sunshine Network", to name a few.  The Citrus Sport Committee does ask to sign a waver if you would like or not to march and be seen on TV.  I did not wanted to march and be seen on ABC at all!

Jury summons please?  I got a Juror summons or "Jury Duty" citation for the month of December and I am freaking out!  The summons asks that I have to be available between December 1st and the 31st, not including Christmas Day!  What it means is that I could be ask to serve any day in December, but what are my chances that I could be serving during the 24th and the 31st?  Simply as less I could do during the first 3 weeks.  I hope so, cause what are my chances of simply missing the traditional "Citrus Parade" in order to serve the courthouse?  WHAT???  Also what are my chances that I will be sequestered?  This is the 3rd time I do Jury Duty and have not seen myself inside a hotel room!  GO FIGURE!

Now for those on the lookout for the 78th annual Macy's Thanksgiving Parade, I found some little information on the Parade Floats and performers, but I guess more information will be released soon, so check back.  Speaking of performers, I read that former rocker of the 80's group "Chicago" Peter Cetera, would perform a Christmas song for the "FISHER PRICE" Float.  

Also other performers will include Fantasia ("American Idol 3")performing at the US Postal Service "Spirit of America" Float, Raven Symone (Disney Channel's "That's so Raven") performing at the "Build-A-Bear Workshop's" float, Barenaked Ladies for Amica Insurace's "America's Malt Shop" float, Gavin De Graw, Jeff Timmons (Formerly of "98 Degrees"), Andrea Bocelli and Jose Feliciano at the "Hershey Kids Candy Creations" Float, singing...."FELIZ NAVIDAD, PROSPERO AñO Y FELICIDAD" among others.

"Baby, what a big surprise....Ohhhhh Noooooooo!"  That sounds like "VH-1 Classics"!

The last thing is to let you know that there is a new folder on the "Picture Parade" link.  This one is the new LYNX Bus Terminal in Orlando FL.  The 1985 older terminal is gone!  It was the most nightmare to use it on a daily basis to get down to my job.  I mean, stand one hour waiting in the hot sun or freezing winter weather, when you can now relax indoor with air conditioner and GIANT SIZE TV?  Even the buses can now leave when they want, instead of all the buses leaving every 10 or 15 minutes, causing a back up traffic when departing the terminal.  For those who came on I-4 in Orlando and noted a "wave" made of blue neon light, that is not DISNEY!

Rudolph the "Bear" Nosed Reindeer?  CBS partners "Build-A-Bear" for Rudolph

If you have been able to see some ads for "Build-A-Bear Workshop" where kids can make their own "Teddy Bears", here's another addition to the "bear-ly" store.  The classic holiday special "Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer" that you have seen on CBS Television during the holidays, is now making itself a "Teddy", just like "Elmo" of "Sesame Street" did!  The toy retailer "Build-A-Bear" has partnered with CBS Television for the upcoming broadcast of the classic 1964 Rankin/Bass own "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer".  I just got a catalog from "Build-A-Bear" indicating the new arrival.  So I will try to make one.  Good idea, Maxine Clark (Founder of Build-A-Bear).  Keep it coming, cause I like the store myself and bought some "bearly" plushes from the Florida Mall location!

Also CBS has told (Via Toonzone) that they will make promo's featuring "Elves" from the "North Pole".  Who are they?  David Letterman, Ray Romano, Charlie Sheen and "Survivor's" Jeff Probst.  Call it "Survivor of the Elves!"  The CBS special will run on December 1st 2004 at 8:00 PM Easter.

"Pokemon" may show the lost episodes!

4Kids Entertainment gave us a look at the first Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh spin off series (Just like "Arthur" spin off "Postcards from Buster" on PBS KIDS and "Rugrats" spin off "All Grown Up" on Nickelodeon).  Turns out that Pokemon may show the lost episodes that where shown in Japan and somewhere else, but not in America.  They call it "Pokemon Chronicles", a new spin off to the "Pokemon Advance" series and the first series that does not concentrate about Ash and Pikachu.  

My believe is that in Japan there where several Pokemon episodes that detoured from the series and showed other characters doing their own adventures.  I mean, if you recall the "Mewtwo Returns" Pokemon Special that was released on DVD, that was the main reason why in Japan, the series started doing like small episodes showing other characters from the series.  Some of them, may show what happened to "Misty" and "Psyduck", after the "Johto League Champion" series (How could they explain why "Togepi" is with "Misty", when in the last "Pokemon Advance" series, "Misty" says goodbye to "Togetic" the evolved "Togepi"?) and even there is a "Team Rocket's" all alone episode.  The series is slated for a fall 2005 showing on KWB.

"Emperor's New Groove" TV series?  Next: "Lilo & Stitch's Extra-Terrorestrial encounter, The Series".......

Here we go again, Disney Channel's newest TV series in development, would be a spin off to the movie "The Emperor's New Groove" that was voiced by David Spade and John Goodman in 2000.  Disney Channel is requesting 21 episodes of "Emperor's New Skool" for 2006.  What's next?  I assume a new spin off to "Lilo & Stitch's Extra Terrorestrial encounter, The Series".  The last one after the new re-vamped attraction returned to the Magic Kingdom recently.

DIC KIDS pleases "The Smurf" fans!

"La-la-la-la-la-la......"  STOP IT!!!!!!  DIC KIDS has issue the statement that could make "Papa Smurf" so proud, or would make it worse than the CHEF BOYARDEE commercial (Circa 1982)!  Just check the website for the "Smurfy-licious" commercial!  In the meantime, the old 1980's "The Smurf" series will be seen early 2005 and will be courtesy of the DIC KIDS network (Mostly made of FOX/WB/UPN stations).  According to Andy Heyward, Chairman/CEO of DIC Entertainment, claims they got the rights to 26 episodes of the "Hanna/Barbera" series that was originally developed for NBC TV back in the year 1980.  Currently the series is property of Warner Brothers (Acquired originally by Turner in the 1990's) and it's only available to Cable Subscribers via "Cartoon Network" and "Boomerang" channels.  The episodes that DIC acquired are mostly FCC friendly and are to comply with the "Children Educational Informational Act" (That is best known as the E/I rating that most children TV shows gets like "Dora The Explorer" on "NICK ON CBS" weekend block).  Other DIC KIDS shows includes "Sabrina The Teenage Witch" and "Liberty Kids" (Former PBS KIDS series).

Breaking news:  NBC cancels "Father of the Pride"

What is going on at the Turkey Channel?  Yet is not Thanksgiving and the Macy's Parade is not yet coming, but so does NOVEMBER SWEEPS!

Here's the latest regarding the possibility of NBC canceling "Father of the Pride":

According to Reuters and Yahoo via Toonzone, that Hollywood Reporter is confirming that NBC will not order any new episodes of the "Dreamworks" computer (CGI) animated series based on the Siegfried and Roy shows in Vegas (Before a tiger attack that almost killed the magician).  It seems like the shown is poorly performing at the ratings that NBC has decided to cancel the show and it has even removed the show from the November Sweeps.  In the meantime, few of the episodes are not being seen, until at least the end of the year or after January 2005.  By the way, the cost per episode is about $2 Million Dollars.  That explains the NBC's decision of giving out on those lions!

Disney reveals "Chicken Little"

Disney is not releasing the summer 2005 computer movie based on the tale of "Chicken Little" yet.  However Mouse house is trying to push the movie with some upcoming events.  Recently Disney signed with the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade organizers to have a giant Helium Balloon depicting the new character to made the debut during the Thanksgiving holiday.  Now comes word that Disney is debuting the trailer for the upcoming movie and Disney has the site up and running.  Check it out!

More legal battles for Disney, from Pooh to Peter Pan and Marvel

Since where still talking Disney, there are more legal battles involving Mouse House.  Just this past year, we had the "Pooh" fight with the heirs and just recently there was the "Peter Pan" legal fight against the London's Children Hospital, who claims that Disney owns royalties to them.  Now joining the legal battlefield, is no other than Marvel Comics!  You read!  Superman and Batman, hang up tight!  Disney is having a legal battle with the comic maker.

An article from Reuters claims that Disney owns them royalties due for the use of their properties on their ABC Family Channel, a channel that use to be FOX Family Channel and even before that, use to be known as FAMILY CHANNEL.

Disney's ABC Family had acquired the cartoons from FOX Family back in 2001, after buying the channel from the NEWS Corporation and the library from "Saban Entertainment".  Some of the shows that FOX family use to had where among them, "Power Rangers", "Spider Man", "The X-Men" and "The Incredible Hulk".  After Disney took control of the cartoons, Marvel claimed that Disney did not pay any royalty for the series being broadcasted on the ABC Family channel.

Howie on the satellite...Or the Water Tower?

The last thing you need to hear, is the not so well mannered "Howie Turn" having a stint on Satellite radio.  After Clear Channel and The Federal Communications Commission added some fuel to the issue, regarding the well known shock jock from NYC, now the "unpopular" Howard Stern shocked the entire radio business by telling "I can't fight!"  With that said, Stern signed a billionaire contract with Satellite's SIRIOUS RADIO and will start broadcasting after January 2006.  What this means for "Howie Turn and Robin" of Animaniacs?  Another stint from The Water Tower?

HOWIE: "Im the king of all shockers and Satellite radio!  I will broadcast from the Water Tower and will try to take over the world!"

PINKY: "Gee Howie, what would you do tonight?"

HOWIE: "Same thing we do every night Pinky, try to take over the FCC!"

"Stanley" goes "Veggie Tales"?

What if Disney's "Stanley" gets a message from above?  There goes the BIG BOOK song......

"Here's the big book of everything, with everything inside....."

Hold it!     ( * _ * )

Can't think of this song anyhow, but other than an article on the Animation World Network's Website ( that mentions that "Stanley," "PB & J Otter" (Disney) and "Doug's" (Nick/Disney) creator Jim Jinkins is exploring an animated series named "Hoop Dogz", based on the other big book that is also known as The Bible.  Earlier this year, we talked about the "Veggie Tales" characters (Big Idea) being explored in a movie ("Jonah: The Veggie Tales Movie") about the Bible's tale of Jonah and the whale.  

Another religious based property, "Davey and Goliath" (Evangelical Lutheran Church) made a cameo appearance on a commercial for Pepsi's "Mountain Dew" (The one with the can fight from Davey, then his dad took the can and drank the whole soda!  Then "Goliath" goes: "Ohhhhh Davey!").  Now comes word that the faith based organization decided to produce a new holiday special, soon to come.

Then last, but not least, actor Mel Gibson with his controversial "The Passion of The Christ" is in talks about making an animated version of the movie, only that this version will not have too much violence than the original movie.  Still will tell the whole story.

The return of the Citrus Parade!

Is back!  The annual Orlando Citrus Parade!

December 30th 2004 at 11:00 AM in Downtown Orlando!

BE THERE!  We'll do!

More information to come, check the BLOG page for details!

Pokemon may unveil new set of characters and a movie!

For those fans of the cute "Pikachu" of "Pokemon" may want to know that a new set of characters and a new movie may be revealed in Japan during the holiday season.  One of the new characters was recently revealed on a movie known as "Pokemon Advance: The Visitor of Space Fissure", which by the way, the USA version of the movie was renamed as "Pokemon Advance: Destiny Deoxys" and although a release date is not yet on the calendar, be on the lookout for it, cause there is the evolution of the Pokemon "Snorlax", known as "Gombe" in Japan and "Munchlax" in the USA versions.  This information comes from the Pokemon Spoiler Page SEREBII.NET.  We like to call it "The Spoiler Page" cause all the information they have is mostly not known yet, but only in Japan.

"Buy Me, Buy Me!"  SONY buys MGM and PINK PANTHER!  Time Warner losses bid for "Rocky"!

Finally, the "Buy Me, Buy Me" that we heard time and again, has been heard by entertainment giant SONY, who is in talks with another group of back-up buyers, including Comcast Cable (The one that wanted to buy Disney!), to pitch the asking price of $5 billion dollars in order to buy the MGM/United Artist library that includes PINK PANTHER and the "Rocky" movies with Sylvester Stallone.  This move is done after Time Warner Company, who owns Warner Brothers and KIDS WB, decided to withdraw from the MGM bidding.  Now the elusive panther will co-join mega artist like Michael Jackson and Jackie Chan!

Possible "Brother Bear" sequel and animated series for Disney Channel?

It is not yet official, but a small mention on the Toonzone page, was the possibility of Disney doing a "Brother Bear 2" movie sequel to the animated hit movie that was done in the now defunct Disney Florida Animation in Orlando's MGM studios.  There was also a mentioning on the web site for the school that attends the voice of "Koda", young actor Jeremy Suarez, who claims that Disney will use him in a new TV series for "Brother Bear", who will be done for The Disney Channel.  Still developing, so more to come.

Michael Eisner may leave Disney before 2006, according to Save Disney!

Last week, Disney's chief executive Michael Eisner, went public to say that he will step down of The Walt Disney Company by the end of the contract in 2006.  However The Save Disney Web Site still pressing for an early leave for the Mouse House executive.  Tough Eisner claims that he will leave the company in 2006, however he will still keep a chair on the Walt Disney Board of Members.  A think that keeps both Roy Disney and Stanley Gold wondering, how far the company will go with Eisner's leadership.  There is an open letter on the Save Disney Web Site that states the following:

Michael Eisner's announcement that he intends to remain CEO for the next two years forces you to make a critical decision. Will you choose to let the Company drift for two more years - allowing the pall Mr. Eisner has cast to continue to drive the most talented and creative people away from Disney, erode the morale of current employees, and prevent the Company from attracting the strong, dynamic, and creative leader it needs? Or will you reject Mr. Eisner's brazen attempt to usurp your responsibilities as directors by stage-managing the appointment of his anointed successor and instead tangibly show your commitment to best corporate practices by immediately initiating an expeditious and broad search for a world-class CEO?

The open letter was directed to the board members, who will decide on September 20th to keep Eisner for the next 2 years of follow Roy's advice and get rid of him.

The Batman on KIDS WB and The Batman on Buckingham Palace

So most of you know that "The Batman" series started on KIDS WB this past weekend of September 11th 2004, but how about having the real deal, The Batman hitting Buckingham Palace?  Yes, a costumed Batman and an accomplice in Robin costume made a surprise appearance at the Buckingham Palace, to hold a banner for the group FATHERS 4 JUSTICE.  It appears that the superhero was looking like a FOE while attempting to disrupt operations in the Palace.  Even Scotland Yard was threatening to kill his sidekick in Robin mask, but after a 5 hour stand up, both Batman and Robin gave up to the English authorities.  All the Batman wanted is to defend the rights of children.  The Fathers 4 Justice group is an organization against divorce of parents in the UK.  No comments where made from DC Comics, regarding the incident.


"Alvin and The Chipmunks" will be made into a CGI movie, like the "Garfield" movie or the "Scooby Doo" or "Shrek" movies.  According to FOX Pictures, who is in talks with Ross Bagdasarian Jr and Janice Karman, the new version of the 1950's squeaky cartoons created by the late Ross Bagdasarian Sr (AKA: Dave Seville), may have a highly profiled comedian to play The Chipmunk's dad, but no information of who will voice Alvin, Simon and Theodore, but the fact that they will be made in CGI

BLOG!  BLOG!  BLOG!  We have BLOG!!!!!

We have BLOG!  I was considering a blog too, but when I first saw it, I tough that I was not ready for it and could not afford the service.  Now Tripod is giving their members the free version of the Blog service, so I decided to give it a try.  So I will try to test the waters and quite possibly I will allow Animaniacs fans to try it too.  So stay tune to the new Save Animaniacs BLOG!  BLOG!  BLOG!  BLOG!

Move out in progress.  Is that Frances?

Were moving!  As a result of the passing of Hurricane Charley and due to some major damage to my bedroom, I will be moving out of the so called Timeshare complex that I was calling home for the last 4 years.  I will move to another apartment complex in the Orlando area, so in the next few days I may not be able to update this site.  However, you can still check the Save Animaniacs BLOG page for some minor updates, regarding the move out.  Guess what?  The next time I update this page, chances are that I will use HIGH SPEED INTERNET.  Because of the continuous use of the internet that uses the telephone line and the fact that I could not use the computer when my other brother is using it, I decided to bring the HIGH SPEED INTERNET option.  It will take several days or at least 1 to 2 weeks to install the Cable TV and Internet Modem.  But still I will do it to keep you all informed.  As I update this site, there is another storm going on.  Just after we got hit by Hurricane Charlie, now comes Frances!  Do we need to be bothered again with a tropical whirlpool?  GO AWAY FRANCES!

Cheating at the Olympiads!

Who is that guy who came and took out the Brazilian delegate while running the marathon?  Some of you saw the final event of the 2004 Olympic Games from Athens, Greece.  The traditional marathon went smooth and with no problems, until the last mile before the finish line, when some unknown guy jumped from the back of the crowd and stopped Brazilian delegate Vanderlei Lima, whiting minutes of reaching the final mile and win the gold medal, but then out of nowhere, came this guy and stopped Lima of reaching the gold, so instead it was Italian delegate Stefano Baldini, who walked away with the gold medal.  Lima took Bronze and US delegate Meb Keflezighi took the silver medal.  So is this another example of CHEATING?  Maybe was for the ratings!  Speaking of ratings, The closing ceremonial of the Olympic Games from Athens, Greece came as TAPE DELAYED.  Something for the ratings, but why when almost everybody in the world saw the closing ceremonial of the Olympic Games, NBC TV delayed the ceremonial to be broadcasted in Prime-Time?  Maybe they took the time to do some back to back coverage of the games that where already made the prior day.  In the meantime, MTV is doing the traditional Video Music Awards and in case you miss it, check your TV schedules, cause the VMA will be seen during the months Of September and October.

KIDS WB reveals new schedules and renames "Mucha Lucha!"

Just to update in the new KIDS WB schedules for the 2004-05 season to start the week of September 11, 2004.  The information came from Toonzone.

Kids WB has announced their new fall schedule, which premieres Saturday, September 11, 2004. Two new series are joining Kids WB, The Batman and Da Boom Crew. Kids WB shows returning to the Saturday schedule with all-new episodes include the next installments of Pokémon: Advanced Challenge and Yu-Gi-Oh!, as well as Jackie Chan Adventures, Xiaolin Showdown, Teen Titans and the newly retitled ¡Mucha Lucha! Gigante.

On September 11, to coincide with the premiere of The Batman, Kids WB teams up with Mattel to give away a thousand new Batman Batwave TV Activated (VEIL) toys during the "Kids' WB! Bat-Tastic Sweepstakes." Each hour viewers will be invited to locate the "Bat Gadget" on-air in order to be eligible to win. Once the viewer knows the "Bat Gadget," they may enter by logging onto or by sending in a postcard. Winners will be awarded with a Batwave TV Activated Batlink communicator or a Batwave TV Activated Batmobile vehicle. The toys feature VEIL technology, which links the Batmobile and the BatWave directly to The Batman.

On Monday, September 13, Kids WB's new weekday lineup premieres. Returning to the schedule are Jackie Chan Adventures, ¡Mucha Lucha!, Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Oh!. Also returning later during the season will be What's New Scooby-Doo?

Here is the full schedule (All times are eastern):

8:00am Jackie Chan Adventures
8:30am ¡Mucha Lucha! Gigante
9:00am Teen Titans
9:30am Xiaolin Showdown
10:00am Pokemon: Advanced Challenge
10:30am The Batman
11:00am Yu-Gi-Oh!
11:30am Da Boom Crew

3:00am Jackie Chan Adventures
3:30am ¡Mucha Lucha!
4:00am Pokemon
4:30am Yu-Gi-Oh!

By the way, I don't know if this re-naming of "Mucha Lucha Gigante" has something to do with the Univision's "Sabado Gigante" with "Don Francisco"

Some sour notes about Charlie

We just survived Hurricane Charlie!  We where out in the dark since Friday the 13th of August.  Yet even worse, we where almost left with no place to call home.  In other words, due to the fact that Charlie was able to damage my bedroom and at any given moment, the ceiling will collapse, I cannot go into my bedroom, although I have to make way to use the bathroom and shower, but the roof is almost going to gave way, so I hope and pray to not be smashed by Charlie's aftermath.  

Speaking of Aftermath, boy I should tell you this.  The American Red Cross was a little bit OK with the situation, but after the hurricane, I was without electricity and most of the food was spoiled, so on Saturday at midnight, things where getting worse.  Where trying to get a hotel room to spend the night, but in Orlando almost everything was at full capacity.  Since Charlie hit most of the tourist capital of Orlando, most of the residents from Central Florida and from Tampa, came and took over the major attraction's hotels and resorts.  Believe it or not, the Timeshare resort that I call home, was completely in the dark.  At midnight, I was scared by the fact that the ceiling was making some noises while water was pouring down and cracked several times, giving me the impression that it would fall apart, with the concrete and base included, so I tough on leaving the whole building and went outside in total darkness and only one candle turned on.  I waited for a while with news that a hotel room would be available, but instead, everything was full.  I was desperate to get out of the Timeshare, so I tough of the temporary shelter that was opened near Universal Studios in Orlando.  It was a make shift Shelter at Dr. Phillips High School that was set up by The American Red Cross for the hurricane victims.  So I did not hesitated on getting out and reach it.  So I did and spend most of the Sunday August 15 and Monday the 16th, at the shelter.

Well, The American Red Cross never asked me why I was looking for a place to stay and just simply gave me what I need it, a place to stay at the high school's gym and a couth bed with a cover.  Sounds nice huh?  Well, it all went to well, until Monday August 16, the school closed the make shift shelter and The American Red Cross was told to move the shelter to a community center in northwest Orlando/Orange County.  So either I leave the shelter or move out with the shelter?  That was the question on my mind for a while, since the move was called all of the sudden.  So finally decided to move with the shelter on the grounds that I was still unsafe at the house's bed room and the fact that there was no electricity.

To make things worse, after I left the first shelter, I was told that the ceiling of my house went wide open, but the good news is that electricity was available at the Timeshare resort and my now ailing apartment also has electricity.  But I still move with the shelter since I tough it was safer although it would now be more far than the original shelter.  Once we reach the new location, we where told by the American Red Cross to make a list of things that we need and then, a truck brought the things from the other shelter, including the couth beds.  However, there was a 180° degrees turn for the worse, when an Orange County person showed up and requested the American Red Cross to return all the couth beds, since they where supposed to be used at the make shift shelter at the high school and they where not allowed in the community center where the new shelter was set up.  So in other words, NO BED is allowed at the new make shift shelter.  The American Red Cross personal was trying to negotiate the matters with the County and City officials but to no luck.  A truck showed up and took the couth beds.  Some of the victims walked away from the community center and raised eyebrows from city officials where seen around the area as most of the victims where told that they have to make beds with their belongings.  In other words, go to SLEEP IN THE FLOOR!

Now seriously, how come that in a time of real need, the City of Orlando and Orange County start a battle of who could use a couth bed?  When do you see families with small children lying flat in the dirty floor?  What's wrong with the picture?  I can't even lye down on the floor, so how in the word, they ask for such kind of sacrifice in order to stay at the shelter?  So I simply decided to return back to the Timeshare apartment with the falling down ceiling cause, it is too much for me to lay flat on the floor and see some "INHUMANE" conditions coming out of there.  I even saw a family of small kids and I asked them if they where leaving the shelter and the mother told me she was going to New Jersey cause she can't lye on the floor and she has a neck problem and why place the small children in the dirty floor?  So I was kind of heart broken just to see this kind of conditions, all thanks to the Orange County officials who instead of lending a hand, starts a fight for their policies on who is the "needy" here.  Their policies call "Needy" a person that is old enough and cannot support themselves or even mothers with babies, but all the others are like worthless people, including children.  So I was too mad about it and I even called The American Red Cross hot line to state the matter and I even let them talk to a Red Cross volunteer who was close to me at the moment, but even their efforts resulted in vain.  They said that they cannot work a solution cause the couth beds belongs to Orange County.  But again, why Orange County decides to go "GREEDY" with the victims of hurricane Charlie?  HELLO RICHARD CROTTY!

Now, I'm back in the Timeshare with the broken ceiling and a rug that turned into a pond, with a foul smell and my bed is now in the living room.  OK, you say "How lucky you are" when there are even worse conditions down south in Punta Gorda, near Fort Myers where Charlie hit with over 140 MPH winds and left a devastation similar to Hurricane Andrew in 1992.  Now I'm just taking this out of my chest, so I apologize for this long comment, but in a very bad situation that is going on in the Sunshine State, I tough it would be necessary to vent this out.  

Not to even mention that on Friday morning of August the 13th, I was working and my mother calls me to my job telling me to get out as quick as I can, cause Charlie would make way into Orlando and the bus service "LYNX" was going to be suspended earlier than expected.  So I told my supervisor to let me go early in the day to welcome Charlie.  However, I rode the first bus from my work place into the Downtown bus terminal and I was awaiting a second bus.  Turns out that the customer service at the terminal was closed with a sign telling "Bus Service to end at 3:00 PM".  But every bus that entered into the terminal was to drop off passengers and then the "Out of Service" was displayed on the route window.  I asked a supervisor for "Lynx" and he told me that the bus service was suspended and that I have to find an alternative to get out.  What alternative?  A Taxi Cab at the high cost of $25 bucks from the terminal to my home!  I could see hundreds more making taxi drivers living possible!  From Theme Parks to hotels and to add the "LYNX" terminal to the Taxi's menu was the "salad bar" of their pockets!  It was to be compared to CBS's hit show "The Amazing Race"....

"RUN CHARLA, RUN!"  Yes, the infamous Charla and cousin Mirna duo was eliminated in a recent episode of CBS's "The Amazing Race" all because of a late flight and an ostrich egg.  If you come to Orlando, try to eat alligator wings at "Gatorland" theme park!

.....Ok, back to the hurricane stuff!  After the storm comes the calm, so they say and to make matters worse, over 1 million people with no electricity and trying to get some ice and water.  After the bad experience, I returned to work and still trying to make some sense with some good people and some greedy people that rather prefer to play some politics rather than lending a helping hand.  So that's my story and as a fast food rat says: "Enough Said!"  So go ahead and pledge to The American Red Cross!

Benji's left with one eye to see "Off The Leash"

K-9 icon "Benji" showed up with owner, Joe Camp at the ABC's "Good Morning America" to promote the new "Benji: Off The Leash" movie, now playing in theaters nationwide.  However some of you may have noted something weird on Benji's left eye!  The 3 1/2 year old mutt from Mississippi underwent eye surgery a few days back (I heard of it, but with the Hurricane Charley crossing the Caribbean before Florida, it was like less attention grabbing).  But still you will see both Camp and Benji making TV appearance as the new Benji movie hits the big screen!

Another related note, the movie "Benji Off The Leash" appears that disappointed at the box office, when the movie debuted at 16 on the list of weekend releases (8/22/04).  The top spot was claimed by another 70's icon, "The Exorcist: The Beginning" (Yes, both "Benji" and "The Exorcist" are 70's stuff!)

New Pokemon Advance Challenge on KWB

Finally, after a summer of repeats, Kids WB is revealing the final 4 episodes of "Pokemon Advance" and the new season of "Pokemon Advance Challenge".  Yet, we tough that the new episodes would not come until the weekend of September 11, 2004.  That's when KIDS WB will start the new 2004-05 season with new episodes of "Pokemon Advance Challenge".  However there is 4 episodes left for "Pokemon Advance" that belongs to the ending 2003-2004 season that will end on September 4, 2004.  How they will break down those 4 remaining episodes?  they will play 2 episodes the next 2 weeks, before moving with the new season.  So rejoice Pikachu fans!  Comes the new season of "Pokemon Advance Challenge" will meet some new Pokemon that will join "Ash" and the "Twerps".....


Missed the Olympics opening.  Thanks Charlie!

With all the Hurricane Charlie stuff, I forgot the Olympic Games from Athens, Greece!  NBC is offering some 24 hours coverage of the games, while using their outlets, from NBC TV and MSNBC to Spanish Network Telemundo in both the US and Puerto Rico.  However because of Hurricane Charlie's coverage on Friday night (8/13/04) and the fact that electricity was gone in half of the state, a lot of people missed the opening ceremonials.  I heard that the FCC would file a complaint because a bad word was even mentioned while on the air and at the opening ceremonial, there was some images being shown that raised some eyebrows, but since I did not saw the whole thing, you go figure!  

Speaking of The FCC, they had said that they will fine CBS for half a million bucks, thanks to Janet and Justin at the Superbowl's half time show.  Now I know why Howie Turn was taken out of the airwaves!  Did the FCC fined Clear Channel because Rush Limbaugh used some words on the airwaves?  Go Figure!


What are the good guys at "Nick" thinking?  On October 2, 2004, Nickelodeon will go off the air!  This is not a joke!  They will go off the air on 10/02/04.  No "Spongebob", no "Rugrats", no "Jimmy Newtron"!  What else could be thinking?

Of course if you think this can't be, then check the PR NEWS Wire that was send via Toonzone.  As part of Nickelodeon's 25th year Celebration, being dubbed as "Worldwide Day of Play," Nickelodeon will go off the air on October 2, 2004 between 12:00 PM (Noon) and 3:00 PM Eastern Time/Pacific Time.  Also other Nickelodeon outlets worldwide will go off the air for 3 hours, pre-empting shows like "Jimmy Newtron" and "Hey Arnold".  Instead, Nickelodeon will offer live performance of kids being active and teaching kids and parents to become active and stay off the TV set.  In other words, get ready to spend a Saturday without "SpongeBob" or "Jimmy Newtron"

E-Bay sells "Knight Rider's" 'KITT'

"FOR SALE" 1983 black Pontiac -Trans Am with tag reading "California KITT"

Description reads: "Original 1983 Pontiac Trans Am limited edition, being used in the popular NBC series "Knight Rider" with David Hasselhoff (As: "Michael Knight").  Price asked is around $60,000."

Recently, E-Bay sold one of the best known TV icons since "Batman's" Bat-mobile that Adam West rode back in the 1960's.  E-Bay auctioned TV's original "Knight Rider's" KITT (Knight Industries Two Thousand) Pontiac Trans Am, being designed as the most interesting....or annoying......vehicle ever made for a TV series.  The original owner of the car is no other than producer of "Knight Rider" Glen A. Larson.  I have no idea of who bough the vehicle, but if you love "Knight Rider", there was your only chance to own TV's most loved....or hated......vehicle ever made!

KITT: "HATED?  One car can make a difference, Carol!"

