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Save Animaniacs Blog
Friday, 9 January 2009
DTV delayed?

Bear with me folks! If you thought you where ready for the Digital TV or DTV transition on February 17, 2009.... Guess again!

Comes word that incoming President Barack Obama is asking the Congress to delay or postpone the Digital TV transition date of 2/17/09. The reason, lack of money to help the TV viewers to acquire or purchase the Digital to Analog TV converter, or better known as the $40 dollars coupon for a Digital TV upgrade from Analog.

So, what this means to you, who relies on a TV without Cable or Satellite, to receive TV programs from all the local channels? If you have a DTV set, means that you bought a new TV, which can receive both Digital and Analog channels, you don't need the Converter Box. If you have an older TV set that was bought prior to March 2007, or you bought a TV, but the seller told you that after 2009, the TV will not take Analog channels and you needed a converter or Cable TV to get the channels, you need to pay attention to the above matter.

The US Congress, when setting up the converter coupon or $40 dollars coupon for the DTV converters, it was agreed that a number of coupons would be distributed. Now, it turns out that lots of people has requested coupons, but there are more people asking for TV converter coupons, than money set aside to pay the coupons.

So, if you took a coupon for the DTV converter, you receive it and bought the converter, you are fine. If you received the coupon, but did not purchased the converter, sorry, but you loose the coupon, so the value of the coupon will be taken back by the Federal program and another coupon will be issue to the person that is waiting to receive a $40 dollars coupon.

The way it was set up the program, is now in question. Since there is 1 month away from the February 17 date, there may be more people waiting for a coupon to shown up on their mailbox. If you make an application for the coupon today, then the program will place you on a waiting list that could take as much as 2 or even 3 months to receive a coupon.

So, what is the response from the Federal Government? If you can't wait for the coupon, then go and buy the Digital Converter, which will cost you some $50 dollars at Wal-Mart. Other than that, get a new TV set, which would cost some $149.00. It may still possible to get a $99 dollars TV before the February 17 date. But, if you are not willing to wait, you may want to call the Cable TV or Satellite provider, since they may be forced to provide a cheaper limited Cable TV service, which may cost some $15 dollars per month (taxes may add up!). Still confused? This is why, the new President wants to delay the DTV, for at least a while.

I'm not worry, since I live in a Bright House.... Are you taking SpongeBob away?

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Posted by saveanimaniacs at 9:05 PM EST
Updated: Friday, 9 January 2009 9:05 PM EST

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