(Based on the TV' saying of "One Man Can Make A Difference, Michael")

By the way, speaking of "Knight Rider" the series is now available on DVD.

"Star Wars" movie announced on Comic convention

"Star Wars" fans can only hope to wait till the conclusion of the 3rd prequel and then the speculation game on whenever a new version of "Star Wars" could replace the 1977 movie with Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher.  What are you thinking George Lucas?

The newest "Star Wars" movie being named "Revenge of The Sith", was announced at the San Diego Comic Con.  The news prompted the attendants to the convention to give a loud cheer to George Lucas and their team, when it was told that the movie will be released on May 19.  This is the 3rd and final prequel that will bridge the 1977 "Star Wars: A New Hope", the 1980 "Empire Strikes Back" and the 1984's "Return Of The Jedi".

Birthday for Save Animaniacs!

Yes is my birthday!  I was born on July 12, 1969.  I share birthday with "Little Bill's" Bill Cosby too!  What I was doing for my birthday, you ask?  Nothing!  I just went to work, since Telemarketing does not care if I get a day off.  I just got as a gift a VCR, so I can record some shows, including "Pokemon Advance" and some PBS shows, in between!

"DO NOT CALL ME!  I just signed for the national "do not call" list!"  Sure, I will help, if I can!  But stop complaining!

Prime Time Emmy's nominates "Sponge Bob Square Pants"

It was announced the nominees for the annual Prime Time Emmys.  Sponge Bob Square Pants (Nickelodeon) and The Simpson (FOX) led the nominations for the 56th annual awards to be held on September 19, 2004.  The information came from AWN and TOONZONE.

Athens goes for the gold, Boomerang goes for "Laff A Lympics"

I knew they will come with it!  I'm talking about the classic Hanna-Barbera's "Laff A Lympics" series that made some fun at the Olympic games.  The late 1970's series was one of several Hanna-Barbera's multi cast of characters series, that combined some of the beloved characters like "Scooby Doo" and "Yogi Bear" all together.....Anyone likes that "Grape Ape"?  


That was the bad rabbit, from the "Rottens" team led by "Mutley"!

Well, Boomerang (Cartoon Network) will display a 72 hour marathon of the series to coincide with the Athens Olympic Games to be held in August 13th to 15th.  The information from Cartoon Network's Boomerang via Toonzone.

When a new Pokemon will show up?

I just check and recheck the Serebii's list of new episodes of Pokemon Advance (KIDS WB) and no new episode is scheduled this far!  The last time a new Pokemon was seen on KWB was in May 22, 2004.  Since then it has been in reruns and it may be possible that a new episode will come in late August or early September.  But Serebii was changing the dates ever 2 weeks.  In May, Serebii told that a new episode would be in June.  Last month was June and it promised that would be in July.  Comes July and it was changed to August.  So when August comes, will they change the dates to September?  October?  November?  "NO WAY!!!!"  That was "Max" yelling at the web master at Serebii!  KIDS WB won't tell that, but I'll bet that no later than September 11, 2004 (Ironic that is the 9-11 anniversary!).

Too much for censorship!

Who could be blamed for the continuous censorship going on America's airwaves?  

Since the controversy regarding singer Janet Jackson making a performance at the Super Bowl with boy-band's Justin Timberlake and all of the sudden a wardrobe malfunction, started a national cleanup of the airwaves, courtesy of the FCC and media giant Clear Channel Communications.  The result was very clear, when media conglomerate Clear Channel dropped out of the airwaves the controversial radio host Howard Stern (Howie Turn and Robin of Animaniacs!) and started a so called zero tolerance of whatever you could call "Indecent". 

Just a few days ago, while listening to "Real Radio" (XM Satellite channel 152), I noted that the morning show "Monsters in The Morning" (The replacement of Stern in Orlando), was on "Best Of" mode (Recorded!).  The week prior to that, the 7 Orlando based jocks, lead by Russ Rollins, went with some remarks from a Tampa FL based commissioner that felt the show was too way out of the line.  It appears that the way the show was handled, led Clear Channel Communications to stop the broadcasting of the show and suspended the guys for a whole week.  An article at the Orlando Sentinel and Local 6 (CBS Orlando) was able to confirm what I was fearing for a while!  CENSORSHIP IN THE MAKING!

Elmo gets "Beary" plush at Build A Bear


Toy novelty retailer "Build A Bear Workshop" has teamed up with Sesame Workshop, the team behind PBS's "Sesame Street" and will bring a "Beary Limited" edition of Sesame Street's "Elmo" to their outlets on July 23rd.  "Build A Bear Workshop" is a retailer that specializes in letting their guest to build a bear plush toy.  I just fell in love with the retailer and keeps me buying some cute toys from the store.

UPDATE:  Build A Bear Workshop has delayed the launch of "Create Your Own Elmo".  No new date has been given, but their web site ask customers to sign up for notification regarding the Elmo's launch.   Also an article was found from Yahoo.

Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July everyone!  I am glad that I got 3 days of no work in telemarketing!  I will do BBQ and take some nap time!  No, I won't see Will Smith's "Independence Day" courtesy of FOX TV!  In the meantime, enjoy the fireworks and enjoy this update!  By the way, T-MAC is happily playing with Houston Rockets and left Orlando.  Hey T-Mac!  When the time comes for Orlando getting an NBA Title, will see who was right!  LOL!

WGN brings KIDS WB

I just found this information on Toonzone.  This will apply only to Chicago and vicinity.  It is confirmed that WGN TV will carry KIDS WB comes the fall 2004.  For a while, WGN TV only carried THE WB and another station was doing KIDS WB line up.  So WGN TV will become a full WB carrier for the major Chicagoland area.  This does not apply to the Superstation WGN.  Since I care less to watch the same shows that Nickelodeon's "Nick At Night" carry, like "The Cosby Show" or "Fresh Prince of Bell Air" with Will Smith.  Just to let you know!

MGM is in talks with Time Warner again?

Since I mentioned that MGM is in talks with every major entertainment giant, it seems like the deal is not yet inked.  At least from what I heard and see, MGM is keeping the library that includes "Rocky", "The Wizard of OZ" and "Pink Panther" on hold, until a major deal is stroke.  Warner Brothers parent company Time Warner is biding some $5 billion dollars.  Recently, Sony was also bidding for the media conglomerate.  Still in the middle, a recent decision from the Supreme Court that told the FCC to basically end the softening of media giants merging into another.  So if the deal is reach between Time Warner and MGM, will the FCC allow it?  Tune in next time as we see the "Rocky" fight of the century!

Guess who's back?  Howie Turn!

Singing the Eminem tune of "Guess who's back, back again, Howie's back, tell a friend!"  Of course the infamous shock jock of the radio is making more headlines than Michael Eisner at Disney!  If you recall, during the month of February 2004, a dispute of the FCC's indecency rules, led the media giant "Clear Channel" to stop broadcasting the Howard Stern's radio show in several cities, including Orlando FL.  Now of course, Howard Stern and Robin Quivers, who host the nationally syndicated radio show, has been mentioned and parodied in several occasions, including "Animaniacs" episode "Morning Malaise" (Voiced by Maurice La Marche of "The Brain" fame!).  So basically, while I was heading to work, I found out that another Orlando station was promoting the self proclaimed "King of all Media's" return to the Orlando Market, as well other markets that send Stern packing as part of the "Clear Channel" and FCC's indecency rules.  The Howard Stern's radio show is scheduled to start in the Orlando and other markets as of July 19th.

HOWIE TURN of Animaniacs: "I'm the king of all radio and I will return to Orlando and The Water Tower!"  

The Bus has cartoons and I will prove it!

I told before that I was seeing cartoons inside the LYNX Mass Transit in Orlando.  So to prove it, I took my web cam and entered inside the public bus and I did spotted the cartoon "Dudley Do Right of the Mounties".  If you read this matter before, where I did mentioned that several transit authorities in cities like Orlando, Chicago and Milwaukee where using TV sets or monitors to broadcast TV advertisements and some old vintage shows like "The Lucy Show/I love Lucy", "Bonanza" and "Andy Griffith" to name a few, I did wanted to bring the pictures to your consideration.  However I also have small Movie Files for the "Doodley Do Right" cartoon.  Tough I can't host it thru Tripod, I found a web site that is willing to do so.  The Rocky & Bullwinkle site, part of the Toonzone hosted sites.  They will do a page for the files, so check it out.  In the meantime, here are some shots from the inside of the bus:

I expect to bring more images and video files of the cartoons.  I will check back eventually and post more information on this new innovation for mass transit users like me!

Dwight Howard VS T-MAC!

No, is not "Mucha Lucha", but here's more on the Orlando "Tragic" or "Magic" with the newest player, taken from the NBA Draft this past week.  When everybody was talking about a guy named Emeka Okafor who won the NCAA's most valuable player and most of the players where simply high school kids, that nobody would care to choose, comes Orlando and picks at #1, not Emeka, but a kid named Dwight Howard.  Now the big question:  "Who is that guy?"  Nobody took it as a surprise, but someone at the ESPN Network did not like it and yelled "This Orlando franchise will regret this choosing for the next 10 years or more..."  What?  Orlando did figured out what the guys would say about the newest NBA draftee?  I think the Orlando Magic will keep des-uniting fans.  The proven sign will show what I mean (You won't see this sign, cause it was copied and pasted, but to give you an idea!):

Orlando Sentinel makes Disney crisis the FRONT PAGE!

Disney makes the front page of The Orlando Sentinel.  The front page reads "Life After The Magic" (The Orlando Sentinel requires a FREE registration, in order to read the article) 

"Scores of former Disney animators and their colleagues have dispersed to launch their own studios, seek new careers and discover new identities -- determined to land on their feet" reads the Sentinel article by Roger Moore.  Early this year, Disney shock the animation community when announcing the closing of the Florida Animation Studio (Inside the Disney MGM Theme Park) that was responsible for movies like "Lilo & Stitch" and "Brother Bear".  The closing left as much as 258 animators without a job.  Some of them where taken by Disney's corporate office in Burbank CA, tough they are been trained in the CGI or 3D animation, since Disney is trying to work on a "Toy Story" sequel, despite that PIXAR animation has severed ties to the Mouse House.  Other animators may be working with other companies, tough I mentioned the now defunct "Legacy Studios", who was made by several Disney animators, then it was re-formed as "Project Firefly" (The Orlando Sentinel requires a FREE registration, in order to read the article). This information is available on The Orlando Sentinel (Via Save Disney).  

Unfortunately, I don't have a copy of Sunday's Sentinel to shown, but as soon I get one, I will post it.  If you have one you can send me a feedback and I will give you my e-mail to send it out.

Lili Chin send a Flea toy to SAC

Recently, I did a small project for Lili Chin, co-creator with Eddie Mort of KIDS WB's "Mucha Lucha".  The project was related to a Mexican TV series known as "Reto Burundis" (Burundis The Net Gang).

If you go to the FWAK Web Site, you will see the list of projects, besides "Mucha Lucha".  One of them is TELEVISA's owns cartoon series and kids game show "Reto Burundis".  The cartoon who is known as "Webisode" can be seen thru the TV series that runs on Mexico's TELEVISA and US Hispanic broadcaster UNIVISION.  So what I did is that I send Lili Chin a small clip from the webisode so they could see it.  The result was that Lili Chin send me by mail a "Mucha Lucha" toy featuring "The Flea".  That's cool!

T-MAC TRAITOR?  He's leaving Orlando Magics!

What we need!  Another traitor?  What is wrong in the Orlando Magic (NBA worse team!) organization?  The team that housed some key players like Shaquille O'Neal, Penny Hardaway and the now MVP of the NBA Champions, Detroit Piston's Chauncey Billups (Tough Orlando made a trade for the always injured Grant Hill!), is having a havoc.  In recent days after the NBA lottery draft, where Orlando was given the first pick and the possibility to choose NCAA's big MVP Emeka Okafor later this week on June 24, comes word that the key player for the Magic, Tracey McGrady is considering leaving the Orlando team and quite possibly be traded to another team.  Tough NBA officials report that T-Mac is still negotiating with the franchise.  But chances are that after the fall out of the Los Angeles Lakers against Detroit Pistons, Shaq wants to leave L.A. and would love to join T-Mac, maybe in Orlando or Dallas!  

Just what we need...Sounds like a recent "Pokemon Advance" episode on KIDS WB, where "Max" the little brother of "May" who is with "Ash" and "Pikachu" on the series, yelled "ARGRRRRRRR!  TRAITOR!" (This episode is "Gotta Rule The School")

We need your help, if you ride LYNX or PACE Public Buses!

We need your help, if you ride public buses in Orlando FL, Chicago IL and Milwaukee WI.  What this public buses are showing inside could change the way we watch TV.  I originally reported  back in February 2004, about the cartoon "Rocky & Bullwinkle" being shown on the LYNX public bus in Orlando FL.  Now I have found out that similar TV's are being shown in PACE outside of Chicago and Milwaukee's MCTS, serving Milwaukee County WI.  If you happen to ride any of this buses, please let me know if they are showing the following:

So where do you see these cartoons, if you don't see them on TV?  Believe it or not, the cartoons "Rocky and Bullwinkle", "Dudley Do Right of the Mounties" and "Superman" (Max Fleischer) where last seen aboard the Transit Television Network, while riding the public buses: LYNX in Orlando FL, Milwaukee County Transit System (MCTS) in Milwaukee WI, or Chicago IL PACE Transportation System.  Yes, Public Buses are showing cartoons!  

Other shows being seen inside the bus are: "The Lucy Show" ("I Love Lucy"), "Bonanza", "Beverly Hillbillies" "Dragnet" and "Andy Griffith Show" to name a few.  Who is showing the above TV shows, is also responsible for designing the Orlando's theme park rides.  Believe it or not, the company behind TTN-Transit Television Network is ITEC, an Orlando based company that has build rides for Disney and Universal Studios.  

In 2001, several buses in the Downtown Orlando known as "LYMMO" started a project when the buses received flat TV screens to show some local advertisements for the Orlando business along the Downtown area.  Then in 2002, the LYNX transportation system for Orange, Seminole and Osceola Counties received the 15 inch TV screen and installed it, in almost every bus in their fleet.

What is the main purpose of the TV inside the bus?  Simply to offset cost and save some tax payers money.  That is because the TV will show some local advertisements and the ads will pay revenues to the local transportation system, thru an agreement with TTN.  So the next time you ride the bus, don't be surprise to see (Who knows!) ANIMANIACS!

In the meantime, I would like to known if you have seen the above mentioned cartoon and if possible to take a picture and send the picture to my e-mail (I will give you the e-mail privately, this is to avoid SPAM).  So again, if you ride the public buses LYNX-Orlando, PACE-Chicago and MCTS-Milwaukee.  I believe the Norfolk VA bus service is being also served, but is not yet confirmed.  I may also bring some pictures of the bus showing the cartoons.

Animated "Krypto" for Cartoon Network 

Cartoon Network is releasing a new animated series based on Superman's best friend "Krypto".  Those of you familiar with the DC Comic Strip, Superman used to have a dog named Krypto.  Although it was not mentioned too many times, it was first spotted during the late 1950's in the DC Comic Strip.  As for a TV series, it was in the late 60's that FILMATION (The ones behind "He-Man" and "She-Ra" in the 1980's) made an animated TV series known as "Superman/Super Boy."  The "Super-Boy" shorts included "Krypto" the dog.  

Also in the early 70's, Hanna-Barbera did a TV series known as "Super-Friends."  Superman did appeared, but "Krypto" was renamed "Dog-Wonder" and did not belong to Superman, but to a kid named "Marvin" and his friend "Wendy."  Now you know!  As a matter of fact, the 1973 TV series did had the voices of Adam West (TV's "Batman"), Radio legend and voice of "Scooby Doo" Casey Kasem and the voice of "Animaniacs" Frank Welker.  Welker was the voice of "Wonder Dog" and his alter ego "Marvin".  

Now, Superman's pooch is making a comeback!  Cartoon Network is aiming a children's TV series with the power full K-9.  In fact, I saw the first attempt at the FWAK Web Site (The ones behind "Mucha Lucha"), tough Lili Chin told me (See below "Lili Chin Talks to SAC") that they worked on the concept before, but Warner Brothers hired another writer, since they wanted a more kids friendly show.  So this must be the final version and expect the Krypto TV series sometime in 2005.

Also on a related note, Danny Dark, who voiced Superman on the Hanna-Barbera's "Superfriends" TV series (Above) passed away this past weekend, according to the Superman Home Page.  He was 65.  The death causes are unknown.  Our toughs and prayers goes to their family.

What ever happened to Joe Ruby and Ken Spears?

Ever wondered about the whereabouts of former Hanna-Barbera animators Joe Ruby and Ken Spears, who where in part responsible for "Scooby Doo Where are You" in 1969?  Wonder no more!  We found out, when searching for Superman and Krypto (Above).

Now for those who love good cartoons, check back the early days of Hanna-Barbera.  In the late 1960's and early 70's, both Ruby and Spears where able to deliver the famous cartoons like "Jossie and the Pussycats," "Captain Caveman," "Jabber Jaw" and others.  Then in 1977, they created Ruby-Spears Productions.  The company was responsible for mostly 1980's TV series like "Punky Brewster" (NBC TV, 1985), "Alvin & The Chipmunks" (NBC TV 1984). "Mr. T" (NBC TV 1983) and "The Puppy's Great Adventures" (Part of "Scooby Doo" on ABC TV, 1982).

But some may have soon forgot the makers of the best 80's cartoons.  So I did found the Ruby/Spears Production's web site.   There is a little story on how both Ruby and Spears met at Hanna-Barbera in the late 1950's and how they worked on "Scooby Doo Where are You?"  Please note, both Ruby and Spears are not currently working on the Warner Brothers "What's new Scooby Doo".  They worked the original Scooby Doo series from 1969 - 1970's and the 1980's "Scooby Doo and Scrappy Doo" series (AKA: Scooby/Puppy Hour on ABC TV 1982).  

Did you know both Joe Ruby and Ken Spears also worked for the parent company of 4KIDS Entertainment?  Actually if you read in the website, in the 1990's, before "Pokemon" made it big time, Ruby and Spears where working on the "Mega Man" TV series (But not the one that is on KIDS WB right now!), for Summit Media, the Parent Company of 4KIDS Entertainment and the ones behind "Pokemon" and "Yu-Gi-Oh".  Also they worked for Bohbot Entertainment's "Amazing Adventures" Block on "Skysurfer Strike Force" TV Series.  Of course the last worked animated project was a Sammy Sosa Biography known as "Slammin Sammy."

While I still cherish those 80's cartoons and would like to see them once again, we salute 80's cartoon legends Joe Ruby and Ken Spears.  Let's give em some "Tatatatata........Puppy Power!"

Tribute to Ronald Reagan

I am starting this update with a tribute to one of America's greatest communicator.  Ronald Wilson Reagan, former US President between 1981 and 1989.  As well you remember, Reagan was considered one of the greatest US Presidents in the same category that other Presidents like Kennedy or Clinton or even Washington to name a few.  Reagan was the 40th President and while his career was started in Hollywood in the 1940's, he was considered a great communicator.  

He was also well known for breaking the wall of communism with the former Soviet Union (Russia), as well other countries break free of the walls that the former Soviet system was able to made.  Reagan was a man that believed freedom would prevail in every part of the world.  He was able to achieve that.  Also Ronald Reagan was a comforter for the nation.  Whenever it was the Space Shuttle Challenger tragedy in 1986, or it was the famous "Just Say No" anti-drug slogan or even the famous "Mr. Gorvachev, tear down this wall" speech in front of the Berlin Wall in east/west Germany in 1987.  

Today, that great communicator has left our world and SAVE ANIMANIACS CAMPAIGN send our toughs and prayers to the Reagan family, specially to Nancy Reagan, former First Lady.  May God bless former President Ronald Wilson Reagan.

Smarty did not break the streak and other news

This may be out of topic, but since everybody was talking about the horsy known as Smarty Jones and it seems that the horse would have been the triple crown winner, well "The Brain" did it again!  In case you wonder, remember the episode from Animaniacs "Jockey for Position"?  The one where Pinky meets "Phar Fig-Newton" while "The Brain" tries to win the Triple Crown race for $1 million dollars to take over the world.  So this is what happened at the Belmont Stakes this past weekend.  A Phar Fig-Newton type horse took out "Smarty Jones" and some reports are that "The Brain" was riding the horse.  Seriously folks, the Triple Crown has been waiting since 1979 to get the right horsy!  So the streak is not over, like Susan Lucci. 

Another thing that nobody pays attention, singer Marc Anthony sang to J-LO at the wedding this past weekend!  I just heard the song on the supermarket trip, so I brought this matter! 

Also the rock band "Creed" broke "With Arms Wide Open!"  Good luck to them!  They'll be back!  In 10 years?  As always... 

SLAPPY: "Who's the name of the band?"



SKIPPY: "The Band already played!"

Paul Dini may look for ABC series, after leaving WB Animation

As we reported the Paul Dini's decision of leaving WB Animation in the past few weeks, where reporting now that Paul Dini is interested in the new ABC TV series "Lost".  This according to TV Tome (Via Toonzone).  Perhaps most of you read the Paul Dini's Web Site where he makes mentioning of a "Project X" that is not a cartoon or a movie, but something completely different.  So it seems like Dini will not be writing a cartoon, so let's see what it is all about.  Stay tune!

Mel Karmazin leaves Radio and "Howie" alone.  Knocks on Disney?

I have not heard about "Howie" since his radio stint was taken out of Orlando FL.  It seems like Mel Karmazin of the radio empire Infinity Broadcasting and the President of Viacom Entertainment, Jonathan Dolgen had resigned from the entertainment giant, giving the possibility of knocking on Disney's door!

But wait!  Disney is closing the door on Mel!  They say that they stand behind Michael Eisner.  Then who is behind Mel?  No other than Roy Disney and Stanley Gold of Save Disney!  They know Mel Karmazin too well, so maybe they are talking about who will be Eisner's replacement at the Mouse House.  In the meantime the question remains clear....Who will stand behind "Howie"?

Lili Chin of "Mucha Lucha" talks to SAC

I got some e-mail from "Mucha Lucha's" co-creator Lili Chin.  I was not really aware of both Eddie Mort or Lili Chin doing the KIDS WB cartoon.  But what drove my curiosity was a Mexican TV show which both Mort and Chin had work on it.  In Mexico there is a cartoon series which also works as a kids game show, is called "Burundis The Net Gang/Reto Burundis"  The Televisa made TV show is being seen also in the USA thru Hispanic broadcaster Univision.  

So what called my attention about the show?  If you think it was related to Mexican TV show host Adal Ramones with singer Enrique Iglesias playing with the characters and a sudden fire that almost kill the host?  Not really!  But the show's own cartoon series which at least 20 of the episodes where made by both Lili Chin and Eddie Mort at Australian based FWAK Animation Studio.

Well, I did some research and by accident, found out about the demo for "Lucha School" which became "Mucha Lucha."  After that, what I did was signing a guestbook and all of the sudden I receive an e-mail from Lili Chin herself!  She was interested in finding out since she can't see Univision, if the webisodes of the Burundis cartoon where the same ones they did.  Tough selected episodes runs during the kids game show, not all where made by the Australian duo.  So I offer to send some still pictures of the show and finding out if those where made by them.

Well, I send some pictures after checking the episode and turns out she did one of them.  She even thank me and promised to send me a gift in the mail!  That's cool! 

Currently, Eddie Morth and Lili Chin are working on "Mucha Lucha."  So we wish well to the duo of Eddie and Lili of FWAK Animation

Disney brings stamps to the USA.....FINALLY!

The next time you need stamps for your letters, you may find that the 37 cent stamp comes with Mickey Mouse, Pinocchio, The Lion King or Bambi.  For the first time since a 1980's stamp made for a Disney movie was released in the USA, Disney is releasing a set of 4 stamps with characters from 3 Disney movies and the trio of Mickey, Donald and Goofy.  We have not seen Disney related stamps being released in the USA.  Other countries may have released Disney themed stamps, but in the USA there has been issues regarding the Disney characters making it in the form of a stamp.  So stamp collectors can rejoice with the new Disney stamps that will add some memories to your stamp collection.  The stamps will become available at the US Postal Office on June 23rd 2004.  The information comes from The Seattle Post Intelligence (Via Toonzone)

Benji goes "Off The Leash" in Florida

Few months back, we mentioned about the new Benji movie that was being released in selected cities, with a nationwide release on August 20, 2004.  The famous dog Benji that was well known back in the 1970's and 80's, is making a comeback to theaters, thanks to his creator Joe Camp and Margaret Loesh (Former executive of FOX KIDS, first home of Animaniacs in 1993).

However several things has changed.  The movie has been renamed, from "Benji Returns; Rag to Riches" to "Benji Off The Leash."  Also the fact that the movie will open in Tallahassee Florida on June 25 and Orlando FL on July 8.  Other cities will have a limited showing of the movie as part of a fundraiser for local animal shelters or Humane Society.  For more information go to the Benji Off Leash Web Site.

Shrek 3 (Maybe 4 and 5?) green "ogre" lighted!

Dreamworks SKG Studios has almost green lighted the next sequel to "Shrek 2," after the last 2 weeks big grossing film made over $200 million dollars at the box office during the Memorial Day Weekend.  "Shrek 2" was able to defeat the awaited disaster themed film "The Day After Tomorrow."  "Shrek 3" may open for the holidays in 2006.

Miss Universe (Wish it was DOT!) breaks a record?

No way!  Dot (Animaniacs) should be MISS UNIVERSE!  


OK, I'll bet you saw Miss Universe!  Now, why I'm bringing this up?  Besides a new record has been made in the contest history!  I could be wrong!  Miss Universe has recognized not only the queen of beauty, but besides the prestige award, there are other categories where the delegates could be awarded.  Before the final announcement, where the fourth, third, second, first runner up and Miss Universe is made, comes the following awards: Miss Congeniality, Best Outfit and Miss Photogenic. 

Since the 2001 Miss Universe award made in my hometown of Puerto Rico, Miss Puerto Rico has been awarded the Miss Photogenic award and so was in 2002, 2003 and this past week 2004.  In other words for 4 straight years, a Puerto Rican delegate to the pageant has been awarded the same award.  While there is not been a way that the delegate of the same country has won the Miss Universe award one year after another, I found very odd but interesting that the same country delegate takes the same award every year.  Just to remind you, that the way to choose the Miss Photogenic award is made thru the Miss Universe web site, but I'll bet that some folks has found a way to get thru and vote not once but too many times for the same delegate.  Now where going to "American Idol" days.  Go figure!

In the meantime, congratulations to Miss Universe from Australia, Jennifer Hawkins, Miss USA Shandi Finnessey for 1st runner up and Miss Photogenic and 2nd runner up from the town of Cidra, Puerto Rico, Alba Giselle Reyes.  Don't ask me how to get there!  I live in Orlando Florida!

Oh by the way, did you know that Donald Trump yelled "YOU ARE FIRED" to the "Apprentice" winner Kwame Jackson?  He was scheduled to be juror in the Miss Universe Pageant, but Kwame did not follow some house rules and Trump fired him!  His replacement was Emilio Estefan, husband of latin singer Gloria Estefan who was performing at the contest.  

On a related note, NBC TV reports that the Miss Universe Pageant broadcast was the #1 most watched show, since the other networks where repeating their shows.  

Waiting to start "The Amazing Race" on CBS?

Paul Dini, writer and co-producer of Animaniacs, leaves WB Animation

Paul Dini, the writer and co-producer of "Steven Spielberg Presents: Animaniacs" and who has worked on Warner Brothers Television Animation studios since 1989, has announced his leave from the WBA studios.  This according to the Paul Dini Web Site (Via Toonzone).  Here's the quote:

"A number of folks who visit this site have followed my writing and producing career at Warner Bros. Animation over the past fifteen years.  It is now with a mixture of excitement and sadness that I announce, effective immediately, I am leaving WBA, at least for the foreseeable future.  From assorted Spielbergia through Batmen present and future, onto Superman, Duck Dodgers and finally closing out on JLU and a certain super powered pup, I was lucky to work on some great projects with a truly gifted assortment of artists and writers.  I’ll miss them Part of me hates to leave ol’ Termite Tower (the somewhat presumptuous name the Tiny Toons crew and I gave our digs in Sherman Oaks when we started back in, yikes, 1989!) but new opportunities are calling and it’s time for me to go.  On the horizon I look forward to doing more live feature film writing, more comic book writing (my own characters and others) and generally stretching myself in other creative areas.  But a nice long vacation is what I need right now and I think I’ll lose myself on a desert island for a while."

In case you wonder, WBA is WB Animation or Warner Brothers Television Animation.  JLU stands for "Justice League Universe" and Super Power Pup sounds more likely to "What's New Scooby Doo".  We also feel sad for Dini leaving the home of Animaniacs too.  Good luck Mr. Dini!

Rob Paulsen makes a Web Site ""

The voice of Yakko and Pinky is getting his own web site.  Rob Paulsen, the voice of both "Animaniacs" and "Pinky & The Brain" as well, several other shows like "Jimmy Newtron: Boy Genious" and "Lilo & Stitch: The Series", has added some of his work and bios inside his Web Site Rob Paulsen.Com.  "NAAAARF DOT POIT!"

Saving old Hanna-Barbera home

The old Hanna-Barbera studio that draw "Tom & Jerry" cartoons and has been the center of a debate regarding historic monuments and improvement to meet Hollywood's economy, has been saved of a possible demolition.  This according to the LA Times (Via Toonzone), who claims that the dispute was since the 1990's intention of a company buying the old Hanna-Barbera Studios, after the Ted Turner buyout of the Hanna-Barbera library (Eventually in hands of Warner Brothers) and several groups that where interested, including Joe Barbera himself, in preserving the house of "Tom & Jerry," "The Flinstones," "Yogi Bear" and "The Jetsons," among popular cartoons made by the late William Hanna with Joe Barbera during the 1940's to 1980's era, from being demolished in favor of housing development or retail establishment.

Pokemon to Houston:  We have a party!

Looks like "Team Rocket" will really blast off again!  According to, the Mayor of Houston TX, has declared the month of June 2004 as the "Pokemon Space Party" month.  The ceremonial featuring several Pokemon characters, including "Pikachu" and the newest Pokemon "Jirachi," was to mark the beginning of the "Pokemon Space Party" which is held at the Space Center in Houston (This is inside NASA's Johnson Space Center).  Also as a matter of fact, before it's release on DVD and video on June 1st, "Pokemon Advance Movie: Jirachi Wish Maker" will be shown on the big screen (IMAX) of the Space Center on Memorial Day Weekend.

Gene Simmons with a KISS toon!

You wanted the best?  You got the best!  If you think this is a plug for an Orlando morning show, heard on XM radio....FORGET IT!  Actually that is the famous call for the rock band KISS.  But there is more to the 70's makeup rockers, now is a cartoon!  According to the Gene Simmons web site, the rocker tells he has a cartoon.  "My Dad The Rock Star" is a co-joined effort between Simmons and former Nelvana executive Toper Taylor.  This is what Simmons said about his cartoon on his web site:

“I knew a number of Nelvana’s shows, like The Care Bears, and some older shows, like Teen Wolf, so I called them and we bandied about the idea of doing a KISS cartoon,” says Simmons on his cell phone from a recording studio. “We couldn’t come to terms on that concept, but (former president) Toper Taylor and I liked each other, and we started discussing my peculiar home life, and the funny stuff that’s always happening.

So where to see this cartoon you ask?  I have not seen this cartoon in the USA.  It appears that is being shown in Canada and Australia.  So let's see where it shows in America.  By the way, Gene Simmons is having a lot of problems, but according to this report from Yahoo, he did some bad remarks about the Muslim community and while I respect any race and religion, Mr. Simmons made some rough comments and I think he should apologize for that.  The report is here 

Nancy's own show going to the "UK lady, bye bye!"

Nancy Cartwright, the voice actress for Animaniacs "Mindy" and The Simpson's "Bart," is going to do her One Woman Show in the UK.  Pretty obvious that our favorite Simpson cast will play "Bart" somewhere in London.  Would it be possible that we hear some "UK, I love you, Bye Bye" as "Mindy" of Animaniacs does?  By the way, I received in the e-mail, a note stating that Cartwright will do 3 show in Los Angeles CA at the end of May, before leaving to the UK.  So if you like to attend her show in Los Angeles, contact Ticketmaster for details.  Here's the ad that was sent to my e-mail.

Former Disney animators future, being discussed at AWN

We just under covered some things regarding the Disney Animation crisis.  As you may remember, early this year, before the big shareholders meeting and the Comcast Cable takeover, Disney simply fired the entire Orlando Animation Studio.  As you recall, this was the team responsible for some Disney movies like "Mulan", "Lilo & Stitch," "Brother Bear" and most recently "Home on The Range" (The last one was quickly forgotten, since nobody saw the movie, or they saw Mel Gibson's "The Passion of The Christ" over "Home of The Range").  After the dismissal of the animators, you may ask, what ever happened to all of them?

Well, turns out that Animation World Network came with some of the answers to the questions about the future of the now former Disney animators from Orlando FL.  It seems that the future for the animators are too much of troubles than success.  It turns out that one studio "Legacy Animation," who was mentioned early in this site (Check on the Archived News) and on the Save Disney site, has apparently shut down the production of a short animated film named "Lucky" and closed the Orlando-Winter Garden facility.  In fact, I searched for the web site for Legacy Animation and it was re-directed to the site of former Disney animator Eddie Pittman, who stated that Legacy Animation was being closed.

This is what I found out on the Pittman's web site regarding Legacy Animation:

"Well, Legacy is finished (for the time being, anyway). I wish I could tell everyone more, but, for obvious reasons, I'm just not able to at this time.  It was a wild ride and I think our short film Lucky is a fantastic project that would have been well worth the effort. We had a lot of amazing people who were ready to jump into the production with both feet but it wasn’t to be. I wish the best of luck to Project Firefly. Perhaps they will have better success."

So basically the Animators that where part of Disney are now becoming a lesser thing and most of them would leave somewhere else or simply make another living.  Thanks Eisner!

Also if you noted there is a mention of 2 new projects in Orlando.  One is Project Firefly Animation Studios located at Universal Orlando Theme Park, who is negotiating with some other entertainment companies as well as Universal Studios.  The other one would be Genesis Orlando Studios, which was formed by another ex-Disney animator Jeffrey Varab (He was also behind Adam Sandler's Holiday animated film "8 Crazy Nights").  His studio may be working with plush toy novelty retailer "Build A Bear Workshop" (I love this store!) and Auto maker Chrysler-Jeep in some animated specials, this according to the AWN's report.

Could it be possible that we will see another animated project out of Orlando?

From the past: Rainbow Brite movie and Nick JR may get TV series?

She's back from the past!  The year was 1984, some 20 years younger from now.  As America fell in love with the charming doll Rainbow Brite (Sorry Barbie!), making the dreams of every boys and girls come true.......OK, I'll cut that out!

For those who still remember the Rainbow Brite era, here's some news.  In 1985, DIC animation ("Inspector Gadget" and PBS KIDS "Liberty Kids") made a Rainbow Brite TV special, followed by a TV series and a movie.  So where are they now?  Ask VH1....The Rainbow Brite movie known as "The Star Stealer" will be released on DVD by the end of August.  But what about the TV series?  Some insiders are telling that the animated series may be released on DVD too, but no date has been set.  Another insider says that it could land on Nick JR.  Speaking of Nick JR, they are promoting the Rainbow Brite toys on their web site.  No wonder if Rainbow Brite is so popular after all this years.  Seriously, I never bough a Rainbow Brite doll, but I got one of the colorful "Sprite" dolls that belongs to Rainbow Brite or one of the "Color Kids" from the series.  I got the green "Lucky" tough I wanted a red "Romeo" back them!

Another Pokemon Movie?  Only if you fly in Japan!

Unless you are as sick and tired of the Pokemon Movie thing...guess what?  Another Pokemon Movie?  Are we so serious about Pikachu?  LOL!  Who could ever figured that out after all this years of Pokemon and Pokemon Advance and like 6 or 7 movies being released this far.  So if you pay attention, here's another one of the Pikachu's extravaganzas.  This one will not be in theater in both Japan or the USA.  It appears as a strategic plan of great proportions, but the next Pokemon movie will be playing high in the sky, at 27,000 feet above the sea level to be exact.  What?  Ok, according to, the next Pokemon movie will play inside Japan's air carrier AIR NIPPON AIRWAYS (ANA) to be exact.  So buckle your seatbelts if you decide to fly aboard the Pikachu airliner.  Yes, this is the airline that has Pokemon characters in the plane's body.  Those of you in the Los Angeles area may have seen the Pikachu plane, but here's the picture:

Not Chicago as originally planed?

You read this last week:

Save Animaniacs is making a MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT!  After 10 years making Orlando, the home base for SAC, it is now time to move out.  In the next few weeks, my home base will be somewhere in Chicago IL.  So good bye DISNEY, UNIVERSAL and SEA WORLD!  Yes, it is sad that I made this move.  I did not planned for it, but is family affairs, so I guess they will include me.  

Now read this:

Save Animaniacs IS NOT MOVING to Chicago!  It was a major announcement that I posted, since I got confirmation that the family would move to the windy city by Memorial Day.  But some last minute change of mind scrapped everything regarding the move to Chicago.  However, let me remind you that this is the 3rd time that such plans to move out has been scrapped over and over, thanks in part to Mickey Mouse and Shamu who still wants me to be a Florida resident!

Still you ask, will Save Animaniacs be moving out to Chicago?  Quite frankly I don't know, at least for now.  Future plans would be to move out of the timeshare resort I have been calling home since I came from Puerto Rico in 2000.  If you wonder, I am from Puerto Rico.  I have been a resident in Orlando FL since 1995.  In late 1999 I was forced to move out back to Puerto Rico, but then in 2000, we move back to Central Florida.  So there you have it!  Save Animaniacs stays in the City Beautiful.  Yes, the plans to go to Disney are still on!  Soon will tell you more!

"Shrek 2" gets more money than Spider Man!

Even the big green ogre we all love, is claiming the piece of the big box office.  Once again, "Shrek 2" the awaited sequel from Dreamworks SKG studios, has proven that sequels to big movies are not a failed thing.  The new comedy voiced by actors Mike Myers (Shrek), Eddie Murphy (Donkey), Cameron Diaz (Fiona) and "latino" hunk Antonio Banderas (Puss N Boots) has reached the whooping record of $125 million dollars.  It was able to beat another box office hit, "Spider Man" with Toby McGwire.

Who's that new Pokemon?

For those of you still interested in Pokemon (Yeah right!), here's some news.  According to Pokemon spoiler page (They spoil every Pokemon episode!), the newest Pokemon has been revealed.  No is not Pikachu!  But the evolution to Snorlax, named "Gonbe"  It appears that the Pokemon makers at Nintendo are bringing back the first Pokemon game, but with a new set of Pokemon.  Maybe we will see a new Psyduck or Bulbasaur or maybe a different Pikachu!

 Who will be the next Orlando Magic's super star?  Emeka???? (UPDATE)

While I don't make too much statements about sport issues, here is something that will bring my attention during this week.  For those who follow the NBA basketball, wishing that the LA Lakers wins the title of NBA Champions, since the San Antonio Spurs won't (Unless Detroit Pistons does!) amid that Minnesota Timberwolfs could eat Shaquille and Kobe together!  Maybe next year would see the always loosing Orlando Magics making the Finals like in 1995.  Hello Shaq!

Well, this week, is the traditional NBA Draft Lottery.  Since Orlando came last in the NBA standings, they will have more chances to pick at #1.  However, since both Chicago and Atlanta where also the last in the league, maybe one of them will get the first pick.  History has proven right or wrong when the Draft lottery is held.  Unlike the NFL, whoever is the last team, gets the first pick.  In NBA league, the last 3 teams in the league, gets to go to a lottery to decide which will pick first, second and third.  

So what if Orlando picks first?  This could led the Magics to bring in the power forward for UCONN's Emeka Okafor, who was named as best player in the NCAA championship.  The Chicago Bull are also looking forward to bring Okafor, or quite possibly high school star Dwight Howard.  Other contenders could be (in no particular order!):

Dwight Howard (Could go to Chicago, if Orlando takes Okafor)
Luol Deng (bound to Charlotte due to new franchise)
Devin Harris (Maybe for Atlanta?)
Emeka Okafor (Will go to Orlando?)
Shaun Livington (Atlanta or Washington)

I could go with the list, but hence here are your top picks for the NBA draft, so good luck to Orlando Magics and the rest of the.....ahem....loosers!

UPDATE:  The NBA draft lottery took place and as expected, The Orlando Magic gets to pick #1, quite possibly Omeka Okafor.
UPDATE: The Orlando Magics picks Dwight Howard.

More bidding for PINK PANTHER!

How many folks has been following the situation with MGM United Artist (The owners of Pink Panther), regarding merging with a major studio?  We issue several alerts, from Warner Brothers, Disney or Pixar, Sony Entertainment and now the new merged NBC UNIVERSAL.

I reported early this year about the merging of both General Electric (Owners of NBC, Hispanic Network Telemundo and Cable's Discovery Channel and USA Networks) with VIVENDI UNIVERSAL (owners of Universal Entertainment and Theme Parks).

So now word is out that the new combined media giant, is considering a bid against MGM United Artist.  A report from Bloomberg hints that there is negotiations for buying out MGM United Artist.  This comes as the final episode of long time comedy series "Frasier" hits TV screens on May 13 (That would be tonight since I updated this site).  So more "tossed salad and scramble eggs" ("Frasier's" theme song!) for PINK PANTHER!

New CARE BEARS movie?

Attention Care Bear fans!  The lovable 80's icons are making a full comeback in a new movie.  Yes, the Care Bears are bringing a new animated adventure from Lion's Gate Entertainment, called "Care Bears: Journey to Joke A Lot".  This is the newest animated project since the 1980's animated series from Nelvana and DIC.  The information from Hive 4 Media via Toonzone.

The Passion of Disney and Mel?

Well, Mel Gibson made millions of dollars with the religious themed movie "The Passion of The Christ".  What will Mel do with that money?  How about buying the Mouse?  Yes!  Mickey Mouse!  ARE THEY KIDDING????

Save Disney gave some information from The New York Post and while this sounds too good to be true, I guess it won't happen.  But who could imagine Mel Gibson buying Disney?  Then it would revamp "The Tower of Terror" into the Tower of Passion.  Or maybe re-make "It's a Small World" into "It's a Water World after all!"

Speaking of "It's a Small World", Disney closed the well known 35 years old attraction and construction began on a new "Small World" ride.  The ride is expected to open in early 2005.

Outkast gets "Hey Ya" cartoon for Adult Swim

Hey Ya!  The popular song from rappers Outkast, may now become a cartoon!  No SNOOPY or PEANUTS gang will be used this time (In case you wonder, I'm talking about the illegal video clip that used old PEANUTS footage with the "Hey Ya" song).  Cartoon Network's Adult Swim has been talking to "Andre 3000" of the well known rap duo, about doing an animated project based on the rapper's life and his alter ego "Johnny Vulture" (The guitar player on the "Hey Ya" video).  This was reported from AWN .  No word if "Snoopy" or "Lucy" will be part of the cartoon.  So shake it like a "Polaroid" picture!

Nickelodeon will play "Shrek 2" opening

Dreamworks has authorized Nickelodeon to play at least the opening sequence to "Shrek 2" on the night before the movie being released in the USA.  On May 18, 2004 at 7:00 PM, Nickelodeon will sneak preview the first 5 minutes of the movie, followed by a special presentation behind the scenes of the movie that features the voice talents of Mike Myers, Eddie Murphy and Cameron Diaz.  The information from AWN.

Why is Microsoft canceling my favorite game?

Why is Microsoft canceling my favorite game "Train Simulator 2"?  This was posted in Toonzone's Game Forum.  Now, Microsoft is the maker of the X-BOX video game.  It is also the makers of WINDOWS XP and WINDOWS 95, 98, ME, 2000 as well as Internet Explorer.  In 2001, they did a simulated PC game known as "Microsoft Train Simulator."  It is actually a game that combines a simulated Train that you can drive around the desktop.  Well, basically you can drive an AMTRAK train or THE ORIENT EXPRESS to be exact!  

Last year, Microsoft released a press release giving a hint that a follow up to the game would be released during the summer 2004.  Now it appears that Microsoft has scrapped the plans based on investment risk.  The whole thing was that Microsoft hired another company named "KUJO SOFTWARE" based in the UK, to build the software.  The company basically bailed out of the project and left Microsoft to build it from scratch.  The first version of "Train Simulator" still one of the best simulation type software available anywhere, but why Microsoft bails out of this project?  They think that there are not much train enthusiast out there to buy the software.  Go figure!  Maybe Bill Gates loves "Flight Simulator" better!  Yes I have that one too!  But I love "TRAIN SIMULATOR"

Comcast bails out of DISNEY, may consider MGM if Sony fails too!

Disney is free of Cable Giant Comcast, after an unsolicited bid by the Cable Giant during the month of March, amid speculations of a removal of Disney's Chairman Michael Eisner.  Now Comcast is bailing out of the bid citing price differences (Similar to Warner Brothers when trying to buy MGM United?).  Currently Comcast may decide to bring back the offer, but will not raise the bid estimated on $48 Billion dollars.  Eisner did not comment of the Comcast withdrawal.  Rumors are giving Comcast the possibility of bidding another entertainment giant.  MGM United Artist, that if, Sony Entertainment bails out of the offer.  Other rumors are bringing the Philadelphia based company to offer a bid for cable conglomerate Adelphia.

Disney now owns "Muppets"

It is official!  Disney is proud owner of "The Muppets".  Kermit, Miss Piggy, Gonzo, Fozzy and Animal will be seen along Disney's "Main Street" along with Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Winnie The Pooh.  As you may recall, Disney made official the purchase of Jim Henson's "The Muppets" and "Bear in The Big Blue House" characters this past month of March and the deal is bringing new initiatives to Disney.  Expect to see them parading with Mickey Mouse or making a film or having a 3rd installment of "The Muppet Show" (The first installment was in the 1970's, the second was a short lived show on ABC in 1995).

They are back!  MENUDO!!!!  NOT ON ABC!!!!

<>UPDATE (6/22/05): The band TICK TOCK from Puerto Rico is the brian child of former Menudo Founder Edgardo Diaz.  The name Menudo was already adquired by another organization and Diaz could not use it, so he named this band as TICK TOCK and quite sounds like Menudo!

"Menudo on ABC, Menudo on ABC, Menudo on ABC!"  Circa 1984, on ABC (Before Disney took over?), there was a mini segment during their Saturday morning block kids programs, that featured the talented Puerto Rican band "Menudo" with an unknown cast of kids.....WAIT!!!!  Is that Ricky Martin?????

Of course, you know that Ricky Martin is one of the many kids that formed the band Menudo during the late 70's and early 80's.  The band was famous when the kids aged 9 to 16 where selected to perform and then, when reaching the 16 years of age, they get boot out like "Survivor" or as Donald Trump yells "YOU'RE FIRED" on TV's "The Apprentice."

The last time the original members of Menudo where together was in 1999 (Ricky Martin was not involved), doing a reunion tour.  But then, things changed.  The name Menudo was revamped to "MDO" and their members remained, even passing the 17 years of age.

So why I am flashing back to old days?  THEY ARE BACK!!!  MENUDO is making a comeback.  Not a reunion of the original members, but the second generation of the original formula that made them to fame and fortune in the late 70's and early 80's is being reborn, according to Yahoo .

Do not expect the new Menudo on ABC TV!  As a matter of fact, only one TV show has had featured Menudo.  "Silver Spoons" with former child actor Ricky Schroder.  The series has been seen on Nickelodeon's "Nick at Night" last year, but was eventually replaced with "Full House."  So if you can remember Menudo with Ricky Martin, GO FIGURE!

Also on a related note, Ricky Martin was the big winner of the Latin version of Billboard Awards

Sony bids for MGM and Pink Panther

Did I recall typing the story about Warner Brothers trying to buy MGM and Pink Panther?  Look the archives for that.

Remember the PIXAR story (Not Toy Story!) related, when both MGM and Sony Pictures where making separate offers to the former Disney allied?  Still, no word yet from PIXAR and not even Disney!

Now, if both Sony and MGM with Pink Panther enters in partnership, does that means that PIXAR would join them too?  That could be one of thousand questions being made, after the news came from Associated Press (Via Toonzone) claiming that Sony Entertainment and other companies where making a bid to multi-millionare Kirk Kerkorian, for $5 billion dollars to buy out the MGM United Artist library with over 4,200 titles, including the "Pink Panther" movies and animated series.  The deal, if consumed, will also give back to MGM their old back lot studios that once made classics like "Gone With The Wind" and "The Wizard of OZ".  The studio Back Lot was originally sold to Sony Pictures, after a liquidation was made in the late 80's by former Warner Brothers partners "Lorimar" (Also known as "Telepictures").  Those these deals make sense?

Wait!  The Sony Entertainment Company is not denying the deal, but is calling it and I quote "SPECULATION!"  "We have nothing to say in response to the report. We regard it as speculation," a Tokyo-based Sony spokeswoman said.  Sony, which already has its own Sony Pictures studios, would be backed by several investors including Texas Pacific Group.  Stay tune to this developing story.  Watch CNN if you care!

One more thing, would you like PIXAR getting involved with both Pink Panther and Jackie Chan?  What about Michael Jackson?  

Michael Jackson in my backyard?  

Speaking of Michael Jackson (There's one Wakko from Animaniacs!), there is a rumor that he is within miles of my house.  How close?  I have understood that he is somewhere in Orlando and it is reported that he was staying in a mansion that belongs to the luxurious Westgate Resorts, which is basically, the Timeshare resort I live.  Would you believe that he is right next door to me?  Sure you don't!  

No, I have not seen him!  But I saw this on a local ABC station, that the pop singer who is being indicted by a California Grand Jury, is in Orlando FL and is spending some time inside a resort styled mansion from multi-millionaire David Siegel, who owns the above mentioned timeshare.  But the pop star has been asking for privacy and does not want anyone near by, not even Shaquille O'Neill of the LA Lakers (NBA), who owns a mansion in the same block where Jackson is.  However I could tell you that Jackson is wandering around the theme parks every now and them.  Gosh!  I almost forgot that I still have 2 Disney tickets that I won during the last years Citrus Parade (See the "Parade Pictures" folder).  I could use them and sneak around in hopes to see if "Wakko" goes by!  But for real, he is so close to my house and chances are that I could spot him, before the California Grand Jury does.


(UPDATED 4-28-04) Michael Jackson has left Orlando!  After the California Grand Jury's indictment and the attorneys where fired, Jackson packed the bags and left the timeshare mansion in Orlando.  A local CBS station went inside the resort styled property to check what was left of the King of Pop temporary stay in the City Beautiful.  Too bad I did not spotted "The Wakko" (Wait!  There is only one Wakko from Animaniacs!)!

American Idol Fiasco and worse songs ever

Why I'm talking about Michael Jackson anyway!  I could be talking about the AMERICAN IDOL FIASCO!  That was unfair they thrown Jennifer Hudson!  What if that was the next Ruben Studdard?  I mean that show sucks like Simon Cowell!  I didn't mean to be rude anyway!  Last week they got rid of John Peter Lewis and now they rid Hudson!  Who are we voting for?  Are we blaming the weather for this?  A Tornado shocked both Illinois and American Idol!  We hope Hudson gets a record deal with a good company after this.  

Another William Hung you ask?  He did not showed up on the finals and got a record deal for singing one of the worst songs ever!  "SHE BANGS!"  The Ricky Martin song was one of 50 worst songs ever according to a moron magazine named "THE BLENDER" who also claims that 80's group "Starship" made "We Built This City" as the WORST SONG EVER!

Or as "Starship" sings: "Marconi plays the mamba, listen to the radio, don't you remember We built this city, we built this city on rock an' roll"

Olsen Twins to host season finale of SNL

This just in: according to sources, the season finale of NBC's Saturday Night Live will have as guest host Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen.  The show's season finale episode is scheduled for May 15, 2004.  No Musical Guest has been mentioned, but will keep you posted.  Also there is a rumor around that there would be a reunion of TV series "Full House" in 2005.  I read somewhere that former "Full House's" actor Dave Coullier (Joey) was confirming that, but again is a rumor, so nothing is official.  But I assume that there will be an SNL skit about it.  I wonder if John Stamos, despite the divorce with Rebecca Stamos, will do a cameo as "Uncle Jesse" on SNL?  "HAVE MERCY!"  Currently, Nickelodeon (Nick at Night) shows reruns of "Full House" so check your TV guide for that.  The Olsen Twins are featured in the new comedy movie "New York Minute" to start on May 7, 2004.

Pokemon videos at Game Boy Advance System

This was mentioned a while ago, but in case you still wondering if your Game Boy Advance is able to play a video, well guess no more.  

Entertainment consumers have long dreamed of carrying their favorite video material with them on small portable devices. DVD players made that possible -- but at a cost of hundreds of dollars. On June 21, Nintendo offers the same capability to owners of the portable Game Boy(R) Advance at a much lower price. No additional hardware purchase is required to view the Pokemon(R) episodes that debut on Game Boy Advance Video.  With an MSRP of $19.99 per Video pak, Nintendo's Pokemon franchise will be represented initially with episodes "Playing with Fire!" and "Johto Photo Finish" on one pak and "A Hot Water Bottle" and "For Ho-Oh The Bells Toll!" on another.  So there, you may watch Pokemon on you Game Boy Advance and thrown away those "Video Now" players.

Disney dress " Build A Bear" toys

You probably had read or heard about "Build A Bear" toy novelty retailer.  Basically is an interactive plush toy maker, where patrons are asked to build a cute little bear or doll for yourself or your kids.  I simply fell in love with the plushes.  They have been even featured at the annual "Macy's Thanksgiving Parade" and I have that cute puppy in a dress below.  But what if I tell you that Disney has agree to license the costumes of their characters to be used among "Build A Bear" toys?  You will see this cute puppy in a "Buzz Light Year" or "The Beast" ("Beauty and The Beast") or "Snow White," just to name few!

(Updated 4/24/04)Boomerang gets BATTLE OF THE PLANETS with 7 Zark 7

Some good news for fans of the 1978 classic series "Battle of The Planets!"  According to Toonzone, Cartoon Network's BOOMERANG has gotten the rights to the original Sandy Frank's 1978 syndicated series being placed under hiatus, since a change in rights from former executive Ted Turner of Turner Entertainment (Now part of Time Warner), bought the rights to the series from Japan's producer "Tatsunoko" (Japanese Web Site/Ever wondered why the big sea horse at the ending credits of "Battle of The Planets?) and even rename it as "G-FORCE!"  

The revamped 1990's version took out the original Sandy Frank's cast of characters and renamed some of the originals and even took out the host of the series "7 Zark 7".  Now in case you forgot who was voicing "Mark", no other than Casey Kasem of "What's New Scooby Doo's" Shaggy!

But, who could have forgotten the original intro to BATTLE OF THE PLANETS?

FANFARE ON THE BACKGROUND:  Ta ta ta ta tada dan dan.......

ANNOUNCER: "BATTLE OF THE PLANETS!  Princess, Tiny, Keyop, Mark & Jason.  G-Force, 5 incredible young people with superpowers.  And watching over them from Center Neptune, 7-Zark-7. Watching, warning against surprise attacks by alien galaxy from beyond space. G-Force, fearless young orphans, protecting Earth's entire galaxy, always by acting as one. Dedicated, inseparable, invincible!"

So, when will BATTLE OF THE PLANETS begins on Boomerang?  There will be a 24 hours marathon on Sunday, April 25.  The series will start on May 2 and will run 3 times, every Sunday.  Finally!  "7 ZARK 7" returns to the airwaves!

*UPDATE:  AWN has new information on the series 

Disney stunts with "The Alamo" (Beaten by "The Passion!")

Now some of you may have noted the war between heaven and hell at the Box Office during the Easter holiday!  Mel Gibson's "The Passion of The Christ" was able to beat "Hellboy" a comic book adaptation movie, during the Easter weekend.  But has anyone quite forgot that Disney's "The Alamo" was also on the big screen? 

Well, the religious themed movie was able to defeat both "Hellboy" and Disney's "The Alamo," tough "The Passion" was already released last month and Disney's "The Alamo" was debuting during the Easter Weekend.  The $100 million Disney movie bombed at the box office this past weekend, causing a stir among many on Wall Street who are predicting the film's failure could eat into earnings and force the company to take a write-off.  One analyst put the "Alamo" write-off as high as $80 million. He also predicted another $70 million write-down for other Disney films.

As for the animated "Home on The Range" with the voice of "Roseanne Barr" (Used to be Roseanne Arnold) of the Nick-At Night's comedy show "Roseanne," made an honest $8 million dollars at the box office.  So at least there's a "Little patch of heaven" here!

And if you ask "What about Comcast?"  Is the cable TV giant still interested in Disney?  According to sources, Comcast Cable will remain interested in the Disney stocks, but it appears that due to the differences, Comcast will stop arguing about the Disney takeover, at least for now.  They may have to wait until a Disney Board members reunion takes place in the next following weeks, as they continue the discussion of keeping Michael Eisner in the company, despite the efforts of Roy Disney and Stanley Gold of Save Disney, to oust him of the company.  And lets not forget, that PIXAR (The makers of "Toy Story" and "Finding Nemo") is also interested in what is going to happen at Disney, before moving to another entertainment giant, if Eisner is not taken out of Disney World!

Jim Hill like "Comic Book: The Movie" (The movie that features "Wakko's" voice actor Jess Harnell!)

You probably had read about "Comic Book: The Movie."  This is the movie made by former "Star Wars" Mark Hammil and featuring several voice actors, including Jess Harnell (The one with long hair!) who voice "Wakko" on Animaniacs!

Well, this week I found out that the Jim Hill Media Web Site (remember the guy that was told to attend the Disney Shareholders meeting and then was denied to come in?) where the main topic is no other than DISNEY, had made some remarkable comments regarding "Comic Book: The Movie".

"if you're as big a cartoon voice fan as I am -- you're going to freak over "Comic Book: The Movie." Why for? Because among the talented performers that Mark persuaded to come on camera and perform with him are Tom Kenny ("SpongeBob Squarepants"), Jess Harnell ("Animaniacs"), Billy West ("Futurama") and Daran Norris ("Fairly Oddparents")."  Unquoted from Jim Hill Media Web Site

Save Disney's Lawsuit again?

The war between Disney and Save Disney still goes!


Speechless Simpsons?  That is the word out, as the cast of FOX TV's "The Simpsons" is refusing to perform their voices due to contractual disputes, involving a raise in their salary cap.  According to Reuters via Yahoo, the actors who do the talking for Homer, Bart and the rest of the cartoon stars of the long-running Fox television show "The Simpsons" are keeping their mouths shut until producers pay them more money, a source familiar with the situation said on Thursday April 1, 2004.  

The show's six principal voice actors, whose contracts expired several months ago, have refused to show up for script readings during the past few weeks, delaying production on the upcoming 16th season of the animated series, the source said.  Among the voices of The Simpsons, is Nancy Cartwright, who is credited with the voice of Bart Simpson and also Mindy of Animaniacs.  The remaining actors are, Dan Castellaneta (Homer), Yeardley Smith (Lisa), Julie Kavner (Marge), Hank Azaria (Moe and Apu) and Harry Shearer (Mr. Burns and Ned Flanders).

Also an unrelated note, but I have noted that The Pokemon Series on KIDS WB has been having a change in the narrator.  I have understood that Jim Cunnings who performs Disney's "Winnie The Pooh" and has taken part on Animaniacs, was the narrator of the Pokemon TV series and best known for the catching phrase "Our Heroes" when making reference to both Ash and Pikachu.  Then recently during the new series "Pokemon Advance," I noted a change in the narrators voice.  I have no idea of who is narrating "Pokemon Advance" and I don't know why Cunnings is no longer there.  But assuming the problem with "The Simpsons," it is understandable that most voice actors are taking the hostile approach of leaving their show if there is no agreement regarding economical matters.  Only if you tough that gas prices are to blame!

Disney blows "Pooh" heirs!  CASE CLOSED!

The 13 years old "Pooh" case was finally (Or was it?) dismissed by a California judge on Monday March 29 2004.  The civil lawsuit brought by The Slesinger heirs, claimed that Disney owned them royalties, regarding the use of "Winnie The Pooh" characters.  Also the lawsuit was in efforts to take back the rights of "Pooh" from the Mouse House, a move that could lead Disney to a financial chaos, since Disney claims that their financial gains are mostly "Pooh" related.  Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Charles McCoy, wrote in his decision "Stephen Slesinger Inc., the family firm suing Disney, 'is dishonest and shows no remorse,'" unquoted.

Disney's attorney Daniel Petrocelli, told Reuters: "It is all over. After 13 years the Winnie the Pooh case is finally over," Unquoted.

"Of course, we are appealing to take our Pooh rights back" claims a Slesinger family press release, "This decision unfortunately sends a strong message to corporate America that it is okay for companies like Disney to steal and renege on its contractual promises, and just fine to destroy a million pages of evidence along the way," unquoted.

Will keep you updated in the now over but never ending saga of "Winnie The Pooh!"  "Oh Bother!"

"Seinfield" VS "Superman" and "Potter" VS "Frasier?"  MUST SEE TV!

Just before you get the final episode of "Friends," here are some MUST SEE TV features to watch.  As ABC KIDS says: "ILLUMINATING TELEVISION!"

First, "Seinfield" VS "Superman:"  Remember the "Super Bowl" commercial that presented both Jerry Seinfield and "Superman?"  The major credit card commercial has been revamped only to be shown on the Internet.  This according to Toonzone, Seinfied and Superman has team up again for a series of web based commercials for American Express.

Second, "Potter" VS "Frasier:"  NBC taped the last episode of the popular sitcom starring Kelsey Grammer.  It appears that one of the cast members surprised Grammer by bringing his favorite "Harry Poter" character!  Robbie Coltrane, the well known "Hagrid" of "Harry Potter" movies, is scheduled to make a guest role in the final "Frasier" episode to be broadcasted on May 13, 2004.  But no word if the real "Hagrid" will appear, since there is total secret about the final episode of "Frasier."  Or is that "Hagrid" singing the "Frasier" song?

HAGRID (singing): "Hey baby, I hear the blues a-callin' Tossed salad and scrambled eggs Oh My! Mercy...And maybe I seem a bit confused, Yeah maybe, but I got you pegged!  Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha! But I don’t know what to do with those tossed salads and scrambled eggs.  They’re callin’ again." (Yells) FRASIER HAS DONE THE SHOW! "

Well, the last part was done on purpose, but is "FRASIER HAS LEFT THE BUILDING."

Clifford The Big Red Dog in movie and now live

Big canine giant "Clifford The Big Red Dog" is enjoying the big big life in TV, Movies and now BROADWAY!  Wait!  Clifford is not in Broadway, but soon will be!  According to Business Wire via Toonzone, "Clifford The Big Red Dog Live" is starting a 2 year nationwide tour.  According to Business Wire, Now, kids will have a whole new way to experience the crimson canine with "Clifford The Big Red Dog(R) LIVE!" -- the first ever Clifford live stage show -- raising its curtain for a world premiere at Atlanta's Fabulous Fox Theater April 21-25. This all new, BIG RED musical adventure is part of a 90 city, two-year World Premiere Tour.

About "Clifford The Big Red Dog's Really Big Movie":  According to Toonzone, the movie will be released in several markets by mid April.  Although is is not yet confirmed that the movie will be released as a summer feature and will opt to be released on DVD by fall.  Another thing that I did not knew until now.  Jess Harnell, the voice of Animaniacs Wakko Warner, is doing a voice cameo on "Clifford's Really Big Movie."  Will keep you posted.

"Scooby Doo 2" wins over "Ladykillers" and "The Passion"

"Scooby Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed" was the king of the box office this past weekend.  According to Box Office Estimates, the Warner Brothers film grossed $29.4 million dollars, displacing the new Tom Hanks movie "The Ladykillers" with $12.6 million dollars and the controversial Mel Gibson's "The Passion of the Christ" with 12.5 million dollars.  The information was offered by via Animation Word Network.  Will Scooby Doo be able to stay on top with the Good Friday/Easter weekend's debut of Disney's "Home On The Range?"

"Arthur" goes under new production Company

Next season's PBS KIDS "Arthur" series will be produced not by CINAR Entertainment.  All the Cinar assets where sold to former Nelvana executives Michael Hirsh and Toper Taylor.  So CINAR is now becoming "The Cookie Jar Ent."

The newly found company is a combination of what was left of CINAR combined with Carson-Dellosa Publishing and HighReach Learning Companies, owners of Filmfair Group.  Also the company will no longer be publicly traded, since it is now a private group.  CINAR used to be a public corporate group, until financial matters send the company to bankruptcy in 2001.  However this will not affect any of the CINAR's produced shows like "Arthur" and "Caillou" being broadcasted thru PBS KIDS.  More information at the AWN Web Site.

Where is He-Man?  The Filmation series may return!

If you still ask yourself, "When I'm going to see old 80's "He-Man and The Masters of The Universe" made by the now defunct Filmation Associates Animation Studios, your prayers may become a reality.  According to several sources, the original 1983 series may soon be available on DVD.  Now until recently, Hallmark Entertainment was the owner of the Filmation Library (Originally sold to L'Oreal the make-up giant in the 1980's), but they have no intention to release the series.  They did not even had plans to release most of the Fimaltion Associates classics like "Fat Albert and The Cosby Kids" (Not related to Little Bill, but created by Bill Cosby himself!).  So unless they wanted to make greeting cards with He-Man.

But the word out is that the company that was struggling to buy "Noddy" from Chorion (Remember the article you read here and is in the Archived page?), "Entertainment Rights," bought the entire Filmation Associates Library from Hallmark Entertainment for $20 million dollars.  

What this means it that your favorite Filmation classics like He-Man could be heading to DVD anytime soon.  In fact, Archie Comics (Harvey Comics) is announcing that they will have available the Filmation's original "Archie's" and "Sabrina The Teenage Witch" series for sale next week of March 30 2004.  

Do you remember "Archie's TV Funnies?"  Small shorts of "Dick Tracey," "Captain and the Kids," "Emmy Lou," "Smokey Stover" and "Broom-Hilda" where the main feast in this series!  To this date, there is an updated Archie's TV series called "Archie's Weird Mysteries," being produced by DIC Enterprises for the weekend's "DIC KIDS" block.

Also the He-Man.Org Web Site devoted to "Masters Of The Universe" is reporting the buy out of the Filmation Associates library, which could also means that "She-ra" could be brought back too.

What's next?  Batman and Batmite reunited?  Are they kidding?  We could see that on DVD too!  Remember "The New Adventures of Batman" back in the mid 70's?"

"Nick" to separate "At Night"

"Nickelodeon" is separating "Nick At Nite," according to sources.  The Viacom owned TV Network is making a separated rating charts for Nick At Night.  The reason is that while Nickelodeon usually spares the late night hours to grown ups comedy, it is considered that the ratings for both Nickelodeon and Nick at Night may be better considered by the advertising agencies.  While Nickelodeon usually sells ad time for both Nick and Nick at Nite, they consider the times that ad will be sold.  Like toy companies could advertise during the Nickelodeon time and auto makers could advertise on Nick at Night.  Still confused?  Is like toy maker would not like to promote a toy during "The Cosby Show."  So that's how it works.

The Home on the Range at Disney....Are they kidding?

Nope!  I have not stop the Disney scheme.  But can I grab your attention and see if I got corrected?  I have a borrowed copy of Disney's "Oliver & Company."  There is a promotional segment from the 1988 animated movie starring the voices of singer Billy Joel ("Dodger" the dog) and a younger Joey Lawrence (He was a regular on ABC's "Blossom" back them!) as the voice of "Oliver" the kitten.

If by any chance you have the original DVD, check in the bonus materials for "The Making of Oliver & Company" released in 1988.  Guess who is in that promo?  No other than Roy E. Disney, former head of Walt Disney Animation and the person behind Save Disney.  What he says in that particular clip, gave me some chills!  Who ever tough that Roy E. Disney would say anything regarding the use of computers for animated movies?  Way back Disney started using computers in the 1980's to help in the background of certain animated movies.  "Oliver & Company" was one of them.  But it is also mentioned that the use of computers will not replace the real Disney animators that gives life to their movies.  That was in 1988!  Today is 2004 and Disney has completely replaced the hand drawing for computers!  Who could ever imagine after hearing the segment "The Making of Oliver & Company" that the magic that Disney created back them is now a forgotten thing of the past?

In the meantime, the last Animated Disney feature "Home On The Range" hits theaters on April 2, 2004.  Is the last animated movie being made at Walt Disney Florida Studios that was inside The Disney MGM Studios.  That studio was recently shut down and over 300 animators where fired.  So who could ever imagined that Disney is getting too way with it?  Will we ever see a Disney animated movie again?  By the way, Disney is talking about doing a 3rd "Toy Story" movie when the folks of PIXAR already left Disney.  Also the Theme Park admission has been raised by almost $3 dollars, but there is complains about the maintenance inside Disney.

On DVD: Super Mario and Punky Brewster!  THE 80's!!!!

Let's go to my favorite department!  THE 80's!!!!  I wonder why the 80's was the so called magic era!  Maybe was my teenage years or maybe was the "PUNKY POWER" with odd colored sneakers while watching MTV (Today is EMPTY-V!).  Speaking of odd colored shoes, remember "Punky Brewster" and "Super Mario"?  They are heading to DVD.  

According to Toonzone, there are plans to release on DVD the original Super Mario Super Show, which consisted of animated "Super Mario" and "Legend of Zelda" cartoons.  These where done by DIC Enterprises back in 1987.  

Also another DVD release is the original "Punky Brewster" TV series with Soleil Moon Frye and George Gaynes (Captain Lassard in all "Police Academy" movies).  The original series was released in 1984 and it was broadcasted by NBC.  Also the series became a cartoon series for NBC TV in 1985.  Word out is that some episodes of the animated version, will be featured on the DVD release.  The DVD series will offer the original NBC series that ran from 1984 to 1986.  No word if the 1987-1988 series that was syndicated will be also available on DVD.  

Another thing about "Punky Brewster," was the cameo appearance by some well known celebrities.  Among them, Candance Cameron who portrays "DJ" on TV series "Full House."  She was playing a little girl that was kidnapped by his parent and the only clue was her face on a milk container.  Another celebrity was former Astronaut Buzz Aldrin (Apollo mission to the moon) during a tribute to Space Shuttle Challenger crew (The funniest part was "Henri" (Gayne) doing a dress model!).  And of course the late Andy Gibbs of 70's musical sensation "The Bee Gees," doing a beauty contest host and a record label executive (Did he mentioned "Prince" in that episode?).  You may find information on "Punky Brewster" at TV Tome.

Benji Returns!  Yes!  THE DOG!

Remember the cute dog "Benji"?  The last time I heard about the beloved K-9 was around the late 80's and early 90's, when a legal dispute brought "Benji's" creator Joe Camp and The Walt Disney Company into a lawsuit, over the rights to a Benji Movie.  So what ever happened to Benji since that time?  Now most of you are looking like, "Benji"?  Have I heard of that?  Where?  

Here's a little history about Benji.  Of course, the year was 1974, when Joe Camp's "Benji" hit theaters nationwide, causing the majority of us to go "Awwwww" over a homeless pouch wandering the streets in search of a loving family.....To the tune of "I feel love" by the late country legend Charlie Rich, millions of kids and families, myself included, enjoyed this great movie that simply told a story of courage and values and believe it or not, after the movie was released, over a million homeless animals where adopted, according to the Humane Society.  The main idea of "Benji's" creator Joe Camp, was that in every "Benji" movie, the message being sent to movie goers, was to adopt a homeless animal at their local shelter.

Over the years, other "Benji" movies where released.  In 1977 the movie sequel "For the Love of Benji," was released.  After some good reviews, the pooch came back in the early 80's, this time was side kicked with comedy actor Chevy Chase for the movie "Oh Heavenly Dog" (Chevy Chase provided the voice over to the pooch for that particular movie).  Then in 1987, Joe Camp agree to let The Walt Disney Company to distribute the movie "Benji The Hunted".  This movie became a legal matter due that Mouse House wanted the rights to every "Benji" movie, a thing that Joe Camp did not agree to it.  That's why every "Benji" movie has to be released independently.

After years of legal turnarounds, Camp decided to get back to square 1.  Back in 2001, he scouted every single animal shelter, in search of the new dog to portray  "Benji."  Along with producer Margaret Loesch, who is credited for creating FOX KIDS back in 1989 (That's where Animaniacs first started!) and responsible for cartoons like "The Transformers" and "The Smurfs", they both joined forces to produce the newest breed of loving fun!  The newest "Benji" is a former homeless dog that was found in a Jackson, Mississippi area animal shelter.

After months of production and some delays, the new movie "Benji Returns" is ready to roll during the summer.  A limited release will start next week of March 25, 2004 in Jackson MS and then it will roll out in selected cities.  For more information click on "Benji" for "Benji Returns."  Hopefully, we will find a new generation of "Benji" lovers that will sing the "I Feel Love" tune and open their hearts to a needed homeless pet!

FYI: The Movie is produced by Joe Camp and Margaret Loesch (Did you know she was the one who first brought Animaniacs into the Fox Kids Network before KIDS WB took the show back in 1994?)

FYI: Did you know that Joe Camp's son Brandon Camp, was the person behind the FOX TV series "John Doe" with actor Dominic Purcell?  If you wonder where is "John Doe"?  Ask FOX TV, they canceled the show!

DIEGO NO SWIPING!  Awww Maaaan!  Nick explores "Go Diego Go!"

Have enough of "Dora The Explorer"?  Guess what!  Nick is swiping "Dora" for "Diego!"  As Nickelodeon reveals the 2004-05 season, it also green lights an spin-off to "Dora The Explorer," the popular pre-school series from Nick Jr.  If you always yell "SWIPER NO SWIPING!  Awwww Maaaan!"  Now you will yell "GO DIEGO GO!"  

As Nickelodeon reveals the new series for the next fall, besides "GO DIEGO GO," Nickelodeon also revealed 8 different shows to premiere later this year.  3 of them are for Nick JR and the others are for the NICKELODEON programming, but most of them are live action series, instead of animated shows.  Of course, Nickelodeon has committed to new episodes of "All Grown Up" and "Fairly Odd Parents."  

How about "Unfabulous" with Emma Roberts (Niece of mega star Julia Roberts!), "Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide" and "The Power Striker" created and co-produced by Whoopi Goldberg?  As for the "GO DIEGO GO" series, don't expect "Swiper" swiping on poor "Dora!"  "Diego" has a sister named "Alicia," who will help "Dora's" cousin to rescue endangered species.  Although is not official, chances are that "Dora" may swing by!  Awwwww Maaaaan!

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ABC KIDS Line up shared with GMA and local news

Recently, ABC TV revealed that they where adding "Good Morning America" to the Saturday Morning Line-Up.  Well, ABC KIDS will suffer some schedule changes next fall 2004-05 and only one new show was introduced to the line-up.  The others will be re-runs from The Disney Channel.  I guess they will have more Local News in Orlando.  By the way, ABC took out "NBA's Inside Stuff"  just to add "Power Rangers Dino" (In Orlando it is replaced by "Jack Hanna's Animal Adventures").

As for the new ABC KIDS show, it is "The Disney Channel's" Original Series: "Phil of The Future."  I assume that is a cross over of "Lizzy McGuire" and "That's so Raven," which are returning to ABC KIDS.  The animated series "Lilo & Stitch," "Fillmore," "The Proud Family," and "Kim Possible" are scheduled to return.  However, expect that some series will not be shown due that some markets like Orlando replace the ABC KIDS series for local news and with the addition of GMA, there will be nothing to see on ABC KIDS!

Related story at Toonzone 

UPDATE: VIACOM and DISH settles over fees, returns EMPTY-V and Animaniacs (NICKTOONS)

It appears that both VIACOM and ECHOSTAR's DISH NETWORK, have settled over a fees dispute, that took away several VIACOM and CBS channels in dozens of markets, affecting up to 9 million customers of the DISH NETWORK.  Now, you can watch your EMPTY-V (MTV), NICKELODEON (More "DORA THE EXPLORER!") and the new home to ANIMANIACS, NICKTOONS!  CASE CLOSED!!!!

See "Yu-Gi-Oh" and "Ninja Turtles" on your Game Boy Advance?

You probably have a "VIDEO NOW" device and a GAME BOY ADVANCE.  You use the VIDEO NOW device to watch "Sponge Bob Squarepants", but you realize that is better to see "Sponge Bob Squarepants" on NICKELODEON or buy a DVD.  

That's Because the only problem that the Hasbro's "VIDEO NOW" device has, is that it shows black and white (or gray) images when playing a small cd with an encoded file that sends a black image, over the white/gray background and tough it looks great for the kids who enjoys the popular TV shows, it's technology may look too cheap for the retail price lesser than US $50.00.

On the other hand, you have a Nintendo's GAME BOY ADVANCE, you use the device to play your video games, like POKEMON or YU-GI-OH and even SPONGE BOB SQUAREPANTS, to name a few!

So, having both could be a good idea or a bad idea (That was the Animaniacs old saying!).  The good idea is that a major partnership between Nintendo and 4KIDS ENTERTAINMENT could lead a lot of people to basically dump off their Hasbro's "VIDEO NOW".

Now according to Business Wire, 4KIDS ENTERTAINMENT, the people behind mega TV hits like POKEMON, YU-Gi-OH (KIDS WB), SONIC X and TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES (FOX BOX), has entered an agreement with Majesco Sales Inc.  MAJESCO will use their technology to convert all the animated series from 4KIDS ENTERTAINMENT and make it, not on small CD, like "VIDEO NOW", but simply turn it into a GAME BOY ADVANCE cartridge!  Yes, you read!  Since the technology will allow for the GAME BOY MAKERS to turn an animated show and play it back in your GAME BOY ADVANCE device, expect kids putting aside, the "VIDEO NOW", unless HASBRO comes with a new version that plays color images and expands their library, since some of the shows that they have are re-plays of original TV shows, like "AMERICAN IDOL", "SCOOBY DOO", "SPONGE BOB SQUAREPANTS", "FAIRLY ODD PARENTS" and a Hillary Duff (Lizzy McGwire) biography.


The following is an open letter to Michael Eisner.  I did not wrote the letter, it is available at SAVE DISNEY.  The letter is in response to Eisner's denial of stepping out of The Walt Disney Company after the Shareholders 43% of non confidence voting.  You can e-mail or snail mail the letter to Mr. Eisner, just go to Save Disney for details:

Mr. Michael D. Eisner
Chief Executive Officer
The Walt Disney Company
500 Buena Vista Street
Burbank, CA 91521-0752

Mr. Eisner:

Shareholders of The Walt Disney Company sent a loud and clear message at last week's meeting in Philadelphia: over 50% of investors who actually voted want you to resign as leader of their company.

This is an undeniable vote of no confidence in your leadership and that of your Board of Directors. Superficial acts aimed at quelling a call for "contemporary corporate governance" are, unfortunately, not sufficient. Sharing the roles of CEO and Chairman with a clearly non-independent candidate is inappropriate given the level of shareholder discontent. You have underestimated the will of the shareholders and mischaracterized the message.

It's time for a change in leadership.  This is in the best interests of shareholders.

Mr. Eisner, you were able to achieve impressive growth of the company's profile in the first ten years of your reign by exploiting the incredible assets left by Walt Disney and his heirs.  But the last seven years have been a morass of dwindling shareholder value, disheartening cutbacks in the company's quality and product, and creative malaise-all of which has negatively affected the way we perceive the Disney name. Your strategic planning schemes and rebranding initiatives have siphoned much of the Magic from the Kingdom. Cast Members are suffering as a result of management decisions beyond their control.

We want to see the rich legacy of Walt Disney passed down to future generations, resulting in long-term value creation.

Please respond to our demand that you tender your resignation. We will not tolerate a scorched-earth policy that further harms the company's priceless assets.  The Disney legacy is not your personal property, Mr. Eisner; it belongs to all of us.

Pause to consider your own legacy with the company. Already the history books will record that you were the object of a shareholder rebellion that changed the landscape of Corporate America. They will remember that you had to be forced from power. Step down as CEO while you can still salvage some shred of personal dignity.

The winds have changed. You are no longer in control of The Walt Disney Company.

cc to offices of : John Bryson, John Chen, Judith Estrin, Robert Iger, Alywin Lewis, Monica Lewis, Robert Matschullat, George Mitchell, Fr. Leo Donovan, Gary Wilson

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter,

(your name here)

I want my EMPTY-V!  Viacom refuses DISH!  NO ANIMANIACS?

(Update: Nickelodeon and the Viacom channels are being seen on DISH Network.  In case you have not hear, recently Viacom disputed with DISH Network about broadcast fees, prompting Viacom to remove their channels from DISH Network for a few days in March 2004.  This is the original lead story)

By this far, you may be one of 10 million people that has realized that you still want your EMPTY-V (MTV), CBS and NICKELODEON.  


But unfortunately, you wont have those networks, because VIACOM and ECHOSTAR's DISH NETWORK did not agree on certain issues regarding Network fees, causing VIACOM to not longer supply (At least for now!) their CBS affiliates and the major cable networks, like NICKELODEON, MTV, MTV2, VH1, SHOWTIME, COMEDY CENTRAL, SPIKE TV (No Ren & Stimpy!)  and the now home to Animaniacs, NICKTOONS!



ECHOSTAR, the owner of DISH NETWORK pulled the plug on CBS affiliates in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Miami, Boston, Denver, Minneapolis and Dallas.  As many as 9 million satellite customers in all 50 states lost the Viacom-owned cable networks, and 1.6 million of them also lost their local CBS station, which could threaten their ability to watch among other things the NCAA men's basketball tournament, which begins next week.

What about "The Price is Right?"  What about "The Late Show?"  What about "CSI?"  WHAT ABOUT "SURVIVOR??????????"


EchoStar chairman and CEO Charles Ergen said the companies were negotiating and he hoped the impasse would end soon.  Customers hoping to watch the disrupted channels instead saw a message accusing Viacom of asking for an unreasonable rate increase that would result in higher monthly satellite bills for EchoStar customers.  "We have customers who are calling and asking, 'Where's my CBS?'' EchoStar spokesman Mark Lumpkin said. "It's understandable that you would be upset if you lose your CBS channel.''

Those this sounds familiar?  Remember back in 2000, there was a similar dispute with ABC TV (Owned by Disney) and TIME WARNER CABLE (BRIGHT HOUSE CABLE), that resulted in a temporary blackout to almost 4 million customers in several cities.  Also there was another dispute with the Florida based "Sunshine Networks" and BRIGHT HOUSE CABLE, that caused "Sunshine Network" to leave temporary, due to fees dispute.  I hope that VIACOM and DISH resolves this matter as soon as possible, or else we kept singing:

"Now is time for so long....." (In case you missed, Steve Burns repeats of "Blues Clues" was on NICK!)

Disney's daughter wants Eisner and Roy to leave?

Just when you tough that the DISNEY thing with Michael Eisner, Roy Disney and Stanley Gold will come to a stop, now comes a new figure.  Is a friend or foe?  Turns out that Walt Disney's daughter and cousin of Roy Disney, Diane Disney Miller, broke her silence, since his cousin Roy fired her husband, the then, DISNEY's CEO Ron Miller back in the year 1984 and replace it with the now troubled CEO Michael Eisner.

While Disney Miller is glad that Eisner was removed from The Disney Board of directors, she blamed her cousin Roy Disney (Save and told THE LA TIMES "Roy's move was ill timed, and it helped put the company in play," Miller said. "It showed there is weakness and discord at the top of the company. Roy loves the company as much as I do, and he wants to see it remain independent too. But what he has done has put it in jeopardy." Unquoted.

Also on a related note, The New York Times mentions that there is a renegotiation among Disney and Eisner regarding his salary with the company, after the Shareholders meeting that withheld Eisner's position for 43% of the votes.

What Animaniacs and the World Cup in 1994 had in common?

Ever wondered what Animaniacs and the 1994's World Cup has had in common?  Well, 10 years ago, the FIFA World Cup (Which is the well know soccer game, just like the Summer Olympiads!), held the soccer tournament in various US Cities.  While Chicago and Pasadena where the center stage,  Orlando and other cities where part of the action too.  But have you ever tough that the person who wrote Animaniacs, was the creator of the USA Mascot known as "Striker the Dog"?

Did you know "Striker The Dog" was created by the writer of Animaniacs?  (Copyright: FIFA World Cup)

Who was the creator?  John Over, who is the current supervising art director of the PBS KIDS series "Clifford The Big Red Dog."  He was the main head writer of Animaniacs, Pinky & The Brain, Tiny Toons Adventures, Histeria and others.  In the early 90's, when FIFA selected the USA to held the World Cup, Mr. John Over submitted to the FIFA World Cup committee, the artwork drawings of what eventually became the USA Mascot for the 1994 World Cup Series, being played in Chicago, Orlando and other locations.  "GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL!"  By the way, Brazil was the big champion from that World Cup Series.

Also ever remember the Pinball game from Bally Midway?  That was the cool thing I used to play, when I was in my hometown in Puerto Rico.

What a memory flashback was!  If I could wish for Animaniacs to have their own Midway type of game!  I mean, you won't see those at your neighborhood pizza parlor (EX: "Chuck E. Cheeses").

Other note:  Remember the episode "3 Strikes and You're out"?  With Slappy and the 3 Tenors?  Well, The 3 Tenors, Placido Domingo, Jose Carreras and Luciano Pavarotti did performed during the closing ceremonials of the World Cup.

4Kids doing business with Mike Young?

How about 4KIDS Entertainment, The Fox Box producers meeting with Mike Young Productions, the people behind "Clifford The Big Red Dog" and "Masters of The Universe"?  According to Animation World News, it appears the 2 companies are doing business at the NATPE 2004 convention.  NATPE is the convention where programs are sold to international markets or distribution companies.  4KIDS sold Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh to Warner Brothers and created "The Fox Box" for Fox TV.  Mike Young Productions is the ones that produced "Jakers" and "Clifford's Puppy Days" for PBS KIDS and "Masters of The Universe" (Use to be "He-Man") for Cartoon Network.  It seems like Mike Young, although has not mentioned the matter, is going to adquire distribution rights to "Tama And Friend", "Cubix: Robots for Everyone" and "Fighting Foodoms", this according to the AWN Web Site.

Could it be possible that "Tama and Friends" and "Fighting Foodoms" gets a new spin?  Stay tune!

Daytime Emmys announced: Hello Susan Lucci!

~This is an update to the story, we still not sure if Martha Stewart will be on the award show, since she was found guilty of lying (Perjuries) when selling stocks~

For the first time ever, the main lead is not about Disney and the surprising Shareholders Meeting finale, read below for that!  Instead the main lead is the nominations to the annual Daytime Emmys.  Hello Susan Lucci!

For those of you wondering, The Annual Daytime Emmys are the awards for daytime TV audience.  Animaniacs has been awarded Daytime Emmys for Outstanding Animated Series as well as other awards.  Though Animaniacs is no longer in production, The Daytime Emmys are still recognized as the top awards for TV made shows.

The nominations for the 31st annual Daytime Emmys where announced during the NBC's "Today Show."  Leading the nominations was CBS "As the World Turns" and ABC's "All my Children," but Susan Lucci did not got a nomination.  As you may recall, Lucci was one of the cast members of ABC's "All my Children" and for 20 years in a row, she was nominated, but never got an award, until 2000, when THE STREAK WAS OVER!  Since then, Susan Lucci has not been awarded the Emmys because she already left the ABC's TV drama.  Wonder what she's doing?

But among the nominees, both Nancy Cartwright (Mindy of "Animaniacs"/ Bart of "The Simpson") and the late John Ritter ("Three's Company"/"8 Simple Rules") got nominations for "Outstanding Performer in an Animated Program."  Nancy Cartwright is nominated for voicing "Rufus the Naked Mole Rat" from "Disney's Kim Possible."  While John Ritter got nominated for PBS KIDS "Clifford The Big Red Dog".  Also veteran reporter Walter Cronkite got nominated for performance of "Ben Franklin" on "Liberty Kids" (DIC/PBS KIDS).  Other nominations include Henry Winkler for "Norville the Bird" of "Clifford's Puppy Days" (PBS KIDS) and Joe Alaskey for "Daffy Duck" in "Duck Dodgers" (Cartoon Network).

Other nominations included,  "Dr. Phill" and "Martha Stewart's Living."  It is not clear if Stewart will make the award show on May 21, 2004, due to her conviction over perjury (Lying) charges.  It was not clear if she will remain free or will be jailed anytime before the award ceremony.  For more information go to the CNN Page.

There will be more updates regarding the Emmys and while I consider that Martha Stewart is not a bad person, still some mistakes has to be mended.

And here are some oddities for Emmy nominations:

KIDS WB received 4 nominations (Static Shock, Xiaolim Showdown, Ozzie & Drix and X-Men Evolution), while The WB got 1 for...X-Men Evolution?  Maybe they got it wrong.

Luna (Voiced by Lynn Thigpen) got nominated for "Bear in The Big Blue House".    Why not The Bear?

"Between The Lions" (PBS) shares the "best single camera editing" with "Dr. Phill."  That is the "Tip of the day?"

Too many birthdays in Discovery Health Channel VS The Macy's Thanksgiving Parade with too many floats.

And I could go with this, but better take a look at Emmy Online

Now, will the streak be over for "Blues Clues"?  or will Sesame Street breaks away for the 30th year in a row? 

"Clifford The Big Red Dog" in Theaters?  Where?

A few weeks back, I mentioned the possibility of a theatrical release to the animated movie "Clifford The Big Red Dog's Really Big Movie."  It appears and since I got the movie poster (Below), the movie was already released but in limited number of theaters in cities like New York and Atlanta.  I have not seen the movie in Orlando yet.  As for when the movie will be released, there is not an official word from Warner Brothers, who is in charge for the theatrical release of the movie, based on the PBS KIDS TV series.  An article in the New York Post gave a very low 1/2 star.  Does this sound familiar?  Like when "Wakko's Wish" was supposedly to be released on theaters, but ended on Video in 1999?  I guess our favorite red canine (Voiced by the late John Ritter) may be headed to a DVD retailer near you.

More after the Shareholders meeting: Eisner looses Disney's Chairman post

The surprising upraise that came after over 43% of the Disney's Shareholders voted against Chairman Michael Eisner, has prompted the Disney Board of Directors to immediately remove him out of the position, while he still the Disney's CEO.  Now the Disney's Board is under control of former Senator George Mitchell.  The Disney Board approve the separation of the position of Chairman and CEO after the Shareholder's meeting on Wednesday March 3, 2004.  Still not clear if Eisner will be eventually removed out of the position of Disney's CEO, despite he still being supported by the Board and lots of Shareholders are figuring out how can they keep Eisner in the company and why Mitchell took the position of Chairman, when at least 25% of the Shareholders voted against Mitchell?

In the meantime, Roy Disney and Stanley Gold of Save Disney has issue this statement at the site:

Roy Disney and Stanley Gold today called the move by The Walt Disney Company Board of Directors of naming George Mitchell as Chairman, while allowing Michael Eisner to remain CEO, "a blatant rejection of shareholder will, a betrayal of trust and a significant step backwards for substantive governance reform in America's capital markets.

"The unprecedented 43% No Confidence Vote on Michael Eisner is a sharp rebuke to his continued leadership," Messrs. Disney and Gold said, "More importantly, for the Board to endorse a lame duck CEO that shareholders have repudiated is untenable for the Company, its shareholders, its employees and its business partners. Good corporate governance mandates that Boards listen and be responsive to their shareholders. The Disney Board has minimized the message sent by their shareholders."

Also Save Disney published a cartoon that portrays Disney characters playing "Survivor" with Michael Eisner and singing the "Mickey Mouse Club" theme:

Disney banned Jim Hill Media from the meeting

Just as the Disney's Shareholders meeting closes down in Philadelphia, there is more to this story that you may not see anywhere else.  Here's one of this cases.

After 43% of Disney Shareholders voted NO on re-electing Michael Eisner, CNN Financial Network (CNN FN) interviewed Jim Hill of Jim Hill Media, a web site that informs everything Disney related.  Jim Hill was told that he can attend the Shareholders meeting in Philadelphia as part of the Press members.  However at the door of the Philadelphia Convention Center, a Disney spokesperson denied full access to Jim Hill because his web site is anti-Disney and he was seen with Roy Disney at the Save Disney press conference the day before the Shareholders meeting.  

Now in case you wonder who is Jim Hill, remember a few weeks, I found out when Jim Hill was interviewed in an Orlando TV Station station regarding that Disney's "Mission Space" attraction inside "Disney's Epcot Center" in Orlando, started using the motion sickness bags, after people complained about dizziness being caused by the space themed attraction?

Jim Hill Media has been taking a neutral approach at Disney, but recently, the site has been supporting Save Disney.  Hill requested to attend the Shareholders meeting as a press member and he was given press credentials.  He even check status with The Walt Disney Company just hours before the meeting.  When he reached the convention center, someone from The Walt Disney Company, took away the press credential from Jim Hill and told him to stay away the Shareholders Meeting.  The reason?  He was attending Save Disney's press conference the day before and Roy Disney was able to have a word with Hill, but someone from House Mouse was spying on Hill and decided to revoke the press credentials.  What a SHAME!  In the meantime, Jim Hill was being interviewed on both CNN FN and MSNBC (Pictured below).

Pokemon goes in the mail to promote game and movie

Spotted in the mail, Pokemon mailers has been sent by Nintendo to their magazine subscribers across the country.  The mailers are to promote the new Pokemon game "Colosseum" and the new Pokemon Advance Movie that will be released around summer 2004.  The mailer features a new Pokemon Advance named "Jirachi" (Raikou in Japan). 

More information at the official Pokemon Web Site.


While I was updating this page, I was listening to the Disney Shareholders meeting at the Disney Web Site.  When the session was opened early today, it was expected that the Disney Shareholders meeting will continue during the day, but apparently, after unconfirmed reports that over 40% of the Shareholders withheld their vote in favor of Disney's chairman Michael Eisner, the meeting was called off earlier than expected, it was supposed to be until 6:00 PM, but ended by 3:30 PM Eastern time!  It seems like Michael Eisner is going out of the Magic Kingdom, but this is not yet confirmed by Disney's board.  So stay tuned to this developing story.

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Small updates to come

Right now, I was listening to the Shareholders meeting in Philadelphia (Eisner did called off the meeting after finding out that over 40% voted NO against him!) and seems like Michael Eisner was almost speechless due to some voice loss.  Keep coming back, because I may have to re-update the news during the day.  I have never, in the life of Save Animaniacs Campaign, been so able to update a lead story this frequent (I wish the same with Animaniacs!) in one day.  So the next update may come within minutes of the last one, so check every hour or so.  I placed an audio link to the Disney's Shareholders Meeting, but it was closed, after the voting was announced.  

Most of the topics being discussed this far, are related to the Disney properties like ABC, Theme Parks, Disney Channel and ABC Family, ESPN and others.  There was a brief question and answer meeting, but Eisner called for an adjourning of the meeting causing the majority of the shareholders to BOO Eisner (LOOK!  IS A GIANT CHICKEN!) so if you are able to see this, is because the voters session has not been closed.  There are just a few hours left for the final outcome, so stay tune to SAC.  

By the way, someone requested Eisner to step down, he declined.  Also, Eisner shut up a shareholder that mentioned the Comcast issue!  SHAME!!!!

Roy Disney receives standing ovation at Disney Meeting

At the beginning of the Disney's Shareholders meeting, both Roy Disney and Stanley Gold of Save Disney, received a standing ovation at the Disney's annual Shareholders meeting in Philadelphia.

Minutes before the big Shareholders meeting.....

Just about minutes for the big Shareholders meeting in Philadelphia, we find the big eared Michael Eisner having a conversation with "How We Turn" (Could it be?) regarding how the media has been so nasty with those rumors about Comcast taking over like "Pinky & The Brain" and who knows, maybe the big Radio Empire may come and rescue Eisner out of hot waters!  REALLY?  "JUST KIDDING!"

That was a little Animaniacs style sketch, inspired in Michael Eisner and Howard Stern being the "most talked about guys" across the globe, just like "Pinky & The Brain!"  But the big news is the annual Disney Shareholders meeting in Philadelphia, while Roy Disney and Comcast are trying to make the deal or dream come true!  It is after 9:00 PM on Tuesday March 2, 2004 (CNN Breaks the news that John Edwards is retiring of the Presidential Race!).  Eisner is running around in circles.  Roy Disney is bringing the Big Radio Empire (If you tough I was mentioning Clear Channel, when I'm talking about Shamrock!) and "How We Turn" is yelling "BIG BIG BIG......(Blows head!)!"

So there!  If you tough I did forgot about Animaniacs all this time the Disney and Eisner thing was being mentioned!  But let's get serious folks!

Roy Disney and Stanley Gold of Save Disney, where offering a press conference to remind Disney Shareholders about the big mistakes that uncle Eisner has been doing for the last 10 years in command of The Walt Disney Company.  At the same time, Michael Eisner kept reminding the shareholders about the good things his company has been doing for the last 10 years.  Then, Eisner announced a new project for The Walt Disney Company (Another attempt of bad Public Relationship?).  Disney is preparing "The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe."  It seems like Eisner's desperate campaign to remain at Disney still going and going, like battery ads.  It is possible that because Disney loose big with "THE LORD OF THE RINGS" at the Oscars and the fact that their only effort was the PIXAR's "Finding Nemo" movie, now they are moving forward and imitate the successful movie franchise.

But, Roy Disney's press conference went more into the bad image Eisner has done and among the topics, the nephew of Walt Disney mentioned that Eisner has been destroying the company's image and also mentioned the bad ratings at ABC TV and the current problems at the Theme Parks, while Eisner takes more money out of the pockets.  In fact both Disney and Gold have mentioned the possibility of returning to the Disney board, if Michael Eisner gets ousted at the shareholders meeting.  But Stanley Gold expects at least a 15% of vote withholding against Eisner.  Others like David Miller, a financial analyst for investment bank Sanders Morris Harris, has said: "My gut feeling is that if the 'vote NO' block is 30 to 35 percent, that could be impetus for the board to suggest that Mr. Eisner step down as chairman and remain as CEO,"  Unqoted.  More on this story at Yahoo News.

Also on a related note, Disney took all the Mickey Mouse statues that where at The Magic Kingdom in Orlando FL and took them to Philadelphia for the Shareholders Meeting, but another reason was that one of Mickey's statues, who was signed by singer Janet Jackson, weeks before the Super Bowl stunt with Justin Timberlake, was removed from the display and will not be seen at The Magic Kingdom and will not be at the Shareholders meeting.  There where 75 Mickey Mouse statues and now will be 74 and half of it!  The story is also on Yahoo News.

We will break in the results of the Shareholders voting early tomorrow!

Hours before Disney's Shareholders Meeting.....

Where in the 24 to 48 hours range, before the big Disney Shareholders meeting in Philadelphia.  The news are quite not so good for the Eisner's board, which it appears that it will be under siege.  Not even at the Oscars!  Former Disney's Pixar, took home an Oscar, for Best Animated Film: "Finding Nemo."  The remaining Oscars went to "THE LORD OF THE RINGS: Return of the King."  Disney did not received an Oscar for both "Brother Bear" or "Pirates of The Caribbean."  Not even actor Johnny Deep, who was won by Sean Penn's "MYSTIC RIVER."  Also as a matter of fact, Local 6 in Orlando is breaking the news that the Florida Pension Fund, which is a big Disney allied, has said they will vote NO on Eisner.  So more stormy weather at The Magic Kingdom is expected.

But there is more, The Walt Disney Company send letters to their shareholders, naming the good reasons to vote YES on Eisner and the board.  One of the main reasons, is an article by Eisner's very good friend David Kirkpatrick from Variety Magazine, who used to be the head manager of Disney's Touchtone Pictures.  In the letter, Kirkpatrick uses some uncommon words for former Disney's board members Roy E Disney and Stanley Gold of Save Disney fame.

"I was shocked when I read Stanley Gold and Roy Disney's website calling Disney "rapacious" and "soul-less." Roy Disney is a product not of meritocracy but of prejudice over experience. Roy Disney's legacy, I am afraid, will be that he recklessly went about weakening the company that bears his family name and opened the door to outsiders. On the website there is an editorial that calls Michael Eisner an imposter, "hiding behind a guise of a creative man." To have taken Disney from a clever mouse sleeping on the lawns of Burbank into the $68 billion media giant that dominates the worldwide landscape is not about luck nor is it about being an imposter of creativity."  This was unquoted from David Kirkpatrick and Variety Magazine.

Now, why Eisner sends a letter to the shareholders, with some words coming from a person that is no longer the head of Touchtone Pictures, but still doing business with the mouse?  Also did Kirkpatrick forgot the good old times at Disney, founded by Walt himself?  Read this:

"While Roy had bad conceptual ideas and terrible story instincts, Michael Eisner felt that it was important to honor Walt Disney's heritage by being respectful to the person who bore his last name; besides, Roy had supported Michael being hired as Chairman. However, it was Jeffrey Katzenberg and Peter Schneider who were the guardians of the revolution in animation, not Roy Disney. Could Roy Disney's rage be fueled by jealousy? Could Roy still be upset that last year Michael Eisner would not allow Roy's son, Roy Patrick, to be appointed a director of The Walt Disney Company, allowing this respectful but draining chain of nepotism to continue? It is too bad that Michael Eisner's last name is not Disney."  Again, unquoted by Kirkpatrick and Variety.

And here is the big comparison, "The Little Mermaid" VS "Black Cauldron:"

"With a single movie, "The Little Mermaid," Michael Eisner and the gifted Jeffrey Katzenberg revolutioned animation and turned it into a multi-billion dollar business. How? Adults had stopped going to well-meaning Disney duds like "Black Cauldron." According to Michael, the pictures had "become adult punishing." The hiring of Howard Ashman and Howard Menken, the witty and campy creators/song writers of "Little Shop of Horrors," changed animation in the modern world, and made it adult friendly. "The Little Mermaid" was a smash hit. It became the paradigm for all animation that has arisen since its success, including the Pixar movies."  From David Kirkpatrick and Variety Magazine.

Now, allow me to say, that Mr. Eisner was the one who took out all the Disney animators that worked on "The Little Mermaid" and all the good movies that Disney has made this far.  Roy Disney was then, the head of the Animation Division.  So can Mr. Kirkpatrick make a comparison based on what his former boss has tell him?  By the way, he says that adults stopped watching Disney Movies like "Black Cauldron."  But did he say why the adults stopped watching movies like: "Atlantis" and "Treasure Planet," with a very poor attendance record?  Just figure that!

Vodafone signs Disney, after loosing ATT Wireless bid

Recently, Vodafone the international wireless provider attempted to buy out ATT Wireless.  After ATT Wireless was sold to Cingular Wireless, Vodafone had no other choice, but to sign Disney to distribute content for approximately 130 million of its users.  That number could have been multiplied out for Disney, if Vodafone would have buy ATT Wireless.  So there!  Mickey Mouse would have ring on your cell phone and mine, cause I got an ATT Wireless phone! (Prepaid only!)  But as it turns out, I won't have Mickey Mouse on the cell phone!  More information on Business Wire via Toonzone.

"YO!  YAO!"  Yao, Malone, Nash and T Mac with Static Shock!

"Yo! Yao!"  The famous credit card and NBA commercial with Yao Ming.  But this is not credit card, instead KIDS WB will delight "Static Shock" fans with the 4 top players in the NBA (Besides, one of them plays with the worst team in NBA history!).  Presenting NBA Static Team: Yao Ming (Cleveland Cavaliers), Steve Nash (Dallas Mavericks), Karl Malone (Utah Jazz) and Tracey McGrady (Orlando Magics).  What are they going to do with Static?  Find out as KIDS WB presents a "Static Shock" meets the NBA All Stars on February 28 at 8:30 AM Easter, or check local listings for times.  Ok, fans of the Magics.  I know how bad is to keep loosing to the NBA teams.   :(

"How-We-Turn" axed?  Where's Eisner?

Did anyone noted how the mega news of Michael Eisner and Disney where replaced with the mega news that radio host Howard Stern (who inspired the "How We Turn and Robin" characters in the  Animaniacs "Morning Malaise" episode) was removed from the Orlando airwaves?  The reason is that for the last 10+ years, Howard Stern's radio show was number 1 locally, but since this radio host, has a very bad mouth than the Animaniacs version, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), took some matters against the Clear Channel's "Real Radio" (Who is heard on the XM satellite radio).  This prompted the removal of the national host and the news of his removal where echoed all across the globe as well as in Central Florida.  As a matter of fact, Michael Eisner's big story besides the controversial host removal, was that a very large group of shareholders will vote against Eisner in the upcoming Disney's shareholders board next week.  But another station mentioned that some of the Mickey Mouse figures placed this past year at the Magic Kingdom where taken out and moved to the shareholders meeting.  As "How We Turn" says: "YOU ARE, ARE, A BIG, BIG.....(blows head)!"

YAKKO: "Bad potty mouth!  Good night everybody!"

KIDS WB's Fall Line-up! Boom "Da Boom", Bring it home!

Remember the Disney Channel's cartoon "House of Mouse"? The "Pete's" rap song "Boom Da Boom, Bring it Home....." Keep this in mind, KIDS WB revealed the next fall's line up and the Pete's rap is mentioned as the title of the newest animated comedy. In fact how many remember a few years back, "Wayne Head" the not so popular cartoon about comedians Shawn and Marlon Wayne doing this headed kid like "Hey Arnold" and "Little Bill" of Nickelodeon, back in 1996? KIDS WB's newest hybrid is called "Da Boom Club." It looks like hip hop and rap combined in a cartoon! So let's see if the cartoon sings success or simply will fade away, like "Wayne Head". Also KIDS WB is bringing the new "Batman" series, but is without Robin, for sure! Also returning champions "Jackie Chan Adventures," "Xiaolim Showdown," "Mucha Lucha," "Pokemon Advance," "Yu-Gi-Oh" and "Teen Titans." Also KIDS WB is working on 2 live actions series that will be introduced to KIDS WB during the summer: "Gagsters" and "Zolar." Will bring more updates as soon as I get the phone back! More information at

Pension funds are saving Disney!

The Big Pension Funds are requesting their members to vote NO on re-electing Michael Eisner as Chairman and CEO at Walt Disney Company.  According to CBS Market Watch via Save Disney and The Orlando Sentinel (May require subscription, but is temporary available to the public), Funds in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts and Virginia plus the California State Teachers Retirement System have joined the California Public Employees Retirement System in opting to withhold support for the embattled Eisner, according to Bloomberg.  Eisner and three other board members are targeted for ouster by former directors Roy Disney and Stanley Gold.  The two business partners are urging shareholders to vote NO on retaining the directors at next week's annual meeting.

SONY place mega bid for PIXAR

Forget about the Disney bidding war, for now!  SONY Entertainment has reportedly place a bid against former Disney allied PIXAR Animation Studios.  The entertainment giant is offering as much as $75.00 per share, at about $4.1 billion dollars.  This according to CBS Marketwatch.  Both PIXAR and Sony refused to comment on the deal.  A Sony spokesperson, Ann Morfogen told "Our comment on all rumors is that we don't comment on rumors," Unquoted.  Let's see how this rumor brings Eisner's attention!

Disney will enter Florida Film Festival in Orlando

Orlando will be host to the annual Florida Film Festival....OK, is Winter Park or Maitland to be exact!  But hence, Disney will enter the prestigious film festival by showing a short animated film that was produced at the now closed Disney Paris Studios (One of the few Disney facilities that did quality animation, like the Orlando studio!).  The Disney short "Lorenzo" will be shown at the film festival on March 6, 10 and 12.  If you want more information check The Florida Film Festival Web Site.


After Disney rejected The Comcast proposal to buy out the company, there has been several reports out there asking the question, who Disney wants to get on board?  If you read the "GENTLEMEN, Start your Disney Bids" report (Below) where Disney was involved in a bidding war for their assets and stocks, we presented several options, among them was a possible takeover coming from Warner Brothers.  Non of them has been taken by Eisner, who said that he was open for any request for takeovers, but it has to be even higher than the unsolicited $66 billions from Comcast.

The latest right now, comes from Animation World News:  PIXAR a former Disney allied, is being presented with an offer from MGM United Artist.  MGM vice chairman Chris McGurk admitted that he has discussed a distribution partnership with PIXAR Animation Studios during a conference call with financial reporters to discuss MGM's record net income of $60.3 millions for the fourth quarter - spurred by DVD and video sales of their movies.  McGurk added that MGM would be the best fit for PIXAR because of its worldwide distribution apparatus and because MGM doesn't possess any competitive animated films or family franchises.  McGurk said MGM intends to speak with them (PIXAR) again very soon.  Will PIXAR end up doing the animated version of "PINK PANTHER?"  Who would known! 

Now lets see how this will take effect at Disney!  

According to The New York Post, Disney's Michael Eisner is talking to The Hearst Company and MGM's controlling shareholder Kirk Kerkorian, in an effort to outbid Comcast unsolicited bid.  For those of you wondering who are this people, well MGM is ok cause they are behind 007 James Bond Movies and they are the owners of "PINK PANTHER."  As you may recall, Warner Brothers wanted to merge with MGM United Artist, but the talks broke apart due to cost differences.  Now who's The Hearst Company?  Basically they are a conglomerate or bunch of companies that controls broadcasting and owns a lots of Magazines and TV stations, including Orlando's WESH Channel 2 (NBC station).  In partnership with NBC, the company syndicates TV shows like "She Spies" and "The Chris Matthews Show": " As for animation, they own "King Feature Syndicates" the comic strips company behind "Popeye The Sailor Man" and "Beetle Bailey."  

Now wait!  Could Universal Studios loose some of the characters their theme parks has currently on, if a deal is reached between Disney and Hearst Company?  I could imagine Popeye and Mickey Mouse!  WHOA!

Disney and Hearst Corporation shares the ownerships of ESPN the Sports Networks and other TV outlets.  Stay tuned to this mess!

Disney: NO To Comcast, YES to MUPPETS

Disney said NO to COMCAST and buys "Kermit The Frog" and "Bear in The Big Blue House" as part of an agreement with the heirs of Jim Henson.  Both The Walt Disney Company and Jim Henson Company announced the agreement in which Disney will acquire the "Muppets" and "Bear in The Big Blue House" properties from Henson.  The transaction will include all "Muppets" assets, including "Kermit the Frog," "Miss Piggy," "Fozzie Bear," "Gonzo" and "Animal" characters.  Also the entire "Muppets" films and television library, which includes the original "The Muppet Show" (The first series from 1976-77), The Muppet Babies characters and series and all associated copyrights and trademarks.  The transaction will not include all "Sesame Street" and related characters like "Big Bird," "Elmo," "Bert and Ernie" which are separately owned by "Sesame Workshop."  The Henson heirs will keep the company founded by his father and also will keep other properties like  FRAGGLE ROCK, FARSCAPE, DARK CRYSTAL, LABYRINTH, STORYTELLER and THE HOOBS.

Years ago, the late Jim Henson did offered Disney to have "The Muppets" and the entire company, but after Henson's death, there was a legal battle with the heirs.  Eventually Jim Henson's assets and Muppets where sold to Germany's EM TV.  Then, the company went bankrupt and re-sold the assets back to Henson's heirs.  Disney has not revealed how much they had paid for the entire Muppets/Bear deal, but sources has told that the deal costs is around $100 million dollars.

In the meantime, Disney yelled "NOT FOR SALE" to their friends at Comcast Cable.  Disney rejected the unsolicited $66 billion dollars bid Comcast made last week.  Disney said that they will remain open for any future offer they may consider, but according to sources, Comcast Cable may not raise the price tag for Disney, not even with the announced buy out of "The Muppets" from the Jim Henson's heirs.

Outkast-ed!  Charlie Brown cannot shake like "Polaroid" Picture!

Shake it no more!  Outkast's song "Hey Ya" which has been the top 40's number 1 song of the year 2003, was being circulated on the Internet with the help of The Peanuts gang!  "Snoopy" was shaking like a "Polaroid Picture!"  However The Web Site that promoted the video, was told via E-mail from United Media, the owners of Charles Schultz's "The Peanuts Gang" to immediately remove the video and links to it, due to the contents not being authorized by the comic strip owners.

The video file was a portray of The Peanuts Gang from the original Holiday TV special "A Charlie Brown Christmas," (It looks like they took it from ABC TV) dancing during the "Linus and Lucy" song.  The only difference is, that instead of the classic tune, it was replaced by the popular rap duo's song.   Anyway, I was out of curiosity and then found the file and downloaded it to my computer.  I cannot tell you where I found it, because United Media has placed a CEASE and DESIST or gag order to the web site that hosted the files, so good luck if you try to find the now most requested video!  

Sigfried and Roy will go ahead with "Friends" replacement

"Friends" is coming to an end and it is unclear who will replace the series, however it was believe that Sigfried and Roy, the popular Las Vegas duo who recently was in the news, when one of the white tigers attacked Roy Horne while performing on stage, may never come with the planned animated sitcom called "The Father of the Pride."  Turns out that it will come as originally planned, according to sources.  The production of Sigfried and Roy's "Father of the Pride" will begin in the next weeks.  Will be done by Dreamworks, who is best known for "Shrek".

GENTLEMEN, Start your Disney bids!

I'm updating this, while the Daytona 500 race is going on and President George W. Bush yells "GENTLEMEN, start your engines!"  Here's the new race call:

"GENTLEMEN, Start your Disney bids!"  No kidding!  Disney is open for bids and bids and bids, according to The New York Post.  There is more to the $66 billion bid made by Comcast Cable this past week.  But now is being dubbed as "The bidding mouse war!"  The New York Post claims that Michael Eisner the Disney's Chairman and CEO is going the extra mile to outpost the current bid from Comcast.  Although is not official, there are several reports that Eisner may be in talks with Time Warner (The parents of ANIMANIACS!), to outbid Comcast's unsolicited $66 billion bid.  

Now I could not think of a better or worse thing here, but what if, Disney gets in control of Time Warner?  Bye Bye CNN?  Is KIDS WB being replaced by Lizzy McGwire and the Power Rangers? (Of course, ABC is giving out the "Disney Kids" block for Good Morning America) What about Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny at The Magic Kingdom?  Talk about Animaniacs being there too!  LOL!

Now seriously, I don't know who is making this bid wars a lot more fun than I tough.  Wonder what Roy Disney at Save Disney is thinking about!  However this is not the end of the matter.  Turns out that PIXAR is also on the bidding war too.  Steve Jobs of Pixar Animation, who recently broke apart with The Walt Disney Company, may have received an invitation by Comcast to help them raise the bidding proposal in case Eisner does not take their offer into consideration.  

As I'm watching the Daytona 500 Race going on, I could think that the winner of the bidding war will be our very own Wakko!  I mean if Mickey agrees too!

More on The New York Post

Disney faces Lawsuit by Roy Disney

Just 48 hours after the big announcement regarding cable giant Comcast's hostile bid for $66 billion dollars to buy The Walt Disney Company, both Roy E. Disney (Nephew of Walt Disney who is behind Save Disney Web Site) and a Disney Shareholder submitted a class action lawsuit against Disney.  According to The, former Disney Director Roy E. Disney, sued The Walt Disney Company over a proxy battle he's waging with the media giant.  Also a Disney shareholder filed a merger related class action lawsuit in Delaware.  The shareholder's complaint alleges that Disney's CEO Michael Eisner reported refusal to consider a merger with Comcast, means that Eisner and the rest of the Disney Board are "attempting unfairly to deprive plaintiff and other members of the class the true value of their investments in Disney."  Roy Disney's lawsuit filed in Delaware Chancery Court, stems for his attempt to rally shareholders sentiment against Eisner.   Roy Disney and fellow former director Stanley Gold are focusing on withholding support for directors at the company's March 3 shareholders meeting.

OSHA investigates tragedy at Magic Kingdom

OSHA is investigating the circumstances in which a Disney cast member died while performing at "The Magic Kingdom" theme park.  Javier Cruz, age 38 was performing as the Disney character "Pluto" during the "Share a Drean Come True" parade on Wednesday (2/11/04).  The Puerto Rican born Cast Member was hit by a parade float around 3:30 PM, behind "The Splash Mountain" attraction.  According to Reneé Callahan, a Disney spokesperson, said "It was a sad day for the Walt Disney World family," Unquoted.  The family of Cruz has said they will seek legal action against the company.  A similar tragedy happened in 1999 when a Disney cast member died at the "Sky Way" attraction, causing OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) to fine Disney and prompted the indefinitely closing of the above mentioned attraction.  This tragedy comes at the time Disney's CEO Michael Eisner is discussing the unsolicited bid by Cable giant Comcast.  Our prayers goes to his family.

Related Story at USA TODAY.

Doh!  The Simpsons Movie "Wooohooooo!"

Very good news for fans of FOX's "The Simpsons"!  How big Homer Simpson will go?  After the Master Card commercial on Super Bowl 38th (Bad timing the Janet/Justin halftime, but I'll leave it here!), Homer and Bart can yell "Woooohooooo!"  Because Fox has green lighted "The Simpsons" animated movie.

Yet will be good news for our Animaniacs friends Nancy Cartwright (Mindy) and Tress McNeill (Dot), since they have roles on "The Simpsons."

As "Nelson" yells: "AH HA!" Stay tune for the details.

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Make your Pokemon Trading Card

Imagine yourself doing a Pikachu card!  Yes, you read!  Nintendo, Pokemon Company and KIDS WB wants you to design your very own Pokemon card.

KIDS WB and Nintendo will offer Pokemon fans the chance to design an original trading card featuring either Pikachu, Mudkip, Treecko, Torchic or Wurmple, the companies said recently.  The Kids WB Poke Card Creator Contest will choose five grand prize winners whose designs for the creatures will be produced as part of a KIDS WB Pokemon TCG Collectible Booster Pack and will have their names credited as the ilustrators on their TCG Card creation.  Grand Prize winners also will receive 50 sets of the exclusive booster pack and a $500 Target Gift Card.  Five thousand first-prize winners will receive one set of the 5 cards collectible booster packs designed by the 5 grand prize winners.

Official Rules and entry form are available for download at the KIDS WB Web Site, or at Target snack bar areas.  More information at KIDS WB Web Site

Mattel breaks Barbie and Ken's relationship

We had enough of the J-LO/Ben Affleck relationship and now is Mattel Toys who comes with not so good news for the Barbie Doll fans!

BARBIE AND KEN'S BREAK UP! (Singing "Extra Extra!" like the TV show!)  Mattel Toys has announced the end of relationship for America's favorite dolls.  After 43 years as one of the world's prettiest pairs, the perfect plastic couple is breaking up!  The couple's "Business Manager" Russell Arons, Vice President of Marketing for Mattel Toys, said that Barbie and Ken "Feel is time to spend some quality time--apart." 

Is this really another marketing stunt?  We have enough of Janet and Justin... PLEASE!!!!!!

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Who wants to buy Disney?  COMCAST CABLE!

This is some BREAKING NEWS as I update.  Guess who's buying Disney?  Comcast Cable has offered an unsolicited bid to buy The Walt Disney Company for the bidding price of $66 billion dollars.  But Disney's Michael Eisner and his nemesis Roy Disney and Stanley Gold of Save Disney has offered no comment on the issue.

Comcast Cable has issue this statement:

NEW YORK, February 11, 2004. Comcast Corporation (NASDAQ: CMCSA, CMCSK) today announced that it has made a proposal to The Walt Disney Company (NYSE: DIS) to merge the two companies in a tax-free transaction. The combination would create one of the world’s leading entertainment and communications companies with an unparalleled distribution platform and an extraordinary portfolio of content assets. The new company would have a presence in all of the nation’s top 25 markets, and would propel broadband forward, expanding current services and inspiring new ones.

Terms of the proposed transaction are as follows:

Comcast would issue 0.78 of a share of Comcast Class A voting common stock for each Disney share.
Disney shareholders would receive a premium of over $5 billion, based on yesterday’s closing prices, plus full participation in the combination benefits.
Comcast’s proposal values Disney at $66 billion (which includes assumption of $11.9 billion of Disney’s net debt), offering a multiple of approximately 14x Disney’s 2004 estimated EBITDA.
Disney shareholders would own 42% of the combined company.

The news of the proposed buyout has been received in the Wall Street business world as not so good, as I update, shares of Comcast has been lowered and Disney stocks are raising a few dollars, so check the business section for more details.

KIDS WB sends packing "Astro Boy" and revamps line-up

With only 2 weeks in the air, KIDS WB has send Sony's "Astro Boy" packing out of the weekend line-up.  No information regarding if KIDS WB will continue "Astro Boy" or it will be send to Cartoon Network.  In the meantime, the line-up was revamped according to Toonzone.  The line-up will add a second Pokemon Advance episode and will move "Mucha Lucha" and "Static Shock" to different times.  This is how the line-up is going onto effect on February 14th (Valentines Day):

8:00am Jackie Chan Adventures
8:30am Static Shock (new time period)
9:00am Teen Titans
9:30am Xiaolin Showdown
10:00am Pokemon: Advanced
10:30am Pokemon: Advanced
11:00am Yu-Gi-Oh!: Enter the Shadow Realm
11:30am ¡Mucha Lucha! (new time period)

Will let you know what happened to poor "Astro Boy!"

Legacy Studios brings "Lucky" after Disney fired them (Link inserted)

We all know the sad outcome of the Disney animators in Orlando FL, who where fired by Disney recently.  The people behind "Lilo & Stitch" and Oscar nominated movie "Brother Bear," has been in the lookout of jobs related to traditional animation or 2D, since Disney is only interested in the computer generated 3D animation.  However some of the animators found a "Lucky" spot because of the recent opening of Orlando based Legacy Studios.  Now the studio is preparing their first animated project post Disney era and what a "Lucky" name they choose for this one.  The short animated feature "Lucky" is in pre-production right now, but the former Disney animators sees this project as the perfect story to pitch.  So basically the story behind "Lucky" is about a four leaf clover who is down on his luck.  As "Lucky" passes a small town, he brings good fortune to the people he encounters.  But for every bit of good luck,  a little something bad happens to "Lucky" (Is this related to Disney?).  The Legacy Studio is located in the town of Winter Garden, just west of Orlando.  For more information visit:

Disney/Microsoft makes joint venture and slams "Save Disney"

(Source: Yahoo News/AFP) Disney joined "Windows" Software maker Microsoft, in a move that can be related to the recent break up with PIXAR Animation, which CEO is no other than Steve Jobs of Apple Computers (Makers of Macintosh "Mac" Computers and The "I-Pod").  Disney has agreed to license copy protection technology from Microsoft Corporation for distributing movies over the Internet, the companies announced recently.  Disney said it wanted to start selling his movies on the web by late this year or early 2005.  But Hollywood has been fearful that releasing films over the Internet will lead to unauthorized copying and distribution of content, a problem that has plagued the music industry and hurt CD sales.  According to Disney, the Microsoft technology will keep it from loosing control over content.

Meanwhile, both Michael Eisner and Roy Disney keeps slamming each other!

Walt Disney Company's CEO Michael Eisner is fighting back against heirs to the Disney family, who accuse him of neglecting creativity in a wrong headed focus on profits.  The media and entertainment giant's latest quarterly results, out Wednesday (2/10/04), might offer Eisner a relief if they continue the 2003 turnaround in the company's fortunes following two (2) bad years.  Disney shares rose 31 cents to $24.08 dollars.  

Eisner who took over The Walt Disney Company back in 1994, finds himself under an extraordinary attack.  Roy Disney, Nephew of The Walt Disney Company founder, has backed an Internet site dedicated to dislodging Eisner from the helm.  The site is also supported by financial managers who look after Disney family's holdings.  Disney and his supporters wants Eisner to step down at the next Shareholders meeting on March the 3rd in Philadelphia.  Their motive: The business culture that they say has eroded a rich legacy left by the creators of "Mickey Mouse", "Donald Duck" and his "Uncle Scrooge McDuck."  "creative dynamisms has always been at the heart of Disney's Business.  Today the scenario is inverted, with strategic planning, marketing and finance schemes dictating the terms to creatives.  Management's grand emphasis today is marketing.  The product is no longer what matters most, just how you sell it," Save Disney claims.

Last month Disney closed a 2D traditional animation studio in Orlando FL and sparked a rift between the company and PIXAR animation studio, which has helped Disney chalked up successes with the likes of "Toy Story" and "Finding Nemo."  Disney will now only distribute Pixar productions until 2005.  "Michael Eisner's inability to manage and nurture crucial creative relationships, like the one Disney had with Pixar, is one of the main reasons we have maintained that we did not believe Disney's earnings were sustainable," say Roy Disney and Stanley Gold, who resigned their board seats at the end of 2003.  On their website, which urges visitors to "save Disney" while saying no to Eisner, they criticize the gap between Eisner's pay packet, "more than 700 million dollars between 1996 and 2003," and profits, which dropped to 1.3 billon dollars in 2003 from 1.5 billion dollars in 1996. 

Meanwhile, Walt Disney Company and Michael Eisner responded to the matter, by telling the Shareholders in a letter being sent to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC): "The critics are engaging in a misleading and distorted campaign, Roy Disney and Stanley Gold totally ignore the impressive long-term performance record of Michael Eisner, who as one of the company's largest individual shareholders is fundamentally focused on your interests," said the letter, also signed by Eisner.  Other points in the letter tells about the successful grossing of films like "Finding Nemo" and "Pirates of The Caribbean", ESPN Networks increased subscribers and how Theme Park attendance has improved.  Although customer numbers are improving, brokers at SG Cowen said: "We are unconvinced that margins will return to pre-9/11 levels.  Higher costs, reduced pricing power could inhibit and delay margin recovery."

There is also a response letter from Save Disney Web Site

(Will keep this developing story updated and remember, on March the 3rd is Mouse Day!  Will see if Eisner gets voted off "Survivor: Walt Disney World")

Blues Clues talks? BARK!

If you ever tough that "Blue" from NICKELODEON's "Blue's Clues" will only be allowed to bark and let the talk to his companion "Joe" (Donovan Platon), you are as right as wrong!  WHAT?  "Blue" can talk?  At least that was the lead from a TV commercial for an upcoming "Blue's Clues" episode on NICKELODEON.  Now obviously this move of letting "Blue" talk, may have to do with the recent news that "Dora The Explorer," another NICKELODEON (NICK JR) produced series, is getting more ratings than the computer animated dog.  Others thing that is the same repetitive routine that is causing the lack of viewers, I mean why the same routine of "We just got a letter, we just got a letter....." and "Now is time for so long, but we sing just one more song..."

The concept behind "Blue's Talk," a new spin of "Blue's Clues" which plays Mondays at 10:30 AM ET, is based on a recent Blue's Clues special entitled "The Legend of the Blue Puppy" where Blue is introduced to her very own world, where she becomes a puppet and can talk to their friends inside a room and according to Wendy Harris, Co-Executive Producer, "Blue will only talk when she is in this new world."

Update on X-MEN and Master of The Universe

Recently we featured the news that the animated series "X-Men Evolutions" and "Masters of The Universe" where canceled.  Here's a follow up on both stories:

X-Men Evolution:

There's no confirmation on the cancellation of "X-MEN Evolution."  KIDS WB still had rights to air the series, as well Cartoon Network.  KIDS WB may place "X-Men Evolution" series as part of the mid season, or replacement of another series (Did you noted that "Astro Boy" was removed from KIDS WB weekends?).  However is not certain what about the 2004-2005 season.  KIDS WB has not yet revealed the next fall's preview, but the rumors are leading to the fact that KIDS WB may not return "X-MEN Evolution" for the 6th season.  However, Animation Insider did confirmed the cancellation of the series, but did not specify if it was Marvel Productions or KIDS WB who did not ordered the series for 2004-05 season.  We will update this feature later.

Master of the Universe (He Man)

The Web Site He-Man.Org started a petition online regarding the future of The Masters of The Universe franchise, after Mattel toys sounded that the interest for the action figures was declining and possibly would prompt Cartoon Network to cancel the series.  However over 10,000 fans of He-Man has signed the petition and they still want more signatures to continue the production of the toys and TV series.  Perhaps you would like to know that altoug Mike Young Productions produced 26 episodes for Cartoon Network, they are willing to do 13 or more episodes, but it will depend on your response to the matter.  So just go to the He-Man Web Site and sign the petition.

Batman series to debut on KIDS WB

Remember the Batman animated series on KIDS WB a few years back?  There is a new Batman series, but Warner Brothers said that is different from the original.  According to a press release, Warner Brothers is in production of an animated Batman series for the KIDS WB 2004-05 line-up.  It will be based on a younger Batman, like he was in the 20's and not yet paired with Robin (Possible connection with "Teen Titans").  Will follow the story, but I would like to know if Animaniacs would likely be animated too.  NARF!

The BIG FISH Left Disney!  PIXAR breaks with Eisner!

The BIG FISH of PIXAR Steve Jobs, has said ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!  PIXAR Animation Studios, responsible for Disney's "Finding Nemo", "Toy Story", "Monsters Inc." and "Bugs Life" has break up with The Walt Disney Company.  The move has left Disney's stocks plummeting down at the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange), according to financial experts, within minutes of the announced breakup, Disney loss 2.21% at the closing bell to $23.91.  Meanwhile PIXAR gained 3.41% to $66.39 (As of January 30th, 2004).

Talks of a new deal with The Walt Disney Company and PIXAR regarding share of revenues from the blockbuster films like "Finding Nemo", collapsed on Thursday evening and prompted PIXAR chairman Steve Jobs to issue this statement:

 "After 10 months of trying to strike a deal with Disney, we're moving on.  We've had a great run together — one of the most successful in Hollywood history — and it's a shame that Disney won't be participating in Pixar's future successes."

Now comes the question of 'Where is PIXAR going on?'  According to several sources, PIXAR is in negotiations to ink a deal with either Warner Brothers (The people behind Animaniacs!), Sony and FOX.  FOX still retains the Star Wars library distribution rights from Lucas Films, under terms similar of what PIXAR was asking Disney before the breakup.

Also on related note, former Disney's board members Roy E Disney and Stanley P. Gold (Save Disney Web Site) had issue this statement:

"As significant shareholders of The Walt Disney Company, we are extremely dismayed, but not surprised by the loss of Disney's Pixar relationship. More than a year ago, we warned the Disney Board that we believed Michael Eisner was mismanaging the Pixar partnership and expressed our concern that the relationship was in jeopardy. In fact, Roy cited this is his letter of resignations from the Board.

Michael Eisner's inability to manage and nurture crucial creative relationships, like the one Disney had with Pixar, is one of the main reasons we have maintained that we did not believe Disney's earnings were sustainable.

Steve Jobs, John Lasseter and their team are enormously talented. Pixar has hit five grand slam home runs in five times at bat for Disney. While we expect that the tail of the relationship will continue to provide short-term earnings gains, the loss of this relationship, we believe, will result in the loss of long-term value for the company and its shareholders."  Unquoted.

And what is The Walt Disney response to this?  More releases to come!  In fact, Disney announced the production of 3 computer animated releases in the next 3 years ("Chicken Little", "Valiant" and "A Day With Wilbur Robinson").  Plus the remaining 2 PIXAR animated Movies under the current deal ("The "Incredibles" and "Cars").  Also Disney announced that they will continue to exploit the characters and contents to the Disney movies, Theme Parks and merchandise.  This is the Disney Response:

"We have had a fantastic partnership with Pixar and wish Steve Jobs and the wonderfully creative team there, led by John Lasseter, much success in the future," said Michael Eisner, Disney chairman and CEO. "Although we would have enjoyed continuing our successful collaboration under mutually acceptable terms, Pixar understandably has chosen to go its own way to grow as an independent company."

Tom Staggs, Disney senior executive vice president and chief financial officer, said "Disney management could not accept Pixar's final offer because it would have cost Disney hundreds of millions of dollars it is already entitled to under the existing agreement, while not providing sufficient incremental returns on new collaborations to justify the changes to the existing deal."

In addition to Pixar's delivery of two more feature films, under the current agreement, Disney maintains the rights to develop and produce sequels to all films created through this partnership, including direct to video presentations, television series and specials; and to exploit all characters and content throughout Disney's theme park and consumer products units, thereby allowing Disney to continue to nurture and grow these successful franchises while benefiting Disney shareholders into the foreseeable future. Disney also owns the entire Disney/Pixar film library, which includes "Toy Story," "Toy Story 2," "A Bug's Life," "Monster's Inc.," and "Finding Nemo," in addition to the two pictures yet to be completed.

Stay tuned to this developing story!

X-MEN Series cancelled!  Next: MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE!

Sources has confirmed what it has been rumored for a while.  X-MEN Evolution, the popular KIDS WB animated series, has been CANCELED.  There is also a rumor that the next in line would be our beloved 80's icon "He-Man."

According to Animation Insider, a source has informed that KIDS WB's "X-MEN Evolution" has been canceled.  The source then goes on to say that he is unclear whether or not it was a decision by KIDS WB, The network that has broadcasted the series for 4 seasons or Marvel Entertainment, the company that produces it.

Currently, KIDS WB is not broadcasting the X-MEN Evolution series, since it was replaced with the "Teen Titans" series, but at least we believe that the series was (or was it?) placed on hiatus until later this year.  Will let you know, but is so sad, that a good action packed animated series gets cancelled this far.  Does it sounds like Animaniacs back then?

But speaking of cancellations, guess who's next in line?  Our 80's beloved icon known as "He-Man".  Sources tells that Mattel Toys is kind of like showing no interest at all in the 80's popular toys "Masters of the Universe".  The Web site has declared that "Masters of The Universe" has been cancelled.  The toys are not to be found, retailers aren't carrying them and the cartoon is all but gone from the airways.  The "Masters of The Universe" line of toys was debuted by Mattel in the 1980's, prompting an animated series by the now defunct FILMATION ASSOCIATES in 1984.  Also a spin-off series "She-Ra: Princess of Power" in 1985.  In 1986, both series where cancelled, after entertainment giant Group W and cosmetic giant L'Oreal shut down FILMATION ASSOCIATES (similar to Disney firing the Orlando animators?).  Probably there was not enough make-up to fill He-Man's face? 

Currently there is the 2002 animated series  "He-Man and The Masters of the Universe" which is seen on Cartoon Network and is produced by Mike Young Productions (Also producers of "Clifford The Big Red Dog" and "Clifford's Puppy Days" on PBS KIDS).  But it looks like this revamped version of He-Man has the days counted.

HE-MAN: "By the power of Greyskull!  I got screwed!"

DIC revives the 80's again!

More 80's stuff!  Now is the turn of DIC Entertainment, who has revealed in an agreement with UAV entertainment of South Carolina, to release on DVD and Video, the Animated series " Heathcliff and the Catillac Cats" (Was Heathcliff or Cats and Company?), with the voice of the legendary Mel Blanc (Looney Tunes voice actor).  Also other releases could bring back "Inspector Gadget", "Care Bears" and "Transylvanian Families" along with the current "Sabrina The Teenage Witch" series.

Roy Disney request NO vote from Shareholders of Disney

Roy Disney has requested the NO vote from The Walt Disney Company Shareholders against CEO Michael Eisner and the Disney's Board of Members, including former Senator George Mitchell and Edison International's CEO John Bryson.  In an open letter at the Save Disney Web Site, both Roy E. Disney and Stanley Gold, who recently resigned from the Walt Disney Company Board, are requesting to the current shareholders of Disney to join them in voting NO on the re-election of Michael Eisner, George Mitchell, Judith Estrin and John Bryson as directors of the board at the Wednesday, March 3 annual Meeting of Shareholders in Philadelphia.  The following is an excerpt from the open letter that you can read in it's entirely at The Save Disney Web Site:

"Eight weeks ago, we resigned from the Board of Directors to vividly demonstrate our dissatisfaction with the direction and management of The Walt Disney Company. Our resignation letters, which can be easily accessed on our website, describe in detail our reasons. In particular, our ongoing concern is that the Company's senior management has been unable to generate long-term growth and performance and that the Board of Directors has failed to hold management accountable for its failures.  We are seeking a NO vote on Michael Eisner and also a NO vote on George Mitchell, Judith Estrin and John Bryson because they symbolize, respectively, the poor management, poor governance, poor compensation practices, and lack of board independence that are impeding the development of long-term shareholder value at The Walt Disney Company."  Reads the Open Letter from Roy Disney and Stanley Gold.

They even write this line about Disney's CEO Michael Eisner:  "Since the death of Frank Wells in 1994, Michael Eisner has been unable to manage growth or achieve performance levels that were once commonplace at The Walt Disney Company. Since 1995, Return-on-Invested Capital has declined by 63% from 18% to 7%. Return-on-Equity has declined by 80% from 22% to 6% and Return-on-Assets has declined by 79% from 10% to 3%. While the Company's stock has improved in recent months, it is important to note that since January 1996, an initial investment of $10,000 in Disney stock would have grown to only $11,497 over the 8 years ending December 2003, as compared to an investment in Dow Jones which grew to $20,191 (or 75% greater than Disney).  While these activities may provide a short-term (in many cases, very short) boost to revenues, they have the long-term effect of dissipating what has made The Walt Disney Company great. If this process is allowed to continue, Disney will wind up "just another entertainment company"- and will never be able to recover its hard-earned reputation for providing unparalleled quality family entertainment and exceptional value to its guests and customers."  Unquoted

So stay tuned to the continuous war at the Disney empire!

In related news, The New York Times reports that Michael Eisner, CEO of The Walt Disney Company, has increased his salary and is now in the $6 Million range!  In 2002, his salary was in the $1 million dollars range, but he added a stock bonus of $6.25 million dollars, so Eisner raised the salary by a mere $5 million buck!

~Remember that TV series called "$6 Million Dollar Man (The Bionic guy)?"  We found it!  Michael Eisner is "Colonel Steve Austin" (In the series was played by Lee Majors).  What about Jim Carey? (Rumor has that he will do a movie based on the TV series!)   I think this is getting interesting by the minute!~

Oscar Nominations revealed:  "Disney's Brother Bear" among them!

It was revealed the nominations to the 76th annual Academy Awards and few surprises where revealed.  2 Disney movies and one Disney made movie where nominated to the Oscars.  The 2 Disney movies "Brother Bear" (Ironically made in the now defunct Disney MGM Orlando based studio) and "Finding Nemo" (The one made in collaboration with PIXAR), where nominated for the Animated Feature Film category.  But on the Short Film Category, a Disney made movie with the legendary artist, Salvador Dalí during the 1940's and rescued by Roy Disney and Dominique Monfery (It was not made by The Walt Disney Company!), received the nomination for the award.  The 76th annual Academy Awards will be telecast on ABC TV (owned by which Disney?) on Sunday, February 29 at 8pm Eastern/5 PM Pacific.

"Comic Book: The Movie" on sale now!

With all the mentioning of Disney, I almost forgot the launch of the Mark Hammil's new movie "Comic Book: The Movie" which features among the cast, the great "Wakko" Jess Harnell!  Of course I mentioned this topic before, the movie made by the former "Luke Skywalker" of the Star Wars Trilogy, is the story of school teacher "Donald Swan" (Played by Hammil) and a camera man "Ricky" (Played by Harnell) when visiting a comic book convention to portray the adventures of "CODENAME: Courage."  Also the movie cast the voice actors Billy West, Paul Dini, Maurice La Marche (The Brain!) and Rob Paulsen (Yakko/Pinky).  So look for the DVD in retail outlets.  

Some Super Bowl stuffs...

Have you seen this hilarious commercial between singer Jon Bon Jovi, who owns a football team and former NFL player John Elway?  This ad has been seen on theaters and "Must see TV" NBC!  Now why is this being mentioned?  I could imagine "Slappy" knocking on Bon Jovi's house and yell "Hey rocker, welcome to the "living on a prayer club."  Then Jon Bon Jovi with a weird look says "Is that a living in the past?"  Slappy yells: "FOR CRYING OUT LOUD, lets take this thing inside!" and Bon Jovi mocks on Slappy's words!  No wonder why NBC spend millions of bucks promoting the AFL club, a copy of the NFL but inside the arena (That's why the name Arena Football).  By the way, Orlando do has an Arena Football team "Orlando Predators" which is co-owned by Lou Pearlman, the creator of boy band sensation NSYNC!  What's next?  Lou Pearlman facing Jon Bon Jovi and yelling: "You are dead or alive!"  Then Bon Jovi yells: "You give love a BACK STREET!" (Backstreet Boys!)  What the 80's has left this far!

In related, MTV will host a Super Bowl party with Carlson Daly of TRL and some NFL players and musical guest.  As always the big tradition during the Super Bowl, is the multi-millionaire commercials, but don't expect a Bon Jovi/John Elway commercial for mock football!

But speaking of Football, CBS and Nickelodeon will feature a TV special called "Nickelodeon takes the Super Bowl" with Brent Popolizio and Candance Bailey as the host and features several of Nick Toons favorites taking a point of view on who will win Super Bowl XXXVIII (38th) live from Houston. 

There are other events happening during Game Day.  Among them, look for a special tribute to the crew of Space Shuttle Columbia, (Coincidentally, the game is played on the same day in Houston, where the Space Shuttle was lost a year ago.) with performance by rock band "Aerosmith" and singer Josh Groban.  

John Ritter and Clifford on the Big Screen

According to the New York Daily News, John Ritter's last stint as the voice of PBS KIDS "Clifford The Big Red Dog," will be heard not on television but rather in theaters next month.  That's when is scheduled the release of the animated movie "Clifford's Really Big Movie," the first full length film based on the Schoolastic/Norman Bridwell's children story.  John Ritter died on September 2003 from a heart related disease at the age of 54, while filming the ABC TV series '8 Simple Rules for Dating my Teenage Daughter.'  Also PBS KIDS will broadcast the TV special "Clifford's Valentines Day" on February 13th (Check local listings). 

Remembering Captain Kagaroo

Sadly, our Captain Kangaroo, Bob Keeshan passed away at 76.  On Oct. 3, 1955, Bob Keeshan stepped onto a nautical-themed set wearing a captain's cap and a jacket with big, kangaroo-like pockets. He smiled into the camera and became a television icon.  Unmistakable with his brushy mustache and bowl haircut, the Captain passed time with his good friend Mr. Green Jeans (Hugh "Lumpy" Brannum), visited with puppet animals such as Bunny Rabbit, whom he scolded for eating too many carrots, and Mr. Moose, who loved knock-knock jokes. 

Keeshan would play Captain Kangaroo for 36 years--more than 9,000 performances--to the amusement and betterment of generations of delighted children.  Keeshan died at a hospital in Windsor, Vt., after a long illness. Though no cause of death was announced, he had suffered from cardiac problems since the 1980s.

Remembering Captain Kangaroo's Bob Keeshan


Major blow to Disney and Winnie The Pooh

The never ending fight for our beloved "Winnie The Pooh" continues, as the US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit has denied an appeal by Clare Milne, Granddaughter of A.A Milne (Creator of Winnie The Pooh) and The Walt Disney Company to recapture the rights under copyright to "Winnie The Pooh" From The Slesinger family, originally granted in an agreement with author A.A. Milne in the 1930's.  Los Angeles Judge Charles McCoy last week tentatively set a January 10, 2005 date to hear the decade-old breach of contract suit brought by Patricia Slesinger, who claims her family was shortchanged out of hundreds of millions of dollars in royalties by The Walt Disney Co, lawyers said.

The heirs of Stephen Slesinger, who bought the US rights from Milne in 1930 and began licensing them to Disney in 1961, claim the powerful firm has cheated them out of hundreds of millions of dollars in royalties. 

An attempt by Claire Milne, an ally of the Disney company, to reclaim Pooh's merchandising rights was rejected by a federal judge in Los Angeles last May.  "It's common knowledge that Clare Milne was unfortunately born disabled and that these complex matters are beyond her understanding, obviously Disney was behind this manipulation from the start," said a Slesinger family spokesperson. 

Who framed Disney?  ROGER RABBIT!

"Hide me Eddie, Pupupuuulease!"  Disney was framed by Roger Rabbit's creator Gary Wolf.  In another civil lawsuit against the mouse giant, the author of the book "Who censored Roger Rabbit?" Who inspired Disney's film "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" The animated/live action movie with Bob Hopskins, is now seeking royalties from the company.  According to The Los Angeles Times, The California Court of Appeal in Los Angeles, reinstated a civil lawsuit against Disney, which has been told that they owe Wolf 5% of royalties for the use of the "Toontown" characters in a well know fast food promotion.  Disney denies the claim, but there is more than money, so more to come!  The movie is playing on HBO Family, check listings for times.

Rocky and Bull Winkle are riding the bus!

Recently, I took the Lynx Public Bus in Orlando FL and all of the sudden, I look on their TV monitor in the upper corner of my seat and saw a Rocky and Bull Winkle cartoon.  No kidding!  Turns out that the advertisement system for Lynx, Transit Television Network is running selected episodes of the Jay Ward's animated series like Rocky And Bull Winkle and Doodley Do Right.  This is one of the features that the bus service based in Central Florida is offering in an effort to sell advertisement, since their revenues mostly comes from the federal government and riders support.  Lynx does not get support from sales tax and their service depends on the funding by Orlando/Orange County, Seminole and Osceola Counties.  More Information on the Lynx Web Site.  Rocky and Bull Winkle characters are property of Universal Studios.

Roy Disney sends strong message regarding closing of Orlando Animation Studio

It has been a while since the story regarding Disney closing the Orlando Florida Animation Studio made headlines worldwide.  Or was it?  It seems like Disney has tried so far to put a GAG order on everyone at the Burbank facility.  In fact, Disney tried to slow down on their decision of closing the Florida Studio, by adding some information regarding some upcoming project called "Chicken Little" and William Joyce's "A Day with Wilbur Robinson".  But now that everybody knows the sad fact that Disney closed the Orlando studio (Located at Disney MGM Theme Park) and left over 250 animators without a job, now is time to put some spots where it should belong.  As you read, the words from Walt Disney's nephew Roy E. Disney (The son of Roy Disney who co-founded Walt Disney Company back in the 1920's) where the strongest claims against Disney's CEO Michael Eisner so far.  

"Closure of the Walt Disney Florida Feature Animation facility is yet another example of  Michael Eisner' s de-emphasis of creativity and total indifference to the impact his decisions have on the people who helped to make the company great.  Once again, the Eisner regime has emphasized short-term gains over long-term value.  The drain of talent over the past several years from the company's feature animation department  in Orlando, Burbank, Paris and Tokyo has been absolutely gut-wrenching.  People are being asked to leave because management - particularly Michael - can't figure out what to do with them.  That certainly is not the fault of the talent.  It is the fault of the so-called strategic thinkers at headquarters."

Roy's words are echoed by millions of people around the world who are so sad that the animated movies that made Disney a household name, are now a thing of the past.  Disney will only focus on computer animated movies, like the Pixar's "Finding Nemo".  If you looked before, Disney is in production of "Chicken Little" and will use the same technology that made Pixar a well known entertainment giant and is now threatening of leaving Disney.

But Disney fans and animators should unite together and fight the corporate managements that are destroying Walt's dream every minute, every day.  I mean, I am a Disney fan, myself and yet I still have 2 tickets to Disney Theme Parks that I won during the Citrus Parade 2003.  However, I feel that the Disney tradition of bringing stories to life with classic animation (By hand, not PC) should continue as it has been.  I hope that Disney's corporate managements understand this and moves ahead in the future with the quality it has been around with animated classics.  Yet it may be too late to re-open the Orlando Studio, but the idea from Eisner of replacing hand drawing for computer animation, is a blow out to Walt Disney itself.

By the way, The Save Disney Web Site has been revamped so give it a look! 

Popeye turns 75!

"I am, what I am!  I'm Popeye The Sailor Man" 

(Sound of Pipe) "Tooo tooo"

Of course, this is not an advertisement for chicken, but our favorite sailor man is turning 75 years old!  Yep, Popeye the famous cartoon from the comic strip by King Features Syndicate and created by Elzie Segar celebrated the 75 birthday on January 17, 2004 and to celebrate the occasion, the New York's Empire State Building was painted in "spinach" green.  But little did you know that Elzie Segar did meet Popeye, Olive Oil and Wimpy in person!  The Associated Press did wrote this article about the real Popeye and friends:

"Popeye's real-life alter ego, according to locals, was Frank Fiegel, a one-eyed, pipe-smoking man with a penchant for fistfights. Dora Paskel was unusually tall and thin and wore a bun at the nape of her neck. And theater owner J. William Schuchert so loved hamburgers that he would send his employees out between performances to buy them."

It is true!  Popeye was a real character and now their adventures make this character our favorite hero.  Happy Birthday Popeye!

Nickelodeon to cheer Super Bowl party

So we know who is going to The Super Bowl in Houston on February 1st!  The Carolina Panthers and New England Patriots, along with them, some football head named ARNOLD!  Of course, CBS and Nickelodeon will do a pre-Super Bowl type of event during game day and will include some Nick Toons like "Hey Arnold" to name a few.  In fact CBS will do some before and after game parties, including a celebrity version of "Survivor."  As for the Nick toons the TV special will be seen the morning of the Super Bowl day.  Of course will update this story and of course, will give you an analysis of the most talked about TV commercials that debuts during the game.

DVD releases to include Ninja Turtles (1987 versions) and Davey & Goliath (1970's)

We heard a lot about DVD releases lately, including TV series like "The Simpsons" "Charlies Angels" (The original 1970's) and some other shows.  Where still wondering when Animaniacs will be released on DVD, although we believe that somewhere this year it will happen.  In the meantime, we just learned that the Irish version of "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" (It has Rob Paulsen as "Raphael") will be released during the month of April 2004.  When I say Irish version, it means that back in 1987, the original "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" where released by the Irish MWS (Murakami-Wolf-Swenson) or Fred Wolf Studios and syndicated in the USA.  Currently, the new TMNT version is seen on FOX BOX and is produced by 4Kids Entertainment (Yu-Gi-Oh/Pokemon).  

Another scheduled DVD release may be the religious themed "Davey & Goliath".  According to the AWN Web Site, "As part of a marketing  agreement with The Evangelical Lutheran Church of America, DandG Licensing, LLC will be bringing The Davey & Goliath Series to NATPE in Las Vegas at booth 1128..."  So good news for those that where wondering about the kid and dog who made themselves famous back in the 1970's by teaching some moral lessons and religious matters (Do we compare this to Veggie Tales?).  Now, we will see Davey fighting for a can of soda again?  "OHHHHH DAVEY!" (Inserts "Do The Dew" in the ad!)   


PBS and Paramount joins to distribute PBS KIDS shows on DVD

PBS and Paramount (Viacom) will agree to distribute the PBS library after April 5, 2004.  According to AWN, PBS will let Paramount to distribute in both the USA and Canada for retail purposes.  This including the PBS KIDS current library which offers "Caillou," "Teletubbies" and "Sagwa the Chinese Siamese Cat."

Warner Brothers not interested in PINK PANTHER and MGM?

Recently, Save Animaniacs Campaign reported the possibility of Time Warner merging with MGM/United Artist and the fact that the MGM library, including the "James Bond 007" movies and Pink Panther movies and animated shorts would be part of Warner Brothers.  Unfortunately, MGM/United Artist, declined the Time Warner's offer, citing the price tag difference.  So for those of you day-dreaming of Cartoon Network having the PINK PANTHER cartoons, FORGET IT!


It was coming, we told you about it for a week, DISNEY has announced the closing of the Orlando Florida Animation Studio, the one inside Disney MGM theme park and the studio responsible for the animated "Lilo & Stitch" and "Brother Bear".  At least 300 studio animators will now be jobless.  Disney still would offer a chance to work in the Burbank CA studio, but DISNEY has made them clear that their intentions are animating in CGI or 3-D computer animation "ala" PIXAR.  So as I told before, Walt Disney's tradition of hand drawing has passed away.  :(

Local 6 WKMG Orlando, has the information here.

The Comic Book movie with Wakko and Luke Skywalker is coming!

Finally, a rest from the Disney topics...WAIT!  This is Disney related too!  Never the less, Miramax Films is releasing "The Comic Book".  A movie directed by Mark Hamill, who is best known as "Luke Skywalker" of the first "Star Wars" trilogy (1976-1984) and features mostly voice actors, like Jess Harnell (Wakko) of Animaniacs and Billy West (Ren & Stimpy) among others, in a comedy situation involving a comic hero and a movie producer.  The movie will hit stores on January 27th.  In the meantime, several pre-screenings has been scheduled in Los Angeles CA.  For more information visit "Comic Book The Movie Web Site"

Pokemon Movie "Heroes" on DVD

Here's another Disney related...FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!  "Pokemon Heroes" will be released on DVD and video, this next week.  The movie featuring the lovable Pikachu and his friends Ash, Misty (Did she left Pokemon?) and Brock joining forces with Pokemon Latia and Latios in the quest to save the city of Altomare from Team Rocket's plans.  This is the first movie from the Pokemon franchise to feature the Advance characters, tough is set during the "Johto" era.  This movie was released by Miramax and 4 Kids Entertainment.

Disney may face competition from former animators

While doing this update, Local 6 WKMG in Orlando, broke the story during the 6:00 PM newscast. Now things are getting interesting!

More updates on the upcoming closure of Disney Animation in Orlando FL. For those of you asking what is going on at the Mouse-Keeter office in California, where the war between Michael Eisner and Roy E. Disney (Nephew of Walt Disney) continues, now comes the possibility that the Disney Florida Animation Studio based on the Disney MGM Theme Park, may shut down and leaves as much as 300 people without a job.

The studio who was responsible for the successful movies "Lilo & Stitch" and "Brother Bear" may be in the last days of existence and only a miracle could save it from destruction. You probably think, this is kind like they did with the Warner Brothers Television Animation, back in the late 90's when several animated series, including "Animaniacs", "Pinky & The Brain" (With or without Elmyra!) and "Sylvester & Tweety Mysteries", came all of the sudden to an end with no reason at all.

But back at Disney, there is another long tail to tell. You see, during the last month, there has been several reports that the Florida Animation Studio, which is part of the Disney MGM back lot tour, has been facing problems with the Eisner gang in Burbank. After the success of the animated "Lilo & Stitch", Disney gave the Florida team several projects. But back in November, while "Brother Bear", another Orlando FL project, hits the big screen, turns out that Disney told the animators in Orlando, that they where ending the traditional 2-D animation. Even one of the projects was axed! An animated movie that may have featured Country Music Super Star Dolly Parton, simply known as "A Few Good Ghost" or "My Peoples" (Disney did not even knew what was the real title!).

In the meantime, few former Disney Florida Animation members has opened their first animation studio and is based here in Orlando. Is called Legacy Animation and promises to continue the Disney tradition of hand cell animation. At least they did not followed another former Disney animation legend, Don Bluth, when he and other Disney animators left Disney in Burbank back in the late 70's while doing "Fox and the Hound" and move out to Ireland in the 80's to produce "Secret of Nimh" and "An American Tail". Now we don't yet know what ambitions Disney is pursuing. I could tell you, that is one of the key reasons why Roy Disney decided to leave the big ears company. Probably they will blame this game on Pixar with the computer animated "Finding Nemo". Time will tell the truth!

In other Disney related news, the Magic Kingdom Theme Park is adding "Stitch" ("Lilo & Stitch") to a revamped version of the "Alien Encounter" attraction at "Tomorrowland". If you have experienced the "Alien Encounter" in the past, like me, then get ready for a new alien encounter with the "Stitch"! OHANNA! MATATA! What a wonderful phrase?

Talks about closing Disney's Florida Animation Studios!

Have you seen this Disney ads where their animated movies and videos are sent into THE VAULT?  Well, guess who's heading that way next week.  In what seems like a ground-breaking story, as Disney reports that everything is fine and well, with theme parks attendance at high, it still looks like the issue behind the doors is not the parks attendance, but the future of the Animation Division responsible for "The Lion King", "Pocahontas", "Aladdin", "Lilo & Stitch" and "Brother Bear" among others.  Yet it has been in the local news, but CNN is not saying a thing.  Just wait till next week, when CNN will break the news that the Mars Rover has discovered "Marvin The Martian"...Just kidding!

But watch for the news that will put Mickey Mouse in the spotlight, when as much as 300 Disney Florida and Paris, France Animators will be LAID-OFF!  Unless "Uncle Eisner" comes with a miracle solution.  CBS affiliate, WKMG TV Local 6 in Orlando FL has been saying that next week, the future of 300 Disney Florida and France Animation employees, most of them foreigners that came to Central Florida with the Disney vision, may have to return to their home countries empty handed and most of them has to sell their properties here in Orlando, due to the fact that once Disney fires the entire organization and shuts down the DISNEY MGM STUDIO based animation division and the France Division, there is no way for them to go.  However, under "Uncle Eisner", the tale has a different twist.  DENIAL!  On Monday, January 12, 2003, will find out if the rumors are true and Mickey Mouse will put his head on low, for the magic of the animated movies that made Disney a legend, may be turned into an empty space, or as the Disney ads claims, "They are going to THE VAULT!".  In the meantime, the Jim Hill's Web Site is doing a countdown until the final hour that will reveal the fate of the animators at Disney's MGM Florida Animation Division.  Stay tune to this! 

Disney Stamps made in the USA!

Stamp out the Mickey Mouse please!  The US Postal Service is issuing new Disney Stamps this summer.  For those who like to collect stamps, rejoice cause after a very serious issue, the USPS and Disney is agreeing to issue stamps with some of the Disney Characters.  The USA has never issue Disney themed stamps.  Other countries has issue postal stamps out of Disney cartoons and classic movies.  You can check the site "Disney Stamps" and see the extensive collection of international Disney stamps.  However the USA will only do a few stamps during the summer and will release those on a limited basis.  Among the characters are: Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy.  Other stamps will feature Bambi, The Lion King and Pinocchio.  The USPS has issue several Looney Tunes stamps back in the late 1990's.  Also Snoopy/Peanuts themed stamps where issue several years ago.

ABC interviews Casey Kasem as he leaves a legacy:  TOP 40!

This past weekend marked the last week for Radio Host Casey Kasem to do the honor of counting the top 100 songs of the year 2003.  With that, Kasem closes the book in what is now a legacy.  The weekly top 40 countdown that we have heard during our lifetime, hosted by the voice of "Shaggy" of the "Scooby Doo" series, has now being given to the host of FOX's "American Idol", Ryan Seacrest.  So expect him to conduct the weekly countdown in the next week or so.  In the meantime during ABC TV's "Nightly New with Peter Jennings", an interview with Casey Kasem was made and he even got the title of "Person of The Week" in the newscast.  So it seems that while one chapter in the book is closed, then another is open.  By the way, are we going to hear Simon Cowell yelling "I'm afraid that the number one song of the week is Outkast's ~I like the way you move~?"  Just figure that!

Is Animaniacs on the Nicktoons channel?  Bring Charlie Brown!

While checking this headline, I just found something interesting.  There is a separate channel for Nickelodeon, is called "Nick Toons TV"  It says it features all the Nicktoons from the Nickelodeon Library.  But I see the library and it shows among, "Rugrats", "Hey Arnold", "Sponge Bob Squarepants" and also list both "Animaniacs" and "Pinky & The Brain" as part of the library.  I have no way to see this channel, but if you have it as part of your Digital Cable or DirecTV satellite, then check the Nick Toons TV, which by the way, is bringing old "Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show" cartoons to the channel.

Daffy Duck yells "AFLAC"!

While it looks like a free plug for insurance commercial, remember last month, Sprint PCS guy met Daffy and Looney Tunes in a commercial for the cell phone carrier?  Turns out that AFLAC the insurance company, in which the spokesperson is the duck that yells "AFLAC", is going to meet Daffy Duck and the Looney Tunes! ~Of course the voice is provided by comedian Gilbert Gottfried of Disney's "Aladdin" who voiced 'Iago' the parrot~  

Are they kidding?  Not so fast, Iago!  Well, the insurance company is providing a new commercial with the cast of Looney Tunes talking insurance.  So instead of the Sprint PCS guy, is the annoying duck yelling the same word!  What's next?  Mickey Mouse in a cell phone commercial with the other guy?  Can you hear me now?

The Commercial for AFLAC is debuting during the College Bowls like Capital One and Rose Bowl on New Years day. 

News Archived 2003:

"Wakko's Wish" En Español at Telefutura on New Years day

Univision's sister network Telefutura is bringing back for New Years day, "Wakko's Wish" ~ESPAñOL~ movie, as part of the holiday movie marathon.  Telefutura has brough several movies for the family, including "Scooby Doo on Zombie Island", "All Dogs goes to Heaven", "Gay Puree", "Cat's Don't Dance" and of course, "Wakko's Wish".  Currently I still don't have Telefutura ~When will I move out of the Timeshare apartment?~ But recently my special friend Darryl Heine out of Illinois, send me a copy of the "Wakko's Wish" Movie ~I had several years ago, the same movie send out by Jose Mata of Venezuela, but I loose the copy somehow!~ out of Telefutura, so I still have it in hand.  As for you, check your local listings to see when "Wakko's Wish" is playing on Telefutura.  

PBS KIDS Arthur features Blues Musicians Koko Taylor and Taj Mahal

Recently, PBS Kids TV series "Arthur" featured Blues legends Koko Taylor and Taj Mahal.  During an episode entitled "Big Horns George," both Taylor and Mahal shows as Arthur's pal George tries to learn guitar and sings a song ~He even talks to his puppet too!~

But there was something interesting about this episode.  You see, Arthur and his friends are mostly animal characters.  When the producers of the series where told that although Koko Taylor has had no problem in portraying an animal character, Taj Mahal requested not to be animated as an animal.  Instead he was given "Buster Bunny" ears!  Kind of like Mickey Mouse ears!  But Mahal said about his cameo appearance: "I see my participation in ARTHUR as a great opportunity to give kids a leg-up on a musical legacy that's important to the whole world.  Introducing kids to the blues is especially important now when so many public arts and music programs are being discontinued."

Taylor adds,” Children are tomorrow's generation and I'm doing the show for them. This is a superb opportunity to educate children about the blues and its importance."  So check your local PBS Stations for the "Arthur" series.

Changes in KIDS WB Line up for 2004

Just ending the 2003, Kids WB is revamping their weekday/weekend line up. As of January 17, 2004 Kids WB will be premiering the new anime series "Astro Boy" (Is a Sony remake of the 1960's version from TMS, who also worked on Animaniacs) and will bring back for the 4th season, "Static Shock". On the weekday line up, "Static Shock" will replace "Scooby Doo" cartoons, meaning that Scooby Doo will only be available thru Cartoon Network (Which I don't have, thanks to retarded cable from Timeshare Resort!). Their line up will be like this:

WEEKEND LINE UP (Starting January 17, 2004)

8:00 am JACKIE CHAN ADVENTURES (New Time Period)
8:30 am ASTRO BOY (Series Debut)
9:00 am TEEN TITANS (New Time Period)
10:30 am ¡MUCHA LUCHA!
11:30 am STATIC SHOCK (Fourth Season Premiere)


3:00 pm JACKIE CHAN ADVENTURES (New Time Period)
3:30 pm STATIC SHOCK (New To Weekday Line-Up)
4:00 pm POKÉMON
4:30 pm YU-GI-OH!

All this is subject to change, so please consult your television guides or local listings.

Pokemon Advance Movie may come to USA

This information is not 100% accurate, it could be changed at anytime, but believe me when I say that in the summer 2004, it may be released in the USA the Pokemon Advance Movie. If you ever though of the little fiasco with both "Pokemon Forever" and "Pokemon Heroes" when both movies where badly released from Miramax, owned by no other than Disney?  Guess again. The information was found on Nintendo Now, via, so you know. I have not said if Miramax will distribute the new movie, or will be another company involved. 

Of course, 4Kids Entertainment still has the rights to the movie, but when it comes to distribution rights, both Warner Brother and Miramax could contend for it. So lets see who else does? Could it be Fox Box? Could it be Roy Disney? Michael Eisner? Pikachu? Stay tuned! Also did you know that the title of the "Pokemon Advance Movie" in Japan is: "The Wishing Star of Seven Nights" but unfortunately, is not related to "Wakko's Wish".  Based on the information below, the USA title could be "Jirachi Wish Maker".  Again this information is subject to change.  But, this is how the information was found at Nintendo Now.

"Nintendo has a pre-order offer starting February 9, 2004 for Pokémon Colosseum.
When you pre-order Pokemon Colosseum at participating retailers you get a bonus disc. On the disc there are extras like:
-A preview of Pokemon Colosseum
-A preview of Pokemon Movie 6: Jirachi Wish Maker
-And the Pokemon Jirachi for your Pokemon Ruby or Sapphire games that you upload from the bonus disc to the game pack using the Gamecube to Game Boy Advance cable.
So be sure to pre-order Pokemon Colosseum so on March 22, 2004 the game can be yours."

Warner Brothers trying to buy Pink Panther and MGM/United Artist Studios

Are they kidding? Warner Brothers who owns Animaniacs, are trying to convince The Pink Panther and MGM/United Artist Studios to merge their assest. As you may or may not know, MGM Studios was a supplier of movies and cartoons to Warner Brothers until 1985. That's when MGM/United Artist Studios became an independent corporation and while MGM/United Artist, allowed Warner Brothers to keep the library of Turner Cartoons like "Tom & Jerry" and movies like "The Wizard of Oz", MGM Studios was able to market on their own with both movies and TV shows. The current MGM/United Artist Library includes Movies like: "All Dogs go to Heaven","Good Dog", The "Rocky" Library, "Jeepers Creepers", The "James Bond 007" Movies, "Legally Blonde", Etc. The TV Division is responsible for the "Stargate SG1" Series and "She Spies" ("Charlie's Angels" look alike series?). But of course the golden jewel of MGM/United Artist could be no other than "Pink Panther"! In fact April, 2004 has been designated as the 40th anniversary of The Pink Panther and would be a perfect birthday gift if Warner Brothers gets invited for a formal merge at the party!

Motion sickness reported at Disney

According to WKMG Local 6 in Orlando FL, Disney's new theme ride "Mission Space at Epcot" became the first theme park ride to offer guest, motion sickness bags-similar to those found on airplanes- to  passengers riding the attraction.  Orlando's Local 6 reported that the $100 million ride, induces a feeling of weightlessness so realistic, that many guest could experience severe motion sickness.  The ride, according to WKMG, does not move like a traditional roller coaster, but it makes you feel as though you are truly moving and allow riders to undergo what NASA astronauts undergo in training.  Several theme park consultants told Local 6 News, that is the first time "Motion Sickness" bags have been made available on a theme park ride.  The report featured Jim Hill who runs a web site devoted to Disney theme parks.  Hill claims "Disney's Imagineers struggled with the motion sickness problem even before the ride opened and some believe the threat of sickness could hamper the ride's success."

I believe that Disney should warn all the riders about the risk of riding this type of attraction.  I mean, with this kind of news and the current situation on the Disney's board of members AKA Michael Eisner VS Roy Disney/Stanley Gold, things are getting a little scary.  


Sad loosing of Keiko (Free Willy)

"Free Willy" star Keiko was buried secretly Monday near the Norwegian fjord that was the home of the world-famous killer whale in the last year of his life, officials said.  Avoiding publicity, the world's biggest movie star got a modest funeral attended by three caretakers and four locals who helped bury the 6-ton animal in a 30-foot-long, 15-foot-deep grave. "It was a nice and quiet funeral," Keiko handler Frank Haavik told Reuters.  Keiko, famed for his role in the 1993 Hollywood blockbuster "Free Willy," died Friday in Taknes Bay in western Norway of pneumonia. He was 27 -- old for a captive orca whale.

"So Darn" pre-empts Dora The Explorer

Most of the US networks had to pre-empt most of their Sunday programming due to the breaking news that US coalition forces in the FREE IRAQ had captured the so called "So Darn Insane" (Hussein).  Most of the shows that where affected included, the Nick on CBS block with "Dora the Explorer" and "Blues Clues".  Other networks like UPN and KIDS WB where doing their line-up, so lucky you if you saw "Pokemon Advance" and "Yu-Gi-Oh Enter the Shadow Realm" in an effort to get out of the big catch in the "Baghdad Cafe".  By the way, the "Baghdad Cafe" will now feature mini tours to the little hut where "So Darn Insane" was living before his capture.  Slappy Squirrel sends regards and GOOD RIDDANCE to "Insane" with some bomb to shock and awe!  And Justice for all!

Voice of "Shaggy" leaves radio industry

Top 40 radio guru Casey Kasem who also voice "Shaggy" on KIDS WB's "What's new Scooby Doo", has reported that he will leave the syndicated radio show "American Top 40" after a 30+ year run (How many times Kasem had retired and then return to countdown?).  He will continue making short versions of the "American Top 20" for the Adult Contemporary Radio markets and in the meantime it has been reported that after the top 100 songs of 2003 gets played this New Years week of January 2004, the Syndicated Top 40 will be host by no other than "American Idol's" Ryan Seacrest.  Some of you remember in the late 80's when Kasem left the show and was replaced by a former "Hollywood Squares" center square.  NOPE!  Not Whoopi Goldberg!  Remember the catchy phrase "The Shadoe knows"?  Back in the late 80's and early 90's  Shadoe Stevens was the replacement host of "American Top 40".  By the way, Shadoe Stevens did voiced a cartoon for Hanna Barbera, simply known as "Fender Bender 500" for a live action show "Wake/Jump Rattle and Run" that was last seen on Disney Channel a couple of years ago.

More on the Disney/Eisner battle

Grab your ears Mouse-keteers!  Turns out that there is more to see in the latest Disney/Eisner battle.  According to the Jim Hill Media Website, Disney's Michael Eisner went looking far and beyond to replace the 2 chairs left by Roy Disney (Walt's nephew) and Stanley Gold.  Rumor has that Steve Jobs of both Apple Computers and PIXAR Animation (Toy Story/Finding Nemo) was offered one of the seats in the company.  But this is a rumor and nothing has been seen so far.

Also look below for the response from Roy Disney and Stanley Gold.  SAVE DISNEY!

But the chilling one could be the possible closure of the Disney Florida Animation Division.  Yes, the ones who did "Brother Bear", "Lilo & Stitch" and "Mulan".  Their studio who is part of the Disney MGM studio back lot tour, could be shut down and the animators be left with no job!  GO FIGURE!

Roy Disney wants to save Mickey Mouse. Opens a web site against Disney and Eisner

Hold on to your hats folks! The war between the 2 Disney's has begun.  After the corporation received news that both Roy Disney, the nephew of Walt Disney and Stanley Gold where leaving the Michael Eisner's board of members, turns out that both Disney and Gold has opened a web site called "Save Disney". The site mentions that it will begging to restore the name Disney to its position as the preeminent entertainment company in the world.

Roy's Uncle Walt and his father started the company back in the 1920's. The Save Disney web site is an effort to get enough pressure to send Michael Eisner and his friends packing out of Orlando and Burbank (Could they still in Tokyo, France and Hong Kong too?). So let's see how the war between 2 Disney's becomes THE MOTHER OF ALL THEME PARKS!!!! Wonder if the Disney's Monorail will be detoured to serve both Disney's.

Also on a related note, The New York Times claims that John Chen who was appointed as member of The Disney Board after the departure of Roy Disney and Stanley Gold, criticized the company's corporate governance, in other words, he betrayed Michael Eisner! In case you are wondering where and why this war between good and evil at Disney was started, it was because of the PIXAR and MIRAMAX theater. These once made money to Disney, but Eisner betrayed themselves. Now PIXAR (Toy Story/Finding Nemo) is looking to end the relationship with DISNEY while MIRAMAX (Who is best known for "Pokemon Heroes") wants to become an independent filmmaker again, outside of the "House of Mouse" (Like the cartoon!). Also they blame Eisner for not hearing teen star Hillary Duff (Lizzy McGwire) when negotiating the rights for Lizzy McGwire, so she left Michael Eisner too! Also you can add the problems at ABC TV to the point that on Saturday mornings, the local affiliates prefer to do local news rather than doing the same Disney Channel cartoons! Other things to blame, include the sudden closing of the Orlando FL Animation studio, who did "Brother Bear", "Lilo and Stitch", "Mulan", "Treasure Planet" (Nobody saw this movie!) and "The Lion King" among others! In fact the studio tour was altered according to a report from one of the local affiliates in Orlando. The animators inside Disney MGM where laid off a few weeks ago. Also the rumor that in the next few days, more cast members at Disney could be laid off citing that there is a low attendance at the theme parks. How could they explain that Universal Studios is getting more patrons inside the theme parks than Disney?

Stay tune for this folks. As we saw The Orlando Magics ending their loosing streak, we may see Disney ending the winning streak too!

Who wants to buy "Noddy"?

Who wants to buy "Noddy"? Remember the cartoon that was last seen on PBS KIDS back in the late 1990's? Ok! Clifford The Big Red Dog was not a puppy back then! Only the cartoon! But "Noddy" was a cartoon from the UK which features a wooden boy in stop motion animation. The series was seen on PBS KIDS around 1997 and 1998 and combined live action with stop motion animation, I mean real people talking to "Noddy". Well, what happened to "Noddy"? He is for sale? Are they kidding? Who wants to buy it? Maybe the toy store has "Noddy". But there is a company in the UK that is bidding too big to buy the cartoon! Actually the UK company Chorion who owns the cartoon "Noddy" was solicited by another entertainment giant, Entertainment Rights, with a bid to buy the children's classic. What was the response from Chorion? (UK accent): ~"Nou Way, Jousei!"~ (No offense to the Brits! I just fake the accent!) So "Noddy" stays with their owners and is not for sale (Well, the toy is always for sale!). Don't ask me when PBS KIDS will do "Noddy" cartoons! I simply don't know!

Roy Disney leaves the "Magic Kingdom" with a sour note for Michael Eisner: "LEAVE DISNEY TOO!!!!"

It looks like DISNEY is having a problem once again, but this one is, on a high note! Michael Eisner, the president of the Walt Disney Company, received a letter from Roy Disney, the nephew of Walt Disney, asking 2 things. He filed a resignation letter from the Disney's board of directors. But, Disney goes farther away, by asking Michael Eisner to RESIGN the DISNEY company too. He even let Eisner known that he is no longer the indicated person to run the Walt Disney Company. 

But to make matters even worse, another cast member of Disney walked out the door with Roy Disney.  Just hours after Disney resigned the board of directors, came Stanley Gold and filled resignation too.

It seems like the troubled company, has led Mickey Mouse with no choice but to call for a special meeting at his Orlando FL headquarters and find a replacement for uncle Roy, maybe they will get "Slappy" to head the hot waters. Or how about Michael Jackson? YEAH RIGHT! Or as Donald Duck yells "Oh Phooey!"

Isn't Christmas until Charlie Brown says so!

Of course the last thing you need to find out in order to make your Christmas complete is "Charlie Brown" of Peanuts, doing the traditional speech of the holiday.....No wait! That was Schroeder! Charlie Brown only complains about it! I guess ABC TV is doing the "Charlie Brown Christmas" special. So you need to check local listings and find out when it plays.

Fasten seatbelts, Steven Burns re-joins "Blues Clues"

Just that unless you tough that Steven Burns will not return to Nickelodeon's "Blues Clues", guess again. All of the sudden came back former "Blues Clues" host Steven Burns. Not that he was re-hired, since he got a better deal with the recording industry. But turns out that some episodes of "Blues Clues" where not originally premiered back in 2002. They where holding the episodes when "Joe" (Donovan Platon) joined the cast. Now Nickelodeon is presenting brand new episodes of "Blues Clues" with Steven Burns as the host. I saw one of them, featuring the sock puppet! (Not the KIDS WB Sock?) More episodes with Steven Burns will be seen on the network anytime this month. "Now is time for so long, but will sing just one more song...."

Let's go parade style! This is for real!

Last year, I promised a picture parade like the one I did in 2001. However, because of complications with my prior PC (See below), I was not able to deliver the parade pictures. This year will be different. At least I will go ahead with the plan, either Digital Camera or film camera like in 2001. The so called "Holiday Citrus Parade, Presented by Progress Energy" that pre-celebrates new years day in Orlando and the return of the "Florida Citrus Bowl/Capital One Bowl" Game, is coming back to Orlando. What it means is, that I will go outside with a camera and will picture a parade in the hearth of Downtown Orlando. It is not yet know who will play the "Citrus/Credit Card Bowl" this January 1, 2004. But on December 30, 2003 the streets of Downtown Orlando will host a big celebration with lots of float decorated in citrus produce. Also expect to see some surprises like the University bands playing and characters from the major attractions like Disney, Universal Orlando and Sea World. Here are some of the pictures from the 2001 parade. If you wonder why I stopped doing the picture parades, it was that I did not have a computer and I lost the software for the digital camera that Intel use to make. I have the camera, but it is USELESS because Intel sold the rights to another company and either I must buy a new camera or replace the software, but Intel retired the products, so I may go E-Bay shopping for that. Otherwise, I will buy a film camera and will do it. So check again soon for details. 

By the way, if you live in the Orlando area and would like to volunteer yourself, by filling the floats with citrus, in exchange of 15 seconds in the ABC's broadcasting of the parade while marching around the City Beautiful of Orlando, you can go to the FCSports (Florida Citrus Sports) Web Site.  Nope, I won't march myself!

Rob Paulsen gets interviewed at AWN

The AWN Web Site is offering a "surprise" interview with Rob Paulsen, the voice behind Animaniacs (Yakko, Dr. Scratchandsniff and Pinky). He claims that he "loves and dies" for his team, The Detroit Red Wings (NHL)! 

(Now I know how it feels to see the Orlando Magics (NBA) loosing his magic and becoming THE WORSE NBA TEAM this year! GO FIGURE!)

As for Rob's career, he talks about his fellow friends and voice actors, Tress McNeil (Dot), Maurice La Marche (The Brain), Frank Welker (Officer Ralph/Runt). Also he reveals that he has voiced over 200 characters so far. He also gives a little insight about his character "Carl Wheezer" of Nickelodeon's "Jimmy Newtron: Boy Genius"

Just to give you a taste of the interview, here's an excerpt of it:

Rob Paulsen (From the AWN Web Site): "I remember years ago we had jackets made up for Animaniacs. Jess Harnell put together these really beautiful leather jackets that were airbrushed on the back, and there were only six of them made. One for Tress, Jess, and myself, one for Andrea Romano, one for Tom Ruegger and one for Mr. Spielberg. When we saw Tom Ruegger we told him “When you speak to Mr. Spielberg please tell him we have this jacket for him. Maybe you can take it to him as a gift and tell him thank you very much.” The next day I get a call from Mr. Spielberg’s secretary and she said, “I understand you have a jacket for Steven. Maybe you’d like to come over, have lunch at Amblin and give it to him.” So, two days later I find Tress, Jess and myself with Steven Spielberg having lunch at Amblin, just the four of us. He was the sweetest guy, never took a phone call, gave us all his attention. It was one of those days you call your Mom and Dad and say “Guess what? I just got done having lunch with - Steven Spielberg!” It was truly special."

To access the Rob Paulsen Interview at AWN:

Animated movie made in Puerto Rico will feature Salma Hayek and Plácido Domingo

Move over Disney and Warner Brothers, cause here comes the Puerto Ricans making animated movies too. It turns out that somewhere in my hometown of San Juan, Puerto Rico, there is a project that involves several animators and features the voices of the famous tenor Plácido Domingo (Remember the Slappy and the 3 tenors episode of Animaniacs: "3 Strikes and you're out"?) and Mexican born artist Salma Hayek ("Spy Kids 3" and "Frida") with some Puerto Rican actors lending their voices in a new animated feature simply called "Sian Ka'an". It seems that there is lack of information regarding this project. I learn of it several months ago, since I read Puerto Rican newspapers, despite the fact that I live in Orlando FL. Now the information was found on both Toonzone and AWN. They give a link to the web site "". But it still lacks information on the movie, since it is under construction. But I hope that in the future, we could see a Puerto Rican animation house competing with Disney and Warner Brothers. I could see a second "Mike Young Productions" type of company. If you wonder, Mike Young Productions is the animation production company for PBS KIDS "Clifford The Big Red Dog" and "Jakers! Adventures of Pigley Wink".

Disney to produce "Dave The Barbarian" with cast of Animaniacs!

Disney Channel will start production of the animated series "Dave The Barbarian" and is scheduled to start on the Disney Channel around January 2004. The best part is that some members of the original cast of Animaniacs will also be participating in the series. The new Disney animated comedy is produced and created by Doug Langdale, who worked at Warner Brothers Animation division a few years back and then moved to Disney. He was the writer and story editor of "Pinky, Elmyra and The Brain" which was a spinoff of Pinky & The Brain of Animaniacs. Also wrote the series "Earthworm Jim". As for the voices, we have Tress McNeill (DOT!), Frank Welker (Runt, Officer Ralph, Scooby Doo) and Paul Rug (The Director or Jerry Lewis?).

Pokemon may get Oscar nomination? PIIIIIIIKAAAAAAA!

Yes, you read! Pokemon may get an Oscar nomination this next year. According to Anime News Network, several Anime movies including "Pokemon Heroes" (The movie may be seen on "Starz" TV this month) and "Cowboy Beebop" where submitted to the Academy of Motion Pictures and Science. As you may recall, the Disney/Studio Ghilbi movie "Spirited Away" won an Oscar in 2003 for best animated movie. Other movies that where submitted for Oscar nominations include, "Disney's Brother Bear", "Finding Nemo" and Paramouth/Nickelodeon's "Rugrat's Go Wild". The Oscars are scheduled to broadcast live on February 29th 2004. More details to come soon. Could Pikachu win an Oscar? With Finding Nemo and Brother Bear, that could be interesting!

The rise and fall of Pikachu in a book!

Well, you all witness the rise and fall of Pikachu and the entire cast of Pokemon! Now this will be documented on a book being printed by the Duke University Press. The book will be titled "Pikachu's Global Adventures: The Rise and Fall of Pokemon"edited by Dr. Joseph Tobin (Arizona State University) and will discuss the Pokemon Franchise, from Video Games, cards, toys and the TV series from KIDS WB. Including how well is portrayed in Japan and overseas, but in the USA? This book is based on a conference held at the Manoa Campus of the University of Hawaii in 2000. The book will hit store shelves by February 2004. More to come!

Macy's Thanksgiving Parade coming to a TV near you!

A well know tradition that comes with the Turkey Dinner, is the Thanksgiving Parade by Macy's. The 77th Annual Parade that NBC and TELEMUNDO (in spanish) will broadcast on Thanksgiving morning November 27th.

In fact, an Orlando FL high school band, Jones High School was invited to play among dozens of high school bands that every year delights all the family with the loud bangs and cheerleadings dancing around. Usually I have seen Jones High School band performing at several parades not only in Downtown Orlando, but this band was allowed to participate in the Tournament of Roses a few years back.

As for the Macy's Parade festivities, it will debut new balloons by "Garfield and Pokey", "Barney the Purple Dinosaur in band costume" and "Sesame Street's Super Grover". They will fly out on 77th St along with the classic ballons from PBS KIDS "Arthur" and "Clifford The Big Red Dog", "Charlie Brown's Elusive Ball", Nickelodeon's "Jimmy Newtron" and "Little Bill" and even "Pikachu" with "Mr. Monopoly". As for the Floats in the Parade, debuts "The Big Confy Couch", "Marshmellow Peeps", "Spirits of America" and "Top of Rhino Mountain". Returning floats to include, "Angelina Ballerina", "Bob The Builder", "Sesame Street", "The Wiggles Pirate Ship", "Teddy-Build A Bear Workshop", "M&M's", "Barney's Musical Park" and of course, Santa Claus will close the festivities. Performing live at the Parade includes, Hillary Duff (Lizzy McGwire), Aaron Carter (The brother of Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys), Mya, Ruben and Clay of "American Idol", The Wiggles, Kool & The Gang, Stacie Orrico and the list goes on and on! If I forgot someone, MY DEEPEST APOLOGIES!!!!

New character added to Pokemon!  I wish I wish with all my heart...

Just to let you know that the following is nothing but a made out script by myself.  I just came with the following idea.  You know PBS KIDS "Dragon Tales"?  There is this kid named Max:

MAX: "I wish I wish with all my heart.  To fly with Dragon in a land apart!"

Also on Nickelodeon there is an animated series for the "Nick JR" block in the mornings called "Max & Ruby".  This is about the 2 brother and sister bunnies, that although it is suppose to teach about being, who you are, sometimes the 2 comes with a funny idea.  

Now they added a third MAX!  This one is on KIDS WB's "Pokemon Advance".  The brother of May, who is the replacement for Misty and just met Ash and Pikachu!  

So I decided to give a nice welcome to the 3rd MAX (Pokemon Advance) into the animated world!  This would be a perfect KIDS WB commercial:

LEGEND: 1st MAX=Dragon Tales/2nd MAX="Max & Ruby"/3rd MAX=Pokemon Advance.  Also starring, Ruby (Max & Ruby) and Ord (Dragon Tales)

3rd MAX"ASH IS A LOOSER!" (But yells at MAX from Dragon Tales)

1st MAX"I wish I wish to use this rhyme, and send this MAX, until next time!" (Touches Dragon Scale, magic pours out)

2nd MAX"Pokemon!  Broooooooom, broooooooooom!" (Slides a toy car)

3rd MAX: "Oh yeah?  Im gonna send you to Dragon Land via my Pokemon navigator!" (Opens Pokemon Navigator and sends 2nd MAX to Dragon Land)

3rd MAX: "Oh oh!"

2nd MAX: "Ruuuuubyyyyyyy!" (Stares at Ord)

ORD: "Wait a moment!  This is not MAX!"

Announcer: "Pokemon Advance, this weekend on KIDS WB!"

Ruby: "MAX? Where are you?" (Stares at 1st and 3rd MAX)

Sure, this commercial was sponsored by contributions to any PBS station from viewers like Slappy Squirrel!

SLAPPY: "THANK YOU!  Now that's comedy!"

When Wakko meets Luke Skywalker and Winnie The Pooh?

Can you imagine Wakko (Animaniacs) meeting Luke Skywalker (Star Wars) and Disney's (Still legally challenge) Winnie The Pooh in a well know place (This is family oriented site, so I reserve the meeting place to myself!)? I simply call it P-L-Y Boy Mansion (You figure that!).

As Timon (Disney's "The Lion King") says "NOT IN FRONT OF THE KIDS" during the song "Hakuna Matata". But in reality, the voices of Wakko, Winnie the Pooh and the real Luke Skywalker came together to promote a project on DVD that will hit shelves in January 2004.

"Comic Book: The Movie" from Miramax Home Entertainment (The same people who brought "Spy Kids" and "Pokemon Heroes") has officially announced a 2 disc DVD release of the independently project directed and acted by Mark Hamill (Luke Sky Walker of "Star Wars") with the help of "not so" well know people behind today's popular cartoons. The movie features the talents of Billy West (Ren & Stimpy), Roger Rose (The Tick), Jess Harnell ("Wakko" of Animaniacs), Daran Norris (Fairly Odd Parents), Lori Alan and Tom Kenny (Sponge Bob Square Pants), Debby Derryberry (Jimmy Newtron: Boy Genious), Jim Cunnings (Winnie The Pooh and Animaniacs) and Gary Owens (Who can't forget Hanna Barbera's "Dynomutt The Dog Wonder and Blue Falcon"?) among other voice celebrities.  More information is available at:

From Miramax Home Entertainmet via Toonzone

Looney Tunes marathon for Thanksgiving on CN's Boomerang

On Thanksgiving day November 27, Cartoon Network's Boomerang will delight all Looney Tunes fans with the best of the Looney Tunes collection. According to Animation Insider, Boomerang will offer 96 hours of Looney Tunes until December 1st. The collection includes up to 32 shorts for each character and will be offered in the following order: Porky Pig and Daffy Duck (11/27, 11/28), then Bugs Bunny with Sylvester & Tweety (11/28, 11/29), then Roadrunner with Coyote along with Foghorn Leghorn and Pepe Le Pew (11/29, 11/30) and last but not least, follows Sniffle and the Goofy Gophers, Taz Devil, Marvin the Martian and closes with Bugs Bunny on November 30th and December 1st. So check the listings for Cartoon Network's Boomerang. From Animation Insider.

Follow up on Looney Tunes/SPRINT PCS deal

This is a follow up from a prior update, when I mentioned that Looney Tunes was signing Wireless Carrier SPRINT PCS for a cross promotion of the "Looney Tunes: Back in Action" movie with the PCS provider (See below for details). Turns out that Warner Brothers may provide similar content to all Wireless Carriers in the future. This article from AWN shows that Warner Brothers has started a wireless initiative with top veteran in the Industry Doug Dyer (Founder of THQ Wireless). This also comes just after Disney announced a similar venture where the company will make available to PCS users, RING TONES with the Disney characters, at the tune of $2.50 per TONE. So stay tuned to the tone action. By the way, "Looney Tunes: Back in Action" is schedule to open on November 14, 2003.

The new Pokemon Advance (Just the facts!)

Pokemon would have been done a while ago. Now Pokemon enters a new phase where everything is brand new, like starting all over again. This is how we can describe the new "Pokemon Advance" starting November 1st on KIDS WB. Yet it was suppose that Pokemon, the way we know it, was about to be done. They could let Ash won the Johto Championship, let him become The "Pokemon Master" he always dream off and leave Team Rocket out of their misery by giving out another Pikachu to gave to his boss.  But that did not happen! Instead the producers back in Tokyo gave Pikachu and friends a brand new start in a new land with a different set up that could let all asking, "Is this really necessary?"

Now the new "Pokemon Advance" which was revamped in the popular video game from Nintendo, is now being revamped for the Anime series. After "Ash" the Pokemon Trainer, decided to go alone to the Hoenn Region without long time companions "Misty" and "Brock" (He will return later in the series!) and leaving all the Pokemon but Pikachu, Ash gets in a ferry boat and heads to "Little Root" town to meet the new breeds of Pokemon he never saw back in his travels. Only to find out that Pikachu got sick during a Team Rocket encounter, Ash decides to get the help of Professor Birch in an effort to heal his Pokemon.

Now the basics of Pokemon Advance could be the new line up or the way is set up. I basically saw the first 2 episodes of Pokemon Advance back in March 2003, when KIDS WB gave a sneak peek in the future of Pokemon. The same 2 episodes will be re-premiered in November 1st and the 8th. 

What to expect from the new series? 

When I first saw it, I was like things could only get better or worse kind for Pokemon fans. All of the sudden, the characters gets new clothes, replacements of original Pokemon into a different versions. New Teams where added on the good and bad side. Don't panic! Team Rocket is not going elsewhere. They just got companions, but you know Jesse, she prefers to be alone with James on her side, so no need to bother. 

On the bad side, Team Aqua and Magma! What they want is to discover a secret that lies inside the Hoenn Region, while Team Rocket only cares about grabbing Pikachu from Ash's hands. 

On the good side, Ash meets May, a girl that won't bother to be a "Master" like Ash wants to. May also has a brother named Max. He loves to learn about Pokemon by not having one! HUH? 

Contrary to what young kids likes about having Pokemon, Max does not need to have one! He does not have or train Pokemon. He usually portraits himself as the Pokemon Explorer. But, how could he get enough Pokemon experience when he can't have one? Max even tells Ash and May, how to win a battle and how to use a Pokemon Navigator device similar to the "Pokedex". 

The new breed of Pokemon that will enter the series is mostly never seen before. In the first episode we get to see a pack of "Poochyennas" (Kind of hyena puppy?) getting even with Professor Birch, while May who has never attempted to train a Pokemon, gets a Pokeball and has to call the movements of the Pokemon named "Mudkip" to stop the Poochyennas. Then May gets a "Torchiq", a fire Pokemon which resembles a bird type. Eventually, Ash gets a "Treecko" a grass Pokemon which could be described as the gecko (Do not call the auto insurance!). 

Eventually Brock will also join the gang and he will get a Mudkip which is water Pokemon and has no resemble as the prior two Pokemon. No mention of Max having a Pokemon, but will see if that changes with time. As more information becomes available, well let you know. 

In the meantime you can check the Pokemon Spoiler Page YES IS SPOILER PAGE!!!

Remember "Cardcaptors"? A movie may come without censorship!

Still remember the cartoon-Anime "Cardcaptors" (Also known as Card captor Sakura")? A few years back, the Anime series "Cardcaptors" debuted on KIDS WB, but a lot of fans of the Anime found it with a different twist and even CENSORED! This was made possible thanks to Nelvana Ltd. They are best known for children's programming, like PBS KIDS "Berenstein Bears", DISNEY CHANNEL's "Rolie Polie Olie" and Nickelodeon's "Max and Ruby"! 

What they (Nelvana LTD) did with "Cardcaptors"? They edited the entire series, to make it more kids friendly - Ages 7+ - while the original "Cardcaptor Sakura" was mostly aimed to age 13+). 

Although I still like the series, I just found unfair what Nelvana Ltd did to the series back them. But since the American and Canadian people has different tastes regarding who watch television, will leave things just like that. In the meantime, I just found out on Animation Insider that the company that distributes the Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh videos and DVD's, will release the "Cardcaptor Sakura Movie" UNCENSORED! Altough the company still working a deal with Nelvana LTD in an effort that the original "Cardcaptor Sakura" series be released in its entirely without the censorship it was imposed. But since Nelvana still holds the license to the Cardcaptor Sakura series, will see how it will be done.


New November on KIDS WB

Kids WB has announced a new line-up for the month of November (Is November SWEEPS of course!) and among the new changes are as follows:

"Xiaolim Showdown" is an oriental type of comedy (This is not ANIME!) that will join KWB starting November 1st. The animated comedy from Warner Brothers Animation (You know who's behind Animaniacs!) follows the adventures of "Omi" a gifted monk in training from the Xiaolin Temple, along with fellow trainees "Kimiko" The Hipster girl, "Raimundo" the Brazilian and Texas Kung Fu cowboy "Clay". This may looks like "Jackie Chan Adventures" with a twist. Check it out.

Also KWB will replace for a while "What's new Scooby Doo" and will bring Cartoon Network's "Teen Titans" in to their line-up. As for Scooby, well his adventures will be seen Monday to Friday, so not to worry!

Then of course as we told a few weeks ago, "Pokemon Advance" will join the line-up and YES, MISTY IS GONE FOR GOOD!!! NO PSYDUCK! PSY??? All new Pokemon Adventures and Ash will join 2 more twerps, May and his brother Max the Pokemon Explorer! Also, a new breed of Pokemon like "Torchik", "Mudkip" and "Treecko" along with Pikachu! Oh yes, Brock will join later the trio of course! And of course, could not forget brand new "Yu-Gi-Oh: Enter the Shadow Realm". So check out your local listings on November 1st.

Speedy Gonzales invades "Mucha Lucha"

Speedy Gonzales is entering the "Mucha Lucha" field! A few months ago, Save Animaniacs Campaign was being told about the Cartoon Network's denial of playing Speedy Gonzales shorts due to "Stereotypes" being involved. Turns out that Speedy Gonzales will be a guest of the animated series "Mucha Lucha" on Kids WB on November 8, Speedy will enter the ring with "Ricoche", "Buena Girl" and "The Flea" in this Warner Brothers original series. 

In the meantime, Warner Brothers is not commenting whenever the fastest mouse in "todo" Mexico will take part of the new motion picture "Looney Tunes: Back in Action", nor he will take part on the "SPRINT PCS GUY" commercials. Yes you read right! Look below for that!

Looney Tunes and Disney goes into SPRINT PCS!

Imagine Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck yelling to each other: "You are DESPICABLE" or "RABBIT SEASON/DUCK SEASON" or Mickey Mouse says "Hello Mouseketeers" or Donald Duck goes "QUACKCKCKCKCKCKC" over their cell phones, as the so called Wireless Technology is reaching out to the toon land. 

In separate statements last week "Sprint PCS Corporation" and Warner Brothers announced that "Looney Tunes" characters will be featured in the SPRINT PCS services, like PCS VISION and RING TONES featuring Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and others. (Will Speedy Gonzales be included, despite the so called "Stereotypes"?) Also expect a series of commercials with the Looney Tunes characters interacting with SPRINT PCS GUY.

NO! Is Not "Can you hear me now?"  Commercials!

But this week, Disney decided to bring Mickey and the gang to SPRINT PCS customers who where told about Warner Brothers plans of bringing Looney Tunes inside their PCS. Disney stated that their initial plans is to offer PCS RING TONES with Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, Buzz Lightyear, Woody, Stitch, Pooh and Tigger. Disney claims that one Goofy ring tone will say "Hello? Is anybody there?" and a message alert will tell customers, "Oh boy, you got some mail!" While The SPRINT PCS customers will get the Looney Tunes as added feature to their service at no extra cost, Disney plans to charge $2.50 for each RING TONE being downloaded to the PCS phone. 

I'll bet that getting a cell phone is more fun than ever, but guess what! I own 3 cell phone service and SPRINT PCS is one of them! GO FIGURE! BAD or WORSE CREDIT!!!! By the way, will Animaniacs ever be on a Wireless phone? Ahhhhhhh! Good night Everybody! Some years ago, The Looney Tunes where doing ads for another company (Long Distance) with Michael Jordan, former NBA superstar who was on the Looney Tunes movie "Space Jam". "I belive I can fly...."

KIDS WB Halloween scare: Bugs Bunny taken out of WBOOOO!

From WB Networks via Toonzone: "The WB has pulled the Bugs Bunny's Howl-Oween Special, which was originally slated to air on October 24, from its schedule."

Will probably be replaced with some Scooby Doo cartoon? Stay tuned!

80's will take over this Christmas season along with The Wiggles!

Ahoy Mates! The 80's and The Wiggles are the hottest trends for the upcoming Holiday season. According to a well know Toy Retailer, the 80's will become one of the top requested merchandise for the holidays.

Some of the things that are expected to make Santa's toy list would be (In no preference order):

Barbie Dolls, Strawberry Shortcake, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Transformers, My Little Pony, Cabbage Patch Kids, Hot Wheels and a revamped "Twister" game. Of course we cannot left behind the newest and hottest toys like Nintendo's Game Cube and Game Boy Advance, X-Box, Leap Pad, The Wiggles, Fur Real Dog, Video Now (If comming with Animaniacs CD's I'll buy it!). But if you are tired of those, how about cuddly plush toys?  I'll bet you started writing letters to Santa, after reading this!

Cartoon Network's Vice President of animation, leaves for PBS KIDS

Linda Simensky, who was Vice President of animation at Cartoon Network and was able to market the Cartoon Network's "Power Puff Girls" has accepted a job at PBS (Public Broadcasting Service) which also holds PBS KIDS programming. Don't expect the "Power Puff Girls" inside "Arthur" house! Not even "Courage the Cowardly Dog" making fun of "Clifford The Big Red Dog"! The information is on AWN's Web site!

KIDS WB's "Ozzy & Drix" joins the Center for Disease Control (CDC) in "VERB" campaign

KIDS WB's "Ozzy & Drix" will be the ambassadors to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) in a campaign simply known as "VERB". The campaign seeks efforts of youth ages 9-13 to get involved in being physically active. Recently, KIDS WB aired an "Ozzy & Drix" Episode entitled "A Growing Cell" where the duo fights bad cholesterol before it can block an artery. The CDC and KIDS WB will partner in the campaign with the use of on air public service announcements as well as printed materials to be distributed in schools across the country.
The information is available at AWN's web site. From KIDS WB via AWN.

KIDS WB details Final Pokemon Johto:  GOODBYE MISTY!

According to KIDS WB, the last episode of the Pokemon series "Master Quest" will say goodbye to Misty, Brock and the cast of Pokemon.  Now this is before Pokemon Advance series begins.  Wonder if after this, there will be more or less interest in watching Pokemon.  So here are the details:

"KIDS WB will broadcast the final episodes of Pokémon: Master Quest with "Gotta Catch Ya Later" on October 18 and "Hoenn Alone" on October 25. In "Gotta Catch Ya Later," Ash bids farewell to his best friends and longtime traveling companions, Misty and Brock, when they are unexpectedly called back home, while Ash returns only for a quick change of clothes before setting out again. In "Hoenn Alone," Ash and Pikachu embark on a new journey as he continues pursuing his dream of becoming a Pokémon Master."

From KIDS WB via Toonzone

Confuse?  Not me, but I am going to miss the PSY...DUCK!!!


( '' )
(\/ )

Is this a "Psyduck" from Pokemon?  I use it on an e-mail composer!

There is 80's connection to "Disney's The Lion King"

Did you got a copy of the re-released version of "Disney's The Lion King"?  I always wondered about how to connect the Disney's lovable characters with some 80's stuff.  Of course the movie was made in the 90's, so what it has to do with the 80's?  If you think is because singer Elton John is the main musical composer, you may be right, 10% that is!  

Of course, I first heard this when I was living in Puerto Rico back in 1994, just when "The Lion King" was first release in theaters.  Obviously was one year before my move out to Orlando FL!  At that time, I was listening to a rock radio station.  Now, most if not all of you may be familiar with music bands from the 80's.  But get ready to go thru memory lane or "FLASHBACK" like the movie with Irene Cara.  Yeah right!  "That's Incredible" too (TV show?)!

To connect "The Lion King" with the 80's let's go first to 1984.  I believe most of you went to see "Star Wars: Return of the Jedi".  Back then, the musical composer of "Jedi" was also singing on the 1980's musical rock band "Toto" ("Africa", "Roxxana").  Remember the song "Pamela"?  Yes that was him!  Joseph Williams was offered to sing both "Hakuna Matata" and "Can you Feel the love Tonight" as the "Adult Simba" on the "Lion King".  But the voice of "Adult Simba" was given to actor Mathew Broderick.

Another thing that connects "The Lion King" to the 80's is the TV sitcom "Saved by The Bell".  The voice of "Pumbaa" is played by Ernie Sabella.  And of course "Mufasa" is voiced by James Earl Jones who also voiced "Dark Vader" in "Star Wars" first trilogy.  And of course we could not forget that Mathew Broderick did some 80's movie appearance.  Like "War Games" (He played the kid that triggers the Missile launcher to play checkers out of a nuclear war situation!) and "Project X" (This was the saddest movie ever.  Monkeys being radio-activated in the name of science?).  Now Broderick is doing the voice of "Hubble" the dog, in the new motion picture "Good Boy!"

If you wonder how do I know this stuff, well I did some research just in time for "The Lion King" re-released version.  I check out The Internet Movie Data Base and got the info out!

Rainbow Brite Returns!  YIPPEEEEE!!!!

If the 80's could be your worst nightmare, then don't look back, but we keep reversing the clock for more.  Announcing the Hallmark best yet collectible of the 80's!  Rainbow Brite is making a full comeback, according to sources on the Rainbow Brite Web Site:

"A company called Toy Play has bought the toy license for Rainbow Brite! What does this mean? It means that more Rainbow Brite dolls, toys and accessories are on the way! These toys will start showing up in specialty stores by the end of this year and will be mass market early 2004! Also, look for a TV commercial at the beginning of next year! Rainbow Brite is BACK!"

Good Morning America may replace ABC Kids and local news?

This rumor has been around for a while, so I am not sure if this is for real, but sources at ABC are signaling that the weekday morning show "Good Morning America" could join the Saturday Morning Line up by next year.  Obviously, this rumor was first told a few months ago.  Usually ABC KIDS is a hard competitor with the FOX BOX and KIDS WB line-ups.  While NBC and CBS offers Saturday versions of "Today" and "The Early Show".  In some markets, Local News are pre-empting the CBS NICK or ABC KIDS shows (I know Orlando's ABC CH 9 pre-empts ABC KIDS with local news!).

Now according to TV Week Web site, K-ABC plans to introduce Saturday morning local news to their line up and that has incremented the possibility of having "Good Morning America" as well.  The Web site added this regarding ABC's intention on GMA:

"The idea of a weekend GMA enjoys broad support at the network and its affiliates, an ABC spokesperson said. The launch of the weekend morning version is likely to happen within a year. ABC previously carried a Sunday version of "GMA" from 1993 to 1998."

Will keep you posted, but it looks like ABC KIDS may bid farewell after all

Get well wishes to Roy (Siegfried and Roy's Tiger show in Vegas)

Las Vegas top illusionist Roy Horn of the duo Siegfried And Roy's Tiger show was severely attacked by one of the show tigers this past week.  While performing at the MGM Mirage Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Horn was performing with a white tiger, when all of the sudden, the giant cat severely attacked him.  Luckily the performer was helped by the staff of the show and immediately rushed to the hospital.  Although the performer's condition has been considered critical, the doctors has noted that Horn may recover from this incident.  In the meantime SAC sends good wished to Roy Horn and hopefully the show will go on in Vegas ASAP! 

Digital Bits Rumor Mill news that Animaniacs may be on DVD!

This is coming from reliable sources at Digital Bits Rumor Mill Web site.  Although is not official, Animaniacs could be headed to DVD sometime soon.  Now according to Digital Bits Web Site:

"With all the news lately about different TV shows being released on DVD, and with an industry conference on this very subject set for next month, we've learned that Warner is planning on releasing more animated TV product on our favorite format. Specifically, sources are telling us that 2004 could see the release of full seasons of Tiny Toon Adventures and Batman: The Animated Series from the studio, with the possibility of Animaniacs and more superhero animated TV product further down the line."

Hey!  Is anybody pondering what im pondering?  How many of you want to see Pinky & The Brain in Simon and Garfunkel outfit?  Opps!  They on tour by the way! What is goanna be? "Lo-Le-Li" or "Lai-La-Lai"?

AOL NO MORE according to Time Warner; "You got mail?"

You always read or hear the following: "An AOL-Time Warner Company."  Of course, years ago, AOL and Time Warner joined forces to create a media giant company.  Among their assets should be Warner Brothers TV or The WB and Kids WB and hundreds of corporate positions that depends on it like CNN or TBS Super Station to name a few.  But as the AOL thing says "You got mail!"  Turns out that Time Warner will no longer use the AOL icon to promote their corporate stuff.  So that means that AOL will be owned by Time Warner, but you don't expect the Internet giant to become associated with Looney Tunes or Animaniacs after all!  In the meantime I keep using the big AOL thing, but why associate it with Animaniacs?  YOU GOT ANVIL AOL! 

Tribute to John Ritter

Some sad news to report.  The entertainment world is mourning the loss of a legendary actor best known for the famous "Jack Tripper" of the TV's sitcom "Three's Company."  John Ritter was also know as the voice of PBS KIDS "Clifford The Big Red Dog" and was the start of the Disney/ABC TV series "8 Simple Rules for Dating my Teenage Daughter."  Ritter was born in 1948 and it was days before his birthday when tragically during the filming of the ABC series, John sadly passed away, in the midst of his greatest career ever.  Our toughs and prayers goes to all his family and fans of this great actor.  The world of entertainment is mourning the loss of actor John Ritter.  Was best known for voicing PBS KIDS "Clifford the Big Red Dog."

More 80's comeback:  "JEN TRULY OUTRAGEOUS

Another indication of the 80's comeback.  Last week I reported the Smurf comeback.  Now word out that "Jen Truly Outrageous" is getting the plug too!  According to Animation Insider, "Jen Truly Outrageous" will come on DVD by early 2004.  The first season consist of 4 DVD Disk and depending on sales, it would release more episodes.  Originally "Jen Truly Outrageous" was syndicated in the mid 80's in response to the sales of the toy brand by Hasbro Toys.  So stay tuned to see who else will get the 80's plug!  Again the question is:  WHEN ANIMANIACS WILL BE REVIVED??????

Kids WB showing Pokemon daily!

KIDS WB will end Pokemon Master Quest.  They promised to start "Pokemon Advance" and there are 10 episodes from Johto series!  So what to do?  Play it on a daily basis!  KIDS WB will offer the remaining "Pokemon Master Quest" series Monday to Friday as well as Saturdays for the next 2 weeks, thats when they will start the "Pokemon Advance" series and obviously will find out the reason why Misty is LEAVING Pokemon for good!  As I told before and based on the picture below, Misty is being replaced with 2 more characters, one is May and the other is Masato which I found out that he does not train Pokemon but knows more Pokemon than Brock!  Would he know how to Save Animaniacs?

New FOX Box and KIDS WB season!

As I'm updating this pages, both FOX Box and KIDS WB has or is starting brand new seasons.  That means that you will have to fight the remote to see your favorites and new shows making way.  But what has impress me this far is that either kids shows are mostly "Anime" type (Sure, Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh) and less domestic animated shows.  So basically FOX Box gets mostly "Anime" shows like "Kirby" and the new "Shaman King" to name a few.  While KIDS WB has both Jackie Chan Adventures and Mucha Lucha that are made domestic.  So let's see how the war of animated shows goes by.  By the way, found a nice picture of the Pokemon in ADVANCE!  You don't see MISTY in the series anymore but in the USA!  They replace her with two more twerps: One is May who was introduced recently in the USA and her Brother that is only identified in Japan as "Masato".  Since there is no official name for the last member in Pokemon ADVANCE,    I need to confirm it.  Also Team Rocket got new members too!  Don't worry!  Jesse and James still there!

The new Pokemon Advance will start on KIDS WB (Possibly Cartoon Network outside the USA) Only Ash, Brock and Team Rocket will be the lead Misty was replaced by 2 more twerps! Team Rocket added members too!


Another 80's comeback?  The SMURF????

Want more of the 80's?  Check this out!  The Smurf is reviving itself!  Those blue guys are making way after a long hiatus.  This according to Lansing State Journal's Christine Rook who reported:

"Whereas some people savored the Smurfy sweetness of the 1980s, others just wanted to throw up. Regardless of whether you collected Smurf figurines or the sight of them made your teeth hurt, Smurfs are back. Same cloying grins. New hipster appeal. For 2003, there's techno Smurf and hip-hop Smurf and video-game-playing Smurf and Smurf with a laptop. Oh, it's a Smurfy day in retail-land. The reincarnation was inevitable. Marketers have burped up happy retreads of Strawberry Shortcake and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. So it's not surprising that the Smurf play figures credited with launching the '80s cartoon have awoken from hibernation to peer from their teensy mushroom houses and demand a market share." unquoted.




Veggie Tales SOLD to Lassie!  OMG!

For sale or sold?  That was the main question being asked by the religious community after word out that the "Veggie Tales" was sold to commercial interest!  In fact it was sold to the creators of "Lassie" and "Rocky and Bullwinkle"!  According to Religious based "Belief net":

"Big Idea Productions, makers of the best-selling VeggieTales video series, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on Tuesday, as part of a deal to sell the financially troubled company.  Big Idea has agreed to sell its assets--including copyrights to Bob the Tomato and Larry the Cucumber and other VeggieTales characters -- to Classic Media LLC, which owns or manages media properties such as "Rocky and Bullwinkle," "Lassie," "The Lone Ranger" and "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer." Last November, following the release of the motion picture "Jonah: A VeggieTales Movie," which grossed more than $24 million at the box office, Big Idea laid of 30 employees. Additional layoffs have cut the companies staff from a high of 200 part-and full-time employees to a current staff of 44. "To call the last year difficult is an understatement," said Big Idea founder and CEO Phil Vischer in a statement."  Unquoted.

OUCH!  Can the Veggie Tales survived the commercial environment they have been exposed, since they where supposed to teach morality, not commerciality!  Hopes that Lassie won't eat the Tomato Bob!  Or be added to Rudolph's nose!

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